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Nexus One receives Android 2.2 FroYo build via OTA update

Most Android fans dream of an Android 2.2 upgrade, but Nexus One users have been enjoying it for almost a solid month. Google released several FroYo versions starting with build FRF50, which was followed by FRF72, and now we have the latest build of FRF83.

A new over the air update began hitting Nexus One phones tonight and it appears to deliver the official version of Android 2.2, which corresponds with today’s release of the source code. Users can manually download the OTA from Google HERE and install it, but that file only works for users currently on build FRF50.

The best way to upgrade your Nexus One to the latest firmware build is to just check for it. Browse to Settings > About phone > System updates and you should receive a notification to download the update.

I was currently running FRF72 on my Nexus One and about to waste a lot of time downgrading to FRF50 (so I could jump to FRF83), but I received the update as I was typing this post. The update was very minor (644 kb) and installed in several minutes. Nothing appears different from the last build, but I’ll spend some more time with it and report my findings tomorrow.

If you have a Nexus One, please let us know if you received the update (FRF83) and which carrier the phone is operating on.

Update: Here are some more instructions for those who are asking. All these notes pertain to people running an unmodified T-Mobile stock version of Android. No stock update is available for AT&T models at this time. If you have a custom ROM loaded, then refer to developer of that ROM.

  • If your build number is ERExx, then you still have Android 2.1. The instructions to get to FRF50 are here.
  • To go from FRF50 to FRF83, download this file from Google, then rename it to update.zip and flash it.
  • To go from FRF72 to FRF83, download this file from Google, then rename it to update.zip and flash it.
  • If none of this makes any sense and you are having problems, then sit tight and wait for the over the air update to arrive shortly.

Via: XDA-Developers

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  • http://Website Frank

    Nothing on Rogers yet

    • http://Website Ryan

      I hope Canada isn’t last to receive the update… Although Google Navigation is now working in Canada!! Much better than Nav Launcher :D

      • http://Website James F

        Im on rogers in Canada, but i dont believe the update is from rogers, it is straight from the google servers. this means once they have the update for your n1′s build, you will receive it. My build is EPE54B.

        • http://whosthisguy.com Brendan

          This is correct. I don’t believe there is an update for the EPE54B build yet, which means that all N1 owners on AT&T, Rogers, Telus and Bell are still waiting for the update, which will come from Google and not through the carrier.

      • http://Website konako

        Actually, you can upgrade your nexus one with Froyo with that update before. And for me its very effiecient already. Just in case, you’re having doubts with this New ROM.

    • http://Website atlfroyo

      from what I hear, there is still yet another version coming through the pipeline as some on the inside have already been upgraded to frf85b.

      supposedly that is coming out in the next 1-2 weeks.

  • http://Website Alex Suraci

    Is this for AT&T devices as well?

    • http://Website christian

      I just manually update my android 2.2 from frf72 to frf83.. it seems like the only difference from frf72 is the calendar.. the speed in browsing is more fatster… by the way some movie is no longer with this new os.. ere27 has more compatible video files than this new os.. I hope that they can fix this.. 12 of my movies..now only 4 is working.. by the way my location is in philippines.. if can’t wait for ota like me.. then just follow the instructions in this forum… enjoy..

      • http://Website jack

        I am also from the philippines do you think we will alson get the froyo ota update if google start to roll it out. One thing more how can i prevent the automatic connection to my gprs or 3g when ever i updated my news and weather. I was charged by smart even i only use my wifi and my n1 is in airport mode.kindly e mail me of the procedure pls Kabayan.

        • http://Website lolobabes


          ey jack am also from the Philippines, were you able to configure your 3G with smart? ty

    • http://Website Bones

      I received the OTA last night. Stock ATT 2.1 now 2.2

    • http://Website risk

      I hate to be this guy and all and i understand this is a chat forum but sometimes you just need to read or pay attention to what youre reading before you post questions like this. The exact article that you are posting to has answered yo9ur question

      Update: Here are some more instructions for those who are asking. All these notes pertain to people running an unmodified T-Mobile stock version of Android. No stock update is available for AT&T models at this time. If you have a custom ROM loaded, then refer to developer of that ROM.

  • http://Website Andrew Diaz

    Received the OTA on my T-Mobile N1, updating from FRF72

    • http://Website Andromon


  • http://Website Ben

    “I was about to waste a lot of time downgrading to FRF50 then back to FRF83, but I received the update as I was typing this post.”

    So you’re on FRF72 and received the update anyway? Please clarify! Thanks! :)

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah OTA for FRF72 to FRF83.

      • http://Website justinhub2003

        Can you confirm that copy protected apps are back?

        • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

          Yes, copy protected apps work. I just purchased and installed Sniper vs. Sniper by com2us.

      • http://Website Usman

        Well hell..how about posting up a logcat on XDA so the rest of us on 72 can get it too!

      • http://Website mt

        So if u have f72 I can still get the new update with out down grading

  • http://Website TerrorByte

    For the majority of Nexus One users, the OTA is NOT available. Yes, they may have the final build ready and they have released the source code for it, but no OTA yet for the masses.

  • http://Website justinhub2003

    Yea Taylor, were you on Stock FRF72 and then received an update? Because Like you I was gonna try to downgrade to get the final final build as Im on stock FRF72.. please let us know

  • http://Website Andrew Diaz

    Yes he was on the stock FRF72 as was I…FRF72 will update

  • http://Website Vik

    So am I correct in understanding that you got an OTA update from FRF72 to FRF83?

  • http://Website Kristin

    I haven’t received my update yet and getting kinda pissed about it!!!

  • http://Website Oscar Betancourt

    I didn’t get the ota update yet I go to my settings and all that but still nothing is there why is that. =[

  • http://Website Kristin

    I still haven’t received my 2.2 update and I’m kinda pissed about it : -( I’m actually on TMobile

  • http://Website Oscar Betancourt

    Im on T-Mobile too wtf :-(

  • http://Website Quasar

    Last time the N1 was updated, didn’t it take a few day to get it out to everybody?

  • http://Website slighmd

    same here, am on stock frf72 but no update yet., i tried to download and update manually but it seems you have to be on frf50 for that

  • http://Website Oscar Betancourt

    How do u downgrade from frf72 to frf50

  • http://Website Eddie Android

    What if you’re on build ERE27? am I missing something?

  • http://Website kimberly

    I’m still running ERE27 stock, lol..they need to come on with it

  • http://Website STENDEC

    I’m running stock 2.2 FRF50 and haven’t got the OTA yet. When I check the “System Updates” menu it says I’m up to date, so it seems that the OTA is only going out to FRF72 users at the moment.

  • http://Website Rubbinz

    Taylor, some background info on your N1 would help. If yours is one of the N1′s to receive the FRF50 updates OTA direct from Google like the other bloggers/press, and also got an OTA for FRF72 in the same fashion, that would explain why you got the FRF83 OTA as well and others aren’t seeing any update. However, if you’re using a retail N1 and manually applied FRF50 & FRF72, that’s a whole different story and says that FRF83 is indeed final Gold Master and is rolling out OTA to retail units.

  • http://Website cnja

    Nothing yet for me. AT&T N1

  • http://Website jims

    nothing on rogers fido in canada by OTA

  • http://Website Ahmed Eltawil

    Not sure what’s happening, I have a EPE54B build on my stock unlocked NexusOne. Does that means I wont be getting the FRFXX update?

    • http://Website Greg S.

      Same here! Is this ok?!

      • http://Website Ahmed Eltawil

        Seriously, this is confusing. I am guessing this latest update was for those who manually updated their stock Nexus One to a leaked build. But those who stayed away from any leaked builds and stayed with the current build that came with their Nexus One have to wait till the OTA update straight from Google.

  • jackslim

    Come on Taylor no logcat to strip the url for the FRF72 -> FRF83?????

  • http://www.theblarg.com nathan118

    I have a nexus one on ERE27, and one on FRF50 on T-Mobile…and no updates for either yet.

  • http://Website Dave

    N1 on AT&T over here, still running on 2.1…what is going on?! Been waiting on SOME sort of update since May!!

  • http://www.twitter.com Reignzone

    I’d really enjoy watching a “thorough” and comprehensive “review” of this OFFICIALLY updated version of Android 2.2! Let the games begin…

    Should someone on here decide to film a YouTube video for said review… PLEASE, be sure to post the link in this article. Thanks.

  • http://Website Adam

    I have a feeling those of us with a Nexus One on AT&T are going to be waiting a bit longer for the update.

  • http://www.theblarg.com nathan118

    Any colored trackball notifications yet?! I’ve been waiting for this forever!

    • http://Website MagicMike

      Yes, 2.2 for Nexus One adds colored trackball notifications! One of the first things I noticed about it!

      • http://blog.tenkely.net tenkely

        Google voice has had a green notification since FRF50.

      • http://Website Luckbuckets

        How do you set the notifications? or do you still need to get an app to do it? i have been looking through all the native options and havent found it.

  • http://whosthisguy.com Brendan

    Still nothing on the Rogers front here. System is apparently up to date.

  • http://Website savior

    type into your phone keypad
    this tends to be much easier than going into settings>update

    im on FRF72 and have not received the update yet…

    • http://www.theblarg.com nathan118

      How is typing that easier than going into your settings?

      • http://Website Rubbinz

        It forces a check-in to the server. Going through the settings menu only displays the last check-in, usually the last bootup or when the last Google sync was completed.

        • http://Website Tom

          I’ve done that, it says “checkin succeeded” and then what? The settings still says “System up to date.” I am on FRF72.

    • http://Website william br

      Cool, but nothing find yet.

  • http://Website Alex

    If I’m rooted and running a custom recovery image will i get the OTA update??

    Oh I’m running 2.2 FRF72

  • http://Website mkrmec

    Stop cying and being mad because you didn’t get it yet. Wait…

    N1 is a phone that gets soo many updates like no other phone on this earth, be gratefull that google is willing to do it.

    So stop complaining all the time..

  • http://Website Zwirtes

    I’m out of USA and have a N1 with EPE54B. till now no froyo for me… kind of hate Google because all that stuff.

    • http://Website Travissimo

      It’s not Google’s fault, it’s your carrier’s fault. I’m on AT&T, still waiting on official Froyo, of course.

  • http://Website Shane

    I read this as “Google finally released the source for 2.!!!”

    I’ve been running various 2.2 ROMs on my Moto Droid for a while now, and I gotta say that its been a buggy ride at times, especially with the apps to sd stuff. And, there’s a few “features” in there that need to be stripped.

    I’m hoping the release of the real source will help expedite the process for our ROM devs to make really outstanding custom builds.

    There’s some pretty solid ROMs out already, namely from Chevy and Jrummy, but I get a feeling life for my droid is about to get a little better! :D

    • http://Website Joeskie

      Dude shut up no one in this post cares about your droid running hacked 2.2.of course its buggy.look at the garbage phone your using it on.just revert to stock and wait like 1 more year to get the official 2.2.

  • http://Website Walter

    Still waiting for Froyo OTA.

    I am using Nexus One on SmarTone-Vodafone from Hong Kong.

  • http://Website Walter

    One More Thing – 3G Network used in Hong Kong is as same as T-Mobile USA and those in Europe.

  • http://Website AW

    Also N1 running FRF50 from SMV Hong Kong. Just did a check-in and phone still reporting “System currently up to date” – but I won’t mind waiting for a couple more days if this really is the final build.

  • http://Website Charbzilla

    FRF83 update worked fine on my FRF50 leak.

    Can’t notice anything new though.

    • http://Website Charbzilla

      One thing that i have noticed with the new build is that my MANAGE APPLICATIONS does not hang anymore as it did with FRF50. The installed applications list would suggest that its loading back basically freezes, until i have to exit out and come back into it. Now with FRF83 the applications load without any fuss.

  • http://Website Green

    Mkrmec I agree 100% but wothout complaining I am still checking! Does anyone know if color trackball is available from final build now please post if you have information on that matter.
    Thank you
    Loyal Nexus user

    • http://Website MagicMike

      Yes, colored trackball notifications are available in 2.2 for Nexus One! I was surprised to see that Astrid task reminders glow yellow by default now!

  • http://Website czar

    I’m on ff50 and no update for me through system upadate

  • http://Website Sammy

    Can anyone tell me if my rooted phone will recieve update through ota? I was using modacos rom but now im on FRF72. Downloaded the file for root users.

  • http://Website Sean

    Instead of posting if you DO NOT have the update, can people posit if they, in fact, DO receive the update? Also indicate what network you’re on, that’d be helpful.

  • http://Website Bill

    TMobile N1 w/ AT&T SIM running FRF50. No update available yet. I’ll wait a day or so to see how the OTA update works. But my patience doesn’t last much more than that and I’ll be installing the update manually.

  • http://Website Damien

    Rogers Nexus 1, no update :(

  • http://Website man


  • http://Website lolobabes

    N1 with FroyoFRF50 no OTA yet, ahuhuhuhu

  • http://Website Rommel

    Just got Froyo in my N1. It’s great. Flash enabled, tethering, welcome screen to conect by usb and some other things that I most try.

  • http://Website Rommel

    I’m out of US

    • http://Website Walter

      Where are you?

    • http://Website Siddharth

      I’m using an unlocked Nexus One in India (where the Nexus One hasn’t been launched officially). Still running ERE27. I hope I get an OTA update to Froyo soon.

  • http://www.crediblesystems.com Mark T

    Unrooted – manually applied FRF50 + FRF72
    Bought Direct from Google now on Vodafone UK
    Nothing yet – thanks for the check in tip – number stored ;-)

    • http://Website Jay

      the check-in number is just *#*#CHECKIN#*#* using the dial pad, incase you didn’t want to save it, fairly easy to remember once you know that

  • ayocuz

    frf72 tmobile no ota yet plus i erased my frf50 file from my computer so i cant downgrade back to 50 then up it 83 cant find the frf50 file to download e1 knows were i can get the 50 from

  • http://Website ericc
    • Sean

      where did this come from? What’s the story? Anyone try this yet?

      • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

        It came from a user on XDA and has been verified by a couple people there.


        • Sean

          thanks for taking the mystery out of it. update went smoothly. the swarming “X” graphic took about 2 minutes at first boot. the phone turns on and behaves and looks the same way it did before the update (though showing build 83 in about phone). Suppose that’s all I could hope for this late at night.
          really hoping this fixes the battery draining issues that seemed to creep up in fr72.

    • Rubbinz

      Well, that’s what I get for being slow typing on the N1. You beat me to it. Nice job getting the link out.

    • http://Website naki

      thanks,worked for me

  • http://Website Ryan

    I downloaded it. It seems to work fine, but i had to re-install swype. Also it doesn’t seem to have the option to change trackball notification color. Too bad

    • http://Website Joeskie

      You need to get your ass over to the market and get “blink” you don’t have you do a complete messaging replacement like chomp or handcent.just gives you the options and makes it happen the way it should be.

  • Rubbinz

    Ok my Nexus One on T-Mobile just got updated from FRF72 to FRF83. I captured the link to Google’s server.


  • http://Website olypdd

    just manually updated to 83 from 72 and works great. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=6926557

  • http://Website Dirty Choncho

    No OTA for my Nexus One on TELUS in Canada.

  • http://Website Abu Musaed

    Nothing on Nexus One on Fido in Canada

  • http://Website Jacob

    Nothing here — I am currently on business in Belgium though. Does the carrier have anything to do with the update? If so, then…LAME! I run my phone on the Docomo network in Japan, I guess I may have to do the manual install.

  • http://Website JPR

    Running manually updated FRF72 on N1 with T-mo. No OTA update yet.

  • http://Website olypdd

    if you’re on tmo using 72, just go here- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=6926557

  • http://Website Vinz

    Nothing :( I’m in Switzerland using sunrise (aka the crappiest provider) though…

    Why has this update something to do with the carrier? Wouldn’t it make more sense to update it simply over the internet and let ME choose whether I want to use my UMTS or my WLAN connection?

    • http://Website Raimo

      I’m in Switzerland too, running ERE27 on Nexus One, Swisscom. Still no ota update.

    • http://Website tthegrau

      Dude, Sunrise is far from crappy…

  • http://Website Siddharth

    I’m using an unlocked Nexus One in India (where the Nexus One hasn’t been launched officially). Still running ERE27. I hope I get an OTA update to Froyo soon.

    • stalker

      Just check out again. You’ve got it. I’m also from india having nexus one. I’ve manually installed every leaked updates. Andi finally I’ve upgraded from FRF72 to FRF83. It’s amazing and fast.

      @Apple you need to have an iPhone 5 shortly to catch up with android phones. :D

    • http://Website Pratim SC

      I suggest, get the updates manually. Its very simple. If its carrier dependent then you are stuck for ever. I suppose in India, 3G is not still available.

  • http://Website Foobart

    Just received the OTA update. Network: T-Mobile, Location: Netherlands

    • http://Website Evert

      Hoi…had jij eerst de gewone ERE27 (stock rom) en kreeg je vervolgens een update?
      Did you first have a normal ERE27 stock rom and got the update just like that?

  • http://Website michael

    no tmobile yet

  • http://www.2l2f.com laith bilbeisi

    Nexus on orange um
    ota arrived this morning
    Now sees market place correctly
    And Bluetooth voice dialing from car kit hands free works. New feature for froyo

    • http://Website JetBlk

      Were you still on 2.1 or did you do the manual update to the other firmwares?

      • http://Website laith bilbeisi

        Was on last 2.2 manual update
        Ota arrived on its own last night sometime

  • http://Website JetBlk

    Haven’t received it yet. Still on 2.1 on AT&T

  • http://Website paul

    Orlando Florida no OTA T-Mobile

  • http://Website niematunikogo

    do you have to >CHECK FOR UPDATES< to get the OTA or it "just appears" ?

    is google sync on required to get OTA?

  • http://Website paul

    Manualy updated ahhhhhh much better. Back to my 4.99Mb down on speedtest.

  • http://Website steve

    So if it started last night it should take too long. How many N1 are out there? Like 40,000 at the most! I got my N1 the very first day. No update yet [T-mobile].

  • dawkins20

    I’m still on FRF50, do I need to do anything, or just wait. I am running 2.2 currently.

  • http://Website onthefritz

    nothing for me yet :(

  • http://Website Kevin

    No OTA for unlocked version for AT&t yet.
    Still running on EPE54B… Anyone know how to manually upgrade to Froyo form EPE54B??

  • rezzz

    I did the manual upgrade to FRF83 from FRF50 and it worked like a charm!!

  • http://Website Ralph

    Still no hope for us poor bastards on the EPE54b build?

  • http://jakewharton.com Jake Wharton

    FRF72 to FRF83 update didn’t work for me. Locked me in an endless boot animation restart circle. Reflashed clockwork recovery and nandroid restored to FRF72 until CM6 comes out. I can’t see 644KB of stuff making life altering changes to the device that can’t wait a week or two or three.

  • http://Website ecs

    umm, article is incomplete- AT&T stock users are at EPE54B (android 2.1). So it seems the OTA updates are only for T-Mobile Nexus One users. Similarly, the manual upgrade steps won’t work unless you are starting from a T-Mobile build.

  • http://StillonFRF72 Shelton

    No OTA update available yet for me. Since I *just* updated to FRF72, I’ll wait a few days before manually going to FRF83.

  • http://Website a1qkhan

    brought my N1 for google when it first came out. I’m on vodafone (UK), would that play a problem getting the update??

    • http://Website laith

      I bought from Google and am on orange ota happened automatically last night

  • http://Website WoofWoof

    Fido/Rogers. As of Thursday 8am Pacific time, no update yet. Build EPE54B.

  • http://Website Ilya

    Just updated from FRF72 to FRF83 using signed-passion-FRF83-from-FRF72.684bd56a.zip

    One fix that I see is I can again see apps in the Market that were broken when I went to Froyo. Something about how these apps are signed or encrypted, or something. An example app is LogMeIn Ignition Beta now comes up.

    Hope that helps!

  • http://Website Pablo

    Still on the FRF50. Wondering if any of you guys who updated to this before had the colour trackball settings in the “DISPLAY” menu. I heard some did and some didn’t. I for one didn’t and have been waiting like most of you for the FRF83 Final release to show up OTA. I also see that if you upgrade from FRF50 to FRF83 manually the file is like 1.78MB ZIP correct? Already downloaded but still weary to see if Google will OTA it like they did with 2.1 update1.
    Hope it arrives by this weekend. Want to show it running at the NHL Entry Draft in L.A. Woohoo!!!
    Good luck to all who are waiting patiently for this OTA!

  • http://Website Guy Bailey

    Is there any way to manually update from ERE27 to FRF83?

    T-Mob N1 in Atl, GA.

  • http://Website seb

    N1 on T-Mo, no OTA update yet…in NYC

  • http://Website rainai

    Just manually updated my N1 from FRF72 to FRF83… Thanks for the links guys… Though, I still have to check what’s different here… :)

    • http://Website rainai

      :/ Just like when I updated to FRF72, my Swype is broken again after updating to FRF83… performing a reinstall now…

      anyone else having broken apps?

      • http://Website kpjimmy

        Stock N1 running tmo in usa. Also did the 72 to 83 using the manual update. No apps were harmed while performing the flash. I also have swype as well and still works fine.

  • http://Website Vince

    I’m on ERE27 here in Malaysia…no OTA update yet…wonder if its ever really gonna come. Btw, didn’t really see this mentioned but, do you lose all installed applications, settings and data when you flash to 2.2? Or can you ‘re-sync’ the previously install apps from AppBrain. Seriously considering manual update if Google doesn’t purge the OTA for the build.

    • http://Website rainai

      nope, you don’t lose anything… some apps may break, though…

  • http://Website Mingo

    How can I change the trackball notifications? Im running frf83 that I manually updated from 72.

    • http://Website rainai

      The colors will actually depend on the applications…
      i use handcent sms and i can customize the trackball colors… you can even set the colors for each contact…
      the stock facebook application uses blue…

  • http://pgtci.com Chris Caddell

    Watch out. I did the manual (update.zip) 50 -> 83 update, and my phone has been in a reboot loop for 15 minutes.

  • http://Website Tom

    No update on TMobile yet

  • ayocuz

    got my 83 thanks to the android community. Whoever posted that link to go from 72 to 83 that’s what’s up good looking out. Probably would still be waiting on tmob. Now my nexus one is ready the shit and super fast like a new phone

  • ayocuz

    Typo should ve said really the shit

  • http://Website meh

    I don’t think FRF83 is the final build. Do we have confirmation from Google that it is?

  • http://Website Adam

    About the trackball colour – After updating to 72 my N1 started doing colour (noticed it when I received a text message – using Handcent SMS)

    Going to do a manual update to 83 now. Thanks guys.

  • http://Website Sodaboy

    There is no way this is the final version of Froyo. Think about it for a second, why would you need to install a leaked version of a beta, if you’re running Android 2.1, just to go to the final?

    If it’s truly the final, the final will be received via an OTA update even if you’re running Android 2.1. Also the final update, even if you downloaded from the web, wouldn’t require you to install FRF50 as a pre-requisitie.

    FRF50 and FRF72 were definitely press only releases, and I’m sure Google would note require you to use a press only release to get your phone to the final.

  • http://Website Alex

    I want to upgrade to FRF83 from FRF72, but stay rooted. any help I haven’t found anything yet. a link will be nice thanks

    • http://Website sammy


      We cant get the OTA on rooted N1?

      • http://Website Alex

        Oh I know but when 72 came out someone hacked it so us with 50 could upgrade to 72 and stay rooted.

  • http://Website Sammy

    Im in Chicago and my friend just received his OTA but I havent. We’re both on tmo. My N1 was rooted using custom rom but now im on FRF 72 Froyo. I dont think I can receive the OTA. The files that are posted for manual update will not work for rooted phones.

  • http://n/a Luv Desai

    i have just received the OTA for 2.2

    network: TMO
    location: Naperville, IL (suburb of Chicago)

    this thing is fast…i mean really fast. my download speed pre OTA was 1.5mb….now it is 4.5mb

    tethering is awesome…as is the wifi hotspot.

    • http://Website SIR

      What is the build number?

      settings – about phone – build number

  • http://n/a Luv

    if you have a rooted N1…you will not get the OTA. you will have to manually download FROYO.

  • http://Website noname

    287M of free RAM available
    Lighting Speed from Browser
    Speed up from Flash, still on beta 3, wait for final ;)
    Finally Protected apps can be seen on Market.

    Changes from FR72 to FR83.

  • http://Website Glenn Beck

    I need froyo now! Hopefully this ota fixes my wifi issues. Why isn’t AT&T included? This is socialism…. Ahhhhhhh

  • http://Website john

    I assert failed status 7 error when trying to update :( I downloaded the rom with the phone and used android to move it and rename it but still fails… any ideas? I am on FRF50…

  • http://Website Lesley

    At&t Nexus One here – build # EPE54B – Still patiently waiting for the update. Thanks for all the info people! And on a positive note, the iPhone 4 is getting bad reviews. :) Hahahahaha.

    • ayocuz

      I’ve read about that damned iphone4 and its reception problem, and seen the you tube video. Only the true followers can see the good in the iphone. Just another reason to jump ship and become a droid head

  • http://Website jewkhok

    I’m getting pretty anxious waiting for some kind of update I thought maybe us who bought the att n1 would see something. being the fact I could have got an iPhone instead. Well hope to see something soon ota.

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

    Having issues with the Market on FRF83. Protected apps are now showing, but I can’t actually download them. I’m getting a ton of ‘Download unsuccessful’ messages. So far I’ve only been able to install one random app. Anyone else seeing this?

    • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

      Ok, apparently it was an issue with the market, not with FRF83. All is back to normal. Phew! Lol, I bought a new game in the process, just to see if it would work :-)

  • http://hardwaregeeks.com Sufian

    Have FRF72 on my N1..still no OTA :\

  • http://Website Curzio Fiachi

    I got the N1 unlocked and I’m on the tmobile network. But I haven’t got the update yet. Any of you guys have any news when are we getting this update?

    • http://www.youtube.com/coast2coast6 spapadoc

      I don’t think you can get Over The Air Updates if you are rooted .. Ever since I rooted my Nexus One I’ve NEVER had an Over Air Update Since then. I would manually update it if I were you :D

  • http://twitter.com/d33zilla d33zilla

    updating from FRF72 to FRF83 …………….& im gettin a FAIL .

  • http://pgtci.com Chris Caddell

    Update from FRF50 completely hosed my phone. I had to unlock, then go back to the default shipping ROM, then run through the sequenced upgrade process again. 3 hours later….

    • http://Website krc1185

      I had the same problem, where the update to 83 completely screwed my phone. It for some reason no longer received a cell signal, and had to flash to the stock shipping rom as well. I eventually got it fixed, but now I am still stuck back with the original 2.1 shipping ROM without multi-touch. I’m nervous to even try and update manually to anything, but it won’t allow me to receive an OTA just for the 2.1 update-1 that I thought was supposed to happen.

  • http://www.youtube.com/coast2coast6 spapadoc

    I just installed FRF83 Manually (because my phone is rooted) and It fixed the problem I had in regards to the market not showing all the apps. I finally got back Paypal and my purchased Tetris Game :D I LOVE MY NEXUS ONE AND ANDROID OS !!!

    • http://Website sammy

      I have a rooted n1. I cant find the root frf83 zip file anywhere. Can you please tell me where you got the file?

  • http://Website Kormoran

    Can you get update over WiFi instead of OTA?
    (I have AT&T unlocked N1)

  • http://Website Ro7y

    how can i know .. if i have receives the OTA update ..?

    and i am from K.S.A .. is it available there ..?

  • http://Website the big e

    in New Zealand got my nexus from some dude who’s brother sent it over from US – just unpacking 83 and waiting for the reboot. have been using 7 for a few days. like a brand new phone! fast and responsive. so close to the solid experience of my partners iphone. but multitasking like crazy. emails , txt web browsing on 3g all while listening to music . never skipped a beat. Chomp SMS finally fast enough to be a great app. so happy! After being a loyal Palm boy for years. i have been nervous moving to android but it now is fulling its promise.

    • http://Website the big e

      smooth calender widget not working- anyone know something else that does the same thing?

      • http://pgtci.com Chris Caddell

        I use Pure Calendar. Its a neat app, and has a very active Dev.

  • http://Website sal m

    no OTA yet here in aurora il (chicago)

    nexus one 2.1 ERE27 TMOBILE

    i cant stand it nemore i need the OTA now

  • mista2x

    Manual Update on un-rooted T-Mo N1 from FRF72 to FRF83 worked fine..scared the crap out of me when it was on load up screen for 10 min after reboot, but everything seems good and I can already notice a performance boost from FRF72. Had to reinstall swype same as last update but it works again. Thanks!

  • http://Website Mark

    Wow, after a few hours of trying, I finally got FRF83 installed from FRF72. I was having problems with my computer. Had to download the update from android and me and then rename it update.zip using androzip which I downloaded from the market. It was easier this way than using my laptop. I should have been using androzip all along.

  • Fictionise

    Guys, I’m living in Singapore and my current build number is ERE27 (outdated!). Do I manually download it here or should I wait for the OTA update cause’ I don’t think Singapore is gonna get it for a long time. *sigh*

  • http://Website cr0wnest

    No update yet.

    Im in singapore currently running FRF72.

  • http://Website Pablo

    Any guys out there (Non rooted) who manually installed FRF50 when it was leaked get the OTA update yet? Hear about so many FRF72 guys having problems. And if you did get the update OTA to go from FRF50 to FRF83 how large is the file?
    Hear so many different stories about how large this OTA suppose to be.
    The current link for FRF50 to FRF83 is like 1.78MB in a zip file. Is this correct or is it larger? I’ve read some people say it’s over 50MB in size. But is that file for people still on 2.1 instead of 2.2 FRF50?
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  • http://Website ericstereo

    I manually updated my Nexus one for Tmobile from frf72 to frf83.. my internet is ALOT slower , and the navigation is rougher than the frf72.. but yet…. still no OTA… did “checkin” to the google servers but still waiting on the update…

  • http://Website bart

    I’m in the uk and have a sim free N1 running ERE21b with a T-Mo sim in it. Does anyone know if it be updated OTA, should I just downlaod the upadate?

  • Lucas

    I just got my AT&T unlocked N1 from Google site. Still haven’t got the update.

  • http://Website jorge alfaro

    are 10.52 am on June 25, 2010 I have the version epe54b I live in mexico and not yet I have received the ota update

  • http://Website Yorch

    I’m also in méxico using the EPE54B 2.1_update version of Android. I’m also using the *#*#2432546#*#* code in order to force the phone to check for updates.

    No dice…yet!

    • Jorge

      Yorch, I have the same “problem”, I wnat to know when will be out the ATT version !!!

  • http://Website jorge alfaro

    in which part of mexico these yorch have to be msn enn contact you and follow this to upgrade pending

    • http://Website Jorge m mendoza

      Tocayo, que versión tienes? Tengo la ver. Att en telcel 3G, y nada ! Tu?

      • http://Website jorge alfaro

        hola tocayo
        tengo la misma version que tu , yo lo compre en mercado libre asi que no se si es de esos de atyt te paso mi correo para seguir en contacto por msn mi correo es [email protected] y asi intercambiar noticias sobre la actualizacion como vez
        yo hasta aorita 26 de junio no tengo todavia actualizacion
        tu has sabido de alguna manera de actualizarlo manualmente??

  • http://Website Adam

    Guys it sounds like Goggle has not official released the OTA update. Check out the Nexus One support forums. I’m not buying these reports of people receiving the OTA. Hopefully it will be soon.

  • http://Website steve

    I have ERE27 on Tmobile and no 2.2 update yet. Can someone help me get it please

  • http://Website Solder88

    Manually updated to FRF83.
    Nexus One root
    Carrier: E-Plus/BASE (Germany) NO OTA Update is available.

  • http://Website jorge alfaro

    SOMEONE HELP ME TO UPDATE MY EPE54B N1. Help Me To upgrade to BE ROOT Froy. MSN [email protected]

  • http://Website clowe92656

    I manually update to frf50 then to frf72, now to frf83, and I’m wondering if there is anything in the official OTA that is not in the manual updates (doubt I’ll get the OTA notification since I’m on frf83 already). Anyone know?

    Specifically, aren’t there any options for changing the colors/layout for hte stock sms messaging app? kinda lame now that it’s shown in white/light-grey.

    Also, my wifi seems to randomly stop working after the screen times-out… checked wifi settings and I can’t find anything related to that.

    Lastly, I have no options to move any of my apps to the sd card, either manually, or an auto-setting… ideas? or am i just blind and missing where the setting is.

  • http://Website reddragon72

    I’m not being negative here, but Google has yet to announce the release of Android 2.2 for the Nexus One. With that I will wait till they officially announce it and not an Android site making a jump saying that it is official just because they released the source code and “another” update appeared on a few developer phones.

    I see no real reason to update again till Google makes the Official Android 2.2 announcement.

  • http://www.minormakeswork.com Sean

    I manually installed FRF50 just to manually update to FRF83… I’m loving it! I love lots of small changes coming from eclair! toggling volume all the way down goes straight to vibrate instead of completely silent (that irritated me to no end on eclair). Noticeable speed boosts in overall performance and browser speed. Flash is freakin sweet! The new universal search is nice, they finally got that right. The new camera features are nice and handy on screen, including zoom and effects.

    Carhome is easier and more likely to be USEFUL in the car lol. I’m definitely one of the people that will use cut and paste in Gmail A LOT. They finally fixed some things in contacts as well. Before, when I merged contacts from different sources, the system picked a name from random, I could never pick the name to display for my friends, now it works like I want. Oh! and there’s some changes to the stock messaging and gtalk apps too. Now they have white backgrounds. I like how stock messaging now shows both people’s profile pics in the convo for quick links to contact options, nice. I actually ditched handcent because it kept deleting my messages. Now I use the stock messaging app with sms popup. pretty nice combo. I need to get a text from a friend to see how my colored trackball notification works (thanks to whoever mentioned the app “blink” for setting trackball colors)

    the only things that I find problems with come from app2sd and launcherpro. If I have an app shortcut on the homescreen THEN save that app to sdcard, the shortcut icon won’t display properly. I’m using LauncherPro as a homescreen replacement and the app drawer won’t display a bunch of my protected apps :-( a solution to the problem I found is to longpress on the homescreen and select a shortcut that way, its the only way to show all of my apps. The app drawer shows fine on the stock launcher tho.

    anyway, I’m about to play around with this my (re)new(ed) toy and see how I like the new additions!

  • http://Website lolobabes

    unrooted with manual update to FRF50 in the Philippines no OTA for Froyo yet… I think google should at least say something who’ll get an OTA and who is not and when

  • http://Website B

    I’ve been getting random Wifi disconnects on build FRF72, and I know other people have also. Can anyone who had these issues, and is now running FRF83, comment on this being fixed?

  • http://Website Sanjay

    Im using AT&T N1 with EPE54B build eagerly waiting for froyo i dont know when i will get OTA.. Does anyone got OTA for at&t N1?? Anyone please assist me how to update manually from EPE54B to FRF83

  • http://Website Iria
  • http://Website Tyler

    Hrm, still no OTA for me either, currently running FRF72. I did the About Phone > System Update and it says “Your system is currently up to date”

  • Vt3kbOi

    Is anyone having issues with there N1 SD card after the initial release of 2.2 at Google I/O?

    The device will stop reading the card and i have to restart the device almost everyday now. Ill be trying a new memory card. I just find it hard to believe never had any issues with my SD up until this update.

    • http://Website B

      Nah, that’s news to me. Have you tried the card with anything else?

    • http://Website tw

      I have the same problem with a kingston 16 GB card. I am on FRF83 now, but ever since being on FRF72 I started having problems. If the phone went to sleep mode while accessing the card it would not wake up and I would have to remove the battery and restart. Like if I am looking at my pictures and then put the phone down for a few minutes, when I came back to it, the screen was black and it would not come back on. I have since switched back to the stock 4GB card and have no problems. Assuming it was the card.

      • http://3w.md/ Solar

        Same problem for me. Using stock SD card!

  • http://Website Thomashamka

    I’ve had Defrost on my desire for a while. Works like a DREAM! Its not very hard to do. All you need is to be precise with actions you do. Not for hasty people.

  • http://Website BJ

    I have a nexus one and I still haven’t receive my up date is there another way

  • http://Website poinck

    Nothing on T-Mobile.de . Maybe I will never recaive it and have to upgrade my Nexus One from FRF50 myself.

  • http://Website poinck

    I notice, that the Kernel-Version is a little bit different in Revision-Number comparing FRF50 to FRF83 from the screenshots above.

  • http://twitter.com/windhummer windhummer

    I followed the instructions on this page, manually updated my N1 first to FRF50 and then subsequently to FRF83, all goes fine. Thanks for putting up the information, I definitely recommend to update to FRF83, you have the stability from all the recent bug fixes, the fast performance thanks to the new JIT in 2.2, tethering and the ability to make your phone to serve as a WiFi hotspot, and for the flash fans the flash support in the browser.

    If ever FRF85 or higher comes, we can always do the update again, manually or wait for the OTA for the patient ones.

  • http://Website Guy Bailey

    Updated to FRF50 then to FRF83 – my thoughts

    Super quick, more memory and flash works splendidly – streaming et al. Had to do a factory reset to acivate the speed and extra memory though.

    Downside – can’t use custom ringtones on contacts anymore, have to use pre-selected android one but hopefully this will be fixed with the offical rollout, which I don’t believe this is.

  • tsmith

    has anyone actually got a ota update on there N1…without it being rooted?????

  • http://Website Jaelave

    Just got Android 2.2 FRF85 OTA at 6:25 EDT Nexus one T-Mobile!

  • http://Website Jaelave

    Just got Android 2.2 FRF85 OTA at 6:25 EDT Nexus one T-Mobile! Not rooted.

  • http://Website jorge alfaro

    acabo de actualizar manualmente mi nexus one copilacion epe54b a la frf85by ahora no puedo entrar al explorador de google , vivo en mexico y estoy con telcel ¿alguien a tenido un porblema similar al mio?

    • http://Website Yorch

      Como hiciste la actualización?

      How did you upgrade?

      • http://Website jorge alfaro

        ya pude entrar al explorador solo tuve que quitar la dirccion del proxy en configuraciones de red y ahora siiiiiiiii foryo al l500% jejejejejejejej

  • http://Website Robbie

    If I want to manually update with the official update, will it wipe my phone of just upgrade it? I have the AT&T Nexus One build # EPE54B.

  • http://tinyurl.com/techienewsmongral Techienewsmongral

    It will upgrade it no wipe.. However to obtain the full benefits of the upgrade a factory data reset is advised.

  • http://sweetperceptions.com sweetperceptions

    Guaranteed working! I successfully upgraded from Eclair (ERExx) to FRF83. The only thing I experienced was that it took so long for the last step to appear. My messages setting was partly affected, but the others remained intact.


  • http://Website Zoobihoobi

    Did anybody receive the update in Middle east or outside USA. I am currently in KSA but still waiting for the update. When I will get it.

  • http://Website Chetan

    I m from India on unlocked Nexus One running on ere27 and still no updated……. come on Google

  • http://Website TOM NGUYEN

    I have not received the new software update for NEXUS ONE. I am with T-Mobile USA. I have checked the system update and shows nothing is available.

  • http://Website vivek

    Received OTA update FRF91 from FRF85B. In India.

  • http://Website Zoobihoobi

    Just got the update in the morning here in KSA. Updated from ERE27 to FRF91……Well done google…

  • http://Website Seph

    Received updated ERE27 to FRF91. Singpaore. yesterday lunchtime.

  • http://Website Dhammika

    I got nexus one from Google directly whichch was delivered to UK and I brought it to Sri Lanka and put my existing SIM. So I don’t have a carrier who is aware I’m using a nexus one. In this case will I get the OTA?

  • http://Website TheKillerBigMac

    Ive got a N1 on t-mobile.
    Manually updated to FRF50, then manually to FRF72, Checked the system>update and found no update. Tried the *#*#2432546#*#* thing in the phone dial and it worked like a charm.
    I’m now running FRF91

  • http://Website Dhammika

    Got the update today.
    Running frf91
    They r updating via internet. No carrier involment. I just kept my data connection open
    Multi touch working in Google maps and on galery. Havent check other apps yet
    Key board response is slow some times

  • http://Website yio!!

    ok my file keeps on not getting verified what do i do to fix this :@!!!

  • http://Website Alesha

    I received the update automatically yesterday September 28,2010 and I have T-Mobile. =) I have a brand new mytouch slide still in the box I thought I wanted a physical keyboard, but I love froyo and I’m not big on down grading. I love my Nexus One. =)