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Original Droid will see Android 2.2 before Droid X

Now that the Android 2.2 source code has been released, I guess it’s ok to start looking at when certain phones will receive it. Earlier this morning rumors were flying around that the Droid X might be the first device to ship with Android 2.2, but we later learned it would include Android 2.1 and the FroYo update would come over the air in “late summer”.

A new leaked screen from Verizon’s systems shows that the current Droid is scheduled to receive Android 2.2 and Flash Player 10.1 in late July and that the Droid X will receive its update in August. Given that the original Droid is running a stock version of Android, it makes sense that Motorola could easily port it over before the time it will take to incorporate the new update with their custom firmware on the Droid X.

Keep in mind these upgrade details change frequently, so all planned dates are subject to change (and most likely will). I won’t even bring up the delays with the Droid’s move to Android 2.1, but the Motorola CLIQ might also see their upgrade slip.

If the wait for an official software update is already eating you up, be sure to keep an eye on CyanogenMod which might release their Android 2.2 build any day now.

Droid Froyo

FroYo is coming soon the the Droid.

Via: Droid Life

Source: DroidForums

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  • http://Website Doodoo

    Where’s mytouch 3g 2.2 update??!!

    • http://Website Coty

      You won’t get it, that sucks for you

  • http://Website Terran


    This makes owning a Droid worthwhile!

  • http://Website DgDeBx

    Why can Cyanogen create a Froyo build for phones so much faster than the official updates?

    • http://Website JPorter

      Two reasons:

      1. They’re not encumbered by twelve layers of managerial oversight and the need to exhaustively document every small feature change for the purposes of writing paper manuals aimed at the lowest common denominator.
      2. They run their project like a fork linux distribution, not like a “mobile phone software development” effort. They develop with a specific intent to stay current with upstream Android on an ongoing basis, and they use modern open-source revision control tools (git, in this case) to help them manage that. Their approach recognizes the unique advantages of Android as an open-source platform, and leverages that flexibility in the same way that linux desktop distributions have done for years.

  • http://Website tony

    Grrr I can’t wait Amy longer for my update!!! Why do other DROID users have it already? And I don’t!!!!!!

    • http://roughridergames.blogspot.com/ ColdFusion71

      Rooted users can manually install the update.

      • Zappy

        Having root don’t help me on my Milestone. Need an open bootloader. :(
        Ah, well. I can wait. Kind of.

  • http://Website Josh

    Late July? Really? They don’t have to reskin it or anything just get the update out already!

  • http://Website mick

    Per the article, I am one to read between the lines. More than likely the 2.2 w/flash 10.1 update will slow down the phone. Time will tell hence more sales if it’s fast. How many times have you updated something and wished for the old version? Does anyone know if you have to take the update or is it an option?

  • http://Website marc

    Alright, Verizon, any day now. It’s the 28th! I am pretty sure that qualifies as late July. Incidentally, the 29th is the last day of “the end of July”, with the 30th being end of July, and the 31st being “the end” of July.

  • genonyx

    How do I get 2.2 on a Samsung Galaxy?

  • http://Website Droids4Life

    Installed working brilliantly so far thanks for posting.