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Pictures of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8 “Shakira” surface

While the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 has set its sight on the high end of the market, the X10 Mini is definitely the phone for teens and those looking to jump onto the Android platforms for a much cheaper price.  Fortunately for Sony Ericsson, the two phones leave a huge gap right in the middle for them to launch a mid-range handset.  The rumored Sony Ericsson “Shakira” has now been named as the XPERIA X8 and should offer be a decent Android phone within Sony Ericsson’s lineup.

Sony Ericsson still has not released any information about the XPERIA X8’s features or specs, but it appears it will feature a slightly larger screen than the X10 Mini’s 2.5 inch display.  Just like the other three XPERIA phones, the X8 will most likely be running Android 1.6 at launch with the same UXP UI.

Sony Ericsson has a real chance to wow the world of Android with the X10, but delays forced the company to postpone the handset launch by nearly three months.  It looks like they may finally be on the right track, but the fact that the XPERIA line isn’t due for an Android firmware update until Q4 of 2010 could translate into slow sales to current Android users.

How many of you would trade in your aging Android phone for an X8 that runs Android 1.6?

x8_01 x8_02 x8_03 x8_04 x8_05 x8_06 SONy Ericsson XPERIA X8 x8_08

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  • roman.bugaev

    finally, SE is going to release their first normal Android-phone – not huge, not tiny… just OK size. But why is it so thick?

    • http://Website JAG

      2.5″ screen, normal android phone?

      I prefer DROID X, thats a real Xtreme Android Phone

      • roman.bugaev

        you read it wrong –
        “it appears it will feature a slightly larger screen than the X10 Mini’s 2.5 inch display”
        I think it is going to be 3.2″

  • http://Website daryl johnson

    OMG I’m laughing so hard I needa doctor.no I wouldn’t trade down to this phone from my N1

  • http://Website Dave from the grave…

    Well, if what google say is true that we (or they) have over 100 thousand android phone activations per day, do you really think they are all nerds like us? Most people want a decent phone with a decent gui and doesn’t care if the phone is running Android 1.6, 2.1, 2.2

    English isn’t my native language (no shit??)

    • http://Website ari-free

      Yes they do. They will give 1 stars to all the apps that require 2.x (WHY DON’T THIS WORK???!!! THIS SUX!!!!)

  • http://Website Droid sam

    I’m not so sure anyone reading this blog post would be willing to get the x8 any time soon, but I do Think that sony ericsson does have a great design for their android phones. The x10 is the best selling android phone in japan, so we could see the x8 take off as well

  • http://www.imaginardesign.com Martin

    No creo que la versión que lleve tenga tanto que ver. Ya que Sony Ericsson con la versión 1.6 ha logrado cosas que están recién para la versión 2.1. Me gusta mucho el personalizado que SonyEricsson hace con los SO. Y por sobre todo las mejoras.


  • http://EarleHilario.com Wesley Nitka

    Shakira u rock I am ur no# 1 fan i just hpe 1 dy i culd learn 2 belly dance lyk u

  • http://Website Kunalz

    Waiting for X8 to be available,
    It’s a worthy affordable Phone.
    Missing the 5MP camera here, But with 1200 m.a.h battery
    hope it will breath the day out.
    A Pro version to this Phone with 5MP camera and
    a little higher resolution, Might just do the trick for SE.
    Anyways whatever goes with this phone I’m anxious for
    Shakira Vibrations in my pants.

  • http://My mom

    Surely Britney cannot wear every one of these perfumes she releases. Another has just come out.

  • http://Website Jiggy

    PLEASE HELP ME…I RECEIVED A MULTIMEDIA MESSAGE PIC INCLUDED….(caps off) i cannot for some strange and unknown reason save this pic…it aint giving me the option to do so :( please help…i do ahve an sd card intact and working…why is this a problem…please reply with help…thank you….kind regards Jiggy

  • http://google mangesh lonkar