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Qualcomm ships first dual-CPU Snapdragon… to HTC?

Qualcomm announced the third generation of their Snapdragon platform late last year, but the chip supplier recently revealed they began sampling it this month and they have already shipped the chipsets to one of their hardware partners.

The new chipsets (MSM8260 and MSM8660) are significant because they are the first dual-CPU Snapdragons from Qualcomm. Each enhanced core runs at speeds up to 1.2GHz and they are made with the new 45nm process technology for ultra-low power consumption. Additional features of the third-generation Snapdragon include support for HSPA+ networks, a more powerful GPU, 1080p video encode/decode, and support for 24-bit WXGA 1280 x 800 resolution displays.

We don’t know which hardware partner got the new chipsets first, but HTC has been the biggest supporter of Qualcomm as of late (while Motorola backs Texas Instruments).

One possible target of the dual-CPU Snapdragon could be the rumored T-Mobile Project Emerald. Talk of the supposed superphone from HTC began last month and AndroidGuys recently posted some new speculation. The device, now codenamed the HTC Vision, is said to feature a 4.3 inch display, dual-CPU processor, and the next major Android firmware (Gingerbread). Additional info says the phone will be available this holiday season and the display will feature “screen technology we have never seen before”.

I wouldn’t get too excited just yet, but we fully expect Qualcomm will soon deliver an answer to the new 45 nm processors coming from Samsung and Texas Instruments. The latest dual-CPU Snapdragons appear to fit that bill and the addition of HSPA+ support fits nicely with T-Mobile’s promise of their first HSPA+ handset coming later this year.

If you could build your dream Android handset with a dual-CPU and HSPA+ support, what other features would you make sure to tack on?

HTC Vision

A mockup of what the HTC Vision could look like.

The MSM8260 and MSM8660 solutions for mobile handsets deliver a new level of mobile multimedia performance, including:

  • Scorpion 1.2 GHz processor and 600 MHz DSP for high levels of web application and multimedia performance
  • Support for innovative 3D/2D user interfaces and console-quality gaming via dedicated, high-performance graphics engines
  • 16 megapixel camera
  • Full 1080p HD video playback and recording
  • Support for DTS/Dolby 5.1 surround sound
  • Integrated Assisted-GPS, including support for Glonass satellite services
  • Support for stunning 24-bit WXGA (1280 x 800) displays
  • 45nm process technology for ultra-low power consumption

Via: AndroidGuys

Source: Qualcomm

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  • http://Website RayMatthew

    YUS! I’m waiting on this phone for TMO. But the picture that you have is blah. I wouldn’t want my phone to be look like that. But I will never know till we see some leaked pics.

    A super-high end phone on TMO, might send all the Droid owners in envy. (:

  • http://Website G

    As long as T-Mobile gets a high end phone to compete with Verizon and sprint, which they desperately need, its all good. I’m getting tired of waiting for something more than tween phones and phones from murky companies like Samsung…

  • http://Website Tito!

    Go T-Mobile! Yeah!(:
    HTC Vision = Sidekick Twist? [Hopeful thoughts.]
    Thank youuu T-Mobile!
    Long live magenta.
    THIS, IS… T-MOBILE! *kick*
    (300 Movie)

  • http://Website Bob

    hdmi out for all apps (not just videos), Google TV, gamepad buttons, gyroscope.

  • http://www.jamesriter.com/blog/ James Riter

    1) Scorpion 1.2 GHz processor and 600 MHz DSP for high levels of web application and multimedia performance

    2) 8 megapixel camera w/ flash and video (and MUST work as good as a normal camera)

    3) True web!! (Full Flash / HTML 5 / Jquery / CSS3 / )

    4) Battery life that will have 10hours of use time

    I think that would about do it for the phone of my dreams. :)

  • http://Website Kenny

    This is the reason why I haven’t upgraded yet

    • http://Website RayMatthew

      I know, I have the fail CLIQ now and I was going to hop on the Samsung Vibrant train. But it not on of the best that TMO will come out with. There is always going to better phones out there from TMO. & I heard about this Project Emerald along time ago, and now that more stories are coming out about it, i really want this phone.

      • http://Website Kenny

        I know that the more we wait the better phones get, but with the announcement of yearly updates from Google, I believe the phones will slow down on their damn advancement. I know for sure T-Mo is going to have something spectacular. My contract ends around the holidays, so I’m definatelly getting whatever the hell is coming out, lol.

        Just think for a sec, the Evo practically JUST came out. The Evo WAS king, now look, Droid X is king and hasn’t even come out yet.

        I’m definatelly waiting for something like this to be available. The advancement on this phone is simply too gret to settle for the “Android Kings” we have now.

        • Haulngas

          I am happy to see that android based phones are getting better, and better with just about each new phone release from all the carriers this ensures that the Iphone 4 wont be a serious contender for to long.

  • http://Website Max

    holy crap slowdown on the phone refreshes. us hardcore consumers can’t handle the fact that our phones will be outdated in 2 months.

    • SliestDragon

      I know it’s crazy. When I got the Nexus One I thought I’d be good for at least a Year if not more, but just hearing this I feel like my phones out dated and it’s been only 6 months!

    • http://Website ari-free

      It’s not enough to match the iphone on specs. It must be completely wiped out because if everyone goes with Apple, there will be nobody to buy Qualcomm’s cpu’s and HTC’s phones.

      • http://Website Alex

        Well have I just shit a chicken! You’re definitely on dope if you think it doesn’t match the iPhone. It surpasses them by a mile and the fact it can actually make a call has the iPhone beat along with those shitty pre-paid phones.

    • Haulngas

      I bought a Moto clix xt the day it released in March and a Tmo employee told me today that my clix xt will be outdated in 6months from its release date. Looks like i’ll be upgrading in the christmas holiday season.

  • http://www.geekyandfreaky.com/ Ed Brown

    Dual-CPU? That’s just going to destroy battery life. You’d need some smart scaling ability to throttle it when grunt isn’t needed….

    But from a speed point of view, HELL YEAH!:D

    • http://Website Bouke

      Dual-CORE CPU’s, thats something completely different!
      Battery life on normal load will probably be the same.

  • SliestDragon

    Wow. I want that processor, that sounds sick!

    When I got my Nexus One I didn’t think there would be anything that would make me want to switch for at least a year+, but I would get a phone with that in a heart beat.

    Some specs I would like to see are:
    A high MP camera(at least 8 if not higher) with dual flash.
    A 4.3″ Super AMOLED screen(any bigger is too big) with a 1280 x 800 display.(if you can now support it, why not?)
    If it does have that big of a screen it would seem weird to have a keyboard, but I would be fine if it had one.
    Keep the same button layout as the Nexus One(could care-less if it’s capacitive or not), and a trackball of course.
    I know they said that project emerald would come with Gingerbread, but I feel like I need to say it anyways. Stock android, PLEASE.

    But no matter how good these specs sound, the one thing that will sway me is whether Cyanogen gets this or not. I would really like to have direct support for CyanogenMod on my phone,(one of the reasons I went with the Nexus One) although who am I kidding, if a phone like this existed don’t you think he would get it?

    • SliestDragon

      Oh yeah, and a front -facing camera that’s at least 3MP, and 3 Mics.

  • http://Website kathi17

    This is the phone I have been waiting for too, only please T-Mo, don’t make us wait until Christmas, my G1 isn’t cutting it anymore, even with Cyanogen’s Eclair!

  • http://Website Simon

    1/Scorpion 1.2 ghz dual processor
    2/Two quantum dots 12 mega pixel camera, who can record in 3d
    3/witricity receptor for wireless recharging
    4/ RFID
    5/ 3d front camera (who can analyze finger movement) and do video call
    6/ 4” dual screen (one with side)
    7/ directional microphone who can send sounds to the owner ears directly without other can hear it
    8/Projector HD
    9/ carbon nanotube battery who long 10 times longer than traditional lithium

    that would be a good beginning :)

    • http://Website G.

      Jesus christ

      • http://Website dnar56

        The HTC Jesus Christ Phone?

    • http://www.healthytiger.com Healthy

      By RFID i assume you mean it makes the alarms go off when you try to leave stores. then people come over and you can show off your phone.

    • Haulngas

      And don’t forget to be able to hold the phone anyway we want to make calls.

  • http://Website Jon

    Yes!!! I want this device on T-Mobile!!! All others look “almost” right. This could be the killer. Dual CPU’s, amazing screen, great camera, great form factor, Android 3.x….and what I REALLY want to see on this as well is UMA support. PLEASE T-Mo — that would be the killer differentiator. Ultra Phone Android HTC device with UMA. OMG — that would do it. Completely….

    - Jon

    • http://Website kathi17

      Yes, I agree, I am dependant on UMA at home, and have to keep a second line because no Android phones support UMA.

  • http://Website ari-free

    OK OK I will never make fun of snapdragon again.
    1280 x 800 resolution? That’s ummmm what I set my desktop monitor to. The competition here is white hot.

  • ayocuz

    I would surely give up my nexus one for a phone like that. This sounds like the evo killer I was waiting on cant wait til pictures and specs leak

  • http://Website Rizo

    Hell to the Yes!

  • mmitchum

    This is great! I was wondering when the dual core proc would make an appearance on a phone. I can’t upgrade until November on Sprint (unless i want to pay full price) so if there are whispers of a dual core Snapdragon headed to Sprint by then, I may very well skip the EVO!!

    Mobile tech is moving at a staggering pace and I’m glad to be a witness.

    My wish list would include:

    Scorpion 1.2 ghz dual core proc
    Dedicated GPU
    GPS with sub meter accuracy
    WIFI N
    FM Tuner
    4G support
    4.3″ Screen
    8+ MP rear-facing camera with Carl Zeiss lens, dual LED flash and dedicated camera button
    5+ MP front facing camera with Carl Zeiss lens
    32+ GB internal storage
    1GB RAM
    HDMI out
    Optical trackball
    Battery life >= 2 days of moderate usage
    Infra red port (use as Universal remote & Mac remote)
    3 Mics
    Built in DLP Pico projector
    Stereo external speakers
    Mini USB connector (I already have like 5 chargers/cords. don’t wanna buy micro)
    Kickstand :)
    HTC Sense UI

    I think that would do it…

    You said “dream” phone, right?

    • http://Website marc

      That is not a dream phone that is a mini desktop in your pocket.

      • mmitchum

        :) Seems that’s the way they’re going, right?

    • masterpfa

      Not a Fan of Sense UI but everything else I have to agree with.

  • http://Website ari-free

    I think a lot of people would be happy with just the specs of a galaxy pro or a galaxy s with a camera flash, available on all carriers and made by a company that updates everyone to the latest OS.

  • http://Website Counsel

    The phones aren’t really out-dated.. I am still using a 1st gen iPhone-no newer iPhone has better cell reception that I have tried…

    Plays my music, video, and enough apps. I’m looking for android to deliver, but I support gsm. I don’t want a phone nailed tobmecif I travel outside CDMA territory…

    I hope the captivate is a google experience phone…

  • http://Website Noel

    HDMI Output… Wireless N…. and Front-face camera of course.

  • http://Dual-coreisamust Stalker

    in cell phones like it is in PCs. Any OS is better multitasking with multicores.

    2) Screen resolution till 1280 pixels is a must (and in future 1920)

    3) Clocks 1GHz per core are a must and is the current technology. When they scale it to current 32nm like in Intel chips, they will reduce consumption almost twice or increase number of cores twice with no problems whatsoever since these chips do not overheat like x86

    4) Much faster graphics is needed to handle video. EVO for example sucks so much in video, that i plan to return it after a month of usage unless somebody will hack it and make it capable of 1) 30fps at 720p 2) boost its autofocus speed 3) make its hoping speed in brightness auto-adjustment which is like 2-4 fps now at least 2-3 times faster . The games also need faster GPU and CPU (or number of cores)

  • http://Website Olypdd

    I’d switch to this from my N1 without hesitation because I like a real keyboard, and it’s a step up in terms of power. I can keep my TMO loyalty plan and continue saving $$

  • http://Website Joeskie

    …holy…santa clause shit. If tmo pulls this off…im gonna get an erection so big I’ll be able to swype from 10 feet away.

    • http://Website Kenny

      hahahaha, love the Android experience thrown in there lol

    • mikedminor

      Make sure that you have some dis-infecting screen wipes handy!

  • http://Website darkjuan


    I “accidently” bricked my wife’s G1 and had to give her mine, so I went and picked up a Slide. I was WAITING for this phone… Maybe I can talk the wife into “upgrading” ;)

  • http://Website sunthief

    Is this the so-called HTC Scropion?!

  • http://Website Sergio

    Don’t trust the Qualcomm claims about graphics performance.
    Some OFFICIAL claims for MSM7200(A)/ MSM7201A:

    - “The 7xxx series addresses the growing consumer demand for higher-performance wireless devices delivering high-quality audio-visual and 2D/3D gaming”
    - “Very high performance 2D and 3D graphics, and video encode and decode support”

    Also, for snapdragon there are outstanding claims.

    Everyone know how extremely bad are performing the MSM7200 enabled devices (ex: G1, Hero, Magic, etc) in terms of graphic performance.

    Also, many *not htc fanboys* knows how weak is the snapdragon compared to a PowerVR solution.

    So, sorry, I CANNOT TRUST again and again this company.

    PS: I am using a HTC device right now and this will be my last one from them (if things doesn’t changes)

    • mikedminor

      PowerVR to the People Baby!

  • http://Website Dragonthe

    Hmm dream phone?

    Scorpion 1.6 ghz dual core proc. (OC)
    1.5 GB RAM
    Dedicated GPU
    GPS with sub meter accuracy
    WIFI N
    FM Tuner
    4G support
    4.3″ Screen
    Keyboard and mouse suport (trough bluethoot or USB)
    HDMI and DVI out.
    HD projector
    3 3,5mm jackets whit 5.1 surround sound support.
    10mp rear camera
    3mp front camera
    camara buton on top of the device
    triple xenox flash
    5.1 sound recording


    HTC Sence that can be used in landscape mode, because think for your self.
    Aint it a bit of a failure that you show a landscape qwerty phone whit the UI in portrait mode? >_>

    • http://Website Dragonthe

      I forgot one thing,
      a hydrogen cell as the battery.

    • mikedminor

      WOW: triple xenox flash – would not want to be in front of that thing when you took a picture

      5.1 sound recording – hmmm 6 independent mics?

      This is one scary phone!

  • http://Website Brainiac Systems

    The Perfect Phone………..mmmmmm, I hope the top companies are listening.

    1) 720p 4″ Dual Screen – 2nd Screen can be used as keyboard / Gaming Controls

    2) 32nm Dual Core CPU – Next Generation Samsung CPU (Gaming benchmarks don’t lie)

    3) 720p Projector

    4) HDMI out

    5) 12 MP Camera with Flash / Front Facing Camera

    6) 720p Video Recording

    7) Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound

    8) 1GB ROM / 2GB RAM

    9) Unlimited Multi Touch on both screens

    10) Wireless N / 4G / Full Bluetooth Control / Media Server

    11) 10hr Battery on Full Load

    12) Free Steve Jobs Voodoo Doll

    Please make this phone, I’ll rob a bank a buy it.

    • mikedminor

      LOL – Free Steve Jobs Voodoo Doll – I’d buy that for a dollar!

    • http://Website ari-free

      720p? You missed the memo…1080 ftw

  • z0phi3l

    Hope whatever it looks like, it doesn’t have a physical keypad wasting space on it

  • http://Website Elitebattlefield


    (1) 1080p: Really!!!! It’s a feaking phone people not a true camcorder or HD TV. I’ve tested my EVO’s recording at 720p next to an actual camcorder and let’s just say the EVO lost. It’s a selling point, not reality.

    (2) Support for DTS/Dolby 5.1 surround sound: So I suppose there are any equal amount of speakers to simulate true 5.1 OUTPUT. If the phone comes with one audio output then in order for it to do this 5 individual speakers would have to be built inside of the single one. Not happening. Selling point not reality.

    (3) 45N Tecnology: Ok so we’re lowering power consuption, but we can bet it’s still going to be running on the same Li-ion 3.7VDC 1500mAh battery as my EVO. Which means in actuality we’ll be using twice the power due to the fact that we are now powering a DUAL PROCESSOR, not to mention the ridiculous new GPU while gaming. Look at it as putting a 4 cylinder engine in a car requiring an 6 or 8 cylinder engine.

    (4) I like the idea of the of the upgrade in megapixel camera, but actuality you never need more than 5 to be honest. But it’s al dependant on the user. So go figure.

    All in all I can see where this is once again headed. Right to the point of no return. The EVO, Galaxy series, or iPhone 4 (although it has a few issues) just isn’t enough???? What more can we do with this new phone that we can’t do with ours. At this point in the cell phone era we need better battery consumption not powerhouse phone. Add an infra-red port ona phone and now we’re talikin’. This type of hardware would be really nice to see in a pad or mini device I think. But not a cell phone. If you’re gonna game, do it right…on a desktop.

    • SliestDragon

      You do realize that all that above is what the CPU is ‘capable’ of, not what it actually has. It depends on the phone whether it actually uses those features.

      And as for the points you made:

      1) Again, it’s the CPU itself thats capable of 1080p, and I can guaranty that the first phone that comes out wouldn’t have a camera that can record at that. Also yeah your EVO sucks, we are just now getting 720p recording on phones but by the time a phone with this CPU is out there may be a camera that’s a few times as good as the cameras out now and video recording will actually look good in your eyes.

      2) Of course a little phone wouldn’t have surround sound. If anything had surround sound it would be a tablet, because realize that these are the same CPU’s that go in some tablets.

      3) Yeah it will use more battery when playing games, but they always lower the power usage on them so I could see stand by being pretty close to the same, especially it it’s underclocked a little. And yeah, it will probably not have a very big battery, but if you want a bigger one go to a lab a make one. Batteries aren’t advancing very fast so yeah, at this moment it will probably have a tiny bit worse battery life then current phones, but with it underclocked, and if they actually optimized it for the phone it wouldn’t be that bad.

      4) I don’t see the need for a really high MP camera with only digital zoom, but if it had optical zoom too then it would be fine.

      And realize that no one is forcing you to get a device with this. Don’t get angry when a CPU manufacturer isn’t advancing battery technology, and don’t whine when a phone thats better then yours comes out and you don’t want it.

    • mikedminor

      (1) 1080p: Yes, “It’s a feaking phone,” but it is much more than that already! This is the age of mobile computing, where making phone calls is just one function of a mobile device. Make no doubt about it, these are hand held computers with a more simplified user interface, in an attempt to appeal to the general masses. Once both the optics and software improve, there will be no real need to carry a Phone+Camera or Phone+Camcorder or Phone+DVD Player or Phone+Laptop for those types of utility functions. It’s a selling point, IF they can achieve that lofty goal! IMO

      (2) Support for DTS/Dolby 5.1 surround sound: This is not intended for use on the on-board speakers, but rather the audio support for the mini-HDMI out! This will put the mobile device on par with current streaming Multi-Media Players! If some mobile device maker licenses Dolby Digital 5.1 and/or DTS 5.1 codecs, then (as above) a DVD player is no longer necessary to travel with, for movie watching away from home! Selling point? ABSOLUTELY!

      (3) 45Nm Tecnology: “Ok so we’re lowering power consuption, but we can bet it’s still going to be running on the same Li-ion 3.7VDC 1500mAh battery as my EVO. Which means in actuality we’ll be using twice the power due to the fact that we are now powering a DUAL PROCESSOR, not to mention the ridiculous new GPU while gaming. Look at it as putting a 4 cylinder engine in a car requiring an 6 or 8 cylinder engine.” Not necessarily! The battery can change as the power consumption dynamics can also change with the additional CPU core, however, with dynamic on chip power conservation techniques. The more proper analogy would be an 8 cylinder engine that can run on all 8 cylinders when the power is really needed and can cut itself down to 6 or even 4 cylinders to conserve resources as needed. A Selling Point? HELL YES!

      (4) “I like the idea of the of the upgrade in megapixel camera, but actuality you never need more than 5 to be honest.” Actually, anything past 4.4 MP is not necessary for most users unless you want prints above 4″x7″. This is what my 5.0 MP Kodak Digital Camera is set to, as all that I typically do is print 4×7 prints. But having the option of using ones mobile device to potentially replace the need for that dedicated digital camera for any type of photography, has some appeal to many consumers. Most mobile devices today, typically lack Optical Zoom, Lens replacements and external Flash options/sync, means that these devices can not and will not replace every consumer’s photography needs! But More MP sells in consumers minds! A Selling Point? A bad one but yes!

      “All in all I can see where this is once again headed. Right to the point of no return. The EVO, Galaxy series, or iPhone 4 (although it has a few issues) just isn’t enough????” Dont forget the Droid X! Also, there is competition to even this dual core snapdragon with the coming TI and Nvidia Dual Cores.

      The stagnation of innovation typically leads to complacency and the same old product being released with only evolutionary changes year after year (i.e the iPhone) and few real revolutionary changes (where Google with android is going). If the consumer does not have this change, then they have no incentive to spend on tech. That potentially creates a downward economic & innovation spiral. And hopefully, we all see where that will ultimately take us!

      “What more can we do with this new phone that we can’t do with ours. At this point in the cell phone era we need better battery consumption not powerhouse phone.” Why can’t we have both? I challenge the CE Mfgs. to deliver me BOTH Power and battery life (usability). That is who will get my hard earned dollars! It’s not just about being a phone anymore, it is about being productive. Time = Money! And the more that I can get done in the same amount of time, all the better for me!

      “Add an infra-red port ona phone and now we’re talikin’.” I’m not sure what you would do with this, other than turn your phone into an expensive remote control, but hey why not! Just watch that battery life! ;P

      “This type of hardware would be really nice to see in a pad or mini device I think.” Agreed.
      “But not a cell phone.” Respectfully disagree! As there are many times when transporting a tablet or “Pad” is simply not practical when you need those capabilities handy.

      “If you’re gonna game, do it right…on a desktop.” Agreed when you are at home, but what about: on the plane, on the bus, on the train, in the hotel, at a friends house, etc. ?

      Just imagine the power of a desktop that fits in your pocket…THAT is Revolutionary!

    • masterpfa

      These requests are all for Dream phones not reallity

  • http://Website Rilesman

    I love the render…looks like the Touch Pro 2 keyboard. Sign me up. Prefer black instead of aluminum.

    • http://Website Dragonthe

      Hmm, the keyboard does indeed look verry much like that keyboard of the Touch Pro 2.

      I start to think that someone just grabbed a render of that keyboard + a render of the Desire and photoshoped them together.

  • http://Website jayy336


    I hope it runs stock android too, sense is nice, but it isn’t necessary.

    I’ll sell my nexus one and buy the vison at retail price, after all its pretty much the smart thing to do for us geeks.

  • http://Website jfbaro

    That’s why I’ll wait for the Nexus 2!

  • http://Website watbetch

    Wow, all of this noise about 4G (which blows and always will at 2.5GHz) and no one mentions HSPA+ as a want? But when a phone releases with “only” 7.2HSPA you’ve all got your panties in crack

  • http://bit.ly/omniwired OmniWired

    Near future (max 2 years):

    cpu dual core 2ghz
    2gb ram
    Digital TV (like ISDB-T)
    GSM – 3G -LTE
    camara 8MP – flash
    3.5mm plug
    video :Tegra (NVIDIA) o similar.
    digital compass – gps- acelerometer – bluetooth – gyro?
    Near Field Comunication (like SUICA in japan)

  • masterpfa

    I would like
    Dual Core processor 1.6 – 2.0 MHz
    1 GB Ram
    5-8M rear camera with dual flash
    3M front facing camera with additional light
    Video calls over Wi-Fi, HSPDA, 3G
    1080p Video recording / video out
    GPS and a Gyroscope
    16GB internal HD expandable to 32(64) with Micro SD
    No HW Keyboard
    Economical CPU and longer battery with better power management

    • SliestDragon

      A few things with what you said.

      First off, it’s Ghz not Mhz.

      Second, 4G depends on the carrier. Only sprint has it, and I don’t know why you would want it. Yeah it’s “4G” but I’m getting the same speeds you would get on 4G with 3G on T-Mobile, and T-Mobile is only going to get faster then Sprints 4G. The only reason you would want “4G” is if you are on Verizon or Sprint and wanted to use data and voice at the same time as those carriers can’t.

      And lastly, “45nm process technology for ultra-low power consumption”. A 1.5Ghz processor might use the same or less battery then the 1Ghz processors out now that are 60nm processors.

  • http://Website g1-and-only

    just replace the desire in the screen shot and make it a nexus and thats my dream phone. the touch pro 2 had the best keyboard ever to me so ill buy that “vision” in a heart beat. just leave out the sence interface and do stock android

  • http://Website andrew

    two very useful features that often seem to be overlooked.
    Infrared transmitter for using the phone as a universal remote.
    FM transmitter, saves us lugging around a male/male aux cable.