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Rumor: Droid 2 will launch with Android 2.2 on August 23rd

A trustworthy source has just informed us that Verizon will be launching the Motorola Droid 2 on August 23rd. We recently got to go hands on with the device and the hardware was finalized so we believe that Verizon planned the release date for late August so it would be the first phone to ship with Android 2.2 out of the box.

Current test versions of the Droid 2 are still running Android 2.1, but Motorola is working hard to get Android 2.2 finalized. The original Droid is expected to see Android 2.2 in late July and the Droid X will get it in August. If Motorola can finish Android 2.2 for the Droid X by August, then we see no reason that the Droid 2 will not include it at launch. Both phones feature nearly identical hardware inside and the software we saw running on the Droid 2 was the same as the Droid X.

No price point has been revealed, but look for the Droid 2 to debut around $199 with 2yr contract.

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  • http://Website Spencer

    Can’t wait to get my droid x, and i’m still waiting for 2.2 on my nexus

    • http://Website vinnyjr

      Why get the Droid X when you alleady have the Nexus One, I think it’s still the best device made today. The only thing is it could use is a bump in memory. Ii thnk it has killer looks and it is the best size. All these other phones are getting just a little large for a phone. The Nexus One has it all. It’s a phone, no it’s a small computer that has huge potential. The Nexus One is still the best IMO.

      • http://Website phonejunky

        I agree with vinnyjr.. Phones now are just getting bigger and bigger. who really needs that big of a screen for a phone. I understand for internet and stuff but remember back in the day when we use to have those shitty flip phones, and now you look at our phones today. they are huge! I cant wait for the Droid 2 to come out cause its like the perfect size, and it has a good upgraded keyboard that i will be looking forward to using.

    • http://Website meesa

      Updates with the benchmarks shows the increase of CPU jobs with the Droid 2 than with its predecessor. Droid II Matchups

  • http://Website Siddharth

    Yea.. Don’t tell me I’ve have to wait for the Froyo OTA update on my N1 until August! Cmon Google.. Chop! Chop!

  • http://Website bob

    so now I just have to wait til this comes to the UK and/or the first droid comes down in price (perhaps but I don’t hold out any hope)

  • http://Website Steve Jobs

    Fuck Motorola and HTC. The only good company is Microsoft because it is making great deals with us and Bing is ging to be the default search engine in iOS 5. Fuck Google for stealing our IP and making the most fucked up OS they call Android. They should call it Shitroid. Now we’re going to go and sue them for fucking with us. This will teach them a lesson. Now no assholes are going to fucking rip us off now. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Sent from my iPhone 6

    • RedwingsFan


    • http://Website Bill Gates

      …really Steve, really?

  • http://Website Steve Jobs

    Another suggestion for Google. They could change Android’s name to Assdroid and nobody would notice and they would be saying the truth. Win for everybody and all of the dumbass consumers that buy Assdroid would be warned before they buy a shitty phone only to have it be outdated 2 months later by another shitty phone and then not got updates for Google’s Assdroid.

    Sent from my iPhone 6

  • http://Website Steve Jobs

    Oh yeah, and for all of you bitches whining about the iPhone right now, i’ve got the iPhone 7 in my hand and it feels absolutely, magically, spectacular. Now stop your bitching and just follow my scheme and buy a new iPhone when it comes out, you will love it and it is magical.

  • http://Website Steve Jobs

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  • http://Website Steve Jobs

    Oh shit, now i need to tell our PR that these are fake comments from some random person and oh shit, i have to get them to fix that bug that says sent from which version of my iphone to make it general sent from my iphone and to make it not to be a seperate comment. Or we could just advertise it as a feature and a bunch of dumbasses will be like; we need an iPhone 7, it puts sent from my iPhone as a seperate comment, it’s an amazing feature. OK, I made up my mind it;s going to be a feature. We can save the money for the electricity our huge useless shitty macs would use to rewrite that code. I am evil and iPhones will rule the world. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • http://Website Steve Jobs

    Sent from my iPhone 7……………………………….

  • http://Website William Gates

    steve jobs suck ****

  • http://Website william gertie bertie gates

    Hang on Steve jobs, you are a super duper tosser…. congratulations. Your prize is an iPhone!! Bet you can’t wait to sit on it… your horrible dirty f**ker

    sent from my assPhone 7 ………………………………

  • http://Website Sarah

    haha – William Gates – hehe like it.

    Steve Jobs… nice name… get a job perhaps… then you may be able to buy that phone you always wanted!

    Take care now,


  • http://Website Fako

    It’s obvious “Steve Jobs” is employing satire.

  • juter bug


  • Jiter bug

    Fuck a iphone n windows mobile thy suk android all dayy