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Samsung aims to pass HTC in smartphone market share

Samsung is the world’s second largest mobile phone maker, but they currently rank fifth in smartphone market share. Global sales of smartphones are expected to rise 36 percent to 247 million handsets in 2010 (according to research firm ISuppli Corp.) and Samsung hopes to grab more than 10 percent of the market by the fourth quarter of 2010.

Currently, Samsung only sits at less than 5 percent, but their goal is to double that and pass up HTC which has grabbed 7 percent of smartphone sales. In order to achieve that goal, Samsung needs their Galaxy S line of phones to be a major hit. The device has already gone on sale in Europe and is expected to launch on over 100 carriers, include all four major U.S. carriers.

If you ask me, I think it will be very difficult for Samsung to surpass HTC this year (at least in the important U.S. market). Samsung started strong with the Sprint Moment (their best selling Android phone), but their other U.S. model, the T-Mobile Behold II, was pretty much a flop and left a bad taste for some customers.

Another interesting twist to this story is the fact that HTC buys many of their smartphone displays from Samsung. Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam recently blamed Samsung for the HTC Droid Incredible shortages and we’ve heard many reports European retail outlets have had issues keeping the HTC Desire in stock. Samsung is now placing a huge priority on their Super AMOLED display technology and they will likely keep it to themselves so they can sell as many smartphones as possible.

I can probably guess what our hardcore audience will say, but who do you think will come out on top in 2010? Does HTC have too much momentum already, or can Samsung actually catch up?

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Source: Bloomberg

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  • http://Website Sergio

    Well, I’m for sure disappointed of HTC. I’m using their phones since 2006 if I’m not wrong. And the HTC Hero may be my last HTC phone (if we take the high end devices, they are below almost everything if we compare to other companies high tech devices, such as Motorola, Samsung)., Anyway, at least Samsung is offering way better hardware than HTC.

    PS: HTC suffers also by extremely poor costumer care service.

    I wish Samsung good luck and maybe they will release someday a complete device (i need the search button, c’mon!)

  • http://Website nick

    As a result of Samsung’s lack of support for their older phones, I decided to buy HTC for my first smartphone. Liking my dinc so far.

  • http://Website Choppa

    You Think HTC customer support is bad? Samsung customer support is almost non-existent. There is no way Samsung will surpass HTC until they acknowledge customers that buy their devices. Releasing new better phones all the time and not supporting old phones will not keep customers.

    i owned the Samsung Galaxy, worst phone experience i have EVER had, got sick of it after 6 months. Went to a HTC phone and couldn’t be happier

    people will buy new Samsung phones, then learn of the no support and go elsewhere

    • http://www.myspace.com/hermyhalloween hermyhalloween

      I am experiencing exactly what you say. I can testify your accuracy.

  • http://Website Eli

    Well samsung had start it off in the right foor with the instinct and the various different models with different carriers. But as soon as I heard about the g1 which was my first android phone I have to handed over to htc. They have been perfecting their phones from start to finish and have come out with wonderful handsets like the recent evo and incredible and desire and nexus and dream and mytouch slide and touch pro 2 and hd2……… samsung I only know of the promising galaxy s. Because the behold 2 has left much to wish for.

  • http://Website yoda

    I know i won’t push any Samsung smartphone especially anythig touchwiz after seeing the behold 2 fiasco. SAMSUNG is a throw away phone maker with a weak tech support department.

  • http://Website Se7en2

    Behold II was my first Samsung phone & my last. Switched to an EVO and couldn’t be happier. Good luck, Samsung.

  • http://Website kilari

    I’m rather dumb founded at your statement that HTC is behind all the other handset manufacturers. Cus I agree with Eli going backwards from the Evo, to the Incredible, Desire, Nexus One, HD2, then looking at their midgrade Android offerings, the Mytouch Slide, Mytouch, Hero, Aria, Eris I think their offerings have been VERY competitive. The only other manu that has come close in the US market is Motorola, their Droid was their only high end offering, the Cliq, Cliq XT, Backflip and i1 are aimed right at the middleground. Samsung is at the back of the pack, they’ve only released 2 midgrade phones so far, Moment and Behold2. 

    I find nothing wrong with the mid grade Android phones I had a G1 and now I have a Cliq XT which I love greatly.

    Either way I’m just saying HTC has brought their A game. Samsung would get a D imo, and I think I’d give Moto a B-. I would probably raise Moto to a B+ once I factor in the phones that are coming, the Droid X, Droid2 but I really want the Milestone XT720 if it ever comes to Tmobile.

    So in response to the editorials question. Do I think Samsung can pass HTC? Hell no. HTC is on a roll, and we don’t even have info as to what they have coming in the 2nd half. Unless Samsung becomes the only manufacturer who makes a Windows Phone 7 handset and in some miracle WP7 takes off in Oct, Nov, Dec. Samsung is pwned.

    • http://Website Sergio

      I was talking about Motorola and Samsung high tech phones only (Droid X, Droid 2, Galaxy S, Galaxy S Pro). They are better almost in every aspect than ALL the high tech (avaiable and to be released nearby) phones from HTC (aka High Tech Computers LOL). I doubt that HTC will start using top notch hardware, eg: dropping the poor qualcomm snapdrogon chips and using the powerfull solution from TI, proper camera, speakers, etc.

      @Choppa yes, the HTC support is extremely horrible. Plus their extra long delays.. (see htc hero 2.1 update episodes)

      Anyway, it’s about hardware. I doubt that Samsung uses cheaper hardware than HTC. If a device has a top notch hardware this may translate in many units sold => community growing => people can easily port different android versions. People talk as HTC always delivers great software. Take a look at their SenseUI, even if looks preety good, lags many times.

  • http://Website Kevin Mac

    Samsung almost does it! Great phone.THEN no flash for camera and touchwiz?=CRAP

  • http://Website Joon

    I’m a Korean, and I’ve been using Samsung phones for the past 12 years but there is absolutely no way Samsung will ever catch up to the likes of HTC or Motorola unless they realize that smartphones are nothing like feature phones.

    You think Behold users were screwed? Korean customers have been getting ar$e fracked by Samsung for the past 3 years starting with the Omnia series and hell, we’re already getting screwed with the Korean version of the Galaxy S (loads of compatibility issues that Samsung refuses to admit and hence refuse to rectify) which is why I’m so glad I switched to the N1.

    Unless they pull their head out of their asses I hope for the sake of the future of smartphones that Samsung never becomes a top contender.

    • http://www.droidsector.com Jeff

      After all problems with my Samsung Galaxy I can advice buying Galaxy S ONLY after testing or reading a lot of reviews. Or better go with HTC or Motorola.

      For me, screen on the N1 is good enough, even under sunlight. Set backlight to 100%, make some shadow and it’s perfectly readable. But of course I’m waiting for tablet with PixelQi screen to read books outside.

  • http://Website Shep

    I like htc sense but some people might not ,so make it easy to turn off and switcht to stock android!And as far as htc customer service,I’ve had excellent service from them when I called them at their U.S. headquaters in Baltimore.

  • http://Website daniel

    Samsung, please just stick on making screens for televisions and mobiles.
    But DON’T make your own mobiles.

  • http://Website mike

    sammy will pass up htc, just matter of time. they are in an attack mode, they will pour it on so……..don’t be a hater. htc phones are just plain ugly and iphones are for F$GS.

    • http://www.myspace.com/hermyhalloween hermyhalloween

      and fanboyism is for infants

  • http://www.myspace.com/hermyhalloween hermyhalloween

    Samsung has destroyed my perspective of them. I have the Samsung Moment and it is PLAGUED with hardware issues and software implementation issues. PLAGUED. nearly every possible hardware feature is problematic (radio for data connection, keyboard, screen, proximity sensor, buttons, sliding mechinism). the only thing nice about it is that the camera takes very good pictures, even at 3.2mp.

    Samsung might have a “15 minutes of fame” kind of thing, but if they continue their abysmal hardware construction and lazy software implementation they are destined to die out bitterly.

  • kungpaodragon

    I like both! I don’t know what Sergio has against HTC. A lot of people don’t even realize HTC is one of the companies that started producing these touch screen smart phones way back before iPhone was even out. HTC made the first Android phone, G1, and other following competitors are supposed to make better handsets. So I’m glad Samsung is making phones that are great (or better to some’s opinion). I’m also glad Motorola is. But the fact that HTC was chosen by Google to make Nexus One spells enough credibility to me. Nexus One, btw, I own and it is a great phone.

    As time goes on, I’m glad to see these manufacturers embracing Android and making more and more better phones over one another. That proves that Android is a competitive OS. And that is why I stand by Android over iPhone. I believe the open model (“open” to iPhone) will facilitate more and more better phones to be made. And these phones will start driving new features in Android OS. Android users, there is a phone for every one of us. Physical keyboard, no keyboard. Big screen, small screen. Whatever. We are not stuck to one model of physical device like the lemming fanboys that spend hundreds of dollars and hours just so they can own a piece of machine like the next fanboy.

    So good for Samsng, HTC, Motorola, and others. Can’t wait to see what is in the future.

  • http://Website Pax

    They better hurry up and deliver then.

  • http://Website Mast3rShake

    Who know what can happen with the two, but right now it seems Moto is the tits, and who would of thought that? I must say though, there are a bunch of HTC homers on this site that are just as bad as Apple fanbois. I just want the best android phone, I could careless who makes it. The more competition the better for us all. HTC Sense is okay, but give me the vanilla Droid 2 over any of them right now.

  • Time Pilot AKA

    In the grand scheme of things do I think Samsung will surpass HTC? Unlikely. However, as a G1 user who’s been patiently wating for HTC to release a current gen Android phone with a hardware keyboard, well, the Galaxy S Pro is exactly what I’ve been wanting. HTC, you’ve got til November to change my mind…

    • http://Website Zzz

      How about HTC Desire Z?

    • http://www.youtube.com/queens2nd2none queens2nd2none

      I hope you held out long enough to get the G2 and didnt make the ju mpover to Samsung… in my eyes, HTC hit it out of the park with the G2/ Desire Z and it sounds like the phone I am currently using fits the description of the phone you were waiting for.

  • http://roiji.info roiji

    Samsung’s statement could have been the sum of all smartphones running different OS’s, not just Android.
    Samsung is one of the first in line with the upcoming WinPho7, they have their flagship phone Galaxy S with Android, and the Wave with Bada OS.
    HTC’s last phone, I think, running a different OS is the HD2.
    I hope with Samsung, grabbing a significant market share, would improve their customer support and SOFTWARE! (*cough NPS* *cough KIES*)

  • http://Website TheCynic

    “Samsung hopes to grab more than 10 percent of the market by the fourth quarter of 2010.”

  • http://Website rgray318

    I expected HTC to retain the lead this year, but after reading up on their decision to go with LCD screens to help get more devices out the door, and the fact that Samsung has a 1 year hold on Super AMOLED for only Samsung phones it might not go HTC’s way. Although I believe the Sony Super LCD’s are almost as good as AMOLED screens, the public undoubtedly wants new tech for sure. I myself am only interested in a Super AMOLED screen at this point, yet I am a HUGE HTC fan, not a fanboy, just a great admirer of HTC phones. But, ultimately the bottom line for me is hardware, as I couldn’t care less for a brand name. Peace…

  • http://Website Theory

    The only good thing about Samsung phones are the screens, other than that it is just like everything else that comes from Korea. Junk! (ie: Hyundai, Kia) Samsung does exactly what those car companies does; make cheap knock offs. As good as Samsung can be, it’s just sad to see them always copying the iPhone. Samsung even went as far as to customize their UI on their Android devices to mimic the iOS. Now, thats sad.

    • http://Website jon

      I pity you.
      what is this. 2000? what age are you still living in? samsung has been the number 1 company in electronics both revenue and sales.
      seems like samsung will reach 10 percent because the galaxy s phones are selling out.
      and hyundai kia both stepped up their game since 2008.

      funny how everybody bashed samsung 10 years ago and now its the number 1 electronics company in the world. companies like sony and even htc buys all their hardware from samsung.

      • http://Website joe

        yeah, samsung is big, the biggest trash maker, it is a government owned giant which makes all kind of shitty electronics, and here we are talking about cutting-edge companies such as apple and HTC, and you can be big and make a lot of trash lol. seriously the design, the artistic looks and consumer service all topped poor samsung… and speaking of OLED, please go check out online comparisons~ most reviews favoured SLED, OLED is over saturated, low resolution and dosent even holds a good viewing angle as what it claims to have.

    • http://Website g2g886

      Well, HTC is a Taiwanese company and its products are not “like things come from China”. I, like you, do not trust any pure Chinese made products, but with a foreign company’s design and supervision, I think made in China is somewhat acceptable.

      And yes, products made-in-Korea are definitely offer better quality and customer safety than products made-in-China, but the difference can be little when comparing products from Korea and Chinese products with non-Chinese company’s design and supervision.

  • http://Website powers

    Samsung haters, read it, number 1 with a phone for the times. anyone else who denies this is simply a sooky girl. like the one above.

  • http://Website infotech

    samsung has the latest hardware, processor everything in terms of technology. I don’t know if someone has grudge against samsung but listen fanboys htc buys their hardwares even battery from samsung. Google didn’t choose htc for their next nexus model. Samsung produces the nexus s. I don’t wanna remember what samsung did in the past but with galaxy they are supporting better(i know it’ll take some time to catchup) super amoled is just amazing. U have to see to believe it. Now samsung has produced galaxy s 2 which till now is better than any other phone i know in terms of hardware…..behold…..

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