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Samsung Behold II rumored to get Android 1.6 on June 28th

Android updates for T-Mobile’s Samsung Behold II have been a bit of a touchy topic for a while.  We’re sure you guys are caught up on all the drama, so we’ll just cut to the point.  Rumors are flying around that the Samsung Behold II will be getting an Android 1.6 downgrade update, starting on June 28th.

A jump to Android 1.6 does not sound too exciting when many current Android users have just been upgraded to 2.1 and are looking to possible Android 2.2 updates in the near future.  But Android 1.6 is still a great improvement over the current Android 1.5 build on the Behold II.  Users will be able to enjoy the updated Android Market, Google Maps Navigation, Quick Search, improved camera, camcorder, gallery, and the integration of text-to-speech.

Samsung Behold II owners looking for Android 2.1 should consider the Galaxy S or T-Mobile’s myTouch Slide (rumored to be getting android 2.2 soon), but everyone else will most likely enjoy the new features that Android 1.6 has to offer.

Cue the donut.

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  • http://Website Ben

    1.6? Got to wonder if they will have this much trouble keeping the Galaxy S up to date. Wish Google would release another phone.

    • jhc619

      Guys, think twice before you purchase this phone! Are you sure Samsung would help you upgrade to the later versions after froyo? Or, when a newer phone comes out 3 months after Galaxy S?
      I am a Behold 2 owner. As many of you have seen the video that Samsung promised consumers that they would upgrade the OS when newer ones come up. However, we end up with a device, that is better than G1 and My Touch, but Samsung claims to be “incapable of running 2.1 and 2.2. Meanwhile, My Touch will get its 2.2 soon! What does that say about how Samsung treat its customers?! What does this say about Samsung fulfilling its promises to its customers?! If they didn’t have that video and made those promises, surely, we, Behold 2 owners, would not be this upset!

      • Haulngas

        jhc619 I say this again Samsung has allot going on at the moment like making home appliances, Blu-Ray players,Mp3 players and all kinds of digital gadget’s. The truth is Samsung is a Jack of all trades but a master of none example your phone. Last time I said this about Samsung I received allot of thumbs down. One last thing what other items do you see around your house or a store that says HTC on it other then a wireless phone..

  • Alan Reboli

    Yeah that worries me too. I’m pretty pumped for the Galaxy S, but for that reason will probably just wait for “Project Emerald”. But 1.6 is alot better than 1.5. I know it sucks to not get the latest version, but if it’s going to die, at least it’s on donut. 1.6 and higher (with the exception of 2.2 w/ JIT and native support for Apps2SD granted two big qualities…) is all eye candy.

    • Nick Gray

      2.1 may not be all eye candy, but it certainly was not enough for me to keep it on my G1. The last Cyanogen 1.6 build is a smooth as butter and there really isn’t much new functionality in 2.1. When the DROID was announced with 2.0, the big news was all about Google Maps Navigation which was later rolled back to Android 1.6

      My hope is that Samsung drops the TouchWiz on the Behold II and simply offers stock Android.

  • http://Website seeeye

    Should we be happy when we were lied to?? I mean what really hurts this phone is its 1.5. I can’t believe Samsung can just back out on customers.. and try pumping up everyone with the galaxy s and sweeping behold 2 under the rug.. like yeah here’s 1.6 kids your bothering us and thanx for the money.. And we all know that Eugene/ B_h man pretty much developed(1.6) it not Samsung… so if he didn’t have the love for behold 2 we’d be stuck at 1.5.. sad as it is ill probably wind up getting galaxy s and hating myself I mean Samsung could’ve given us 1.6 from day one I bought b2 at $250 full discount what will Samsung do for mean??

    • http://Website Linzie Foster

      No, dont even do that to yourself if you paid full price or discount for a phone that you were lied to about then, you should never buy one of Samsungs products again. There are to many other good some great companies out there for you to buy another Samsung product. I mean if they did that too the Behold how do you know that the samething in the future will not happen to other Samsung Phones? What if they tell you that the Galaxy X will be able to update and more of there products and it never happens. As far as I am concerned as a Tmobile rep. I will never tell another sole to buy any of Samsungs Android Products. Samsung didnt like the way there product sold so they abandoned it completly, but when they did this they did not only abandon the phone the abandoned there loyal customers who bought the product/ wasted there money on what should have been Tmobiles first android phone with 2.0 or up. Also dont believe the hype when they say that this phone isnt capable because the system and ram that comes from this phone is faster than HTC’s Hero. Which to my belief is now running android 2.1 So as far as im concerned i hope they dont sell one Galaxy S, and if any more of there android phones come to Tmobile i wont sell one and will talk any willing customer out of one.

  • http://Website Rj

    the sales men talked me out of buy a behold II and go with mytouch the third day I had the phone I got 1.6. Samsung makes sturdy phones but not good hardware.

  • http://Website pik

    all you say is true, and the same goes about galaxy i7500. i’m never getting a samsung phone again