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Samsung Galaxy S headed to T-Mobile as the Vibrant

If the rumors turn out to be true, T-Mobile customers will finally be able to purchase a high-end Android phone when the Samsung Vibrant launches on July 21st. The Vibrant is T-Mobile’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S which we reported is coming to all four Tier 1 U.S. carriers. Details are still scarce at this point, but Samsung Mobile is expected to unveil the full details at a press event next week.

To check out the device highlights, see my previous piece 5 reasons to wait for the Galaxy S. The most exciting features of this phone include it’s super fast GPU and 4 inch Super AMOLED display which are both the best that Android has to offer. T-Mobile customers will also have the added benefit of “4G speeds” thanks to their new HSPA+ network upgrade.

Changes to T-Mobile’s version include a refined button layout. The touchpad is now gone and it has been replaced with four capacitive touch buttons (including search. Yay Samsung!). The back of the phone has an interesting pattern graphic similar to the AT&T Samsung Captivate, but it does not have a camera flash like the Sprint Galaxy S Pro.

T-Mobile’s official Twitter account @TMobile_USA has been sending out clues which indicate the phone might be coming with The Sims 3 game on board, Avatar the movie, Amazon Kindle, GoGo in-flight Internet support, and an HD camcorder.

If you are on T-Mobile and don’t need a physical keyboard, then this looks like the phone to pick up this summer. We are headed to New York next week to check out the launch party so check back for a full report on this device.

samsung-vibrant-1 samsung-vibrant-2 samsung-vibrant-3 samsung-vibrant-4

Via: TmoNews

Source: CellPhoneSignal

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  • http://Website drcopodj

    Do you know if the European Galaxy S has the 6-axis accelerometer and the gyroscope ? They are present on the version of AT&T (as can be read on the press release by Samsung and AT&T).

  • http://Website plainbrad

    But … but … I want the Galaxy S PRO on T-Mobile …

    • Val-Zho

      I don’t think we will need a Pro version. The pro was just adding 4G support, but HSPA+ is supposed to be backwards compatible, right? That means 4G speeds without the added price tag (I hope).

      Yay, T-Mobile!


      • Val-Zho

        Whoops … should have looked up the article on the Pro model first… not just 4G! my bad!

    • http://Website RobH

      yeah really…

  • TornadoTexan

    What if I need a hardware keyboard? And don’t say the MyTouch Slide.

    • http://Website Xallies

      Project emerald

      • http://asurroca.com asurroca

        Speaking of which, this had better not be Project Emerald. I mean, the phone is going to be great and all, but every other carrier is getting it too, so it’s not going to set T-Mobile apart. T-Mo needs a game-changing exclusive, not just another superphone.

  • http://Website Kyle

    Do you know if the front facing camera is gone?

    I dont see it in the pictures……

  • http://Website 138

    with tmo since 03 got the My Touch Gen 1, it was cool for a minute then the Droid came out on Verizon, My Touch is a slug in comparison. would love to have a high end andy phone on tmo.

  • I have flying monkeys

    it’s a nice phone, but if I were designing it, it would have at least a flash and front facing camera. is that too much to ask???

    ooo…how about having two different galaxy s? one w/ a physical keyboard (w/o affecting the thickness or weight of the phone) and one w/o a keyboard for those that don’t like a physical keyboard. both having swype as a virtual keyboard.

    I guess I should be happy T-mo finally came out w/ a good high-end phone.

    • http://Website Trung

      Umm, I don’t think it’s (currently) possible to put a physical keyboard on a phone that thin without increasing the thickness. If they did, you’d probably risk snapping the thing in half every time you type.

      • I have flying monkeys

        yeah, i know it’s not possible so in the mean time i’m just dreaming.

    • I have flying monkeys

      geez people…so much hate on just this comment. it’s not that serious.

  • Alan Reboli

    I want to know the mindset for removing the camera flash. Do they just want android phones to take crappy photos? I was it really cost effective to remove it? Lame.

  • http://Website doctagadget

    is there a front facing camera on the tmobile version? I know they removed the at&t version’s camera.

  • http://Website Titty!

    No Kidding, when they said Nexus-like, they weren’t kidding. This phones bound too fail. Ew, I hate hearing all this stuff bout SGS. Where’s the Sidekick Twist info? :)

    • I have flying monkeys

      yeah, can’t trust samsung (behold II)

      i’m curious to see what the twist looks like!

      • Haulngas

        You can’t trust Samsung on any Android based phone they release. Their track record says it all. Just ask Samsung Behold II owners.. At the moment I would keep away from any Samsung android phone they release until they prove they could keep their word on updates.

  • http://androidalicious.blogspot.com Sarah(androidalicious)

    Such a cute phone, but with it requiring a two year contract I think Boost Mobiles or Crickets will still be a better deal.

    • http://Website Perry

      Actually, their Even More Plus plans require no contract.

  • http://Website Austin

    I wouldn’t buy from Samsung, they aren’t going to update this phone.

  • http://Website William Furr

    Hooray! A decent choice, finally!

    Now… do I get this and risk Samsung not updating the phone, dealing with TouchWiz, and no hardware keyboard? Or do I wait and see what Project Emerald is?

    • http://Website Dave

      Yep, same boat here. Almost pulled the trigger on an N1, and this phone is interesting, but I just have to see what’s behind Door Number 3! :-)

      • http://Website William Furr

        I would have gotten a Nexus One months ago if I wasn’t on a family plan.

  • http://Website bubb!es says

    This is my next device, only issue i have it looks like the front camera was removed

  • http://Website ronabong

    I am glad tmobile is starting to move their products. Bring on more.

  • http://www.marcelloh.nl Marcelloh

    Actually, I’ve got mine from T-Mobile NL, exactly on Monday. No special T-Mobile software, no special buttons, and since I demanded a phone without simlock, they gave it to me.
    So I have a basic Galaxy. Which is a “Galaxy on it’s own, I can tell you that ;-)

  • http://Website logan

    Okay not sound too whiney or that I won’t buy the phone because of this but, no camera flash is rather sad. Its a high end phone but they can’t add a few bucks worth of LED flash?

  • http://Website Terrell

    Really interested in purchasing this phone but some things need to be confirmed first. One being that it still has a front facing camera. The updating could be a problem but the device was rooted a few days ago so it doesn’t pose as big a problem. The flash is a bit disappointing but I’ve had my G1 forever and have done fine without it. Lastly how easily I’ll be able to remove Touchwiz. Don’t like it at all.

  • http://www.alexaesthetics.com alex aesthetics

    consider the midwestern and southern battered children stories (and ignore the fact that they grow up to become self hating and everyone else hating republicans), where the battered son is beaten so badly with the rabbit stew ladle and manages to run away from his trailer home freeing himself, finally, of his torment.

    this, to me, would be the hick father tempting the battered child home, with a new slab paint in the kids room & a pink tamagotchi keychain medallion complete with all the bells & whistles, so snazzy.

    even though, i myself was not a beaten with a rabbit stew ladle, i can learn from all the jerry springer and ricky lake shows by a way of observation.

    due to samsung’s recent awful mistreatment of their behold ii clients, it would almost be self-mutilation to invest in them. unless u enjoy self-inflicted pain and/or are, perhaps, one of those idiot girls (whom the rest of us scream at through the television screen) that dates abusive men who beat them because they remind u of ur abusive white trash father, it makes little sense to go back for more just because they say they will be different this time and buy u cheap gardenias from k-mart.

    stripping away my sarcasms and my overdramatizations, and put in a

    more- direct – and – to – point – analytic – fashion,

    u will only have yourself to blame if u end up getting fucked over the second time around.

  • Uncemister

    way to make the home screen look like iPhone OS, nice job App- I mean Samsung

  • http://Website Andrew

    I will buy this. :)

  • http://Website Alejandro

    Ugh.. Why did t-mobile get rid of that track-pad physical button on the front?!.. Not a big deal breaker, but a little disappointing.. It seems that as the release date gets closer, the phone doesn’t seem to be as great as it was first mentioned early in the year…

    • http://Website monsterplay

      it’s just a big plain button which acts as home button
      not a trackpad

  • http://Website Franklin

    I love tmo but come on……would it have killed them to just kept the phone as it was(the original SGS). i know the front facing camera is kind of new but it will be nice to have it….they better make sure this phone takes full advantage of their 4g like speeds and i mean full advantage…..like it being the first HSPA+ phone in the US.that will be a good replacement for the FFC. At least tmo is finally getting a high end phone….they were the first to bring out android 0S but their android phone lineup sucks, and people pls dont say they have MYT3G and MYT3GS cos compared with the competition those phones doesn’t even come close….So i’m happy for at least this one is coming and i’ll be one of the first people to get it. thanx tmo.

  • http://Website Thorpeland

    This was such a promising device. Still looks like it will be great for pics and shooting HD vid. But to not include a front facing camera, remove the flash and let Samsung put their crappy android overlay on it. Ug.. We’ll be lucky if Samsung releases an Android update for this phone once every 2 years. Maybe it will be worth buying it I can root it and get a good up to date Cyanegen mod with pure Android on it.

  • global51

    Can the EVO 4g ROM run on the MyTouch 3g original?

  • http://Website Jahy

    We have been wanting to move to t-mobile, the thing that is holding my 4 member family plan is that T-Mobile has always the ICEAGE of Cellphone unit(smartphone).
    Now the battle of Smartphone has Camera Flash and Font Camera, T-Mobile is always late on unit modernity they are always one year behind of cellphone technology, they always get the Cheap for what ever reason IDK!!!
    May be they should FIRE somebody In the position that do select what phone they are going to release, because it’s obviously not doing a great job!!!!
    Now they got 1ghz android phone eventhough the original Samsung Galaxy S has front camera they even decide to remove it and change it to Vibrant branding, the fact that Samsung Galaxy lack the Camera Flash!
    FYI the flash for smartphone if not use properly it will be a disadvantage to picture quality, so don’t be dumb and tell it even mess with the picture, Flash on camera phone are only be used at night and closeup/portrait only and should only be use if you turn your camera on and you only see black, some are stupid and complain that flash made picture so noisy it’s because they don’t even know wen to use it!!!!

  • http://Website charles

    there is a camera on the t mobile galaxy s , you can see it in the top left hand corner but will it work withe software upgrade

  • http://Website charles

    the front camera is on the front upper left corner. but some t mobile or android apps for this feature do not work for some i hope tmobile and android fix this

  • http://Website Lee

    I hate this phone. I hate it because its perfect in every way and just when you think life couldnt be better, Samsung go and leave out something as simple yet so important as the camera flash….I sent this back to my provider today because lacking the flash has made night time photographs/video recoding utterly useless. Samsung = Idiots.