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Samsung Galaxy S tipped for July 21st launch on T-Mobile

We have known for awhile that the Samsung Galaxy S could be coming to all four major U.S. carriers this year, but no release dates have leaked out yet. The phone recently launched across Europe and several members of the U.S. press have already received teaser packages which claim the phone is “landing soon”.

A version of the Galaxy S with T-Mobile applications first appeared last month, but the video evidence was taken down and we have not heard much since then. Now a trusted source has told our friends at TmoNews that the Galaxy S could launch on the Big Magenta as early as next month.

If the tipster is to be believed then T-Mobile will launch the Samsung Galaxy S on July 21st. Based on previous rumors and speculation, this time frame matches up nicely with what we have been hearing. Samsung said the Galaxy S would come to the U.S. this summer and T-Mobile is in need of a high-end phone for their Android lineup.

The Galaxy S is a very appealing phone with its 1 GHz processor and blazing fast GPU, but many T-Mobile customers still have a sour taste in their mouth after the Samsung Behold II debacle. Samsung Mobile had claimed that phone would eventually receive an upgrade to Android 2.x, but later decided to only update it to Android 1.6. Hopefully, since Samsung is launching the Galaxy S in 110 countries, they will dedicate more resources to future Android updates and we will not have a repeat incident.

For a preview of what’s to come, check out a copy of the T-Mobile Galaxy S demo which was previously removed.

If you want to burn even more time reading about the Galaxy S, check out the official user guide on Samsung’s site.

Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website Nithin Jino

    I’m not a fan of the UI but oh well. It has great specs, far better GPU than any android phone and even the iPhone.

    I will just use LauncherPro to get a more stock feel to it :D

    • http://Website TJ

      umm.. the Galaxy S . . IS an Android phone. But I do agree that it’s better than any iPhone too!

      • jhc619

        Guys, think twice before you purchase this phone! Are you sure Samsung would help you upgrade to the later versions after froyo? Or, when a newer phone comes out 3 months after Galaxy S?
        I am a Behold 2 owner. As many of you have seen the video that Samsung promised consumers that they would upgrade the OS when newer ones come up. However, we end up with a device, that is better than G1 and My Touch, but Samsung claims to be “incapable of running 2.1 and 2.2. Meanwhile, My Touch will get its 2.2 soon! What does that say about how Samsung treat its customers?! What does this say about Samsung fulfilling its promises to its customers?! If they didn’t have that video and made those promises, surely, we, Behold 2 owners, would not be this upset!

  • http://Website Eric Morales

    I really love the looks of this phone thus far, but I want it on AT&T.

    TMo coverage is meh around here.

  • http://rdarmand.livejournal.com rdarmand

    Man, this is tough… I was thinking about picking up a myTouch 3G Slide this week, but… The Galaxy S obviously has better hardware specs. But I *really* value a keyboard. But the higher resolution would be nice… But it’s just an unconfirmed rumor, plus it’s likely to be significantly more expensive… I’m having a hard time making a decision.

    • http://Website Wayne

      Slide is what? $169.99? This will most likely be $199 subsidized.

    • McLovin

      I’m glad I don’t have to make that choice right now. I hope T-Mobile has a power phone that sports a keyboard by January when my contract is up. A friend of mine got the 3G Slide and they love it. But, they have never used or seen an Android phone so the mid range was good enough for them.

      As a previous Android user that can’t stand soft keyboards I’d be in a tough spot right now. I wouldn’t choose the 3G Slide. I’d grudgingly go for the Nexus if I had to choose a T-Mobile phone right now.

  • http://Website ObsceneJesster

    Some people are going to be very surprised how good the new TouchWiz UI works. GSM Arena said once you use the new UI it will be hard to switch to a different one.

    One of the cool features they talked about:

    If you slide your finger to the right on a contact in your phone book it calls them. Sliding to the left will send a text message.

    • http://Website Drew

      I’m another behold2 owner, and I say who cares about the physical specs when ScamSung isn’t going to upgrade the os? Who wants to be sitting around kicking rocks in five months because Android 3.7 is out and Scamsung says you have to be happy with 2.3?

  • http://plankhead.com Zacqary Adam Green

    The Galaxy S is trying way too hard to look like the iPhone. That’s probably a selling point for many people, but I, for one, actually don’t like the look of the iPhone. (Not because it’s an iPhone, mind you, I actually really dislike the actual device’s aesthetics)

    Nice specs, though. Too bad it’s probably going to be stuck on 2.1 for the foreseeable future, though.

    • http://Website TechnoSTIG

      I agree. I hate the iphone ui. All the icons on the screens? It’s too cluttered in my opinion. do people have shortcuts of every program on their computer on their desktop? No. I don’t understand how people think that makes it more polished than android?

  • http://Website ObsceneJesster

    The only thing that even resembles the iPhone are the icons. I forgot that Apple invented squared icons organize in rows.

  • http://Website marc

    Give it a stock version of Froyo and I will think about it, don’t want any manufacturer UI’s on my phone.

    • http://Website Nick

      Ifyou want stock Android, your best bet will be the Nexus One. Going forward, there will be very few Android phoens with a stock build of Android. HTC will continue to push Sense and Samsung will definitely have a lot of new fans with the rollout of TouchWiz 3.0

      Keep in mind, many of these phones can have the custom UI disabled in the application settings. It takes about 30 seconds to turn off Sense on the EVO and the new LG Ally actually has a home screen picker app simply waiting in the app drawer.

  • http://Website jp2dj1

    Yep….it’s coming alright! To T-MOBILE…… T-MOBILE UK THAT IS…LOL

    • http://Website Mike

      So they (Tmobile) confirmed Galaxy S in UK?

  • http://Website Mike

    So, Tmobile tells me they are not getting this phone. My G1 fell into a nice bucket of walleyes over the weekend and I miss it. Don’t want to spend 150-300 on a G1 so will wait till July and hope for the best. If anyone hears anything concrete about TMobile getting this, let us know!


    • http://Website Luis

      The person you talked to doesn’t really know what they are talking about.

  • http://Website Canterrain

    The good news for cell phone users is that it’s an exciting time with lots of choices.

    The bad news for cell phone users is that it’s an exciting time with lots of choices.

  • http://Website deeb215

    This phone will suck camels balls when it drops. Im grabbing the evo. U can turn off sense if you like or root if you cant wait for froyo…

  • http://Website ObsceneJesster

    @deeb215…GSM Arena said you can turn off the TouchWiz and use the vanilla Android if you would like. Also do you think this phone is going to be sold in 110 countries and nobody will figure out how to Root it. Get Real!!

    My Galaxy S is more powerful than your Evo!!!!

  • http://Website speak

    if you’re going to do a review then make sure you speak loud and clear enough in a room where you feel comfortable in speaking. it seems as though you are trying to speak softly and it gets really annoying after the first few seconds.

  • http://Website Cecilia

    Did I miss something….it doesn’t have flash? Someone, please show me something and prove me wrong?

  • http://Website Jono

    @deeb215, after 2 days of being released and its already rooted!!

  • http://Website Jono

    Also it has now got froyo confirmed and atleast 1 more after that.