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Samsung ushers in the next gen in Android smartphones June 29th

Here is some more fuel to all the Samsung Galaxy S rumors flying around. We just reported T-Mobile could launch the phone on July 21st and we’ve heard rumors of it landing on AT&T and Verizon too. Most of this speculation comes from the earlier Forbes report which claimed the Galaxy S would launch on all four major U.S. carriers.

Teaser packages began arriving in the mail this week which claimed the Galaxy S was “landing soon”, but no date was provided. Now we learn from a new email invitation that Samsung Mobile plans to unveil the Galaxy S on June 29th in New York City. Event details are still forthcoming, but this is the news we have been waiting for.

Which U.S. carrier do you hope picks up the phone?

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  • http://blog.tenkely.net tenkely

    That hardware is amazing!! Too bad that UI is fuuuugly!!! It looks like a kirf iPhone.

    • http://Website Silencio

      The UI looks exactly like the IPhone 4. Nearly identical

    • http://www.squidoo.com/upcoming-android-phones About android phones

      i hope samsung galaxy s 2 can be defeat iphone :D

  • http://Website jdschrock

    As cool looking as that phone is and as excited as I am for this news, I just don’t know if I can get over the lack of LED flash for the camera or that TouchWiz 3.0. Honestly if I could just get vanilla Android I think I’d be fine. C’mon custom ROM.

    • http://blog.tenkely.net tenkely

      Agreed. That phone with vanilla 2.2 and a flash would win.

  • http://Website tindola


    come on root access. this will be great if we can use custom roms, but i fear that the devs arn’t going to focus on it as much as they do the HTC phones.

  • kleverbear

    Our contract runs out on June 22nd, and i have 4 phones to replace, come on Samsung bring it to T-mobile and don’t do us like you did the Behold. An to the devs PLSSSSS gime me ROM’s on the Galaxy S!!!!

  • http://Website Jack

    I think you should still be able to turn off the touchwiz, similar to HTC Sense phones that allow you to go back to stock if you want. Still, if this comes to T-Mobile it would be an absolute life saver for a network dying for a power phone.

  • http://Website Brian

    european review of the samsung galaxy s…. pretty good

  • http://Website mike

    different ppl have different needs. for me this phone is perfect for what i want. i have a iphone 3gs and was looking for a phone with bigger / better screen, and sure i thought about the Evo but it was a let down so i will take the galaxy when it comes out, hoping for Verizon.

  • http://Website olen

    his voice together with that music. its like a voice-version of the hypnotoad

    all glory to the galaxy Hypno-S

  • AndMac

    I almost got the EVO, but bailed before I pressed the Complete Purchase button.

    The main reason was, that I found the Sense skin to be a bit tacky, and did not want to deal with rooting the phone and jumping through hoops to change it, or upgrade it.

    It looks like this Samsung will have a similar skinning issue (if not worse). Thus, a deal-killer for me.

    I really hope stock Android phones will start appearing on the market, which we can then modify as needed.

    • http://hey DrymR

      Hi i’m a french and still learning english but i’ll do my best to stay readable ;)

      The fact is now even if phones got stock version of android they got also their own firmware ( the best example is the motorola droid/milstone ) even if he had a stock version of 2.0 they take a lot of time to deliver the update to customers , the main reason is because they have to rebuild their ROM and setting up the Over-The-Air update that the Carrier always slow because he also runs tests…

      the best way to stay close to updates is to buy the nexus one

      • http://Website Drew

        I’m so ticked! All I want to do is get rid of my forsaken behold2 and move on to a better(up datable) phone. And the next phone out the gate is made by the same trash who sold me my current paper weight?! Annoyed. Beware ScamSung!

  • http://www.squidoo.com/upcoming-android-phones Sony ericsson xperia arc x12

    Mantep banget nih hp ya

  • http://bestusedsamsung.com/ Touch Diamond 2

    Well I hope that this Samsung Galaxy would be much better than iphone 4, because some of my friends who are using iphone 4, they said it is a very sensitive cellphone, there are some parts where you can just touch it then the signal will go slow. I have a better phone than iphone, and it is htc touch diamond. I have been using it for 2 years now and nothing in my mind for now that I will change my phone.

  • http://Website Bebe