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Sony Ericsson working on 5.5 inch monster with QWERTY keyboard

How big is too big? The Dell Streak has a new competitor in the race for the largest Android “phone”. A new leak reveals that Sony Ericsson is testing an Android prototype that features a 5.5 inch display and slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The device is said to currently be running Android 2.1 and it could be launching as soon as this fall.

Personally, I think this device is a little too large for my taste. The Dell Streak was already pushing the limits and I doubt this Sony device would even fit in my pocket. And if it won’t fit comfortably in my pocket, then why even carry it around? If I need a bag to lug around another device then I might as well get a netbook with full size keyboard and display rather than attempt to work on this cramp device.

Do we have any takers out there? How would you use this device if it somehow launched in the United States?

Via: Engadget

Source: IT168

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  • Mr.Droid

    As long as it can fit in my pocket I’m fine.

  • http://Website jack

    now the question is?
    How long is it going to take them to make phone like piece of shit just like the xperia x10 they did?

  • http://www.biscuitsandbacon.com Aura Mae

    I would have to handle it to answer. Used an HTC Advantage for years and loved it. Using a Nexus One now. Planning on picking up the Dell.

    • http://Website Jonathan

      Same here. Carried around an HTC Universal for 3 years. Sometimes the size is just worth it!

  • http://Website Dave C.

    Anything with a physical keyboard stays on my radar–espcially if it’s at least a 4-row (the G1′s five would be great). I’m a front-pants-pocket guy so the size would probably still work.

  • http://Website Daniel

    Wow, that must be the first time I see “netbook” and “full-size keyboard” on the same sentence! Funny how smartphones changed this perspective around.

  • Android Jr

    If this is going to be the “biggest” android device, the specs better be out of this world.

  • http://Website Z

    I think the Evo and Samsung Galaxy S are already at the size limit. I would not pick up this device.

  • http://Website Da Kidd famous

    I carry around an iPhone and Eris togather at one time I’m one pocket plus a zune HD ..sounds like u just need bigger pockets (or rest the nut huggers) .. Taa daa .. Problem solved

    Next I will save us from bp ;.. ((

    • http://Website Da Kidd famous

      I ment in one pocket (not I’m one pocket even tho.. Nevermind) typo fixed

  • http://Website Leroy

    I was a nexus one user who decided to move to the Dell streak at launch on Friday, the 5 inch sceen is nice to look at but the interface is a bit fiddly to work as everything has to be done using both hands. Funny thing is that even the lady selling the phone in the store tried to push me away from the Dell. I dont think the consumer market is ready or willing to take on these new laege screen smartphones, this domain of 5 inch and over will be somthing for enthusiasts only for a while.

  • http://Website tony

    I would in a heartbeat,if they come out with it hopefully it will be with tmobile

  • http://Website htcdesireable

    larger screen is good for web browsing etc… but if its at the cost of battery life it will stay in the shops..

    my jacket pockets are big enough for a HTC desire in its case, alongside my wallet so there is plenty of room left in the other pocket for a decent sized smartphone.

    not everyone has perfect vision and the extra width is comforting

    the keyboard would be a big draw, this sounds like the machine I wanted when I bought a motorola timeport and a Psion revo… them were the days..

  • http://Website XV-6600 Lover

    I love the large screen on the HTC XV-6600, but the browser crashes on lots of websites. I am sick and tired of waiting for Verizon to get their act together. I am carrying the 6600 for internet and e-mail and am forced to carry an ENV with a 5 row keyboard for calls and texts. I want a large screen phone with a real keyboard, preferably with a row of numbers like the ENV. I would buy this Sony bad boy in a heartbeat. A couple of websites claim that you can delete AT&T bloatware, so that would be a must. By the way, a salesman told me lots of customers buy a small touch screen phone and then can’t use the on-screen keyboard. Well, duhhhhh!! Get a large screen device.