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Sprint delivers OTA update for the HTC EVO 4G

Early this morning, Sprint began rolling out a new over-the-air (OTA) update for the HTC EVO 4G. The new software (now version 1.47.651.1) weighs in at 21 MB and only takes a few minutes to install.

The firmware version remains at Android 2.1, so this is more of a minor update as Sprint and HTC prepare the pending Android 2.2 update. Fixes are said to include Exchange improvements, a boost in WiFi performance, and a fix for a Facebook sync issue which should help extend battery life.

Users will be automatically notified when the update is ready to install, but there is also an option to manually check for the update. Just browse to Settings > System updates > HTC Software update > Check now. If this is your first OTA update, be aware that your phone will be unusable for a short period of time as the device reboots (I think I counted 4 reboots).

No date has been provided on the Android 2.2 update, but I would expect we see it no later than August.

Update includes:

  • Improvements to Wi-Fi performance
  • Exchange Active Sync improvements, including fix to issues with new account setup, PIN policy usage and Exchange Calendar 2010 Sync
  • Addresses Facebook sync issue which can improve battery performance
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  • http://Website NeoteriX

    As a heads up, it seems that people have reported on forums that if you attempt to upgrade twice, this will result in your phone becoming bricked. So just upgrade ONCE friends.

  • http://hansenfotos.com Michael Hansen

    Got mine this morning. Overall things seem a bit snappier. Easy upgrade.

  • http://none ayyrk27

    One of the fixes is for a sync issue with Facebook that should improve battery life. If the battery drain was from excessive network traffic caused by some bug – what will this sort of thing mean once carriers do away with unlimited data plans? Anybody can have a bug like this and have the code run off and generate/waste a lot of network data. Today it is reported as “battery drain” but once we’re paying for tiers of data it will be a different story.

  • http://Website Steve H

    Yes, DO NOT do the upgrade twice it WILL kill your phone. I did the upgraded and evertyhting went smooth but afterwards I went to settings to check for more updates and my phone still thought it needed to be upgraded so I just let it do what it wanted to do thinking it knew best …. WRONG! After 2 hours in the Sprint Store I was told I would have to wait 3 weeks for a replacement phone. This SUCKS !!!!

    • http://Website Brian J

      Agree completely… only difference for me is that after the first update, the phone updated a second time AUTOMATICALLY, I didn’t even search for a second update… result: phone now TOTALLY BRICKED, and I have to deal with Best Buy about getting a replacement.

      REALLY unhappy about this, and there should have been a message or notification about this…

      • http://Website jeff

        I had the same problem – bricked screen after OTA upgrade. I called sprint support and they ran some “refreshes” through the system after I pulled the battery a few times, then it was all good. call them!

  • http://Website gdimmrt

    Fixed the screen “grounding” issue.

  • http://Website frank

    No bricking, I wasn’t connected to a PC though. I don’t know about people who say scrolling is better I think it’s more jerky. WiFi shows one more bar than usual.

  • http://Website frank

    Oh, and Crunchgear is broken, I can’t get to it.

  • http://Website chasr

    This update removes stack home u can no longer turn off sense UI n use stock Android n all stock android wallpapers r gone

  • http://Website Andrew

    I live in NYC, and no update has come up yet for my phone. my phone is not rooted. am i just waiting in line?

  • http://Website Andrew

    nvm, update was pulled pending further analysis into bricking problem

  • Mr.Guinness

    Ok, so i have had nothing but problems since this damn update. It messed with all of my background stuff and for some reason went to an old ‘scene’ and of course i was finally getting close to how i wanted my home desktop to stay (if it’s because i didn’t save the scene then that’s BS. It should have provided a warning about it as well as the bricking stuff) My ring-tone and notification sounds have changed on there own. they’re picking sounds at random and it’s hassling me to change to anything but random or nothing….sometimes it doesn’t make a sound at all???? My alarm isn’t fully working, sometimes it goes off, sometimes it doesn’t. And i can’t get Quickdesk to work, and that’s one of my favorite apps. apparently ‘”his update removes stack home u can no longer turn off sense UI n use stock Android n all stock android wallpapers r gone” -chasr. (thanks for the info, that was really starting to drive me crazy) The battery does seem to be working better. But all in all i’d much, much, much prefer how the phone was before. I suppose i should be happy because my phone isn’t bricked, but to be honest that’s not something i should even have to worry about when it comes to an update, let alone all this other stuff when the update does work? This whole damn thing is irritating, and annoying. I really don’t want to bug sprint and get a new one only to have to re-download and re-setup everything again….. I really don’t have the time for all that, school full time, work full time and trying to get any sleep keeps me busy enough.

    So now that i vented has anyone heard of them possibly doing another update to fix these problems? should i just suck it up and bug sprint for a new one? Is anyone else having problems like me? Is this lack of stack home being removed permanently? (i’m willing to bet that’s one of the big this that helped with the battery)