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Sprint EVO 4G sold out eveywhere, more shipments coming soon

Yesterday Sprint announced that the HTC EVO 4G smashed all their sales records and we wondered if they could keep up with demand. No sales figures have been released, but some are estimating about 200,000 units were sold. Our friends at Android Central pointed out Sprint.com was now sold out of the EVO, so I did a quick search myself to see what I could dig up in my local area.

After spending 30 or so minutes on the phone I discovered that my local Best Buy, Radio Shack, Sprint Stores, and Walmart were all sold out of the device. Most told me they sold out on launch day, but expected new shipments this week.  Best Buy said their entire second shipment was still reserved for pre-orders, while Radio Shack and Sprint both told me I could get on a waiting list.

A Sprint sales rep told me new shipments were arriving daily, while others did not know when the next batch would arrive. This will vary from location to location, so it’s best to call your local store and ask when more are coming if you are on the hunt for an EVO.

Looking online turned up the same results. Amazon reports new orders will not ship for 8-9 days, LetsTalk has their EVO availability listed as 6/20, and Wirefly plus our phone store both have the EVO shipping in 1-2 weeks.

So even though the EVO is sold out everywhere we looked, at least most locations are reporting more inventory is on the way. If you are lucky, maybe your local Walmart might have it. You would think someone at Sprint might have anticipated a huge launch for their first 4G phone, but maybe they were just creating some more hype (like this story).

Have tips on finding the EVO? Drop us a comment.

Via: Android Central

Source: Sprint

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  • http://twitter.com/androidsNsheep Pearl

    At least you Americans know a good thing when you see it.

    I got an EVO at Google I/O that I took back to Canada thinking I would use it. Eventually decided to try selling it locally first to frequent travellers to the US.

    No luck so far getting rid of it, except for people wondering how they can use it in Canada (answer: you can’t).

    Probably best to eBay it now.

    • http://shawrepublic.com Matt

      Actually you can use the device in large parts of Canada. It is however roaming. Sprint has international plans for people who frequent the country.

  • http://Website K.Izquierdo

    I went in to Radio Shack yesterday and they said they have their own supply and can order the Evo for customers within a few days once they leave a fifty dollar deposit, which is what I did because Sprint said they were sold out. Hope this helps anyone looking to purchase soon.

  • http://Website mik

    account services has evo’s in stock. they have their own separate inventory… they told me they only got about 2,000… just placed my order. hope that helps

  • http://Website Michael L.

    Sprint Rep told me 275000 units sold on June 4th, including 1 for me.

  • http://Website David

    When can i expect it to reach PORTUGAL!! common we are a tiny country with a average of 3 cellphone’s per person, can’t you see the oportunity!??’ i’m still wainting for nexus one to reach here…

    It can’t give that much work to sell it around here right? we are friendly people, i’m sure that you will find a deal with one of the 8! cell phone operator’s that we have, for 10 million people.. do i need to be more clear ?

    Thank you…

    • http://Website John

      E existir 4g em Portugal?

      • http://Website David

        Era fácil existir, o investimento é pouco, somos um país pequenino, e para além de que nos estados unidos ainda nem sequer chegaram a um download 3g de 7 megas como deve de ser.. aqui em portugal já existe download a 21 megas por 3g , logo estamos way ahead :)

  • http://Website Huoter

    The website said SOLD OUT online and when I called our business account rep he said they have some in the warehouse so I ordered mine at 12 pm EST yesterday. I received my shipping information this morning and will have my EVO tomorrow.

  • http://www.facebook.com/iNat3 Nate the Great

    I have been trying to get an EVO for almost a whole month.
    I want a white one but my Best Buy is sold out and they have been saying that they have no idea when new shipments will be out. ITS DRIVING ME INSANE!!!!!!!!!! I need a new phone. My old BlackBerry Curve 8330 freezes up all the time and it gets to the point where i feel like throwing it at the wall. UGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anderson, South Carolina’s Best Buy needs to get some before i go crazy.

    • http://Website SinInSpira

      Try Radioshack like an earlier post said…I called 3 or 4 and no one had it but were expecting more within 2 days. In addition, the waiting lists were only 1-4 people long depending on the store I called.

  • http://Website Jeffrey

    This is typical case of precisely what is WRONG with Sprint service- Making OVERBLOWN promises to customers, then not being able to deliver ‘the goods’. Usually with Sprint, it has been a case of the product or services not living up to their proposed potential. In this case, based on the instore product demo’s I have tried, it seems as if its lack of planning on the part of Sprint. Quite literally, they obviously have second guessed the sales ability of this thing.

    It is the usual practice, based on my year and a half experience as a Sprint customer (an unsatisfied one at that), to ship out TONS of crappy, over-hyped, under-featured product, only to drop any form of user support or updates. I had hoped this was the saving grace which would keep me with Sprint, having solid pricing advantages, and prevent me from jumping to an iPhone and ATT for its features.

    In light of the recent quality and reception issues with iPhone, I have now second guessed that jump as well.

    Why is it so impossible for us to get our products and the distribution of them RIGHT? Can anyone offer dependable, reliable products and service at a price point the average consumer can afford? My bet is, if a company could connect those dots in the right way, they would be hard to topple.

    Seems Sprint has built their entire alliance tied to the Samsung Product line. Judging from my own experience and customer feedback from the public, this has been an EPIC fail.

    Get with it please Sprint!

    • http://Website Nehemiah


      Sprint has been behind to pack for years now when it comes to technically advance phones. Let’s give them some credit for finally stepping up.

      I agree they’re expected sales for the EVO were highly underestimated, but there is no exact sience to knowing how well a product will sell. Far too many variables come into play. I’m sure many surveyed consumers said they would buy the phone, but you can’t really assume 100% of those people to actually follow through. Also, people who claimed to not want to purchase the phone, probably changed their mind. It was just yesterday, after being fed up with exchanging one refurbished phone with a set of issues, for another with more issues, that I decided to get the phone. The fact that the EVO was the first, and before the Epic, the only phone one could use to experience 4G, definitely boosted sales. Many, myself included, were curious as to how well this upgraded network would run. I just think it is rediculous to charge an additional $10 for data to customers who do not have 4G in a nearby coverage area. Further more, why is the 4G coverage are so limited?

      There were actually two EVOsavailable at my local store and some available online. But I hesitated, not realizing they were such a hot item, and wanting to make sure I was not being too impulsive. A few hours later the phone had been sold out at the store and online. Now I’m frustrated because I can’t find one now that I want one. So I feel your pain. I can’t help but wonder if this is somehow a scheme to keep demand up. Flooding the market would probably lower the demand a bit. But then again, we would have our phones. HA!

      I wanted to leave sprint and researched other providers, but I haven’t seen anyone out there who can match Sprint’s plans (except carriers like Metro PCS and Boost). I wanted the iphone, but I have also heard of its blotchy coverage. Since my contract with Sprint has expired, I have prided myself in the fact that I can leave at anytime. Looks like I am about to give them another 2 yrs of my life. Being bound is never fun… well in this case it isn’t. lol

      I am glad HTC joined the family of Sprint phones and gave us an option other than Samsung. I’ll pass on the Epic and wait for the EVO. There’s a reason one is sold out and the other isn’t.