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Samsung Galaxy S Pro confirmed as Sprint’s 2nd 4G phone

We have heard rumors of a Samsung Galaxy S “Pro” model which featured a full QWERTY keyboard, but no one had outed the device until today. A tipster sent our friends at Android Community a picture of the device which they watermarked and posted for all to see. The original story has now been taken down (which leads us to believe it’s real) so we will have to wait for more details.

Samsung Mobile has a press event planned for June 29th so it might not be much longer before they spill the beans. Pictures of the device reveal a 5-row QWERTY keyboard and a front-facing camera, but the rest of the specs remain unknown. For now we will just assume it has the same 1 GHz “Hummingbird” CPU that is found in the original Galaxy S.

There were rumors flying around late last year that Sprint was testing a 4G handset from Samsung and many believe this is it. Clearwire also announced they would carry a 4G handset from Samsung later this year so it’s believable that the Galaxy S Pro could fit the bill.

Update: So the Android Central post is back up with a few new pictures and more details. A look at the back of the Galaxy S Pro confirms it will be a 4G handset and feature a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash. The source also claims Sprint will launch both versions of the Galaxy S – the regular that is touchscreen only and the “pro” model with a five-row keyboard.

Sprint Galaxy S.

The Sprint Galaxy S PRO 4G.

Source: Android Community

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  • http://Website Xallies

    Full qwerty that’s something to consider

  • Lane

    5-row QWERTY-gasm!!!

    • http://Website ari-free

      “ah i remember way back in the olden days when we had to press a key in order to type numbers…”

  • http://Website ari-free

    yay it has camera flash. i was puzzled how they could think of everything and not have flash.

  • http://Website deeb215

    Ill wait for the finished product but qwerty snapdragon on Sprint has my attention( just switched back for the EVO )

  • http://Website Dre

    OMG……….I can’t wait (drool)

  • http://Website Bubbles likes

    Sprint is stepping up their Android game, T Mobile USA, I wish they would hurry up, cause if they dont launch the Samsung Galaxy S, I leaving.

  • http://Website Dave

    I sure wish T-Mo would launch this version (with the keyboard).

    • http://Website erick

      they won’t. they have the mytouch slide

      • http://Website Dave

        The My Touch Slide is in a different class (lower) than the Galaxy. I don’t see any reason that would have any affect on TMo concerning carrying the Pro version.

        • http://Website Canterrain

          It really depends on whether Spring has an exclusive deal. Carriers are doing that more and more and more to become unique and attractive.

    • rod parish

      they most likely wont, hopefully bc the “sidekick twist”… *wishing big*

  • geniusdog254

    Anyone else think this is FUGLY? I mean the frickin MOMENT looks better!

    The Evo is beautiful. The iPhone 4 is sexy (too bad it’s crippled). The Galaxy S is decent.

    This is uglier than Shrek!

  • HipHopIsLyfe37

    This would be my device if it didn’t have that damned TouchWiz! Either stock Android or Sense are the only things I will use. If I get this I’ll have to use a launcher from the market

    • http://nicks-blog.net websurf90

      I know! TouchWiz is disgusting… Even MOTOBLUR is easier to navigate through than that disgusting pile of pig s*** Samsung calls an interface!

      • HipHopIsLyfe37

        I just watched some videos of the Galaxy S, and what a sexy device that is! Only problem is that TouchWiz looks too much like iOS and the Galaxy S doesn’t have LED flash for it’s camera. I would get the Galaxy S or Galaxy S Pro when they come to Sprint (rumor has it that the Galaxy S is coming to all 4 major carriers, keep ya fingers crossed lol). Plus the Super AMOLED looks absolutely gorgeous. So we can just wait and see what happens I guess

    • http://Website LSanna1488

      From what I understand you can switch it to stock Android, if youre unhappy with the TouchWiz.

  • http://Website Dave

    You mean “finally came out with ANOTHER decentl looking 5 -row, right. Because although it’s getting left behind in other features,, the G1′s keyboard is still the best 5-row keyboard out there.

    • http://Website Dave

      We’re in the exact same place! Haven’t heard anything lately on the HTC Sidekick–sure hope it’s for real. I’ve come close to pulling the trigger on a Nexus One but I’m going to hold out through the summer to see if T-Mo delivers.

  • http://mikeriosisawhore.com Mike

    It HAD to be a Samsung slider… At least now I won’t have any buyers remorse keeping my EVO. Whatever the case, I can’t wait to see what it is that Sprint has to offer this same time next year, when I’m due for a new upgrade thanks to Sprint Premier!

    LOVING SRINT SO FAR, KEEP IT UP! Sooo glad I made the switch from Tmob. AT&T and Verizon best watch their backs!

  • http://Website Cecilia

    Is it me or is every provider getting better phones than what tmo has or offers? With every phone that comes out and its not offered by tmo makes me want to switch providers. AND how come tmo has yet to come out with a high end phone? The N1 doesn’t count. How is it that tmo was the first provider to have android and yet is behind on the curve??? Ugh I’m venting now. I get worked up when I see tmo and their low to mid range phones.

    • http://Website LSanna1488

      I think that TMo is getting the Galaxy S and Sprint is getting the S Pro.A little birdie inside Sprint Corporate told me this 2 days ago.

  • Sneaky Monkey FX

    Does anyone knows if this phone could be as powerful as the Evo? or even greater?

    I was thinking about getting an EVO, but now I’m not sure. I might wait.

    • http://Website LSanna1488

      Just as fast if not faster than the EVO. Same size processor, 1Ghz but within the Galaxy everything is made by Samsung. Not so with the EVO. And the Galaxy has the better screen in the Super AMOLED.

  • http://Website Brian

    DROP TMO LIKE A HOT POTATO! I did for the EVO u will not regret it the Evo is FREAKIN sexy. Samsung has to prove themselves in the android game before I’ll consider any of their products. HTC & MOTO are premier and reliable android makers. Tmo’s lack of effort in the Android arena is losing them customers by the fist full. The slide is about the range of the MOTO Droid, which now its 3rd-4th rank in Verizon summer line up. Sprint is rockin the sexiest handset and looks to provide options with the Samsung. Can’t go wrong! Forget iPhone 4, looks good, everyone knows it will have excellent hardware, but at&t and Apple reign it in and Damn It’s potential. Enjoy the benefits of endless data, smooth/evolving software, and endlesschoice of hardware and carrier

    • http://Website Cecilia

      I saw the EVO at the store the other day. I almost cried. Especially when I put my MT3G next to it. Then I wanted to throw my MT3G across the store and scream.

      • http://Website Remicks

        I just did that today at Radioshack. I put my MT3G on top of the EVO and felt a piece of me die inside. I wouldn’t have been able to call anybody to cheer me up either because soon as I walked inside I lost service. 3G and full bars outside, nothing after walking inside. I can’t wait for the Droid 2, switching to that soon as I can.

  • http://Website joeskie

    I can’t believe you all think that tmo is not noticing this stuff. If you knew what I knew you probably wouldn’t believe it. Re-imagine cell phones. God I love tmobile.

    • http://Website G

      And what is it you know..?

    • http://Website Cecilia

      Don’t say stuff like that if you can’t fully back it up w/ evidence. If you know something, say it. Don’t be a ……

      damn I can’t say what I REALLY want to say!!!!!

      • http://Website Cesar Trevino

        Well T-Mobile already announced the Vibrant. If that doesn’t please you, nothing will. I don’t know why you said the N1 doesn’t count… You can still upgrade for it on-line.

  • http://Website deeb215

    Sprint and Verizon are where it’s at for android. i doubt i’ll shelf my EVO for this unless it introduces something that i’d really be missing. tmobile is getting left in the dust, they have no choice but to take notice. if they don’t have two high end devices( not counting the nexus which has been treated as an outcast to date) by the new year, not good at all. i mean they were the first to launch android. when more and more people continue to jump ship, it will be a rude awakening and their hand will be forced.

  • http://Website Canterrain

    I’ve become so used to pure touchscreen that a qwerty keyboard no longer holds its allure.

    My fingers are too big anyways, I’m always hitting two buttons when I try to use one.

    I’ll probably still go to evo, but good on Sprint for continuing to bring in attractive phones to the choice mix.

    • http://Website Paiyne

      I have a similar issue with the big fingers. IMO the keyboard on the TP2 is the only keyboard worth having! I had the Hero for a while and even with the tutorial thing in its keyboard, my fingers were just too big to make using it practical.

      I am highly considering the EVO. With the much larger screen I figure that may help greatly with the onscreen issue.

      This of coarse gives me a reason to wait, but the keyboard is going to have to be stellar for me to consider it.

      Otherwise, Sprint is improving by leaps and bounds! There was a time when their handsets were mid-level at best. Now they have the best device line up IMO handsdown! Great JOB Sprint!!!!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/dalex7777 dalex7777

    Looks like my EVO is going to be getting a little baby brother…

  • http://sean-the-electrofreak.blogspot.com/ Sean the Electrofreak

    Does anyone else get that funny feeling that the screen isn’t 4 inches as the Samsung Galaxy S has?

    Maybe its just my gut telling me that some things (like this Samsung Galaxy S Pro) are too good to be true…

    • http://Website LSanna1488

      Display:Type: color Super Active Matrix OLED display Display_Color-Depth: 24 bit/pixel (16777216 scales) Display+Diagonal: 4 ” (102 millimetres) Display+Resolution: 480 x 800 (384000 pixels) Viewable-Display;Size: 2.07 ” x 3.44 ” (52.48 x 87.46 millimetres) Dot_Pitch: 232.3 pixel/inch (0.10933 millimetre/pixel) Graphical_Controller: PowerVR SGX540

  • http://Website Drew

    Ah.. but its Samsung.. didn’t you hear what they did to those poor behold2 owners? Would anyone trust a company that spouts lies? Who cares about the keyboard when you’re still running android2.2 in five months but every other phone has android4.5.. something to think about

  • brandonsmooth

    It’s about time. I’ve been waiting for a good high-end android phone with a keyboard on Sprint. The Hero just CANNOT keep up with my typing, no matter what ROM and keyboard combination. So I’m excited.

  • http://Website miguel torres

    Is Verizon getting the Galaxy S too? Anyone?

  • http://Website Trizz

    Hmm, I didn’t read anything about any confirmation… Are you sure this is confirmed? What are your sources?

  • masterpfa

    I like all the features except the keyboard. I guess this is a US thing, in the UK the only devices that tend to have a keyboard these days are Blackberry phones.
    Just my own opinion, a great phone besides this IMHO

  • http://Website defas

    FOR ME

    Led flash CHECK
    Design CHECK
    Better putted camera CHECK


    4g CHECK


  • http://Website Deandre

    This phone is gonna rock and I can’t wait to get it.!!!!

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