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T-Mobile celebrates dads with free Android phones this weekend

In celebration of dads, T-Mobile just announced “the mother of all Father’s Day offers”. This Saturday, June 19th, every phone in every T-Mobile store is free to customers who switch to any family plan or add a new line to an existing family plan.

T-Mobile just conducted a survey and found more than half of dads received Father’s Day gifts they didn’t want. Dads want a gift that will get used, with two-thirds admitting they’ve received a Father’s Day gift they’ve never or hardly ever used. According to the poll, one in four dads would ban ties as gifts for Father’s Day, and the majority of dads (56%) would trade all ties in their closet for a new phone.

New Android phones at T-Mobile include the myTouch 3G Slide and the Garminfone. The Slide features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard great for sending emails and the Garminfone promises one of the best GPS experiences of any Android phone.

For additional promotion details visit t-mobile.com/celebratefamilies.

“For this very special day celebrating dad and the entire family, T-Mobile is thrilled to offer an industry-first promotion that helps families stay connected. This unprecedented event champions dad and helps families stick together with the latest phones – all for free.”Adrian HurditchVice President of Marketing, T-Mobile USA

Via: TmoNews

Source: Business Wire

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  • http://Website Rob

    What I really want for Father’s Day is a 2.1 software update to my myTouch3G. Not holding my breath.

    • http://Website Cecilia

      I hear you.

      I’m curious to find out if their promotion was worth it in the end. Who would want a free phone if you have to wait for the update (w/ the exception of the MT3GS and only if you like the Sense UI). Or maybe they do want a free phone????

      Personally I don’t want a free phone or need an additional line AND surely don’t want a family plan. I want my update!

      • http://Website Jeff

        I don’t get it…even those who have 2.2 are waiting for an update. There is always going to be an update. lol

    • Killa

      What, neither of you have heard? All myTouch’s are getting upgraded to 2.2. There’s just no release date yet.

      • http://Website Cecilia

        Rumor has it than the Slide won’t receive the update because it’s not stock android (it’s Sense UI). A rumor, that’s all. If the slide does get the update, then by all means, great! Even still, from what is going around, the promotion is for new family plans or adding lines. No benefit to existing LOYAL customers unless you want to add lines and an additional 2 year contract for each new line.

        Tmo….when this promotion is done….give me stats! Was it worth it?

        • http://Website Cecilia

          sorry typo…

          rumor has it THAT…

    • http://CerebralHack.com MrOtsKrad

      Who needs 2.2 when it was jsut rooted :)

      Happy Fathers Day :D


  • http://Website rob

    Also, that link didn’t work for me, says something about bad credentials, you must need to get to it from their front page.

  • http://twitter.com/therealjorge Jorge Parrales

    The ‘additional promotional details’ hyperlink at the end of the article appear to require certain credentials that I do not have in order to gain access.

  • http://Website Jeff

    Screw a free phone. Just come out with a high end Android Device. Sprint and Verizon have plenty

    • http://alostpacket.com/ alostpacket

      *looks down at Nexus One* *scratches head*

      • http://Website Me

        T-Mobile doesn’t offer the actual phone itself, only support.

    • http://Website Gretell

      Yeah verizon and sprint have android phones but have u out their prices and verizon screws ppl over I’ll just stick to t mobile and besides they were so busy yesterday they got plenty of sales

  • http://Website Mocha K

    WOW! When T-Mobile said tthey had somehing speacial, I was hoping it was 2.2.

  • http://androidandme Doug

    That’s why I went with the nexus one, because I new T-Mobile would lag behind the competition after coming out with the first android phone(g1) ever. I don’t understand why they get so left behind.

  • kleverbear

    Its not coming up on the west coast, i tried the link and gives me a 404 error!! NOOOOOOO!!! I want PHONNEEEE

  • http://Website Dave

    Well, this is a non-event for me since my family plan is already maxed at 5.

    • http://Website Tim

      same here, 5 lines, 2 were just added when the $5 add a line was created a few months back.

  • http://Website Dean

    Did anybody notice that when you go to the link and they have screenshots of all the phones, the MT3G was running Sense UI? hmm…

  • jakmayhopher

    This isnt speacial!!! This is just stupid!!!! They need to give their customers 2.2!!!! COME ON TMOBILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys frakin suck!

  • http://Website mista2x

    I’d rather have ota 2.2 for n1. Pre release version made camera stop working and had to send to HTC for fix (and 2.2.1 revert). :(

    • http://Website mista2x

      Oops, I meant 2.1.1 =P

  • http://Website bubbles says

    The sale would be cool if it were next month. TMOBILE_USA got the samsung galaxy s and the motorolo basil coming out. If tmobile_usa launches the samsung galaxy s, moto basil and if they brinh nexus one in house, that would be awesome for tmobile_usa. They would have 4 very good Android devices to choose from including the mytouch slide

  • http://yahoo majed khalil makki

    my name is majed i want free mobile phone for me please send me nokia phone x10