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T-Mobile has big news, can you figure out the clues? (SOLVED)

T-Mobile has some big news to share and they just launched a teaser site with an interesting puzzle that reveals clues about an upcoming phone launch. Tweets from the official Twitter account of T-Mobile (@TMobile_USA) have been dropping hints and now the T-Mobileclue.com website is live.

In addition to the puzzle, the site features a countdown which ends at midnight this Sunday. If a new phone is announced on Monday, June 28th, this would line up pretty closely with the Samsung Mobile media event on June 29th. Even though it hasn’t been officially announced, it is pretty obvious that the Samsung Galaxy S is coming to T-Mobile as the Vibrant and could launch in July.

What do you think T-Mobile has in store? Can you solve the puzzle?

Update: A reader points out that clicking on “Visit T-mobile.com” button on this site takes you to http://galaxy-s.t-mobile.com/ which is not up yet. The button has now been removed, but it looks like that site could be coming soon.

Update2: The puzzle has been solved – Samsung Vibrant.

Samsung Vibrant (aka Samsung Galaxy S)

Samsung Vibrant (aka Samsung Galaxy S)

Previous clues posted to Twitter include:

  • Clue 1: Here’s your first clue. What do T-Mobile and the best-selling PC game of all time have in common?
  • Clue 2: It’s super slim but full of muscle
  • Clue 3: Have you guessed our big news? Never miss your favorite TV shows or the score to the big game.
  • Clue 4: We have a surprise tomorrow, but in the meantime…Clue 4: It’s easy to be a bookworm with this library at your fingertips.

Via: TmoNews

Source: T-Mobileclue.com

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  • http://Website Altephore

    Nice fail with the button Tmo! Hah…. not that it wasn’t obvious at this point but still kinda sad.

  • jakmayhopher

    maybe the mTouch 3G users will get the 2.2 update that T-mobile promised us!

  • http://Website Altephore

    Here’s hoping after all this buildup that this is at least Tmo’s first HSPA+ phone!

    • http://benpike.net Ben Pike

      Um… this isn’t their 1st HSPA+ phone…

      • http://Website TechnoSTIG

        They do not have an hspa+ phone yet. The only device that is hspa+ is the usb rocket. The nexus one and all the rest of their Android phones are max 7.2 Mbps.

    • http://Website wolfcry0

      Um, Nexus One has it? at least in Colorado it does.. I get 3-5mbps some days.

      • http://Website Kyle

        Wolf, nexus and others are capable of speeds but wont be able to get the full 21. Also im also in colorado and haven’t seen those speeds. Where you at? Im near downtown denver.

        • http://Website reddragon72

          Actually some people tested the HD2 on HSPA+ and saw 10meg+ speeds. A 7.2 phone can do a max of 7.2 but actually only does half that on a + network, so it is unconfirmed that the HD2 does do HSPA+ by the T-Mobile but the speed tests do not lie.

    • http://dmonzel.com dmonzel

      Erm… every handset running Android on TMo is HSPA+ compatible. At least, that’s the claim they make on their site.

  • jakmayhopher

    well thats stupid we already knew that was coming out with the Galaxy!

  • http://Website nick

    This sort of marketing is pretty obnoxious, I wish AAM weren’t rewarding them for it.

  • http://www.twitter.com/reignzone Reignzone

    I was really disappointed by the “hinted” clue website that launched…
    It’s pretty obvious that the Samsung partnership is about to move forward in a very serious way, but the Galaxy S isn’t going to “save” T-Mobile or even bring them up-to-speed with other carriers. The fact that the front-facing camera is no longer included just sucks, not to mention they removed the LED flashbulb near the camera which is equally ridiculous!

    I figure there is going to be multiple announces involving the Samsung partnership, not just the Galaxy S. But nevertheless, disappointing… I mean, considering it’s Samsung after all. Not HTC.

    • http://asurroca.com asurroca

      T-Mo’s version of the Galaxy S nixed the LED flash *and* the front-facing camera? And this is the big announcement? I’m an HTC fanboy, and it would have taken a lot to get me to switch to Samsung, there’s no way a gimped Galaxy S is going to do it for me. Do power users on T-Mobile have any hope for a high-end phone at this point?

  • http://Website Chad Holobetz

    i was wondering do you know if the tmo version the vibrant will have the front facing camera

    • jamboy5590

      No not anymore but don’t worry guys they gave us an extra button instead

  • tguy7890

    well i guess i was wrong and its not about the new sidekick lol….. tmobile just needs to give up and sell them selfs to sprint

    • http://Website Rizo

      That makes no sense, why would T-mob sell themselves to Sprint. That is going from good to just plain horrible. Sprint is so ridiculous with their hidden charges, piss poor customer service and straight up lies to their customers. You sir, are an idiot.

      • http://Website Phil G

        i fully agree, tmobile might not have best coverage or phones, but their customer service is by far #1 out of all carriers. had sprint and verizon and they are horrible and uncaring. thats why i stick w t-mobile. (oh and my new Vibrant lol AWSOME much better than any HTC phone. (had all)

  • http://Website Havoc1127

    There is no pleasing some of you… everyone was begging for this phone months ago and now everyone on here is like ehh…. TMO will be fine and this will be a great phone for there line up. Many think that all consumers think like the majority of us here (cell phone nerds) and are clutching for the most powerful phone. I will be passing on my 2.2 Nexus one to the wife so I can get this phone. I think this is going to be a great phone. I don’t care for the name though.

    I thought the hints were kind of fun.

    • http://Website Ryan McKay

      The internet is never pleased.

  • http://Website Joe

    Agreed with the above post. People have been crying after this phone, and now that it’s (almost) official, they’re not happy.

    Also, I’ve read and watched many previews of the Galaxy S, and in none of them did it ever have a camera flash (someone correct me if I’m wrong). So Tmobile is not getting a gimped Galaxy S, because it never had a flash to begin with.

    On the other hand, if the Tmobile version doesn’t have a front-facing camera, then that’s something to be disappointed over. But we don’t know for sure yet, so everyone just cool your jets.

    The internet is an angry place.

  • http://Website John R

    It’s a rebus!

  • http://Website Joeskie

    This looks kinda cool. Did it occurr to any one that they nixed all those features because the real feature filled device is coming in the near future? Just like the incredible wich already is scrapped according to verizons website? Just like verizon, t mobile doesn’t want one off these devices competing with bread and butter or flagship devices.

  • http://Website Jon A

    I HOPE the Vibrant has the front facing camera. Definately a dealbreaker. How does t-mobile expect to keep up with all the other carriers? Video chatting is definately going to be the next big thing.

  • http://Website Orlando

    I’ve been polling everyone I know, with a cell phone, about how they use their phone and what features they like the best. In my company there are about 500 employees so I asked as many as I could.

    I will tell you that people like us (tech savy/hungry) are in the minority.

    90% of the people I talked to used their phones (in this order) for calls (obviously), texting, and emails. Very few played games, browsed the web, got into custom themes, etc. Not one them expressed any desire in a front facing camera……and I asked too.

    Although I think its a cool feature and possibly the next big thing in the cell phone area, I still think its going to take some time to catch on…..in a big way…..where all the carriers are going to scramble front a front facing video phone.

    Besides, we all know how fast these “new phones” become obsolete. The nexus was the HOTTEST thing…..about 6 months ago…..and this Galaxy will be old by fall time…..when the next best thing comes out. Look at how fast Motorola/HTC and Verizon and pushing these phones thru. The original Droid was just last fall and its now considered old.

  • http://www.twitter.com/dalex7777 dalex7777

    T-mobile just tweeted to me that the Vibrant may have a TV Tuner!

    My tweet:
    dalex7777: @Tmobile_USA does “Never miss your favorite TV shows or the score to the big game” mean the Vibrant is getting a TV Tuner???

    Their response:
    TMobile_USA @dalex7777 Seems likely, huh? Stay tuned, all will be revealed in time.;) ^CJ

  • ViktorY2K10

    damn it t-mobile i want something better then this it is too iphone like to me

  • http://Website lismarmis

    Damn it!! @#@ Hoping it had the UMA function. Tmobile sucks.. I have been a customer for 8 years. Due to AT&T jacking the tower by my house I NO LONGER HAVE SERVICE!!

    Wake up t-mobile and GET A UMA TOUCH SCREEN PHONE!!!