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T-Mobile Samsung Behold II finally receives Android 1.6

Samsung Behold II owners might be upset their phone will likely not receive Android 2.x, but at least they can take joy in the new Android 1.6 update from T-Mobile. The carrier began rolling out the latest update over-the-air last night and it is expected to continue through June 25th. New additions for Behold II users include Google Maps Navigation, Google Voice Search, Swype, and other fixes.

T-Mobile recently pledged “No phones left behind“, but this could be the last major firmware update to the Behold II. Samsung Mobile claims the Behold II is not upgradeable beyond Android 1.6, even though other T-Mobile phones with similar hardware specifications will receive Android 2.x.

We are still waiting on more details, but it sounds like the Behold II did not sell that well and T-Mobile is unwilling to invest additional resources towards upgrading all the hardware drivers to be compatible with the Android 2.x kernel.

The Android 1.6 update for the Behold II features:

  • Access to Google Maps Navigation
  • Google Voice Search capability
  • Quick search box for Android
  • Swype keyboard
  • Media player improvements
  • Updated core Android applications
  • Improved Bluetooth capabilities
  • Additional usability updates/fixes

Via: TmoNews

Source: T-Mobile

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  • http://Website pik

    behold owners should consider themselves extremely lucky to get 1.6. i, galaxy i7500 user, will most probably never see this update. btw if i ever change my phone, you can bet it’s not going to be a samsung

    • krazytrixxxsta

      i second that notion

  • http://Website Joeskie

    This is great. Behold 2 finally gets it. Atlast now owners of these phones will now have the chance to take advantage of features more commonly found in the 21st century. 1.6 works just fine for most every thing on the market including the big one.NAVIGATION. And really samsung is more to blame than anything else. Its like getting mad at comcast for google chrome not working on your computer.

  • http://Website jbcliq

    Stay away from Motorola phones unless you plan on getting the Droid. Only the “Droid Does” receive updates.

  • http://Website Ben

    Should future Galaxy S owners expect more of the same?

  • http://Website Nick

    The issue here is the fact that the Behold II was a bad phone to begin with. If they really wanted, Samsung could probably update the phone to 2.1 but the fact is, T-Mobile hasn’t really sold that many of them .

    I spoke with a friend of mine who works at T-Mobile and he mentioned that he’s probably only sold 5 of these phones since it launched. The only thing that gives this phone an edge over the Cliq XT or the myTouch is a slightly better camera. In all other categories, the other two phones come out ahead.

    I’d rather have Samsung cut their losses so that they CAN forcus more on phone like the Spica which has been a lot more popular among consumers.

  • http://Website ROb

    Million dollar question. Is the Touch Wiiz launcher still installed after 1.6 update? Seriously, the WORST launcher to date.

  • http://Website pimpin

    has anybody actually got the update yet

  • http://Website PixelHustler

    Yeah, I got the update. Still touchWIZ, but it’s waaaaay faster than before. No more lagging when switching between screens. The app drawer is still on the side, which is awkward. Everything -looks- the same as it did before, it just all works correctly now. I haven’t had enough time to play around with everything to see if it has caused any new problems, but as of now, I’m extremely happy with the performance upgrade.

    • Confused and late

      how do i get the 1.6 update for my behold2?

  • http://Website yoda

    i won the b2 and i use it. Even after the update i still won’t recomend it over any HTC android. In fact i don’t have much regard for Samsung in general. A sideways tray…really?

  • http://Website Krystal

    love the upgrade

  • http://Website robert ferrufino

    how can i get my update on my behold 2,please help

  • http://Website Jason

    I am still waiting on my update. Anyone know how to manually update to 1.6?

  • http://Website zain

    can anyone tell how i upgrade 1.6 on samsung behold 2?

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  • http://twitter.com/eddahlen Edahlen

    If you want to manually update to the OTA 1.6:
    Go to androidforums.com

    Scroll down and click samsung behold II

    Click all things root (don’t worry, you WONT need root access for this)

    Find the sticky thread that says something about OTA 1.6 update.

    Download the .zip file that contains ODIN, the update files, samsung drivers and a readme with step by step instructions.

    I did it and it works perfectly. Strictly follow the instructions and you’ll be fine. Don’t blame anyone on the forums if you brick your phone because you can’t follow directions.


  • Prince77

    I had the Behold 2 and I gave it to a friend of mine. She just got it turned on and didn’t receive the update. She called T-Mobile and was told that she isn’t getting it because there are some problems with 1.6 on the Behold 2.

  • http://Website Rich

    Since installing the ota upgrade to 1.6 I’ve found that the standby battery life is 1/3 of what it was with 1.5.. After calling T-Mobile several times I was told that YES, there were problems with 1.6 but that the upgrade couldnt be reversed.. After calling Samsung with the issue I basically got a deaf ear and told to contact T-Mobile.. Does anyone know how to go back to 1.5?? Is it possible? Is anyone else experiencing battery life issues?? I’ve changed batteries and get the same results with both.. All comments greatfully received.

    • Dawa

      how do i update my behold 2 like u did??

  • http://Website darcie

    And if it hasn’t been pushed to us how would we go about that?????

  • qwami

    so we cant download whatsapp

  • Fosta Josh

    we the holders of the behold 2 needs the firmware upgrading to at least 2.0 . because we need whatsApp application on the phone.

  • shannelle

    this is too bad so is there any other way behold 2 users can get apps like whatsapp. pls samsung we really need an upgrade possibly 2.1

  • Bronze

    am begining – to lose hope with my b2.samsung + t mobile,we need a higher firmware please!!!¡!!!

  • dennis

    i am sure that u didnt really advertise the product well, cos its very rare to come by behold 2.

  • bubbles burg

    When i try to update behold 2 to os1.6 it says n firmware file exist please help me out

  • Kofi

    please can someone tell me weda i can now have access to whatsapp on ma Behold 2??

  • afiasika

    how do i access whatsapp messenger

  • Richmond kwapong

    is it possible for me to upgrade my behold 2?

  • nana

    Samsung must really upgrade behold 2 to at 2.1, to at least support watsapp to get people to purchase the phone

  • samuel

    i cant send music file through blue tooth, cant also what app. needs upgrading for behold 2