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Verizon drops HTC DROID Eris from online store

While the life cycle of most feature phones is probably a little over a year, we’re typically used to seeing smartphones stick around in a carrier’s lineup a little longer than that.   Unfortunately for the DROID Eris, it looks like Verizon is looking to clean out their Android selection before the launch of the DROID X and DROID 2 next month.

Late yesterday, Verizon removed the HTC made DROID Eris from their online store.  Retail locations across the country still have the DROID Eris in stock, but there’s no indication that they will receive more units once their inventories are depleted.

It’s not unusual for a carrier stop selling a phone when something better is coming along in the same category, but it’s a little odd that the DROID Eris is the first Android handset in the U.S. to hit retirement considering that it’s only been on the market for about eight months.  The T-Mobile G1 was the very first Android phone to hit the market and it just celebrated its 20th month of availability.

So which phone is next?  If the DROID Eris with its recent Android 2.1 update has met the chopping block already, we’re bound to see other carriers start hacking away at their Android lineup to make room for the Galaxy S and other new Android phones that are expected to arrive over the summer months.

The Eris’s big brother, the Droid Incredible, also remains in short supply but our online store received another shipment and we have them on sale right now.

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • http://www.thisiscourtney.com Courtney

    The G1 hasn’t been in any of the T-mobile stores I’ve been to in quite a while. However, it is still available online.

    I got a replacement G1 yesterday. When I was talking to tech support I had the interesting option of choosing a G1, Cliq, or myTouch (original) as a replacement.

    The G1 will slowly be phased out.

    • http://Website Christian

      Then. You clearly aren’t looking hard enough. Every tmobile store in middle Tennessee (yes, I’ve been to ALL of them) still carriers the g1 in every color.

      The g1 was the first. The original.

      It may be one upped,
      But it will NEVER die out

  • http://Website Daniel

    None of the other Droids is really a replacement for the Eris (different price point), so this is indeed rather odd. Of all the carriers, Verizon seems to be the one with the least redundant Android phones.

  • http://Website Derek

    Well I am so glad they are getting rid of it because I have it now and it has been cracked for months. I have insurance but haven’t had the $90 to replace it. Now if I just wait till Verizon’s inventory of Eris’s run out, they will have to give me….oh perhaps the Incredible!!! :)

    • Nick Gray

      I wouldn’t count on getting a different phone unless you wait a year or so. Most carriers have a huge supply of refurbished phones that they send out for handset replacements. They typically never go back to HTC whne phones come in for repair.

  • http://cienhua.blogspot.com cheng cien hua

    i got one eris too
    and really hoped that Verizon or google know that they should do the upgrade too for us.
    my g1 can be rooted n app2sd
    how can this can not……………….

  • ryanc26

    Verizon didn’t drop the Droid Eris. It’s more hidden but it’s still available online to be purchased or with a contract. JUST LOOK:

  • denog2000


  • Android Phone Online Store

    This is the only phone brand that has been removed from an online store. This is something disadvantage from HTC.