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Verizon to launch Droid X in July, followed by Droid 2 in August

Verizon customers looking for a high-end Android phone face a tough choice this summer. Do they go with the super slim Droid X or do they opt for the follow up to the best selling Android phone ever – the Droid 2?

Both phones are rumored to have the new TI OMAP3630 (which could be the fastest Android CPU yet) so it really comes down to your personal need for a keyboard, but there might be some initial software differences as well.

BGR is reporting that a reliable source has informed them Verizon will launch the Droid X first in July and then follow that up with the Droid 2 in August. We originally heard that Verizon would launch two Motorola phones in July, so we are not sure if the Droid 2 got pushed back or there is an unnamed third device around the corner.

If the source is to be believed, the Droid 2 has a later launch date so that Motorola could update it to Android 2.2 before launch. It might have been possible to ship the device with Android 2.1 in July, but someone up top wisely decided to wait for Android 2.2. The Droid X is ready to go with Android 2.1 and an update to Android 2.2 is planned for after launch.

I think both phones are winners, but we will have to wait and see what Motorola did with their custom UI, Motoblur. It has been reported that Motorola made the UI less intrusive and we can’t wait to see how it stacks up with HTC’s Sense UI.

If the devices feature similar internals, which one do you want the most? Droid X or Droid 2?

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  • http://Website Marcus

    Droid X all the way! I would love to see / read more specs. on the Droid X. It looks like a great phone to have.

  • http://Website jack

    no hard feeling but the droid 2 looks piece shit.

    • http://Website ari-free

      that’s because it’s a really bad photo with lots of glare, vomit colored background and a band around the middle that looks like plastic industrial waste from the ocean.

  • http://Website Matt

    I was just wondering do both phones have motoblur?

    • http://Website Tyler

      Yes, both have some form of motoblur unfortunately. Well we can always root it! :D

  • http://Website J

    How come the Incredible is completely omitted from this article? Faster processor, very high end, etc. What’s going on?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      The Droid Incredible is already out. Believe it or not, the Droid 2 and Droid X will be faster than the Incredible in both CPU and GPU performance.

    • http://Website JAG

      lol, u think snapdragon > OMAP 3630?

      cant u see the results of DROID X runnin 2.1 and nexus one with 2.2

  • http://Website Steve

    The incredible will NOT have a faster processor , numbers are not everything , the Droid X ould have the fastest processor released in an android phone yet m, even over the Incredible ( my current phone ) and the EVO and the N1 etc etc

  • http://Website IRON

    amazing how Verizon gets the best high end android phones.. there selection is just destroying the competition.. oh but there isn’t.. verizon is just too good.

  • http://Website Brian

    I’d definitely go with the Droid 2 if I were in the market right now. For me, a physical keyboard is a must have, and that looks like one of the best keyboards I’ve even seen on a phone. It’s good that Motorola is listening to their customers and addressing the one glaring flaw in the original Droid — the terrible keyboard.

    However, the NE2 on my G1 isn’t up until January, so I’m going to wait for the Droid Pro in October/November with the 2GHz processor, the Nvidia Tegra GPU, and “everything else that’s possible in a smartphone.”

  • http://Website mino

    “Both phones are rumored to have the new TI OMAP3630 (which could be the fastest Android CPU yet)”

    better than 1Ghz Samsung Hummingbird? I donĀ“t think

    and gpu is slow only PowerVR 530, Hummingbird have PowerVR540

  • http://Website Anthony

    Ya gotta laugh, we chase the white rabbit. The incredible brand new and already knocked off the shelf twice. People who got the incredible might feel bad you shouldn’t. The incredible is a really good phone. I have a N1. We must realize we are the cause of this rat race don’t give me the technology BS. The phone makers are quite capable of high end phones but they hold back only to add it two months later. I understand capitalism but cmon. I suggest this be smart find the one for you and no matter what keep it for two years minimum.
    I change phones rather quickly always gotta have the best fastest well the N1 fits me well. I see HTC pushing out phones faster than they can make boxes for them.
    Ya know if HTC was to slow down and make 2 or 3 a year instead of fifty perhaps they might have less hardware issues
    Just saying

  • http://Website joeskie

    Amazing. Absolutly amazing.I JUST bought the incredible AND signed a big fat 2 year contract. Now my phone is already out of date…I hate you verizon. I get sick just thinking about how much money I have spent already. Now I find out that I will have to spend much more. Give me a break. I’m fed up with this now. I love android but this phone race is killing me. No one who’s buying a phone is safe nor can they buy a phone with confidence anymore. Ime tired of having phones shoved down my throat. F u verizon and the droid horse you rode on. Another think I don’t like is how hard they are making it to root these phones. And you know verizion did everything they could to keep this phone locked down and unhackable. Verizon seems to hate customers that are smarter than it. I just might eat that etf and rid myself of this hot mess and run over to to another carrier who loves me and respects me and, quite frankly, I nicer to my in the customer service section…maybe tmo…..

  • http://Website LibEarl

    Hard choice…. I really prefer to have a physical keyboard, but I’ve seen pictures of the droid x with a physical keyboard, so again, it’s a hard choice. I’m actually a little confused about why Motorola is releasing both of them. It seems that overall, they are essentially the same phone. Nonetheless, I’ve never been the type to wait in line overnight to get first-gen hardware. I’ll wait til they have been out for about a year and there is more info, specs, pics, reviews, and usage data before I pick.

  • http://Website Slacker03

    J, the Incredible is not in this article, because this article is not about that phone. Try googling Droid incredible or HTC. This article is about Motorola phones, not HTC garbage.

    Joeskie, you are an idiot. You don’t “have” to spend anymore money. You can’t blame Verizon if you are insecure. Why not just be happy with the phone you have? Too rich?

  • http://Website ObsceneJesster

    @Steve…I know it’s not released yet but I think the Galaxy S has a better processor than the TI OMAP3630.

  • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

    Frankly, I am a bit disappointed by the Droid 2. Being the best selling Android phone in the US, Motorola & Verizon could do better than what we are going to see. No front facing camera, no higher-res display, no HDMI out, no 8MP camera (it’s ok to to stick with 5MP if they have a bigger sensor), and worst of all — gone is the Google Experience, replacing with MOTOBLUR. No offense, I don’t mind Motorola customizing the Droid, but please do so without making updating more difficult. It took them a couple months to release 2.1 for the original Droid, which has the stock UI. I have a hard time believing they can do it faster now with the MOTOBLUR. On top of that, if you have tried out Froyo, it’s hard to imagine how much better an UI experience MOTOBLUR can bring to the users. Even if it does make the UI better, would it offer so much difference to make up the difficulties to bring users new OS update.

    With my overclocked Froyo Droid on hand, I probably will pass and wait for Droid 3 instead.

  • http://Website non commision you think about the rest…

    lets be clear joeskie vzw dosent make the droid just like at&t dosent make the iphone motorola and htc so far make the droid. vzw sells serivce for phones……. just a couple a years ago vzw phone selection was the worst now they have the best and youre complaining WOW !!! they could care less what phone you HAVE or BUY as long as you have a network to use it on silly GET OUT OF HERE WITH THAT NONSENCE YOU CHOSE WHAT PHONE YOU BUY JUST LIKE YOU CHOSE TO PAY THE BILL

  • http://Website Justin

    Definitely the Droid 2. Motorola put the work into fixing whatever complaints consumers had with the Droid 1′s keyboard – the physical feature that separates the Droid from so many other touch-only Android devices – to make it better and easier to handle.

    Droid 2 = Droid 1 features fixed + Beefy Hardware + surprises aplenty. I’m in.

  • http://Website Sasquatch

    I think they mean the OMAP3640. Wiki tells me that’s the 1ghz model, which most agree is the clock speed of the X.

  • http://Website hakeen

    If it is with OMAP, I should re-consider. I believe Snapdragon is better. Some sites say former has better GPU, but I have enough reasons to believe this is a marketing trick to compensate the reality of lower clocking.

    Samsung, Qualcomm have better CPUs.

  • http://Website Roninja

    Omap v snapdragon is an interesting debate. The former features PowerVr SGX which gives it the edge in terms of graphical experience. Visit the powervr wiki page and you can see e sheer number of SoCs and OEM products. Snapdragon is powerful but this 45nm Omap3640 implementation is just better on all counts. Also given Sanjay Jha’s Qualcomm past it’s interesting to see Moto go with TI – then again he must know a thing or two….

  • http://Website Christian

    What’s all this debate about the procesor !! I think iPhone 4 has fastest processer!!
    I don’t care that it’s still 5mp but I just hope that the pics snap super fast not like the droid 1 and please squeeze in a web cam too!!!!!!!!!

  • http://none kemeisha

    i love all droids ( my current phone [ droid x ] especially )