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Virgin Mobile introduces Canada to the HTC Legend

While we may still be waiting for our own version of the HTC Legend to hit the streets here in the United States, out neighbors to the north can now get their hands on the phone from Virgin Mobile. The HTC Legend can be purchased for $79.99 with a three year contract, but if you’re looking to take advantage of Virgin Mobile’s month-to-month rates you will need to save up $349.99.

With a 3.2” AMOLED display, 5MP camera, 600MHz processor, Android 2.1, and HTC Sense, the HTC Legend is not the most powerful Android phone in HTC’s lineup, but it is currently the only Android phone offered by Virgin Mobile Canada. Their only other smartphone options include the iPhone and a collection of Blackberry handsets. Hopefully, the introduction of the HTC Legend is only the beginning of Virgin Mobile’s support for Android devices on their network in Canada.

Source: Virgin Mobile Canada

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  • http://Website Ollie

    Using the Legend for about 4 weeks now (In Germany it’s already released for some time) i can honesty say that it’s a hell of a phone. The display looks even 3Dish sometimes, the speed, to me, is sufficient and the battery lasts long enough. Just give it some cycles to build up.

    Sound quality is really nice, HTC Sense is a great addition although i’d love to have a native Android install. Maybe time will tell and someone will find a way to do so, but i doubt we’ll ever see 2.2 on this phone. Although, honestly, i don’t think it’s neccesary at all. Not a crash in 4 weeks of extensive usage.

  • http://Website Rich

    I would love a low-budget android phone like this to come to the US.

  • http://mattdemers.com Matt Demers

    I’m happy that Android’s slowly leaking into Canada, and so are my friends who are looking for cheap(er) phones. Sadly we won’t be getting the EVO any time soon, but maybe one day…

  • http://Website no

    iwantmy1point6 ???
    don’t know how to say it nicely mate, but just root yourphone and put cyanogenon it. geez. why would you wasn’t your carrier’s crap version on your phone?