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What will you do first with EVO, the first 4G phone? (VIDEO)

The first HTC EVO 4G ad has been uploaded to YouTube and Sprint has chosen to focus on the word first. One of the first things that comes to mind for me is the obsessed blog commentators who rush to post “FIRST!!!” on every article (luckily our site has avoided that). Anyways, Sprint wants to know the first thing people intend to do with their EVO when it launches tomorrow.

If you plan on picking up the phone tomorrow (or dream of owning it), let us know what you plan to do first. Will you record a 720p high definition video and play it back on your TV? Will you perform a speed test to measure how fast your download speeds are? Will you make a video call with Fring or Qik? Will you download one of the many 3D games for Android?

Check out the video after the jump and let us know what you think of the first EVO commercial.

“First is the beginning. First kicks open the door and possibilities follow. First resets everything. First moves us forward, fast. We all want first. First isn’t later, it’s now. What will you do first with EVO, the first 4G phone?”Sprint TV spot

Source: YouTube

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  • http://Website William Furr

    This is terribly boring, but the first thing I would do would be to use it the exact same way I use my G1 and be deliriously happy that it’s not slow as heck anymore. I would also go hunting for a copy of the Swype beta app to sideload onto the phone.

    I probably wouldn’t get into any of the things you mentioned until I’d had the phone for weeks and had time to settle in to using it comfortably.

    • http://Website Andi Nicole

      I can’t wait to film my friends in HD while we humiliate them with suicide karaoke. Instantly upload to our you tube account. :- D

      If you would like to beat the lines and still get the awesome EVO, I can help you.

      On new lines of service I can waive shipping and activation. Next day air from UPS.

      ask for Andy Nicole Ext 2685 @ 877-815-7840

      or email me [email protected]

      my OpI.D. is hu573469

  • http://Website donnythebowler

    The first thing I’m going to do is root it so I can get rid of all of the HTC and Sprint crapware.
    Jeeez. It’s like buying a Dell PC.

    • http://www.jonnylam.com Jonathan

      Second the rooting.

  • http://Website tk

    Dammit William, how dare you not make the first comment say “FIIIIRSTT!!!1!111″

    • http://Website Sparki

      I was gonna do that when I saw this video on another site this morning, but that site required registration… this ad just begs for ppl to be ‘that guy’…

  • http://Website zoeman

    i will do a video call to one of my friends wit da exact same phone cuz like 5 of us are gettin this phone…

  • http://www.trungly.com Trung Ly

    I agree with tk … dammit William. :)

    Taylor, or anyone else who already has one, can you comment on the battery life issue described by the folks over at Techcrunch/Mobilecrunch:

    It’s strange to me that they think it’s the biggest decision factor for buying the EVO but you never mention it an any of your EVO articles. Btw, I’m a big Android fan, but I’d like to get the real scoop on this phone! Could there possibly be a bug in the current firmware (that would be fixed in a future update).. as it appears that cell standby is eating up the majority of the battery according to the Crunch folks (and some of their posters)

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Battery life has not been an issue for me so far. I have not noticed anything different from other Android phones. The battery will get you through the day, but you must charge it every night. The good thing is battery life will improve even more when Android 2.2 is released for the EVO.

    • Damien

      I’m very concerned with the battery life, too. Since this will be my first smartphone, I figure I have no standards to hold it too. I went ahead an ordered mine :)

      People seem to have mixed results – good and bad. Phonedog.com, HTCsource.com, Cnet.com and Engadget.com said the battery wasn’t too much of an issue when using 3G, while others had a terrible time. Engadget went so far as to say the battery life is respectable using it as a wifi hotspot. What I liked most about HTC Source, though, is that they went into details as to what they were actually doing with the phone, so you can gauge the battery life expectations based on that.

      Here’s a link:


      Hope that helps.

      • http://Website wes

        Grab some extra batteries off eBay for 12usd like I did. If you use any smartphone for what it’s worth, you’ll definitely run down the battery…. my $0.02

  • http://Website Jesse

    My phone and I will go for a long stroll on the beach at sunset and then make sweet love in the dunes.

  • http://Website Jacko

    FIRST thing I’d do is sit it down next to my N1 and teach it and everyone watching that T-mo’s HSPA+ is still faster than their so called 4G, and its only 3G.

    Then give it back to the slump that I borrowed it from.

  • http://Website Janson

    I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him and hold him and call him George (and then test the DC 4G both at work and at home and if I don’t get at least 4 down (which I get on my ATT Tilt) I will return George to the store).

  • http://albes.com Matt

    The first thing I’ll do it drive around to the many, many dead zones Tmobile has left me with, to ensure I made a good decision going to Sprint.

    Then at each spot, I’ll speed test, my N1 against my EVO with each network, and take pics to prove how much Tmo’ sucks in Michigan.

    Then, ill get home, ROOT and make a glorious attempt at removing all signs of Sense off the Evo, as I hate SenseUI (really just the dialer/contacts method) as much as I want this device.

    And if I cant get the sense dialer/contact changed out, Ill just take it and stride, and wait for something better.

    Gonna be a fun, fun day tomorrow.

    • http://albes.com matt

      There is no 4G whatsoever in Michigan, so I’ll be comparing Sprint 3G to Tmo 3G speed.

      • http://Website Chancy

        T-Mobile 3G is only really good in the heart of Detroit. Outside of that, it’s spotty.

        • http://albes.com matt

          Even in “the heart of Detroit” i still have issues. I was at Cobo hall the other day, and my N1, and girlfriends G1 were both trying to connect to Canada’s towers [fail btw] and last year, at the same location, the 3g worked, only later to find RIDICULOUS roaming fee’s, as our phones connected to Canada towers, and charged us for it.

          at least the other day, the data connection just didn’t work, Period.
          and this was in Hart Plaza / Cobo hall.. again, the “heart” of Detroit.

          Over the past months, in my HOUSE my 3g has been fine. Over the past week, our 3g has not connected whatsoever, even with full bars and listing 3g, I get NOTHING but Data connection errors and such, amongst 3 different phones, running Stock, and Aftermarket Roms.

          Tmobile, your a joke, and again, Im done with you.
          and im gonna prove it with numbers, pictures, and multiple devices.

  • http://Website Se7en2

    The first thing I’ll do is probably…charge it. Maybe that’s just me, though…

    • http://Website zedklind

      I thought everyone knew that when you get a new phone you should totally drain the battery before charging it…




  • http://Website Wes

    First thing I’ll do is dowload my task manager, then play with live wallpapers and try out the keyboard. Unlike others on here, I’m very excited to use SenseUI. I get tired of my mytouch’s boring stock 1.6 (yes, I’ve rooted it and tried every possible rom)

  • http://Website None

    The first thing I will do with EVO is run out of batteries!

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