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Why Andy Exploded: contest winners announced

A few days ago, we announced the limited Android and Me edition tees featuring the Exploded Andy. I hope you guys were quick, because they’re gone now. Sure, you can still get a hold of the original, but then you don’t get that extra geeky feeling that comes with limited edition nerd gear.

Thanks to our contest though, ten more people will be getting the limited exploded Andy tees. We asked our Twitter followers to explain how or why our beloved Android had exploded. Five were randomly selected, five were picked based on the merit of the tweet. We’ll start with the hand picked winners, selected by a few of the Android and Me team:

#andyexploded because he tried to install @Handmark games more than once…robolaguevia twitter

While we are stoked about high quality games coming to Android, the various delivery methods leave a bit to be desired. New phone? Wiped device? Exploded Andy? You’ll be purchasing that game again…

#andyexploded from the frustration of so many calling him droid, it’s #androidlemetatronvia twitter

Working full-time on an Android blog, this one really hits home. Often people ask what I do for a living and I’ve lost count of the times my articulate explanation is returned by a blank stare and So is that like the Droid, or what?

#andyexploded on my tee shirt cause my fat belly pushed the poor thing apart! He was whole when I put it on :( keridelvia twitter

Poor Andy, what a terrible way to go! Maybe if you lose enough weight the little guy will reassemble and go on to live a fulfilling life.

#andyexploded when, diligently following google maps directions, he walked into the highway and was struck by a car cryingonions140via twitter

Just like Law and Order used to be, this one is ripped from the headlines. Let it serve as a warning to always look both ways before crossing the street. And to use your brain.

#andyexploded when he was sold to Gizmodo for a leaked teardown erik_hansonvia twitter

I actually just keep a huge padlock on my phones now. I used to think software solutions were enough but now lost phones are in danger of being physically violated and photographed in various states of undress. These are crazy times.

We also picked five winners at random, @lsim001, @PCC38Lightning, @MissAllyClarke, @imbrenton, and @brombomb. All winners have been contacted with instructions for claiming your prize, thanks for playing!

If you’d like to see more terribly cheeky Android humor (in 140 characters or less), you can see all the submissions on Twitter. And if you missed out, you can still grab the original Exploded Andy tee or stay tuned to Android and Me for more exclusive tee announcements (maybe around the end of the month, perhaps?)

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    What ever happened to the second spot for the App Writting Contest?

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    Congrats everyone!!! =D

  • http://Website Parker Haile

    Shucks! I didn’t win :( I thought mine about him pwning iPhones would’ve won. Oh well, congratulations to the winners!

  • Durango_Boy

    LOL…Andy’s parts are showing.

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    Glad I snatched one of these cewl shirts once I saw how wicked popular these tweetathon was going be. Looking forward to having a Exploding Andy to show the world.