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Will Motorola meet the planned timeline for Android 2.1 on CLIQ?

We all know by now that the Motorola CLIQ (and CLIQ XT) will receive Android 2.1, but the real question is when? Motorola published an official chart listing all their Android devices and the timelines for Android upgrades, but no first-gen phones have received Android 2.1 yet.

CLIQ owners were hoping to see an upgrade to Android 2.1 in Q2, but only a week remains and there is no sign of a release. T-Mobile has been working closely with Motorola to perform public betas before releasing previous software updates and we assume they will do the same for Android 2.1. The beta period for new software updates typically lasts a week, so it doesn’t appear any official release is around the corner or we would know about it by now.

Some users had hoped Motorola would share new details on their upgrade timeline during today’s Droid X event, but no announcements were made regarding Android 2.1 for first-gen phones. The only thing we learned is that the Droid X will ship with Android 2.1 and it will be updated to Android 2.2 during late summer.

If the CLIQ does end up receiving Android 2.1 anytime soon, I would not expect it till after the Droid X launch on July 15th. Although unlikely, there is also the chance Motorola could just skip Android 2.1 for first-gen phones and jump directly to Android 2.2 later this summer.

I wish there was some good news to share, but don’t expect a CLIQ upgrade this week. In the mean time, you can head over to the Motorola Owners’ Forum and sign up to be notified when new details are available.

Source: Motorola

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  • tguy7890

    blah.. stupid moto..

  • http://Website MulderFox

    Yes, please sign up for the Moto forums and bombard them with WHEN WHEN WHEN. I plan to send a tweet every day to the MotoTwitter page until they give us a definitive date.

  • http://Website chad

    Motorola sucks!!! I will never again buy another motorola phone and I also hate custom skins. If not for motoblur, we would of gotten 2.1 a very long time ago.

    The only reason why I have kept my sucky cliq is because I also have an ipod touch. There are almost no fun games for the cliq; unlike the ipod touch. T-mobile needs to start selling better phones, both motorola and samsung are extremely unreliable with their upgrades.

    I’m highly considering claiming that my cliq has a problem just so then I can get it replaced with a mytouch 3g. I don’t even use my physical keyboard anymore now that I have swype.

    • http://Website jack

      jsut think?
      samsung owners are screwed too.
      never buy motorola phones or sony ericsson or samsung or LG.
      your are screwed by this company cause of the fuckin UI,
      we dont need no motoblur, timescape, touchwiz, solciste (for LG) or htc sence.

      • http://Website Jay

        agreed, my Nexus One should be here by Friday, thought about waiting for the galaxy s (or whatever its going to be called) but I won’t ever again buy a motorola phone and won’t buy a phone with a custom skin period. Samsung screwed its customers already with the behold 2, so why would I think this would be any different. Shame because I like the cliq’s physical qualities-keyboard and the left d-pad is awesome for games. Was going to wait for a high spec phone with a keyboard to come out, but I can’t take this motoblur crap AND the out dated android, double insult as far as I’m concerned.

  • http://Website ehhrundf

    That’s bs if they give us the update after the droid x launch. They should at least tell us if they are going to give us the update before the end of q2

    • http://Website Jay

      You know that’s what they are waiting for too, hoping all other moto-blur users will be clamouring to get the next moto-bleck device running the latest and greatest. Problem is, they have made most all of their current customers mad in the process and 2.1 is no longer the latest and greatest.

      Also, I don’t know if anyone has checked this out but apparently with moto-suck, your contacts that are added via moto-blur don’t get synced with your google contacts AND you can’t export contacts from it either. I never used moto-bloat on my phone, so I haven’t experienced it, but was trying to help a friend recover all of their contacts and that’s what we found. So you would NEED to buy another one in order to restore all your contacts, no thanks.

  • http://Website Gezzy

    That’s why I just want a mt3g slide or a samsung or a flip phone this shit makes me so fucking mad shit

  • http://androidandme.com Jimmy Christian

    I give Motorola 1 week and if there’s no update- then I’ll begin a lifelong motoboycot. HTC has proven that they are lightyears ahead of Motorola in this Android technology era. Let’s step it up Motorola…

  • http://Website smith

    HAHA Moto Users!! You’re sitting there waiting and waiting for a 2.1 update, when I’ll be cruising around on my newly updated 1.6 Behold 2 (whenever this update arrives). Now who’s getting screwed by the man?

    • http://Website ehhrundf

      You. That’s all you’ll ever get.

  • http://Website RayMatthew

    Wow, I knew this was going to be the case with this. Since I know that its near the end of Q2. I have been checking for new updates everyday. Motorola Fail. DX

    I guess I will be going for the only awesome phone on TMO. Samsung Vibrant, which is the Samsung Galaxy S. It will be able to upgrade to 2.2. I doubt that the CLIQ will be able to do that.

  • http://Website jayy336

    Im SOOOO glad i ditched the Cliq and got a Nexus One. I don’t think i can EVER go back to an Android phone with a customized skin. Waiting longer than usual for updates all because of a customized skin just turns me away from the phone.

  • http://Website rev2redlineguy

    Me too. I’m so sick and tired of Motorola playing games with us consumers. We go out and spend our hard earned money for these devices then they pump us up saying “oh yes, your Cliq will be updated with the latest software very very soon.” Then they deceive us by posting that timeline with the fine print on the bottom that pretty much says “hahahaha to you Cliq owners because we’re gonna screw you royally and not give you any updates on your phone. Thank you for the money you spent on our phones you suckers!” What a bunch of crap. I’m so ready to ditch this phone and move on. I’m a little skeptical about Samsung because of the Behold 2 fiasco. I just might have to get the myTouch slide.

  • http://Website JAG

    Some Cliq users are angry here!!!

  • http://Website Terrell

    i will never ever EVER EVER EVER EVER!!! get another motorola phone
    us motorola cliq users have been waitin for a update forever like wtf how long is this process gonna take if they dnt give me this update by next week im throwin this peace of crap out the window n then at that its so many problems wit the phone lagging inbetween screen freezes up durin texts touch screen is crappy battery dies fast like i sware i have no idea what i seen in this phone when i wanted it but its garbage

  • http://Website Tim

    I’ve been using the Cliq since day 1…don’t use Facebook or any of the social networks that Motoblur is setup to make using these social networks easier…so Motoblur doesn’t affect me as it does others. I actually really like the phone and how it operates…do I have to manage my phone with task managers..of course…this isn’t just a phone..these smartphone are like mini computers that involve more dedication on the end users part. With all that being said…Android 2.1 update has me questioning whether I should continue on with the Motorola Cliq or just get a HTC Nexus 1 or a HTC MyTouch Slide. If Motorola doesn’t follow through with what it says about the Cliq getting Android 2.1 in Q2…I will be forced to take action. I’ve been a loyal Motorola user for years…and to be overlooked like us Cliq users are being overlooked is wrong on Motorolas part!! The Cliq has been around for 8 months and has gotten a few software updates…which I was hoping to get the phone ready for 2.1. Motorola…all we’re asking for is communication and to not be left in the dark. Its obvious we like your phones..or else there wouldn’t be sooo many people that are all upset about not getting an update. The problem could be easily solved…buy a HTC MyTouch Slide..still got ur physical keyboard and then u get Android 2.1. I also know the Cliq can be rooted and 2.1 could be loaded…but we shouldn’t be forced to possibly brick our phones so we can have 2.1!! Main reason for 2.1 is Navigation, Home Replacements, and limited on what apps can be loaded on the phone due to 1.5 being outdated!! Please help us out Motorola!!

    • http://Website chad

      Although there’s a 2.1 android rom for the cliq, it barely even works and has a ton of things wrong with it. I’m switching to the mytouch 1.2 since I don’t need the keyboard and the mytouch has a lot more options when it comes to rooting.

  • http://Website Geo

    Well, I gave Motorola a chance, I used Motobloat..My screen cracked in my pocket…The backlight has been flickering on and off since i got the phone..Lets see..Moto-bloat freezes constantly..None of the games work perfectly..I cant delete e-mails from my phone. and if i do it has to be 1 by 1…i get about 800 e-mails a day. My phone also (this is the best one) Freezes when i open the browser and open a page that has too many javascripts or Html 5 Banners. YAY!

    Motorola’s new slogan should be. “Motorola” “We crap on technology, and on your face”

    They should release the RAZR with Android

  • http://Website JJ

    I just finished a chat session with the guys over at Motorola. Here is how the conversation transpired:

    Me: When are Moto Cliq users going to get an update to a more recent version of Android (at least 2.1)? I’m really happy with my phone, but really disappointed that you guys are taking so long to get that update out to us. I want to say that Motorola has the best Android phones on the market, but HTC is looking pretty compelling at this point simply because their updates at least come in a timely manner.

    Them: For the 2.1 update, it is scheduled this 2nd quarter of this year. But we do not have the exact details.

    Me: but the 2nd quarter ends in like a week

    Them: Yes we do understand that sir but we do not any information yet as of this time.

    This is BS. I definitely think I’ll be going the HTC route when I get another phone.

    • http://Website Geo

      And i shall be joining you!

      • http://Website MulderFox

        and my axe!… err.. me too. :)

  • http://www.bigroom.org/wordpress Epicanis

    If it were purely a matter of slashy cosmetic features I wouldn’t really care. If it were ONLY being unable to run some of the more modern applications I’d only be a little annoyed.

    However, the majority of my waking hours are spent in a place where the wifi is WPA2-Enterprise, which the “CLIQ™ with MOTOBLUR™” doesn’t support configuration of. This is an old problem with Android, which I THINK was actually fixed way back in 1.6.

    Motorola giving me the silent treatment means I STILL have no idea when I’ll be able to use the BASIC FUNCTIONALITY (i.e. wifi networking) I bought the phone for.

    (Very irritatingly, if Motorola wasn’t violently opposed to customers such as myself having root access on our phones, I could fix it – the actual software underneath Android 1.5 DOES support WPA2-Enterprise, there just wasn’t any GUI interface to configure it.)

    I like the phone hardware, and I’m TRYING to be patient with Motorola Corporation, but they’re making it very difficult. I feel like I’m an un-person to them.

  • http://www.bloody-disgusting.com killrobot

    fwiw, I currently have a Cliq and just called T-Mobile to see how much my early termination fee would be. The rep obviously wanting to keep me on board offered me upgrades and discounts, but also said that the Cliq along with other T-Mobile Android phones will be seeing an upgrade “in the next month or so” and mentioned that some of them will be skipping 2.1 and going straight to 2.2 but he’s not sure which ones. Obviously take that with a grain of salt, but it at least gives me a little hope before I end up ditching the Cliq.

  • http://Website matb321

    I am done with my Cliq and Motorola.Im not going to buy another Motorola device anytime soon.Im going to go with HTC for a while.

  • http://Website adam

    anyone that want the mytouch slide is dumb is going to another hero taking 7 month to update .. are u smoking or what sense ui take forever also . If u planning to enjoy 2.2 os u have another thing coming I wouldn’t be surprise if htc skip mytouch slide to 3.0 os release it in q1 2011.

    • http://Website chad

      It takes htc forever to upgrade the phones, but the htc gets a lot more roms for root users. The cliq only has a few roms and only one 2.1 rom, which totally SUCKS!!!
      I know the slide isn’t the best phone, but it’s way better the than cliq.

  • http://Website adam

    chad mytouch3g is basicly same thing less memory what my friend said it has 147 mb for storage which sucks because my cliq has 204 mb that a big different of apps u can have with mine phone.. mytouch3g has sense ui so dont worry chad u will soon be crying about 2.2 os because sense ui not going let u update quick just like phone that has it look htc hero in usa in sprint it took from late oct 2009 to may 2010 t0 get 2.1 os from 1.5 skipping 1.6,2.0 in process. Now if you want to be with htc get vanilla phone not a sense ui. Trust me htc will update your phone by next year skipping 2.2 os and going for 3.0 os just because sense ui is doing what moto is doing with our phone delaying it.

  • http://Website adam

    chad why would u want to root a phone if u can get it with provider ??? exactly ! rooting always doesnt have the full function of the os feature , expect it has beta and alpha. Preview full beta before the release and sometime before released thing can change for good or bad with minus or added feature that the root dont have.

    • http://Website Chad

      It’s totally worth it to root a phone, because then you get the newest firmware with extra features such as wifi tethering, app2sd card, and other features. I know that the Mytouch 1.2 isn’t faster or better than the Cliq, but I want that phone because there’s a lot more options for rooting the mytouch. There’s already a 2.1 rom for the mytouch 1.2 and that rom works almost perfectly, unlike the 2.1 rom for the cliq which totally sucks!!!
      Plus, I won’t be paying a dime for this switch, you just have to claim that you keep having problems with your phone. After you have 3 warranty exchanges within 90 days, T-mobile will let you switch to a comparable phone.
      You should google search “why root android phone”

  • http://Website phoebetech

    I have noticed that TMobile is behind in updating their phones as compared to other networks. Maybe it is TMo’s fault as much as it is Motorola. I think that when my contract is up, I will buy a stock Android phone AND move to another carrier.

  • http://Website adam

    phoe is not t-mobile i called them numerous of time and trust me they have contact motorola. This problem is motorola not t-mobile remember when g1 got update 1.1 os in march, 1.5 os in late may/early june, 1.6 beginning of oct 2009. exactly t-mobile also mention that there going to update 2.2 os to mytouch original and mytouch3g slide rep said before in early feb before the ceo of t-mobile spoke to google made the list with htc to add mytouch in update 2.2 0s. From what t-mobile have mention there going to try to update 2.2 os as well moto cliq u guys have to be patient. The minute cliq get 2.1 os u see that we going to be heard again and get 2.2 os if i was u guy i save hundreds of dollar for beaches and six flag then to get mytouch slide that basicly not an update for cliq user. it an update for g1 user but if u guy want to buy identical phone with almost the same thing in phone then be my guest and waste ur 200 dollars dont come bitch at t-mobile later when htc take their sweet time updating your phone.

    impatient customer like blaming it always at manufactor or provider..

  • http://Website JJ

    Just got another response (through an email that I sent earlier) from Motorola. I’ll paste its contents below…

    “Thanks for reaching out to Motorola. I’ve reviewed your e-mail and I’m ready to help.

    We have received further noticed yet for the release dates of the 2.1 Firmware upgrade. Eventhough Motorola had finished the updates, these needs approval still from Google and T-mobile.

    We know you value having the latest and greatest technology on your devices. We continued to stand in our principle in providing you with the latest operating system upgrades and software maintenance updates which enhance device functionality. Kindly wait for further announcements.”

    …So I guess the update is done, they’re just waiting on T-mo and Google? That’s annoying.

  • http://Website brodie

    When I was getting ready to upgarade my phone(which was in Dec), I was looking the cliq up and down saying that that was gonna be the phone that I spend money for!….I waited 6 months for it to get an update…guess what,no update! So I went ahead and got the myTouch Slide and this phone isn’t the best but it is hands down better than the cliq!

  • http://Website mike

    Looking @ all the posting I feel
    Motarola and tmobile are lieing
    Were not going to see any updates
    I just purchased my phone can’t believe what I have read in comments its called tmobile motarola couprite greed what has
    To be done tmobile motalola have
    To get off there ASS and fix it

  • http://Website hicksvilleshick

    well I shoulda looked closer before I pulled the trigger on the cliq…

    was getting ready to go thru my 5th g1 when they offered me the cliq for free.


    now I’ve lost the navigation I’ve come to love so much, have to change all my accessories cause the mini-usb is smaller (my fault for not looking close enough) etc. My gmail account won’t show up with the universal inbox via motoblur (i think) and I have to run it standalone which is fine, but if motoblur is going to put the inboxes and whatnot at a touch there why isn’t gmail in there too??

    things I do love about the phone so far even stuck with 1.5 is the battery life is far better than any of the g1′s I had, I literally ran charger to charger to charger… and thats with me hovering over it all the time making sure un needed apps weren’t running and such. while I was satisfied with the facebook app the motoblur crap is kinda nice, but not something I need.

    talked to tmobile about the navigation and they offered me the g2… I’d jump at it but lack of a job and reliable income makes me play the safe card cause I’m only out the 10bux in shipping for the cliq. right now.

    I’m gonng think on it a bit and might call them back and see what else they’ll swap me out for.

    oh the other downside, I can’t seem to find a way to get swype on here. I keep seeing threads everywhere about people getting it done, but can’t seem to find how to get it. ugh.

  • http://androidandme.com/2010/06/phones/motorola-manufacturers-news/motorola-updates-android-2-1-rollout-schedule-cliq-cliq-xt-still-listed-for-q2/#comment-86142 richielove

    My Motorola clig tx is reporting some error when i change my sim card. the error that’s comes on the phone screen is

    the process com,android phone has stopped,unexpectedly.please try again.

    Also it ask me to force close the error when i do that ,it restart my phone,Now the phone get very hot when charging and also when browsing.I cant even access the phone more than 1 munite then it will report the error and then when i force to close it ,it will then restart.Its getting frustrated.Please someone should help me with a solution cause i like so much.no other spare money to buy another one.please i did factory restore but it still wont solve the problem.Please i beg who ever may have any solution should please help me as a friend indeed please.

    God bless you.

  • http://www.kms5.com 温州seo