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Zendesk releases Android app for their IT helpdesk service

As a business professional in my day job as well as an MBA student, I always enjoy having the opportunity to write up a release note or a review of an application that is aimed at the business world. Earlier today we received a note from Zendesk, an IT helpdesk management software company, who have just released an Android application for helpdesk agents and support staff to remotely manage support tickets and customer requests while on the go with their Android phones.

About Zendesk

Zendesk is an integrated software suite that businesses purchase in lieu of building their own IT support system. These systems allow companies to centrally manage, assign, and complete IT requests, as well as provide a knowledge base for end users to search before opening a ticket. Zendesk integrates social media such as Twitter and web forums as a way of providing customers a way to self-serve by learning what others with similar problems have done to remedy them.

The Zendesk software itself is completely customizable to the unique needs of the company, even going so far as to let companies use their own colors and logo in place of the standard Zendesk look and feel. It also promotes tight integration with other software your company may use, such as Salesforce.com, Twitter, and Yammer. Some of the more well known companies who use Zendesk include Twitter, msnbc.com, Lonely Planet, SAP, and even the Denver Broncos. Quite an impressive list of companies served for a smaller startup.

The Android App

The Zendesk Android application allows IT agents to access and update service tickets, view entire ticket threads, and even add new end-users. Frontline staff is able to create new tickets and view the status and threads of tickets they have previously created. Perusing the few comments on the Android market suggest this application provides a much better experience than simply using the mobile web.

Because this is an enterprise application with a limited customer base, only Zendesk’s current and potential customers will benefit from this application. Fortunately, Zendesk has over 5,000 companies and is a rapidly growing start-up company so this application potentially has a wide reach on the ever expanding Android platform.

If nothing else, this release signals that enterprise companies are becoming more and more willing to embrace Android as the powerful mobile platform that it truly is. As Android becomes more and more popular, businesses are sure to take notice and we will see some big name businesses developing cool new tools for business professionals. It’s definitely an exciting time to be an Android user and a business professional.

Does your company use Zendesk? Even better, are you one of those illustrious IT agents in a Zendesk company?  Let us know what you think of the app in the comments.

Zendesk for Android.

Zendesk for Android.

Source: Zendesk

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