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PSX4Droid launches to Android Market woes

The highly anticipated Playstation emulator psx4droid, created by ZodTTD, finally launched on the Android Market over the weekend for $6. As of press time, over 7,500 Android users have put in an order for psx4droid, though only about the first 900 orders have actually been able to download the application. The rest of the orders are stuck in the authentication phase of the Google Checkout process.

So what’s the cause of this issue, you ask? Well, we don’t exactly know at this point. ZodTTD has contacted some representatives at Google, but has yet to receive a response. A forum thread has been started on Google’s market support forum that now has 110 posts, but none officially from Google reps, and as of press time the issue is still unresolved.

Several theories exist as to why this might be occurring; here’s a few we think are the most plausible.

  1. ZodTTD’s Google account is set up improperly. In an email discussion with ZodTTD, they had mentioned the creation of a second paid application to test the checkout process. ZodTTD then had a few people test purchase the application, and found the same authorization happening with the second application.
  2. Sony is a large partner in the Google TV effort. The Playstation happens to be a trademark of the Sony brand. Coincidence? Maybe, but it’s still within the realm of possibility that someone over at Sony saw the release of psx4droid over the weekend and put in a call over to Google to stop all purchases.

Hopefully with time we will learn the truth behind why Android users aren’t able to download this application from the market. We are holding out hope for reason 1 rather than reason 2, as reason 2 could mean psx4droid will never make it to the Android market.

If nothing else, the case of psx4droid highlights the need for a greater level of customer service from the folks over at Google. Many users (myself included) are outside the 24-hour window needed to get a refund for psx4droid, and hopefully won’t have to eat the $6 cost. I guess we’ll simply have to wait for Google’s official response.

Can’t wait for Google to get this sorted out? psx4droid is currently available on the SlideME alternative market for the same $6 price.

Update: Well, it seems we single-handedly coerced Google into letting the held up purchases slide through. Okay, maybe it wasn’t us, but as I was driving back from lunch today, I noticed in the notification area that psx4droid had successfully installed. Other users are reporting successful downloads as well. Looks like things have cleared up for good. If you continue to experience issues, please leave a comment below.  Enjoy psx4droid everyone!

Via: ZodTTD

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  • http://www.droidgamers.com ExtremeT

    Unfortunately it is happening to not only poor ZodTTD but other developers as well from my understanding. Interestingly enough though it isn’t across the board like your typical error would cause. It is sort of selective but ZodTTD seems to be the most effected.

    It is really sad Google has not officially commented on this issue in the thread or with any sort of announcement.

  • http://Website jd

    I would understand if Google comes out and say they wouldn’t allow PS emulators to be in the Market, or that Sony has requested it to be pull down, but not saying anything is the worst.

  • http://nicholasoverstreet.com Nicholas Overstreet

    And yet again, Google’s lack of organization and communication leads to more customer aggravation and frustration. Google needs to seriously get there act together on the customer relations front.

  • http://Website SterlingB

    Hey all, after two days of trying to download the app I finally got through. Hopefully it works for others as well!

  • http://yuriymelnik.com Yuriy Melnik

    Mine was authenticating for over 72 hours, i went to take a morning poop today and read the daily news and noticed it installed over night.

    • http://Website Tito!

      That’s kinda sick. sorry. But nobody needs to know that you took a “morning poop”.
      Otherwise, that’s great that it worked!

      • NT_

        Sounds like you haven’t pooped for a couple of days, Tito. Hope it all works out for you.

  • http://Website Jay

    Mine just installed as well! Of course five minutes before my boss comes into town for the week. I guess I can get my Final Fantasy VII fix this weekend…

  • Nicko01

    I love this emulator. I’m already playing Crash Bandicoot and Spyro on my Droid. Both games are playable, but the framerate in Spyro is a little low. I’m running at 1000MHz right now, and I’m going to test it a bit more at 1200MHz to see how smooth I can get it.
    I really recommend buying this if you like classic PS1 games. It’s definitely worth it.

  • http://Website Jameson

    I wish there was a lite version that had timed playtime or something. I need to see if this will work on my Cliq (although I’m sure it probably wont) and for some reason I cant refund on my phone :/

  • http://Website Mark

    I know this is slightly off-topic. Flame-on.

    How does an emulator work? Is there a secondary market for the games, do you have to load the games from a cd/playstation system, do they come loaded on the emulator, etc? I am interested in this and the NES/SNES emulator but don’t want to bother paying for it if I have to load them from my non-existant playstation.

    • Mr_Tricorder

      Emulators are in a legal grey area, so devs have to leave a certain amount of work up to the users in order to keep from crossing the line. No emulator can legally come with any official copyright games, although homebrew games would be ok. Also, this Playstation emulator (as well as some other emulators I’ve seen) requires the user to supply a BIOS image since it is proprietary code and would be illegal to distribute. Basically, you’re going to have to do a little hunting around the internet for a working BIOS image and game disc images before you can get this emulator working.

      • http://Website Jay

        correct me if I am wrong, but I also believe that downloading roms/games to play on emulators is “against the law” unless you own that game. I don’t know how much you have to worry about that, but should be noted just for your information.

        • Nicko01

          Some say that it’s still illegal even if you do own the game. I’ve heard that you’re only allowed to have one copy of the game, the disc, and ripping/copying it in any way is illegal. However, I rip/download the games anyway – nothing has ever happened to me.

  • Nick Gray

    Anyone know if this will run on my G1? You know I’m kidding right?

    Glad to hear purchases are finally rolling through. I’ll have to give this a try on my I/O EVO onec I get home.

  • http://Website Iisawesome

    I downloaded this morning onto my moto droid but i’m rooted and running pl3x rom

  • http://Website Xallies

    Where can i get a working Bios?

    • Nicko01

      Google of course =P

  • http://Website davey1412

    You can probably get it on a torrent site like isohunt, I just searched scph1001.bin on isohunt and it appears to be available on there, hope that helps

  • http://Website Kevin

    I was wondering if anybody knows where I can download working psx roms without the need of a pc?

    • Nicko01

      In PSX4Droid, there’s a search function. Select that and click on the first link that comes up.

      • http://Website Kevin

        It takes me to emuparadise and use the megaupload link but it starts downloading a .7z file and they aren’t supported by the emulator. ???

    • http://Website ryan

      Look up psx roms for android and there’s a website that you can download rar files from, then go to market place and get efiile manager to extract the rar files

  • http://Website LostMyNutsToMeWife

    Ive managed to play Final fantasy 8 on my MOTO Droid and it runs awesome. Slight issue with audio in some video scenes. But controls are easy to use and responsive. It should run better on the Droid X. haven’t been able to run Metal Gear solid. Don’t know if its the image or the emulator.

  • http://Website Kurt

    I’ve been trying to run Metal Gear Solid on my HTC EVO running 2.2 froyo; MGS hasn’t worked for me either. I can get the opening screen up where it says new game, load game, etc… but no matter what I click on after that, it just sits there on a blank screen. I downloaded my rom from romhustler.net. Anyone else having issues with MGS? Surely we aren’t the only ones.

  • http://Website Kneal

    Yeah I can confirm that MGS is not working for me either running on the Dell Streak. Could be the rom as I cant even get to the title screen of the game just a black screen when booted. Just to note also that I can load Final Fantasy VII so its not an emu issue as far as compatibility with the phone. Shame its probably one of the only action style games that would be playable on a touch screen as I find locating the buttons on screen a bit tricky in certain action games at tense moments.

    • http://Website luke

      this is probably because of the protection on the rom
      download the ppf patch for it then it will work
      same with ff9 and 8 :)

  • http://Website Nativepad

    I can’t get MSG to run on my X10, it’s a shame I was looking forward to it. Unfortunately FFvii isn’t working either at the moment, I get to the loading screen, select new/continue and then as soon as it tries to load up the start of the game it goes to black and stays like that forever.

    Any ideas, I’ve read up on it quite a lot but can’t find any help. I know that the phone can run psx4droid games (via youtube) and that ffvii works on other handsets so could it just be a hardware issue?

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