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SCVNGR just got a little more social (and awesome)

Back in May, we reviewed a check-in based application called SCVNGR that allows users to do quick, fun activities to interact with their social world. Though SCVNGR was deemed to be a fun new way to experience social media and check-in based services in particular, it seems the rubber hasn’t quite hit the road yet. A quick browse of the more popular local places showed one or zero check-ins in the last few months. As it stands right now, the market is showing SCVNGR in the 10-50,000 downloads category, compared to over 250,000 downloads for similar services Foursquare and Gowalla.

SCVNGR has released a new version of their application with a feature that they hope will be innovative enough to convince Android users to start using SCVNGR. The new “bump” feature allows Android users to bump their phones together to check-in to a location at the same time. This move makes check-ins on SCVNGR a more social endeavor, and is a fun way to show the world that you’re not out at a bar drinking alone!

So will this new bump feature be revolutionary enough to convince you to give SCVNGR another look? Sound off in the comments.

Note: SCVNGR still requires Android 2.0+.

Check out the promo video for SCVNGR here:  SCVNGR | The Social Check-in

SCVNGR check-in menu SCVNGR Social check-in

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  • http://Website Quikzilver

    Of course it doesn’t show up on the marketplace. Someone should write an article about it.

    • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

      The original article (linked above) states that it requires Android 2.0+. I have added this information to this article as well to avoid confusion.

      • http://Website quikzilver

        Oh yea, guess I over read that part.

        • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

          It wasn’t explicitly stated in the article before. I added that after the fact since most people won’t click on the original article and comment that it won’t show up for them on 1.6 or below.

          Thanks for your comment, it allowed me to pre-empt that.

  • http://Website Droideka

    Ummm… i dont think so. How is this supposed to work? I’m supposed to wait around until another android/SCVNGR user comes along, bump them and then… get raped?

    I dont really see this taking off. But I could be wrong.

    • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

      You’re forgetting the situation in which you have friends who have other Android devices who might happen to like check-in services as well. ;)

      We have been having Android lunches here in Minneapolis, and everyone gets out their phones to check-in individually. Maybe with SCVNGR we could all check in at once and it tags all other users there.

      It is a really cool feature that sadly likely won’t get used very much unless use of SCVNGR picks up.

  • http://Website @crash8130

    I love the idea of SCVNGR. I would have checked it out sooner but couldn’t find it in the Marketplace. They did themselves a major disservice with the name. The name and idea is easy enough to remember. But the spelling is odd and unless you see it in text you don’t get the idea to just remove the vowels..So if you hear about it on a podcast like I did then you may never find it.