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Seesmic 1.4 update features Google Buzz integration

Back in May at Google I/O, Seesmic demonstrated a beta version of their popular Twitter client that featured (among other things) tight integration with the Google Buzz platform. This was of course at a time when Google Buzz was still relatively new(ish) and people were more frequently using the service.

Though the beta was meant to be only for folks who attended I/O, some generous folks shared the download link with the Android community so that everyone could try out this advancement of the Android platform. Because this was the first time an Android application was combining Twitter with another social media forum, excitement began to grow about the possibilities of having an all-in-one social media application.

Earlier today, Seesmic announced a 1.4 update for the Seesmic Android client which brings Android one step closer to achieving this dream. The 1.4 update allows users to both view and update their Twitter and Google Buzz feeds, right from the convenience of one solidly put together application.

Regardless of what Twitter client you personally use, I think we can all agree that Seesmic’s move toward an integration of multiple social media platforms is really a strong move in the right direction for Android. I for one would love to see an all-in-one application that allows me to manage Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, LinkedIn, and whatever other service I may happen to use. Hot on Seesmic’s heels however is TweetDeck, a popular multi-platform social media hub for PC who is feverishly working on bringing an Android application to the table soon.

So will this update set Seesmic one step ahead of the competition? Will it be enough to compete with the soon to be released/tested TweetDeck? Only time will tell.  What we know for sure now is that Seesmic is a solid application that will allow you to manage both your Twitter and Google Buzz streams. It may just be enough to get me to switch back to Seesmic from the official Twitter for Android.

Will you be trying (or re-trying) Seesmic? Is it good enough to become your everyday Twitter client? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Seesmic's Release Notes

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  • http://Website sblade

    Actually, I discovered twicca today and buzz or no buzz, I like it much better than seesmic, twidroyd, or touiteur.

  • http://Website allan

    That sounds like something motoblur does lol

    • http://Website Titty!

      Agreed. :]
      Jusst go with motoblur, its tha bestest. :D

  • http://twitter.com/jewjawsh jawsh

    the Seesmic beta has been on 1.4 for a while, but froyo threw it for a loop so I had to downgrade. good to see that’s fixed!

  • http://Website jim

    Agree with @sblade. I’ve tried them all and still keep coming back to to twicca.

  • http://Website Brett

    Been using it off and on. With the new update it has been fantastic to use now. I have gotten rid of my other twitter clients and the google buzz widget.

  • Pr0fess0rX

    Can anyone post .apk link to download since I don’t have access to the market?

  • jayzeroeee

    I never liked Seesmic, Twidroyd and Twicca are my favorites. If it gets Facebook integration I might try it.