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21 Droid X phones are hidden waiting for you to find them

Verizon released their first teaser campaign for the Motorola Droid X last month which revealed the hidden Twitter account @DroidLanding. Since that time, the account has been tweeting about 21 different locations where Droid X phones are hidden across the country.

The clues are starting to become more specific and we have identified several of the cities. The contest details were previously a mystery, but Verizon just posted the official contest rules. Hints will continue to be released over the coming week that will guide you towards a hidden certificate that will grant you a free Droid X.

Traces will continue to be tweeted until the final clue is release which will contain the GPS location for each Certificate. We have an unfinished list of the 21 locations after the jump, so help us fill it in if you discover one of the cities.

  1. Nevada
  2. Unknown
  3. San Francisco, California
  4. New York, New York
  5. Dallas, Texas
  6. Florida
  7. Unknown
  8. Alabama
  9. Tennessee
  10. Houston, Texas
  11. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  12. Ohio
  13. New York
  14. Chicago, Illinois
  15. Unknown
  16. St. Louis, Missouri
  17. Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri
  18. Bloomington, Minnesota
  19. Unknown
  20. Unknown
  21. Unknown

3. How to Participate in the Promotion and Claim a Prize: During the Promotion Period, there will be a Scavenger Hunt, where 21 Certificates for a free Droid Phone will be hidden across the country. Clues as to where the 21 Droid Certificates (“Certificates”) will be hidden will be tweeted on a regular basis from @DroidLanding. To view the tweets, visit http://www.twitter.com/droidlanding. Dates and times of Certificate placement will vary, but the final clue of each GPS location for each Certificate will be tweeted at the time it is hidden. Participants will have 4 hours from the time of the posting of the final clue to find the Certificate and once it is found, follow the instructions on the Certificate to claim their prizes, subject to verification.

Via: Droid Life

Source: Verizon

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  • http://runmorganrun.com Dan Morgan

    #14 Is Chicago, IL

  • http://Website Ben

    #17 is near the largest cement plant in the world… which is in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri… which I believe is also near St Louis.

    • geniusdog254


      Holy crap! Thats ~30 miles from me! St. Gen is about 70-80 miles south of St. Louis straight down I-55 if anyone is wondering.

      • geniusdog254


        Sorry not quite that far, only ~60 miles.

  • http://Website gabe

    #6 IS Flushing Michigan.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Droid X designate #6 is in the southernmost part of the country. Unless you count Hawaii. Droid X counts everything.

      • http://Website Joe

        If that’s the clue, then someone needs to go to Key West, FL and stand near the marker for the southern most point that you always see people taking pictures with. It’s black and red the last time I saw it a few years ago. Of course getting to Key West even if you live in South Florida is a 7 hour drive from Ft. Lauderdale. You have to drive all the way down through the Keys and over the 7 mile bridge. So basically some local bum is getting a free phone. The bums like to puke on the marker, LOL!

        • http://Website Joe

          Oh, and the road to key west is a two lane highway built in the late 30s or 40s. And when I say two lanes I mean one lane each way basically the whole way…or is it four lanes? I need to stop drinking on the way down so I can remember these things…Yum! Margarita’s and Capt’n Cokes.

    • http://Website larry

      No, no its not. But Flushing is near flint which is “low” in its own rights.

  • http://runmorganrun.com Dan Morgan

    #3 is San Francisco

    • PacoBell

      Lombard Street, to be exact. Only roughly a mile of pavement to comb. If it hasn’t been found by now, I’d lose faith in humanity ;)

      • http://Website Stacey

        I’ll comb over the area after work. Be aware that there are plenty of places to hide in Lombard street with thee shrubs and stuff. Besides some people live there too.

        • chicojd

          I don’t think it’s on Lombard. I think they used that as a hint to where it’s going. I am guessing either Fog City Diner or Telegraph hill, based on where the first one was uncovered, on a pier in NYC.

  • http://Website Ben

    #6 would be Ballast Key, Florida.

    • http://twitter.com/velazcod velazcod

      hey ben, why Ballast Key ?

      - Droid X designate #6 spotted! This one is pretty far south. Head for the keys then work your way up.

      - Droid X designate #6 is in the southernmost part of the country. Unless you count Hawaii. Droid X counts everything.

      I would still say it’s one of the keys, though.

  • http://Website larry

    #4 is DC.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Droid X designate #4 has made it to the capital of the world. It has everything it needs here except a Metrocard.

      -sounds like NYC

      • http://Website Kenneth Pennington

        That’s DC. Capitol. Metrocard… it all makes sense.

        • http://twitter.com/velazcod velazcod

          it says capital of the world, not capital of the us..

          New York is considered the Capital of the world by some people.

        • http://Website Kid Twist

          In New York, you pay subway and bus fares using something called a Metrocard:

          • http://Website Kid Twist

            Also New York is called “Capital of the World” sometimes because the United Nations headquarters is here.

  • http://Website Ben

    #5 is probably Dallas

  • http://Website RobR

    Droid X designate #11 is known to be in big country.
    From that I’d say #11 is somewhere in Montana “Big (sky) Country”

  • http://Website RobR

    Workers here built the rocket that went to the moon. They might think Droid X designate #8 came back from there.

    The rocket that landed on the moon was built in the state of Alabama

    • http://Website brook

      more specifically Huntsville, Al

      • http://Website brook

        “Five days until Droid X designate #8 will be in a city built on steel. Droid X is built on 1Ghz processing power.”

        So, apparently, it’s going to be in Birmingham, AL. There is not a single rocket there, but hey, who’s keeping track?

  • http://Website RobR

    #13 is more precisely in New York City, New York

    • http://Website Santo

      I think #13 is NY, the state motto is “Excelsior” which means ever upwards I believe, #4 is in NYC, the HDMI state of mind (NY State of Mind, the Metrocard)

  • http://Website onlyever

    #11 is in Oklahoma City.
    Droid X designate #11 is near the Cowboy Hall of Fame. Waiting for induction into the smart phone Hall of Fame.
    The National Cowboy hall of fame is in Oklahoma City.

    Droid designate #11 is surfacing in a land-locked state. That is one powerful 1Ghz processor.

    Droid X designate #11 is known to be in big country. Good size for a 4.3” screen.

    I’m going with Oklahoma City.

  • http://Website drogba

    im gonna say # 20 is buffalo New york

    • http://Website drogba

      its # 5! my bad.

  • http://Website Arthur

    “Droid X designate #13 is going north. Its 8 megapixel camera can almost see Canada.”

    Since most of the locations seem to the larger cities, then #13′s city is most likely Buffalo.

    • http://Website Ishy

      I was thinking Seattle, although you can’t see Canada from Seattle but its a bigger city in my mind.

  • http://Website auggie mueller

    I swear number 16 is by patriotic rock near des Moines ia. If you search the clues. I am like 6 hrs from there

  • http://Website Sean Buchan

    #15 sounds like Denver, CO to me. It could be somewhere else, but not many major cities at elevation and next to the mountains.

  • http://Website Titty!

    Monkey see, Monkey do.
    T-Mobile does a twitter clue game, Verizon must follow.
    Must T-Mobile always do something first.
    Hehe .(:

    Shows who’s #1 (:

  • http://Website Kyle

    #8 more specifically is huntsville alabama

    we have nasa here

  • http://Website ryan

    seems like #6 would be in Ka Lae, Hawai’i. it’s literally the southernmost part of the United States, including (like the Droid does) Hawaii…

    • http://Website DroidGnome

      You would be correct Ryan, except for one little thing.. per the rules of the contest at Verizon’s site: “Open to legal residents of the 48 Contiguous United States and the District of Columbia”. I highly doubt they’d place a droid in a state where no one was eligible to win :)

      • http://Website ryan

        ahhhh good catch. then i guess it is Florida. then again, i’m in CA so i don’t really care haha. i’m hoping for one of these to drop somewhere in Southern California!

      • http://Website dragonithe

        So there won’t be one in hawaii?

        Too bad, it would really make my vacation even better.

  • http://Website VG

    For the hint to #5 if you google the clue you get: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dealey_Plaza

  • http://Website JAG

    Nice. But why not to make 50 X, that would cover the whole country.

  • http://Website Joeskie

    Hey all this might be a stupid place to bring something like this up but I’m desperate. does anyone know where I can get a walk through for rooting a nexus one running frf91. I have looked everywhere and I can’t find anything please help.

  • http://Website Justin

    #12 is probably in Cleveland, hence the “Droid X designate #12 rocks”

    • http://Website Sean Buchan

      That will be a hard one to find considering the city of Cleveland was destroyed in the post-LeBron riot.

  • http://Website geololj

    I hope one of the unknown locations is Greece :P

  • http://Website Derek

    #6 says its in the southernmost part of the us, unless you count hawaii, it then says droid x counts everything. So would it be key west florida, or hawaii since “droid X counts everything”.

  • http://Website Derek

    #13 is Albany, NY

    • http://Website Jx2

      Sorry, but it’s Buffalo. Buffalo is the 2nd largest city in the state of NY.

  • http://Website Barry

    The phones are IN TRANSIT! There is no reason to assume that these cities are their final destinations.

    Droid #18 for instance reports itself as being on Interstate 80 – which runs between Illinois and Iowa – and later says it’s NEAR the Mall of America.

    Clearly the phones’ locations are not “becoming more specific”. They are traveling. There’s simply no good reason to assume that #18 will be found in Bloomington, MN.

  • http://www.smokinggoatfarm.com Matt

    Has anyone else noticed that this page is breaking from time to time and showing plaintext, busted links, and newline characters?

    { “users”: {}, “#pagination”:”more”, “#timeline”:”

    1. \n \n \n \n Droid X designate #14 is capturing a Northern Cardinal with an 8 megapixel camera.\n \n \n \n 4:20 PM Jul 5th\n via HootSuite\n \n \n\n
    \n\n\n \n

    • http://Website Derek

      Thats just twitter’s servers. Several times a day twitter shuts down because its overloaded, etc.

      Hit the refresh button, it should go back to normal.

  • http://Website chris swan

    #2 Yuma AZ

    • http://Website Dave

      haha, i wish chris! If #2 is yuma, i’ll be in da car ready to roll. if not, i’m sure i’ll see ya in line at the vzw store. lol

  • http://Website Corey

    Droid #6 is most likely in Miami as it is the southernmost MAJOR city, IIRC. Not really logical to stick a Droid in the Keys.

  • http://Website Kevin

    #2 “by west coast”? as in west coast customs…. in Corona, CA?

  • http://crichton007.blogspot.com crichton007

    This was posted a few minutes ago and then removed:

    Droid Designate #4 has hit the docks in NYC! The evolution of the smart phone has taken a “Long Time” but it’s here. Right now. Need a map?

  • http://crichton007.blogspot.com crichton007

    Here it is:

    Droid hunters alert! If you are in NYC, go to N 40 45.173 W 74 00.599 to find Droid X designate #4

    AKA: 199 Bond St., New York, NY 10011

    Good luck whomever. I’m in CA today and have no way to get there in time.

    • http://crichton007.blogspot.com crichton007

      It was reported as found about 24 minutes pater. Better luck next time.

  • http://Website Jf79

    Yawn… Call me when one might be near portland, or.

  • http://crichton007.blogspot.com crichton007

    The pilgrims landed here. So has Droid X designate #20 and its 4.3″ screen.

    Looks like #20 is going to be in or around the Boston, MA area.

  • chicojd

    #20 appears to be near Plymouth Rock… Good luck easterners!

  • http://Website ty

    UPDATE THIS PAGE please.. #20 plymouth (mabye [HOPEFULLY] boston?)

    • http://Website jw

      “Droid X designate #20 is in a city where everybody knows its name. Or they will in 2 days.”

      Looks like Boston

      • http://Website dave

        yea, maybe near the Cheer’s bar! “where everybody knows your name” that’s in the theme song.

  • http://Website jw

    “In 3 days, Droid X designate #21 will be in a state that- Wait, it isn’t a state. That’s okay. Droid X isn’t just a phone.”

    #21 = DC

    • http://crichton007.blogspot.com crichton007

      With a 1Ghz processor Droid X designate #21 is a center of power. Good thing it will be in this city in 2 days.

      I think DC is it.

  • http://crichton007.blogspot.com crichton007

    Five days until Droid X designate #8 will be in a city built on steel. Droid X is built on 1Ghz processing power.

    #8 in Pittsburgh?

    Droid X designate #19 didn’t crack the bell in this city. But with a 1Ghz processor, it could have.

    #19 in Philadelphia?

    • http://crichton007.blogspot.com crichton007

      Droid X designate #19 is near the man who wrote “a stitch in time saves nine”. Try to find this phone in time.

      Most likely Philadelphia.

  • http://Website sjb

    #20 is in Boston, #19 is Philly, #21 is Washington D.C.

  • http://Website Jabrilli

    im thinking #21 is DC, its not a state, and its in the center of power, in 2 days

  • http://Website jwoolz48

    Attention Philadelphia Droid hunters! Droid X designate #19 is at coordinates N 39 57.488 W 75 10.351 now. You know what to do.

  • http://Website bilbravo

    #20 is definitely boston: what’s more famous here, beer or tea? Boston Tea Party, Boston Brewery (sam adam’s)

    • http://crichton007.blogspot.com crichton007

      19 has been found. Again, it was far to far away for me to get it. Here’s to hoping I’ll be near one of them when it is available.

  • http://Website nolapenguin

    #8 is in Birmingham, AL

  • http://Website Patrick

    Oh yeah, Droid X designate #17 is definitely in Cleveland! First modern traffic light was Garret Morgan. I live about 10 minutes from downtown. Any other hunters here?

    • http://Website Tony

      yeah im right near cleveland but what sucks is i will be out of town starting tomorrow so i have no chance!!!

  • http://Website Sean Doe-Simkins

    #18 is probably in Minneapolis, not Bloomington. The earlier tweet said near the Mall of America, not in it and the most recent one talks about the Twin Cities. Although, it could still be in the Mall: most locals consider the Mall to be in Minneapolis, not Bloomington. We’re weird like that.

  • http://Website Jack

    I think #11 is Montana. The other clues say that it is a land locked state, which Oklahoma is as well….BUT another clue states, “Droid X designate #11 is known to be in big country.” Montana is also known as the Big Sky Country state. Montana also has a Cowboy Hall of Fame.

  • http://Website Nan

    Droid X designate #2 will be capturing La La Land in 720p in 2 days.


  • http://Website Adrianne

    #7 is Seattle – Dr fraiser crane calls this city home

  • William

    I was involved in a scavenger hunt for the Verizon DroidX!! Unfortunately I didn’t make it in time…. just a few min short. DAMN traffic on Lake Shore Drive. I do have one complaint… the coordinates were OFF… no where near where the phone was.. SOB!! Apparently there were a few other people looking in the wrong place.


  • http://Website Ryan

    Looks like #6 will be in Orlando, FL and not as far south as previously thought.

    “Droid X designate #6 will be in a town with theme parks in 2 days. Where there are plenty of other androids.”

    Also another tweet said “start in the keys and head north” or something to that effect.

  • http://www.grandmasterb.com GrandmasterB

    #8 was found in Birmingham, AL at the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame.

    Denver and Seattle are next on the list for today. Hope there’s one close enough to my office here in Denver.