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Acer Stream launching August 3rd, exclusively available on Expansys

Acer is not new to the Android scene, but their upcoming Stream will definitely be the first Android phone which should capture the attention of the public. On the hardware side, the Acer Stream falls in line with phones like the HTC Desire and SONY Xperia X10 by offering a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 800 x 400 pixel 3.7 inch AMOLED display, 5MP camera with 720p video recording, HDMI connectivity, Dolby Digital surround sound, and FM radio all running on Android 2.1.

While other manufacturers are all creating their custom UI’s that enhance the Android experience, Acer has gone back to the drawing board and completely rethought what the Android user experience should look like. The Acer Stream will allow users to add widgets to their lockscreen, scroll through recent applications with a flick of a finger, access their notifications by categories, and change phone settings without having to dive into Android’s menu system.

We know, the changes described don’t sound too far off from what users can currently do with a handful of applications from the Android Market, but we’d suggest taking a quick peek at the video below to see what the Acer Stream has in store.

For now, the phone will be launching exclusively through Expansys on August 3rd for £399.99 (roughly $600), though we’d expect a few carriers in Britain and mainland Europe to add the Acer Stream to their lineups before summer is officially over.

Source: Expansys

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  • http://Website grellanl

    Custom interface, ugh. Sorry Acer, if you released sleek hardware with top specs (hint: proper internal storage to begin with), and left it plain vanilla Android with promises of an aggressive updating schedule, then it would b interesting. But not as it stands.

    Come to think of it, why are they even launching without Froyo?

    • http://alostpacket.com/ alostpacket

      You make a good point but as custom interfaces go it’s not half bad and looks pretty unobtrusive.

      • http://Website YetAnotherOther

        Unbotrusive, yes, and actually attractive in certain ways. But it is – again – something which will prevent me from updating to Froyo immediately rather than wait for 6-12 months for an OTA, by which time Froyo itself will be outdated. I can see huge sales for the first company which delivers a high-spec hardware phone with stock Android (preferably Froyo from launch), the UI acting simply as an app. That way the company is distinguished from competitors by their UI, but it does not prevent immediate Android updates. Can’t wait for such a company to bite the bullet. Or for a Nexus 2.

        • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

          Can’t agree more. The more handset makers making custom UI, the more I want to know how much it would cost to assemble a group of Android lovers and commission to build a limited run of super Android phone with the stock Android OS.

        • Nick Gray

          I’d like to point out that stock Android is no guarantee to quicker Android updates. Yes, there’s less work involved, but that does not mean Android updates will magically get ported to your stock phone. Android is not like a computer OS, it has to be custom build for every single device that it is installed on.

    • http://Website angermeans

      I agree not for me, but I can’t wait until the devs get a hold of it cause I would love to see the “Application History” ported to my Nexus One or Samsung Captivate

  • http://Website Ryan Kim

    Wow. That interface is simply amazing. Google should put some of those interface elements in Gingerbread!

  • http://Website UniqueNate88

    It seemed all over the place. It had good ideas though. Just needs to be cleaned up a bit. I like the creativity.

  • http://Website mike

    It just seems to uninteresting

    • http://Website john

      Much agreed!! I think there are getting to be too many UI’s you have Samsungs touchwiz, htc’s sense, motor blur, and basic android os. In a way kool but kinda wish someone would just take android and perfect it. Apple perfected the iPhone and I hate comparing the two. But I think that’s what sets them apart you can pick up 100 iPhones and feel at home but each android device is like a new car trying to find all the buttons and gadgets, kool yes, but make it an option not a requirement.

  • http://Website Mo Buksh

    Fantastic concepts in the design, some innovative forward thinking has gone into this.

    The only faults are the unattractive squareish widgets and the rough, underdeveloped implementation of coverflow on the image/video gallery. Fantastic beginnings to what is ‘building on what is there and making it more intuitive and featured’ thought process.

    I hope this gets refined (or even better, that we see this type of thought process going into Gingerbread considering the ease of use that is being brought across from the designer of WebOS).

    Matias Duarte, are you paying attention?

    Mo Buksh

  • http://Website Dragonithe

    This is really one hell of a concept, okay, it still needs some polishing and the stock android seems totally gone.
    But if this, or just some parts of it, could be implemented in a further android version, it would be awesome!

    But how would Dolby Digital surround sound work on a smartphone? a 5.1 headset?

  • http://Website Sinanovski

    Acer makes quality stuff. Their computers could be compared to those of sony and toshiba. So I really think that this will also be a top of the line product from them. Maybe not with the best software around, but im sure that the community will deal with that.

    • http://Website Kimbo

      Dude you sound like a G. A. F.. that stands for gay ass fag. Please dont leave comments on this web site again. Everyone know acer manufacturers really crapy computer related items such as : everything

      • http://Website Rick

        Ya. I got to agree with this guy kimbo. You do kind of sound like an inhuman, unnaturaly gay, specamin.

        • http://Website Spencer444

          Kimbo and rick, you two are the real scum of the internet… but atleasr your not a gay or stupid as that, shove-a-dickupmyassikowskie. God he is gay.

  • http://Website droidmaniac

    Blah. Not impressed at all… if this was to come to a major carried in the US like att or Verizon, would any buy it over the Droid X or the new Samsung vibrant? I think not unless it was free or cheap. I think the UI is cheesy and blah. The bar is set so high for android phones now. Nothing captivates me at all. Just my opinion though.

    • http://Website droidmaniac

      Sorry I got my phones mixed up a little its the Samsung captivate for att and the vibrant is T-Mobile but still lol. Acer or Samsung is like daewoo or Ferrari. (Car comparison) I guess its a good first step into a new world though.

  • http://Website Chancy

    I’m an Android fan but I have to say, this phone looks like crap.

  • http://Website Brad

    Not sure why all the negative comments. It looks like Acer is taking the UI to the natural next step. I though it looked impressive, adding many widgets I’d like to see on other UI’s. It appears a user can build what works best for them without Acer dictating.

    • Nick Gray

      I agree, the whole point of Android is the ability to completely customize the UI. While there are a lot of Android fans who simply want a stock Android UI, there’s an even larger group os Android users who are perfectly content with the custom UI’s from HTC, Samsung, and Motorola.

      Many of the features that HTC introduced with HTC Sense are now standard features in Android. I guess most Android purists don’t realize that many of the UI improvements in Android 2.1 and above were driven my innovation from other manufacturer’s custom UIs.

    • http://pro-thoughts.blogspot.com/ vkelman

      It looks like Windows Phone 7 rather than Android with inconsistent overly graphical interface, much more complicated than a simple logical and user-friendly interface of a stock Android (Froyo).

  • http://www.technologyblogged.com Jakk

    I for one think the new Acer Stream looks great for a company who released the steaming pile of dirt called the Liquid not long ago. Of course it isn’t eye candy like the HTC Legend is, but it certainly is a significant improvement!

    As for the 3D UI I think it looks interesting and personally like the thought of people being able to fully customise their device without Acer dictating or ‘shoving’ you in their own preferred direction, like some companies do.

    @ Nick Gray – Agreed on the whole 2.1 innovation passed through from other manufacturers custom UIs.