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Android 2.2 rollout for HTC Desire to start tomorrow?

It seems as though all anyone is talking about these days is Froyo.  Currently the only phone to have received the Android 2.2 update is the Nexus One, but if Mark Moons (HTC Benelux Director) is to be believed, HTC will start rolling out the new update to the HTC Desire starting tomorrow.  The fact that HTC is working on a Froyo build for the HTC Desire comes as no surprise to anyone, but you can probably agree with us that the timeframe for the new OTA system update is a little jaw dropping.

As you might remember, HTC took nearly 5 months to roll out their Android 2.1 update to the HTC Hero.  HTC did state that the Android 2.2 build would be hitting HTC devices by year’s end, but most of us expected a release date towards the end of September. We’re waiting to hear back from our contacts at HTC, hoping that they can officially confirm Mark Moons’ tweet.  Anyone else a little shocked that the rollout is coming so soon?

UPDATE: Right before we hit the publish button, we hear back from HTC.  It looks like Mark’s Twitter announcement came a little early, but we could see the Android 2.2 rollout “possibly as early as tomorrow, but some things still need to be checked before we can confirm a specific day.”  The fact that HTC is on track to roll out the update so soon should silence quite a few people who have been complaining about HTC Sense and the additional time it takes to develop the custom UI on top of the new Android build.

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  • http://Website Anson

    The Desire has almost exactly the same hardware as the Nexus One, so it’s not really surprising that it hasn’t taken long to develop this. The only thing slowing down development is likely their lame UI cruft that they slap on top of Android.

    • Nick Gray

      True, HTC Sense probably added a little extra development time for the HTC Desire, but keep in mind that Google’s final Android 2.2 build for the Nexus One was not even release a month ago. Yes, it’s an extra month, but those of us who like HTC Sense will be more than pleased.

  • http://Website Simon Mickle

    Goed dats boss news dat

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

    I’m guessing that companies are more familiar with the process now, and that Google made things easier by restructuring Android code. Enjoy 2.2 guys!

  • http://Website edge

    Wow, and I just installed cyanogen6 rc1 on my desire and it works perfect

  • http://Website Darren

    I think we’re lucky to be getting any sort of update within a timeframe that they have said. HTC so far has been the only company I know to have updated a phone from 1.5 or 1.6 to 2.x and that is with their Sense UI on top of it. Looking forward to waking up and seeing that notification

    • Nick Gray

      Actually, Samsung was the first to rollout an Android 2.1 update for the Galaxy Spica nearly a month and a half before HTC did.

  • http://flashbynight.com mook

    Such excellent news.

  • http://Website stb101

    Herd this news of a friend that works for t-mobile UK, earlier this week and I said I won’t hold my breath, after the Hero mess.

    Bit now I’m very excited as I didn’t think I’d see the update till late August at the earliest.

    Apparently the update will come in the form of two text messages just like the 2.1 hero did, and not the single update system the g1 used.

    Woo how froyo :)

  • http://Website Ross

    Are these upgrades carrier specific, or will anyone with an HTC Desire get the update (download it from HTC’s website maybe?). I ask because the HTC Desire is going to be out very soon in Canada and I’d love to able to update to Froyo right away :)

    • Nick Gray

      To my knowledge, HTC typically only rolls out the updates to the unlocked versions on their phones. Any phone with a carrier specific build will be rolled out by the carrier and will most likely be a few weeks after HTC starts their rollout.

  • PatrickHuey

    What about the mytouch update? I dont want tp wait any longer

  • http://Website Paul

    Lets hope the video recording is updated to 720p & the sound quality is improved, & the camera could do with improving then this is the best Android phone u can buy.

  • http://Website jeroen

    Great, but is this world wide or just US. Really cooking forward to it.

    • Nick Gray

      The HTC Desire update will most likely hit Europe and Asia first and then trickle out to other markets that sell the phone.

  • http://www.androidfaq.net Marcus

    I am so happy to hear that, i’ll push the Update Button once an hour :-)

  • Rick Stuivenberg

    About that update in this article, let leave sense out of Android..

  • http://Website JGarrido

    “If a tree falls in a forest…”

    Seriously though, what US carrier actually carries this phone? I only ever read about and see it on Android blogs. Not that the Nexus One is no longer available for public purchase in the US, it’d be nice to know this will take it’s place, and even be available in retail stores.

  • http://Website Vladimir

    I haven’t received update for Desire today and i was hitting update button like crazy :D Oh well, still waiting, hoping :D

  • http://Website Ashlee

    Hi guys, I’m in South Africa and it’s the 30th of July 2010 and no update as well :( The question now is, do I wait for the update or do I load a customer 2.2 rom?

  • http://Website cbl

    Wait a few days, could be out tomorrow or till the end of the week :)

  • http://Website dubal72

    Just got Android 2.2/froyo update, still checking it out but so far It’s faster, 720p video recording and flashlight app all included

  • http://Website Penthane

    Got it too. Now it’s waiting for the program makers to implement APP 2 SD, cause most programs do not support this yet and it’s the most important thing in Froyo (at least to me it is).

  • http://Website Andrew

    Hey Telus where is our update why so long?