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Android boosts HTC profits by 33 percent in Q2

HTC’s numbers for the second quarter have just rolled in and it looks like the leading manufacturer for Android is doing quite well.  Profits for the second quarter were up 33 percent from last year, with net income of $268 million on $1.88 billion in revenue.

In the last five trading days, HTC shares have risen 20 percent.

While it’s nice to see the huge increase in profits, we’re pretty sure that HTC is also stoked with the $1.88 billion number as well since it is the highest quarterly revenue number HTC has ever posted.  HTC hasn’t broken down their revenue by mobile platform, but we are pretty certain that Android accounts for the majority of HTC’s revenue and profit increases.

A year ago, HTC only had thee Android phones under its belt (HTC Dream, Magic, and Hero).  Today, HTC boasts a lineup of over a dozen Android powered devices, many of which are loaded up with some of the most cutting edge technology available.

The extra cash should definitely be enough to fund quite a few more innovations in HTC’s upcoming phones.  Suddenly, those rumors of HTC handsets with mind-bending specs don’t seem so far out of reach.

Via: HTC Source

Source: Wall Street Journal

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  • http://Website TheLight

    This is just beginning..when T-mobile and AT&T get their flagship devices(soon) their will be no competition! Lets go Android and I bet the trolls are eating their words right about now…lol..

  • http://Website Motaz

    I wonder from where wp7 will cut his share of the cake..