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Barnes and Noble to release an Android eReader application “very soon”

Well, well…what have we here?

I’ve just received an email from Barnes and Noble asking me to (for a limited time only) start my eReader collection for free by downloading several books from their classic collection. This, of course, is not news in and of itself, but upon scrolling down to the bottom of the email, I had confirmed what I had been suspecting for a few weeks now: Barnes and Noble will soon be releasing an eReader app for the Android platform.

Looks like I was right when I said summer 2010 would be known as the year of the eReader application. The Barnes and Noble eReader application will be joining the recently released Amazon Kindle, Borders, and Kobo eReader applications that have all been released in the last several weeks.

I for one am very excited about the prospect of having every type of eBook I could possibly want right on my Android device. Where I think this will really benefit Android users in the future is when the 10″ Android tablets start to hit the market en masse. I know this is enough to get me to hold out for a tablet rather than spring for a Nook or a Kindle.

So readers, are you as excited as I am about the plethora of choices now available for Android? Let us know in the comments.

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  • http://Website Karen Horn

    This app should have been available eons ago. The Nook is run of android, so you would have thought the android app would have come first. As a person who is both an avid reader and tech obsessed. I’d still have to say go for the e-reader if you read a lot. It’s MUCH easier on the eyes and with a tablet/pc/phone I tend to get distracted from my reading and keep checking emails, FB, etc.

  • http://Website jonathan

    This app will come out, and I will definitely grab it as soon as I can. This is the one app I really want since I am not on a captivate and not my iPhone 4 I had.

    On an unrelated note, currently barnes and noble is offering their classic editions that you can find in the store on the web.

    Check out bn.com/freelibrary

  • http://Website ari-free

    I think amazon/BN have realized, after starting the e-reading sensation, that it is now wise to stay out of the hardware field since they won’t have to deal with the leapfrogging competition. Just come out with an ereader app and sell books!

  • http://andcast.thenetcasts.com Ryo

    I hope that the B&N eReader can be used for non-drm epubs and PDF. And I mean files not from B&N.
    The problem is: The best eReader by far is Aldiko. But no ePub-DRM. For Kindle books I have the Kindle-app, for Kobo I have the Kobo app, both of them are not capable of reading files not acquired by their own services., So I have 3 eReaders now which uses about 8MB of space (without books) way too much. Memory is so precious, I don’t want a special app for every store.

    The one who brings a universal reader for their own stuff AND non-ePub & other non-protected formats will win and remains the only app on my device. I don’t have enough free memory for company arrogance…

  • http://Website John Perkins

    I’m really hoping that their app somehow syncs with the Nook. That’s the one feature that the Kindle has over the Nook for me.

    Right now I’m very happy with Aldiko, and can’t think of any good reason to switch to the B&N app if it doesn’t offer syncing. I strip the DRM off of all my books anyway, just to make sure I have a good backup, so I don’t necessarily need a different reader for the different stores. All I want is a way to read from the Nook and somehow push what page I’m on to my phone and back again.