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comScore: Android’s market share continues to rapidly expand

With over 160,000 new Android activations every day, it comes as no surprise that Android continues to take market share away from other mobile platforms. The latest comScore report shows that Android now accounts for 13 percent of all smartphones in the U.S., a 4 percent jump since February.

Most smartphone platforms continue to gain subscribers as the overall smartphone market continues to grow, but Google’s Android was the only platform that saw its percentage of the market grow while others declined.

ComScore also reports that 49.1 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones, which translate into around 6.4 million Android handsets. With phones on every carrier and dozens of new launches coming in the second half of the year, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Android pass up Apple by the end of 2010.

comScore report

The latest report from comScore.

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  • http://Website Phil

    Nice!!! I can’t wait to see this hit some neutral sites like Engadget to see what the iFools have to say. Android is chewing up and spitting out EVERYBODY with two more major phones about to be released….one across all carriers. And any dev planning to continue to ignore Android is a complete and utter idiot.

  • http://Website Paul Teale

    Symbian? Hello? Why do people keep leaving on off these lists, it still has the largest market share of the mobile market and should be top of this list.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      This is a report for the United States. Symbian is not very popular here.

      • http://Website Kek

        As for the rest of the world, people buy symbian cause the don’t see anything beside it, also I don’t remember symbian getting to smartphone performance…

  • http://Website Nick Gray

    Just a quick note, the 4 is the number of percentage point change between time periods. The actual growth percentage for Android between February and May was 44% which is a much more impressive number.

    I completely agree that Android has huge potential for growth within the next six months, but I highly doubt that we will be able to overcome Apple that quickly. The fact that we are catching up to the iPhone’s market share clearly indicates that the market is shifting in Android’s direction, but unless Samsung sells the crap out of their Galaxy S line, it’ll be at least another year before Android accounts for roughly 20% of the smartphone market share in the U.S. market.

  • http://Website SOE

    Nice and very true about android but let’s be careful here and pray apple doesn’t beat android to it. I am talking about the rest of the world. Just like like soccer is bigger than basketball or any of the american sports in the world so there is even more growth if google takes advantage of Nokia’s suicides. Google its time to open up the android paid apps to the whole world and just see how much growth android will grow. There r ppl (like me) who have given up Nokia for Android only to meet backs turned. Yes unless u r in certain developed countries u will never see paid android apps neither the best apps coz most of them cost money. Open the market up and dont give limited alternatives coz they r LIMITED!!!! The lion (Nokia) is wounded arise with ur partners and take on these orphaned ex-nokia users who r hungry for lunch with the green droid coz he gives openness, freedom(?) to chose and is innovative (thanks nexus one). Another thing is maybe Google should help the hardware makers with the re-cooking of Froyo (HTC) so it doesn’t take eternity to have the latest firmware or just give us the option to install vanilla till u r ready with ur customization (Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!) Ok enough but consider this oh google. ANDROID, ANDROID, ANDROID forward ever, backwards never!

    • http://Website Kek

      Agreed, if there is a time to take nokia down then its now, their software side is dropping and the hardware is going crazy, get a big screen cheap phone here and nokia is dead.

  • http://Website Kevin

    I think it all depends on how much Verizon and TMobile want to sell their Android smartphones for. Right now TMo wants about $150 + 2yr contract for the Vibrant. If they get that below $100 or even $50 I could see Android overtaking iPhone by the end of the year. No one wants to spend a ton of money on a smartphone with the bad economy.

    • http://Website Cat

      I found lots of used Android models on craig’s list, much less expensive than the newest phones, but they still have plenty of life in them. My first android was a used G1 I bought for $75 in January. I was leaving Sprint and looking for a GSM carrier for more freedom in phone choices, and I wanted to try out the Androids. I went into TMo and got a no-contract service plan for my G1, no questions or objections from TMo. They activated my service, gave me my SIM card, I put it in the phone, and everything worked fine. Then I found a used MyTouch 3G on craig’s list for $130, so I got it and moved my SIM card to the ‘new’ phone, no issues. Two months ago, I went to TMo and bought the newer MyTouch 3G with the stereo headphone jack. I’ve also picked up two more used MyTouch3Gs for the kids ($100 & $150- different sellers), and hubby has my original. All we had to do was add everyone to the existing plan and get everyone activated SIM cards. Used Android’s still have lots of life in them. I rooted and put cyanogenmod’s roms on all our phones, even the old G1, so we’re now up to 2.1 (I haven’t ventured into the 2.2 one, yet). I’ve also helped setup a few friends this past year with their own G1s and MyTouch phones, helped them find them used and affordable, directed them to TMo for service, then taught them how to use their phones. One was a previous Blackberry user, another was new to smartphones and thought he had to have an iPhone until I showed him Android. Both are very happy with their phones and are amazed by what they’re phones can do. I’ll continue to recommend Androids to everyone I know, and I’ll help them find Android phones in their price range as long as TMo keep offering service plans without the need to buy a phone from them. I think most carriers care more about getting subscribers, phones are just the bait.