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CyanogenMod 6 breaths new life into the aging T-Mobile G1

CyanogenMod 6 has finally landed, giving the HTC Magic and Dream a taste of Froyo. While a few other ROM developers have been releasing some of their beta builds on Android 2.2 for the two phones, the CyanogenMod team is the first to deliver a nearly perfect build to the public. For those already running on Cyanogen’s Eclair build, the update to Froyo is pretty seamless, but you may need to wipe your phone in order for everything to install properly.

Earlier this afternoon, we gave the newest build a try and can say that it’s a great first build. We did run into a few issues with various apps not downloading properly from the Android Market and have had our G1 freeze and restart a few times as well. However, we can say that CM6 is definitely faster than CM5 thanks to the new JIT compiler from Froyo. While there are a few things that still need to be ironed out, the team behind CyanogenMod have released a great ROM which is definitely ready for day to day use for people who simply have to have the latest build of Android running on their phone.

Source: CyanogenMod

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  • Alan Reboli

    Currently running it now. This has a better feel than 2.1 and it feels great. The glitches are minor for me, but tragic for others. Ex: no apps2ext as of yet.

    • Alan Reboli

      Also you can connect a bluetooth mouse to your phone. Brix were shat.

      • http://Website B

        Is it really that big a deal connecting a mouse to your phone?

      • http://asurroca.com asurroca

        Bluetooth mouse seems kind of a novelty, but if you could get a Bluetooth keyboard working that would be awesome!

      • Alan Reboli

        Completely a novelty. No real functionality but it’s still pretty awesome. I think if a mouse will work, a keyboard should work just the same! :)

  • http://Website irving

    The apps2sd that was found on older Cyanogen versions is not on this on. They said they hope to have it working on the next version. This caused a few problems for my apps that were installed. They did not appear in my market downloads.

    • http://Website comm3000

      If you call ability to install/move apps on SD and run them from SD instead of int memory “apps2sd”, CM6 has it. And it works. I have it on my G1.
      And I did not found it too much faster then CM5 (2.1). May be it’s just my phone…

      • http://asurroca.com asurroca

        External app installs seems to be working fine, and it’s nice not to have to jump through the minor hoops required to get apps2sd working on CM5. I did notice some wonky behavior with my apps, which I guess could be related to external installs…Twitter, for example, randomly loses all sync data and has to be re-synced. Stuff like that…

      • http://Website Daniel

        CM6 has Android 2.2′s SD installation support, but no Apps2SD (the old hack). This is a big deal for G1 users, because we need to move as much out of the device as possible (including the Dalvik cache), not just apps that declare themselves as installable on the SD.

  • coyotejbob

    I have been running CM 6 now all morning. Once you get past the boot loop it starts to smooth out. There is an option to install the apps externally that seems to be working so far. Market has some issues but once you get all your toys installed it has been fun.

  • http://Website G

    Great work from cyanogenmod team but I disagree about the JIT comments. I didn’t notice any speed difference at all with JIT enabled. In fact, linpack scored lower with it enabled than disabled, but not by much. So much for that supposed 450% increase in performance..

    • http://Website TheBigCheese

      The JIT compiler is not an overall speed increase. Basically what it does is compile the application on the fly, so code that is repeatedly called (such as a video, game screen, or a list view) should be much faster. What it probably won’t affect is app loading speeds.

  • coyotejbob

    On a little farther testing. It seems to only allow some of my receiving texts to come through. Oh well its early still love the cyanogen!

    • ER

      “love the cyanogen!”
      I chuckle to myself as I remember discussing smartphones with my not so techie friend. Someone told her to just by an iPhone if she wants to be on AT&T, but she replied “but I love the android!”

      • coyotejbob

        Ya got a little out of hand there. You know what I meant. Oh new test. dealing with USB. Some widgets and apps disappeared after unmounting from the computer (yes all the proper ways) good luck.

    • http://Website Hmm

      I’m experiencing this, too. Apparently SMS don’t come through if you’re low on space, which is really easy to do since CM6 doesn’t support Apps2SD. >:[ I feel like Cyanogen doesn’t really care about G1 users anymore. It’s super slow and unresponsive, and he just dismisses things and says it works fine with no swap or anything. Is there a better ROM that’s only specialized for G1s?

  • http://Website Daniel

    Note, though, that the JIT is not enabled by default for the G1, and its use is not recommended either. The memory overhead of JITting, even if small when compared to most other VMs, is just too much for a device with so little RAM. The overall performance improvement apparently comes from various minor improvements in 2.2, according to Cyanogen himself.


  • http://Website joey

    why does cyanogen still use the damn rounded corner notification bar, UGLY!

  • http://www.austinpickett.com Austin Pickett

    =[ I’m sad that I broke my beloved G1

  • http://tonybullard.com Tony Bullard

    This is a horribly written article.

    First, this is not CM6. It’s the very first Release Candidate, so it’s not finished.

    Second, you don’t even link to the ROM the article is about.

    • http://Website Kenny

      Nobody cares!!!!!!

    • http://Website Daniel

      Also they mention the JIT, which more often than not makes the G1 slower, not faster.

  • http://Website Jimmy13

    I want to try it so stinking bad but I just gone done with testing 5.0.7 and 5.0.8 all the way up and I just got it perfect like 2 weeks ago… I think I may wait til a stable build shows this time. Not that I don’t love new builds. Just not ready for the roller coaster just yet again. Who knows though give it a day or so and I may be down the testing rabbit hole again.

  • http://twitter.com/reignzone Reignzone

    I’d like to know if this version would be appropriate for FINALLY upgrading my mother’s G1 to something much more useful than Android 1.6!

    Any insight? Whether you’d suggest it or NOT…

    • http://Website Daniel

      Don’t do it. At least wait for the stable version, especially on the G1.

      Unlike what they claimed, CM6 hasn’t landed, this is still an unstable release.

  • http://Website Matt

    What wallpaper is that?

  • http://Website rod parish

    anybody else running into alot of FC and today ppl could not hear me on the phone had to reboot. but it is just the first Release Candidate.

  • http://Website james

    i am have issue with the video cam feature on 5.08, 6 rc1, 6 rc2. i find that 5.0.7 is the only version that the video feature does not have a problem with.