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Dell fumbles U.S. launch of first Android device

If you want to witness one of the most epic fail Android launches this year, look no further than the Dell Streak. The phone excited us when it was first revealed back in October 2009, but here we sit nearly eight months later and there is still no sign of an official release date or price.

We expected the Dell Streak to go on sale today, but the launch has been delayed. Dell now expects the Streak to go on sale “later this summer”. The phone’s pre-sale page had promised a release by the end of July, but the text has been updated to “soon”.

Things got more confusing when Dell temporarily posted the pricing for the Streak and then removed their blog post. When the post was live, it announced the Dell Streak would be available for $299 with new two-year AT&T contract or $549 without.

The blog post Dell removed.

AT&T currently has a promo page for the Dell Aero on their site, but there is no mention of the Streak anywhere. At this time we are unsure if AT&T will offer their full support for the device or just allow it to exist much like their response to Google’s Nexus One.

Speaking of the Nexus One, Google already admitted that the direct distribution method failed when they closed their online store earlier this year. Dell has more experience at direct sales, but no Android phone has sold well unless it was tied with a carrier.

Finally, the biggest thing holding the Streak back is its quirky UI running on Android 1.6. I’m still having a hard time believing Dell would launch this new device with a firmware that was released last year, but it looks unavoidable. We thought maybe Dell had delayed the phone to upgrade the operating system, but a company spokesman confirmed to PCMag.com that the Streak “will in fact still launch with Android 1.6″.

I really wanted to like the Dell Streak and if it came out last summer I might have purchased one. At this point, the phone has been surpassed in performance by new models from Motorola and Samsung and the outdated software really is an eye sore.

Now we wait to see what Dell does next, but with every day that passes – more sales are lost.

Dude, are you getting a Dell?

Via: PCMag

Source: Computer World

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  • http://AndroidSWAG.com Adroidian

    I was really excited about this phone last year if had released in any sort of timely manner it could have been a contender now it is a lame duck.

    come on Dell get it together!

    • elijahblake

      Do you guys not see a trend? I blame AT&T for all these flop releases. Look at the Captivate it was listed at $349 and some people bought it for this price 3-4 days before the release date. Then by release date the price was jacked up to $499.. None of the employees hardly even knew anything about the captivate.

      The iphone4 had it’s release issues..

      The Dell Aero was supposed to be out a WHILE back…

      which phone HAS AT&T successfully launched with no issues?

  • http://Website Byron

    Why does this happen? It happened with the x10.

  • Rubbinz

    Not to mention the Streak doesn’t know what it is.

    Is it a phone? No, it’s too big. Seriously, look at some idiot holding that thing to their face. Is it a tablet? No, it’s too small to be a tablet. Especially at a price of $549, $50 more than the iPad which is bigger.

    • http://Website John

      Unless Steve Jobs pulled a mic and antenna out of his ass, I wasn’t aware that tampon could make phone calls

      • Rubbinz

        That’s what phones are for. Not tablets. I already own a Nexus One, I’m looking for a tablet that would actually contended with the ipad running Android that could match it feature and price. Not a confused, late, and out dated overpriced device.

        • http://Website firethorn

          Well, look. Imagine for a moment you didn’t already have a N1 or another full touchscreen smartphone. Now, suppose you actually use a mobile device for internet browsing more than for telephony but you want something that still fits into your pockets so you can always have it with you.
          Sure, you could go for a Nexus/Desire/Droid etc. again (or hell, even an iPhone if you really feel like it…) and make do with a small to medium sized screen – or you could pick up something a tad larger. Like an Evo, DroidX or… the Streak.

          See how this might not be the perfect device for *you*, but conceivably for someone else with a different usage profile? Yup, that is why the concept of the Streak is very much viable; and also why the way it has been handled (outdated OS version, no USB port, botched launch date) is so much more of a disappointment.

          I for one am hoping that this kind of in-betweener device will be attempted again more successfully in the future. YMMV ofc…

          • http://Website Paul

            The 4″ screen on the Galaxy S phones might be the perfect size, though the 4.3″ screens on the EVO 4G and Droid X are still very usable and pocketable. But 5″? That’s simply too large. And if it’s running on an ancient OS, I can’t see why anyone in their right mind would buy it. It’s not a high-end Android superphone, even though it has a comically large screen.

  • http://Website Not Impressed

    Seriously, f*ck this device (Excuse my cursing). Dell keeps holding back. How do you expect to garner attention and buyers’ interest if you cannot set a price point and a release date. They should have had everything in place way before now. About 8 months ago. Maybe they don’t even have enough units. Too bad for them because by the time they release this device, I’m sure another manufacturer would have come out with a device that not only has a better hardware but Android 2.2 or the latest.

    • http://Website ari-free

      They won’t be holding back with the Dell Flash. Made of curved glass, it should convert even the most diehard iPhone fans in San Francisco!

      • http://Website Ryan McKay

        Unless it doesn’t launch until WAY after gingerbread is out.

      • http://Website msgnyc

        depends on when it releases. Seeing how things are going with the Streak and Aero, I don’t expect it anytime in the near future.
        Maybe when we’re all on 3.5 (yes, Not even 3.0) Dell will release it with Froyo. lol

  • http://Website nate

    In my opinion dell is just dancing around the fact that they want to compete with the ipad so they should just scrap the 5 inch one and just release one with a 10 inch screen, froyo and that dual core processor promised by qualcom

  • http://Website Paydrow

    Way too little, much too late. I wouldnt even get this if it was $200 off contract. It just doesnt please. This is a complete failure.

  • http://Website Tito!

    And then no T-mobile support. Why Dell, why? :[
    Horrible, I was really excited for this 5″ beast of a monster .

  • http://Website Phil

    Waaaay back when this was the phone I wanted to have because of the screen size. They have totally screwed this up and need to to back to the drawing board to compete. Dell needs to get some better software engineers in house.

    Lesson learned. Don’t get excited about phones that make rather official appearances early (thinking about you Mr. Dell showing off the phone). Just follow the ones that leak lol.

  • http://Website Simon

    This phone reminds me of the SE Xperia 10… took them so long to make the product, pple just got bored of it, so many fumbles!

  • http://Website waazzupppp

    Can anyone say, “$99 no contract with WiFi access onboard”?

    Dell won’t sell one of these beasts at $500+ off contract when you can get newer hardware in devices with screen sizes rivaling this one. It is all about what will this do that my old one can’t. Dell, last year, this was hot. Now, it would be a $500 paperweight.

  • http://Website Bob

    My guess is this is going to be sold for 400 dollars off contract and 150 dollars on contract.

  • http://Website Ryan

    Long live Samsung.g galaxy s series

  • http://Website Eddie

    Its been selling in UK for a while now, Strange they are holding it back across atlantic ?


  • http://Website Mark

    Maybe this will see a US launch with 2.2 then, which should please some. It is not like this is vapour ware … I could go into a shop in the UK and buy one today if I was so inclined. I am sure they have their reasons and we will likely hear something more about why the device launch has been set back (assuming they hire any PR staff at Dell US).

  • http://colinscroggins.com Colin Scroggins

    No T-Mobile, no 2.2. I am sitting this one out.

  • http://Website Mast3rShake

    I know 4.3 inches isn’t 5 inches, but the Droid X has a large screen, is already out now, and will soon have 2.2. A phone coming out in another month or two that is a tad bit bigger running 1.6 has no chance of selling or surviving. This phone needed to come out in the past 6 months before Verizon’s second crop of Droids, not within the next 6 months with the new Droid lines being established. This is an absolute epic fail on Dell’s part.

  • http://Website lamentedlemons

    Isn’t Dell working on a new compter? one that runs Windows 98.

    what’s up with the 1.6 thing? why stop there? why not go all the way back to 1.0?

    does Google really not have a cutoff point?

  • http://Website Wade

    Maybe they just realized that this device is too big to be a phone, and too small to be a tablet. RESET! Seriously, the Droid X is a big phone, and the Streak makes it look tiny.

  • http://Website Katiepea

    Delayed or not, this device would only survive if froyo was in it’s future, Dell should save face and scrap out all together, the won’t sell a thousand of these things.

  • http://Website Ian

    I’m in the UK, and I am very happy with the Dell streak, this side of the pond the issue we have (besides the lack of 2.2) is the accessory price. I can understand that they prob want to launch in US on 2.2/2.1, which maybe means they are further than they thought they would be, BUT the heading is correct … they really have fumbled!

  • http://Website Steven

    Not surprised at all, they’ve been dropping the ball for years. Used to be #1 in worldwide PC sales, now they’re #3.

  • http://www.twitter.com/dalex7777 dalex7777

    Now the latest, Engadget reports that AT&T is actually blocking calls and data on the beta devices that were used for testing.

    Are Dell and AT&T having some kind of falling out?

    Whatever it is, it’s leaving the Streak in the lurch.

    Personally, I think it’s too late for Dell to release this device with Android 1.6 Donut. It makes no sense (no pun intended). They should take their time, put Android 2.1/2.2 on it and release it as an awesome, premier Android-based Internet experience.

  • http://Website Optimaximal

    Apparently, they’ve got 2.1 on the way, with 2.2 before the end of the year.

    Also, iPad-esque jokes aside, it’s not designed as a ‘hold by your ear’ phone, rather pairing with a bluetooth handset.

  • http://Website Richard

    They lost me i bought a captivate a few days ago even though previously I was anticipating this phones release. Then i just thought screw it and went and said whats the best phone you got and he sold me this. I enjoy it very much.