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Droid 2 leaks begin to intensify

Motorola’s Android lineup has a history of heavy leaks and the Droid 2 is no exception. We already went hands-on with the device and pegged it for an August 23rd release and now new leaks from Droid-Life and Engadget confirm earlier details.

On the outside, the Droid 2 looks almost exactly like the original Droid. The top bevel has been updated to a metal silver finish and the touch buttons have been rearranged, but other than those minor details the two models are near identical twins.

The real upgrades to the Droid 2 are found on the inside, where Motorola is using the same 1 GHz processor found in the Droid X. Other enhancements include 512 MB RAM (2x the original Droid) and 8 GB of internal storage.

The Droid 2 also features the same name-less Motoblur UI that is found on the Droid X. Users are no longer required to sign in to a Motoblur account, but all the social networking options of the first Blur have been ported over.

We know the hardware has been finalized and the current rumor is Verizon moved the launch date to August so the Droid 2 could launch with Android 2.2. It still sounds feasible, but current test units of the Droid 2 are still running Android 2.1. Motorola doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to meeting deadlines on software updates, so there is always the chance the launch date could be moved again or the device will launch with Android 2.1.

Expect the Droid 2 to be $199 with a new 2-year contract, just like the Droid X.

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  • dzitran

    Let the Android stampede keep rolling!!! 2010 has been a great year.

  • http://Website nate

    Looks like a cool phone unfortunitelly it’ll be a piece of shit due to the efuse

  • http://Website Elitebattlefield

    Well it looks like Verizon has finally got their shit together. Now Motorola please, do the Droid 2 justice and stop being cheat asses. Give it the Hummingbird processor and 2nd gen graphics chip like the one found in the Galaxy series.

    That’s an upgrade.

    • http://Website Hans

      Isn’t the Hummingbird exclusive to Samsung?

  • http://Website noctis

    would it be wise to pick up the new Droid2 when it comes out for wait for some of the smartphones coming out in 2011? Sorry if its a kind of vague question.

  • http://Website Johnson

    Why not vanilla android!?! I hate seeing all these phones I want getting modified and it really puts me off getting them since I know updates will be slow and potentially the software experience not as good. It’s stopped me getting the samsung galaxy s and a few other phones now. I’m still waiting on a replacement for my G1 in the uk.

    • http://Website Jean Claude

      Just use launcher replacements like Launcherpro or ADW.

    • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

      What I don’t understand is, the Droid was so successful and no one complained about the stock Android OS and the lack of “Motoblur”. What made Motorola think that their loyal Droid users actually want their “mod” on the Droid 2?

    • http://Website Jason J

      I agree. I prefer my Droid BECAUSE there’s no blurry-sensey-windowmanagery stuff included. I prefer my Android to look like Android. I stopped buying Motorola phones because they sucked software wise. Last GOOD one I had was a StarTac. Every other Moto phone I purchased since the Tac has had horribly wonky software. PLEASE Motorola don’t make me buy HTC….they think they know what I want too…..and they’re also wrong.

  • http://Website Kay

    Unless I’m mistaken, Hummingbird was developed by Samsung. I’ll be surprised to see Samsung sell those processors to its competitors when they’re busy trying to establish themselves in the market as a top-of-the-line phone maker.

    • http://Website Daniel

      Why? The AMOLED screens used by HTC were by Samsung, too. They don’t mix the businesses. And of course, the use of Samsung processors means the phone will be a bit more expensive (due to an additional profit margin), and Samsung will make a buck out of it, to boot.

      In a somewhat similar position, the LCD screens used by Sony and Samsung come from the same company, S-LCD, a joint venture by them.

      • http://Website jornab

        Samsung has sold their AMOLED screens but as far as i have heard they are keeping the Super AMOLED screens to themselves for their galaxy series.

  • http://Website RRT2010

    Gotta love Verizon, can you at least once maybe get a good looking phone and one that does not look like a brick?

  • http://Website joey

    Why do they have to use motoblur. Wtf?! Stock android is the only way I’d buy a phone. Sad…

  • http://Website vincentarry


  • http://Website killer

    is this better or worse than the droid x i returned the original droid i got in the middle of june to wait for a newer phone so its either this or the droid x i dont care about a physical keyboiard ill use it if its there but it isnt a dealbreaker and i might rather have a thinner phone with a bigger screen.

  • http://Website Lucas

    At least this confirms I’ll be happy with my Droid 1 for a while. I don’t know of any other phones with stock UI on the horizon, and we know for a fact that Moto is going to keep churning out phones with a UI no one wants so we can’t count on them at all. Too bad the Nexus line is supposedly dead, I really really hope that Google always has at least one stock UI phone or I don’t know what I’ll end up going when my upgrade is here. Hopefully after 3.0 no one will feel the need for custom UIs anymore.

  • http://Website Hans

    Lame. Still has a 5MP camera? No HDMI out? Not much of an upgrade from the Droid. :/

    Btw,do all Motorola Androids use the gorilla glass as found on the Droid?

  • http://Website Matt

    I thought Google announced there would be updates once a year after gingerbread? If that’s true than all UI’s could be updated at the same time right?

  • http://Website Jacob

    Sigh. The reason I bought the DROID in the first place was because it ran vanilla android… I don’t fell this’ll be nearly as successful as its predecessor.

  • http://Website Darkseider

    Droid X = Fail due to completely locked down and encrypted bootloader

    Droid 2 = Fail due to same reasons as Droid X and it has that Motoblur not motoblur on it. It was supposed to launch with vanilla Froyo.

    Motorola has really screwed the pooch with their newest Droids. Just say no to Moto.

  • http://Website Andrew

    Does this mean they will still have the restriction of Gingerbread to 4″+?

    I don’t wanna buy this phone if it never has the possibility of getting 3.0