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Droid 2 rumor roundup: Android 2.2, August 12th launch, R2-D2?

The Droid 2 has had quite the busy day today — three independent leaks confirmed some old rumors and gave birth to a couple new ones.

The first rumor of the day came to us courtesy of Droid Life as one of their readers had a chance to go hands-on with the device this weekend. For the most part they came away with the same impressions we had based on our time with the device a month ago; the keyboard is much improved, the rest of the hardware feels nearly identical to the original Droid, and the new 1 GHz processor keeps things humming along nicely. The software is more of a mixed bag as the phone is now carrying Android 2.2 (as we heard it might), but it is also running the same skin as the Droid X and while we had heard that was going to be the case I know many were holding out hope that it might be jettisoned.

Rumor number 2 is a corroboration of the first rumor only with a more official ring to it as it comes with a spy shot of an internal Verizon database screen that was leaked to Phandroid. There are a number of shots, but they confirm nothing new beyond the fact that Android 2.2 is at the helm of the good ship Droid 2.

Interal screenshot of Verizon database showing Android 2.2 on Droid 2

Finally an Engadget tipster came up with two pretty interesting tidbits to round things out for the Droid 2 today. The first is a slightly accelerated release date of August 12th, we had previously heard the 23rd would be the big day. Droid X owners should note that this probably confirms their Android 2.2 update for mid-August. The second piece of this rumor is that a limited edition Droid 2 might be available with R2-D2 etched in white on the back of the phone. If anyone is bothered by the fact that they went with the astromech Droid over the protocol Droid for a phone you are not alone.

As we have pointed out in the past unless you are particularly desperate for a simple refresh of the original Droid (or perhaps if you have a serious R2-D2 obsession) then you might want to consider holding out a few extra months to see whether Motorola manages to deliver on their promises of a dual GHz and dual camera monster before the year is out.

Feel free to weigh in on the phone, but I think we’ve thoroughly hashed out the issue of whether you are or are not excited about it by now. On the other hand I think the prospect of limited edition Droids with Star Wars characters is entertaining — so if they really are going down that path which character do you want to see and what characteristics should the phone bearing their likeness have?

Via: Engadget

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  • http://Website andy

    Any boatloader news? I’m stilling holding out hope that it wont be encrypted. I love my Droid 1 and have been looking forward to a similar phone with a better processor.

  • http://Website andy

    Cz- I am now dumber after having read your comment

    • http://Website cz

      You sure it wasn’t before, you cant even write a propper sentence.

      • http://Website Gunslinger

        You did a great job with sentence structure and spelling as well.

        “You sure it wasn’t before, you cant even write a propper sentence.”

        “Are you sure it wasn’t before? You can’t even write a proper sentence.”


  • http://Website Jacob

    R2-D2 FTW!!!

  • DJ

    Do you feel better about yourself now that you’ve successfully insulted people for their choice of phone? I’d be embarrassed if I were you.

  • http://Website Guest

    I hope my question doesn’t sound dumb but what happened to that silver Droid 2 we saw the other day. I hate the ugly chrome on this one.

  • http://www.4leggedwear.com Susan

    WoW…it sounds like Droid X is for people who want a huge screen and NO physical keyboard, Droid 2 is for people that want Physical keyboard. I call it as a choice that Non-Apple Customers get.

  • http://Website Europe

    I hope they made some improvements to the keyboard, and that they will allow the bootlader unlocking. I mean, the kb wasn’t bad… but required a bit of practice.
    However I like the motorola droid design…:-O

    Finally, I want this device in Europe… ?Motorola Stonehenge?

  • http://Website Allen

    Dont talk about me too bad but what would the R2-D2 stand for

  • http://Website Matt

    My only concern is where my Droid 1 2.2 update is…

  • http://Website massive stapler

    R2 makes waaaaay more sense than 3PO on that device. R2 saved the day every 15 minutes or so with some crazy gadget hidden away inside of him. 3PO barely did more than get in the way.

  • http://Website ryan

    allen. R2-D2 from STARWARS!?!?!?! those movies came out years before i was born (at least episodes IV, V, VI) lol. he is the little blue and white “droid” that rode in the back of Luke’s X-Wing. Which i just realized would be cool on the back of the droidX, an image of the xwing with r2 in the back LOL