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DROID Incredible gets cozy with in-dash car monitor

When most of us think of Android, we think about the millions of things our little robot friend helps us do while on the go.  Sadly, the little green robot’s powers are easily forgotten every time we get into our cars.  We may pull out our Android phone to check a text message or send out a quick Tweet while waiting at a stoplight, but is that the way our Android phone is really meant to be used while driving?

Fortunately, yellowbrothersf has posted a YouTube video, showing us what Android is really capable of when used properly in a car.  With two cable adapters, he was able to take advantage of the DROID Incredible’s TV-out capabilities and connect his Android phone with his car’s in-dash GPS screen.  You still need to use the phone to control everything, but listening to Pandora while using Google Navigation couldn’t be more enjoyable.

How many of you would actually be interested in having an Android system running in your car?

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  • http://Website William Furr

    That’s a neat hack, but not too dissimilar from using a dash, windshield, or vent mount. I think your editorializing on “forgetting Andy in the car” is misplaced. I use Google Maps Navigation and a headset cable with a tape deck adapter for taking calls and listening to music in my car all the time. It’s really not hard to set up. The Nexus One has had the “car dock” feature ever since it was released.

    My dream setup would be a heads-up display on my windshield, but in the absence, I prefer a dash or windshield mount set up so that I can see the screen and the road at the same time.

  • http://Website Glenn

    Um… what’s a monotor?

  • http://Website mike

    That’s a neat trick but I think we can do so much more with it

    • Nick Gray

      This setup is pretty easy, but those really serious about taking this to the next level will most likely purchase an Android tablet and install it into their dashboard.

      Personally, I’m waiting for companies like Pioneer, SONY, and other to simply install Android as the main OS for their touch-screen stereo systems. There’s huge market potential and since Android is free, it shouldn’t raise the price much.

      • http://Website hmm

        well it might raise the price some because of the speeder processors required and more ram and rom

  • http://Website x

    Can nexus video out?

    • http://Website Bluemann101

      I would like to know this too.

      • http://Website Spencer

        Me too

    • Nick Gray

      Currently the only phone that can support this video out feature are the DROID Incredible and the Galaxy S family.

      • http://Website stacey

        You are forgetting the Motorola Droid X and the EVO 4G, but they use HDMI, so that’s going to cause a problem.

  • http://Website RobH


  • http://Website Elitebattlefield

    Simply cool. Go Android.

  • http://Website Jeremy

    If you hook the phone up to sync in ford vehicles you can listen to bluetooth audio, pandoraq last.fm etc and the nav through google maps will mute the music and give turn by turn directions out the speakers. Good stuff.

  • http://Website MaxOmus

    Windshield mounts, lol, this actually kicks ass for any of you carputer enthusiusts, now all you need is a strategically placed mini BT mouse & keyboard or touchpad & you could dock the phone out of site. Heck I may have to give it a try, you know w/ the power of these phone & not to mention they are already data ready, this could be the being of something hot…

  • http://Website Desmond

    wat about samsung galaxy s (i9000)? can it do the same?

    • http://Website Derek

      Yes, you could with a Galaxy S. Its got TV out as well.

  • http://Website Chancy

    Meh…t’s a nice, little distraction in a car and we all know what “distractions” in cars can cause. >_>

  • http://Website DROID SAM

    Umm… not really that impressed. It’s nice that it can be done, but just like the guy in the video mentioned I have done somethign like this with other HTC phones in the past.

    I want an in-dash Android system from manufactuers that I can just buy from Best Buy and have them install it.

  • http://androideyed.worpress.com Tom

    Team up this dash screen with your Droid and the Camera Watch Alpha app and you can view traffic camera’s as you come close to them, golden!

  • http://Website youngdrake

    I don’t have a screen in my car but I can do all of this stuff (music, pandora, navigation, basic speaker-phone) on my dinc using nothing but an AUX cable. I can listen to pandora have navigation on and then receive a call. It will interrupt the music and gps to take a call w/ speaker-phone through your car stereo allowing you to just talk and the call works (if your stereo is too loud you might get an echo on the other end of the call). This hack is not that great until you can control everything from your car as it is distracting and divides your focus between your phone and your dash. But if you are looking for a low cost speaker-phone and like the fact that pandora and nav works as well (almost seamlessly) go for an AUX cable. Chances are one is lying around the house anyways.

  • http://Website Chad

    Will this setup also work with a HTC Droid Eris?

  • http://Website LM

    Does anyone know how to contact the guy that did this mod?

    The phone integration is nice and all, but I am more curious around what unit he is using to tap into the Alpine MOST Audio Unit. This is the pricey piece, and all the rest is basic A/V interconnects. What would be really cool is if you could get the touch screen to actually control the Droid… Too bad the SW and interconnects wont allow it.

    Oh, and the person who wants to go to Best Buy and pick this up, you better have an old car that would allow you to put in any standard head unit. More modern and especially luxury cars have a proprietary head unit, that controls Audio, ventilation, GPS, and other functions. First you will see BMW, GM, and some other smaller brands integrate Android into their new in dash systems, but you won’t be able to replace these systems with something from Best Buy. If you have an older car (2004 and earlier), I am sure there are some Chinese Companies doing that already. Best Buy gadgets will not be out for another 1-3 years. Most likely towards 3 years. Everyone in the US are focused on tablets. Realize, we just got Bluetooth and HD Audio a couple of years back. Next year you will see Pandora/ Slacker & in car internet, with Wimax and LTE. Why wait and build this yourself.

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