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Droid X owners are just one click away from a rooted device

If you have been wanting to root your Droid X, but the 21 step process we told you about last week seemed about 20 steps too difficult then your ship has finally come in.

Yet another Alldroid user, Sil3ntKi113, has built off the work of Birdman and the crew that first rooted the Droid X last week and simplified things down to basically the two big buttons seen above (warning: Windows only at the moment).

Now as I’m guessing making things this easy may entice some of the newer users to root I want to make a couple things clear.

First of all once you are done with this you will be able to install any of the apps you find in the Market or elsewhere that tell you they are for “root users only,” but it does not enable you to switch to CyanogenMod or any other ROM so don’t try it.

One of the other temptations you might face is to delete some of the bloatware that Motorola and Verizon have bestowed on you in their infinite wisdom. There are some things such as City ID, Blockbuster, and Skype that you can kill with impunity, but under no circumstances should you be deleting anything with Blur in its name and for the love of the double rainbow do not delete the Motorola Backup Assistant as you will find yourself with a 4.3″ brick.

With those caveats out of the way, rooting is awesome and if you haven’t tried it before this method is definitely easing you in gently to the shallow end of the pool with the graphical interface and even a one click option for unrooting.

As some people got a little thrown by finding the source link last time I’ll go ahead and say that you can find the file along with a couple other instructions on how to go about getting your root on by either following the source link or this link right here.

Let us know how it goes for you.

Via: Android Central

Source: AllDroid

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  • ER

    21 steps were worth it. Besides, i use ubuntu.

    • http://Website Sinanovski

      holla’ for ubuntu! using netbook version myself

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      I went with the method that used Terminal Emulator on the X itself. The 1 click option is nice for those that don’t like tinkering too much, but yay for methods that don’t require Windows.

      • http://Website thepwneddroid

        And Macs! NOT IPHONES! I have a droid. I dont have to be downranked.

  • coyotejbob

    Wow 21 steps! That’s more steps than they produced of the Droid x. Well still really cool that its down to one step.

  • http://Website Sinanovski

    where was this when I was rooting G1 back in the day. nice

    • Nicko01

      I thought the same thing, but about my original Motorola Droid. I don’t know exactly how many steps it was, but at first it was pretty complicated and took me a while to do.

      I’m glad the developers are opening up root to more people.

  • un_stra1n

    if thei create a seame program for xperia x10 i pay for that program :X

  • http://Website grellanl

    If only this worked on the Milestone too. Simple root FTW!

  • http://Website Corinn

    Seems kinda pointless to “root” if you can’t flash a custom ROM… or delete all of Moto’s crapware…

    • http://Website Omari

      Not really, I rooted my Motorola Droid and didn’t flash any custom ROMs and I still have plenty other apps that require the SU permissions to do other things. Root doesn’t necessarily mean flash a custom ROM. There are plenty uses for the root “function”.