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Early adopters report: How do you like your new Motorola Droid X?

We already heard the T-Mobile customers chime in on their new phone and now we want to know what the Verizon fans think of Motorola’s new superphone. The Motorold Droid X is now on sale for $199 and it sounds like a lot of you went out and purchased this phone since it’s currently sold out on Verizon’s online store.

The Droid X was Verizon’s biggest smartphone launch this summer and we want your impressions of the device after 24 hours. Was the 4.3 inch display all you had hoped for? Does the 1 GHz processor live up to your expectations? Is the Droid X the fastest Android phone you have owned? Have you put that PowerVR GPU to use with some 3D games? How does the 720p video capture look?

Please share your feedback so that other Verizon customers on the fence about upgrading can make up their mind. Let us know if this was your first smartphone or what previous Android phone you were coming from.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • http://Droid-life.com Wade

    Bad Ass.

    • http://Website keina

      I truly believe that the real winner here are the consumers. To think that this will settle a new path for smartphones — for better changes.

      Somehow, the droid x vs iphone 4 got a matchup already. And the results are just what you expected.

  • http://Website MotoHater

    After hating what moto did to screw google over, I was surprise to be very excited about this phone. I even planned to get in line early to upgrade my current droid.

    Then this whole eFuse and Moto’s anti-modder mentality reared its ugly head.

    Going to hold off until this thing can be rooted…or the Samsung fascinate to come out.

  • http://Website Jon

    I am loving this phone, I previously had the Droid, and I feel this phone improves upon it in almost every way. Very thin, so much thinner than I thought it would be.

  • http://Website Austin

    I’m just going to go ahead and say it, I doubt anyone should continue to support Motorola much longer with this Efuse non sense. And as far as Samsung goes, haven’t they already bickered and bitched about not updating the phones they put out?

    Why bother, can’t hack it
    Can’t upgrade the OS
    big waste of a few bills.

    • http://Website Kevin N


  • ER

    it’s sick. That is, after i trashed every (visible) trace of motoBlur. Video looks great, screen is awesome, everything. Anticipating root though!

    • http://kestrelsaerie.us Ucla74

      Well, that shouldn’t have taken long, since MotoBlur is not part of Droid X.

      • http://Website guest777

        Doesn’t the signed boot loader hinder the rooting?

        Or is rooting independent of the boot loader?

        • http://Website xbloodworkx

          You probably should have done some research before purchasing a POS from Motorola…the signed bootloader will causing anyone wanting to root too many headaches to be worth it… It is unfortunate that Motorola has to take the Open out of Open Source.

          ***Boycott Motorola Mobile devices!!! Not just Android devices!!!***

          • http://Website guest777

            According to you the signed bootloader does impede rooting.
            I didn’t buy a Motorola yet. I just wanted to form an opinion on that topic.

          • http://Website tracksforhire

            not everyone roots their phones so your comment is stupid

        • http://Website Toto

          The bootloader lock is a dealkiller. If Motorola decides to stop updates at 2.2, Droid X owners will never see OS3.

          I don’t know why anyone would buy this instead of the super amoled Samsung, which has better screen and much faster graphics.

          • http://Website mr-shankly

            PenTile is a dealkiller for me. Was going to get an Incredible until I looked at one in store and was very aware that something was weird about the display – like it was perforated. Droid X fixed the weight, thickness, speed, and screen size issues I had with the original Droid, so that’s what I got. Love it so far.

          • http://Website Chuck

            I would NEVER but Samsung again after spending $500 on a GSM i-900 Omnia. No upgrade paths from Samsung on that phone either. Problems that were never addressed and can’t be fixed due to design flaws.

      • ER

        Well there were a bunch of crappy widgets and stupid home screen that bugged me whether you call it. I got rid of those.

  • http://Website Jessica

    I’m not a power user by any means, but I upgraded from a droid and I love the X. I had to clean off the home screens and start clean, but I would have had to do that with any phone. It’s super fast and doesn’t take bad photos. I haven’t played with the video yet, but that’s the plan for this weekend!

  • http://Website Uncle Paul Hahrgis

    I don’t like it at all………..

    I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just got it in a few hours ago..

    Coming from the iPhoney, Its like a breath of fresh air, lightening fast, and does so much stuff.

  • http://Website Dan

    great phone. Battery is surprisingly pretty good. The swype on it is actually very forgiving and easy to learn as well as fast. Gray improvement from the droid

  • http://Website Dan


  • http://Website cranial ouch

    My biggest complaint with the device is the new mechanical buttons for home/back/search/menu at the bottom. It makes me almost want to return the device and wait for another phone. The new buttons ruin the touch screen experience since it requires tightening your grip on the phone to press those buttons… and they’re not easy to press. I suppose that is the point for clumsy people who kept accidentally pressing the electrostatic buttons. I just wish there was at least a mode where you could turn off/on electrostatic sensing on those buttons so you could have it either way if you wanted.

    • http://Website GadgetQueen

      I like the new buttons. I had the Droid and I can’t tell you how many bad words I said everytime I accidentally touched one of the capacitive buttons in the middle of doing something only to then have to long press home and select the app I was using… No more of that now ;-)

  • http://Website Patch Landers

    I had the Droid, and the Eris, then the UNcredible (hated that Eris on steroids) now I have seen the promised land! Sure this baby comes with its own zip code ( yeah its big) BUT you’ll enjoy that size soon and appreciate the speed and amazing pics and video quality! Its everything the Incredible should’ve been, and i like the motoblur…great widgets.
    As someone who carries three phones (including an IPhone) i am soooo glad that my primary line is attached to my X!

  • http://kestrelsaerie.us Ucla74

    Great phone…zero issues (with the exception of copying from iTunes to the phone, but I may have a bad microSD card). The rooting/eFuse issue is a complete non-issue: First, I have no desire to root or jailbreak my phone; second, even if I did, I have confidence it will be done sooner rather than later. So what if it’s not in the first 72 hours, or even the first month? Too many people making too big a deal over something that *might* be an issue a year from now.

    • http://Website kerrhome

      iTunes to your Droid? Pleas point me to a link on that one! I thought my iTunes would never make it to my Droid.

      • http://Website spencer

        Use doubletwist my friend

        • http://Website kerrhome

          You know, I thought I had tried that previously and couldn’t get it to work. I just installed it and it seems to recognize my iTunes library just fine. Thank you very much for the tip. Glad it is working and I’ll be glad to have some of my music on my Droid finally.

  • http://Website Topshelf

    Any owners like to comment on voice quality during calls? Very curious as my Inc is not good at all.

    • http://kestrelsaerie.us Ucla74

      I thought the voice quality was quite good, both through the earpiece and the loudspeaker. And you can definitely crank up the volume! Anything over 50 percent is too loud.

      Caveat: All my calls so far have been Verizon to Verizon.

      • http://Website Topshelf

        Thanks. I’m gonna follow this phone for a few weeks. If the reports are positive, I think I’m switching over.

    • http://Website -Pagan-

      Voice quality is excellent imo. I’ve read a few people complaining about low volume but I have to keep my volume at approx 65% or it’s too loud. As a phone the Droid X is multitudes better than my 3GS was.

  • http://Website Phillip

    I’m enjoying it so far. I upgraded from the original Droid. I haven’t done any 3D gaming or played with the HDMI yet but the custom widgets are actually really nice.

    And the screen is amazing. I also really like the design/size of it more than I was expecting. I have big hands but even so, with the shape it’s very nice to hold. My only problems are that I liked the ordering of the buttons more on the original droid (though my ideal would be search, back, settings, home) and I liked the power button on the top right instead of the top center.

    Oh! And this is actually really minor but it’s been driving me nuts because it’s so random and stupid. I wish they didn’t flip the USB plug upside down. It doesn’t really matter which way it goes but please pick one and stick with it!

    • http://Website Paul

      flip the USB port? I wish they wouldn’t play three-card-monte with the buttons every time they release a new Droid: watch the home button, first it’s on the left, now the middle right, now where is it?

  • http://Website RICH

    upgraded from Motorola Droid. This phone is awsome. Fantastic screen, fits great in the hands and super fast

  • http://Website pax

    Funny, everyone with a negative opinion gets a negative rating.

    • http://Website erick

      you get one too then

      • http://Website cz

        This phone is lame as erick. I am going to return this crap asap. Sticking to. Htc from now on.

        And of course people with megative comments get negatives, the customers dont want to feel stupid for a shitty buy.

        Thumbs up for verizon thou.

        • http://Website Me

          Fan boy, I think Sense slows down the Incredible too much, it definately slowed the Eris down big time. HTC also seems to have a lower quality radio- for me anyway I always have less of a signal on my HTC phones then on my Moto Droid phones, plus this OMAP crushes the Snapdragon.

          • http://Website Me

            One more thing. I suck fat cocks for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.

    • http://Website Pax

      Per my previous comment, I tried to be fair, you be as well, and this is my personal opinion. “I LOVE ANDROID” and I had my eyes on DX for quite sometimes. I had a chance to test the device at my local Verizon Store. It is a very nice size phone with a big screen (comparing to my Nexus 1 with Froyos), and fast. I tested the browser and some sites had their mobile version loaded and a few loaded the regular way. (all were loaded in their
      mobile versions on my Nexus 1). androidandme.com was quite
      choppy on Droid X. Very snappy, the only lag I found was using Gallery
      when viewing photos, other than that, it was a very nice experience. After trying
      Droid X for a quite a few minutes, I walked to a t-mobile store
      and tried the Galaxy Vibrant and as soon as I started playing
      with it, I had already forgotton about Droid X. Galaxy S is
      fantastic, fast, and the screen just blows one away. I bought the Nexus 1 at full price using T-Mobile, but am planning to get the Captivate version of Galaxy S. Not being able to mod the Droid X,is a total draw back for me. Anyone wants to buy my Nexus One? :)

  • http://Website alex b

    I see a lot of people are saying they have updated from a droid to droid x. I wasnt able to upgrade due to the fact i did so in October of 2009. The droid came out in november so how is everyone getting the droid x? Im dying to get it and I cant at a decent price.

    • http://Website foebea

      brought my mom and sister onto the family plan and gave them the droids. then we got droid x. some people in line were coming to droidx after 20 days with droid, so they were exchanging the phone for the new one.

      • http://Website JOshua

        I did that! I purchased the droid on the 22nd of June, the day before the announcment. On the 15th, I went in (still under my 30 days of return) and bought the X, I dont regret it at all

    • http://Website DJ

      I don’t know about everyone else, but I was able to upgrade from a droid to the droid x because I only got my droid a few weeks ago and I still had my 30 day warranty.

    • http://Website Jason

      I did a 1 year contract with the Droid.

    • Dom2020

      On the Family Plan with Verizon, a person can use another family member’s upgrade to receive a new Droid X. I add a line, and ‘sold’ it to a friend who wanted to start on Verizon with a droid. I also sold my first droid to him (for beans) and switch phones when the new Droid X came in.
      The lighter weight and larger screen are a thing of beauty. The new hard press buttons are welcomed. Many a time I was holding a camera app and lightly brushed the return soft key and bam- camera gone and hello home screen. Then it’s hurry, hurry get the camera back.
      My best phone ever and it doesn’t require a rubber band on the frame to make call.

      • http://Website Paul

        “On the Family Plan with Verizon, a person can use another family member’s upgrade to receive a new Droid X.”

        On a Family Plan, only the primary line gets the New every 2 $100 discount. If they don’t want to use it, can one of the subsidiary lines use it instead?

    • http://Website viceaddict6

      My upgrade from Droid to Droid X came from flat out buying the new one and ebaying the ‘old’… Well worth it although the Droid was not a bad phone at all.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/iPhoneAl3X Alex

    I got the Droid X and totally love it! I had a hard decision to make. I was a t-mobile customer with the first mytouch 3g ;( It was a great phone just underpowered in the hardware department. As a root user i had the cyanogen 2.2 build on the mytouch. It was slow and quirky so it was time for a new phone. My choices were the new galaxy s phone and stay with t-mobile or jump ship and get the droid x. After talking to the reps and playing with both phones i picked the droid x! It just feels better in the hand liked the look of the “motoblur” and phone just seamed faster! Also the fact that verizon does have a bigger 3g network than t-mobile made the switch less pain full. I am loving the 8mp camera and 720p video! Playing the need for speed demo on the phone is great with that new PowerVR GPU it feels like your playing on a psp! All around I love the phone but there is still the BAD PART of the phone it looks like there will be no custom roms on the droid x due to IBM’s eTriger that will not let the phone boot roms that it is told are okay from Motorola. But who cares you dont need custom roms when your phone will be getting the updates! un like the mytouch and g1… So conclusion is that the droid x is fast powerful and sexy!

    • http://Website Mr X

      Dont play into that eFuse rumor crap, the original Droid had that imbedded in the processor too….

      • http://Website nate

        No they didn’t this is the first phone they have put it in and it is totally taking the openness of android away

        • mikedminor

          Actually he is correct. The US version of the Milestone called the Droid does not have the encrypted bootloader however. The Milestone does.

          • http://Website Jason

            Actually the eFuse and the bootloader are two separate things. The Droid has the eFuse component, but an unlocked bootloader.

  • jakmayhopher

    I have the first mytouch, and i was just wondering how much is the cheapest plan with Zerizon if i get the Droid X with unlimited text but the fewest mins, im tired of Tmobile..

  • http://Website Baby Jesus

    Well, the single button for period and comma is really cool. The light weight of the mean beast is just that, feathers. The nexus is not even this light. The evo for sure just became the biggest brick on the block. We have more coming for sure, but, this right shows where moto is with all of their innovations. As an american/japanese company, they are but for sure the best medly in the market.

  • http://Website droidowner

    The only way this cant be a problem is that Motorola gives us an app with approved ROMs sent in by developers, sorta like an market for ROMs, because Motorola can sign approved ROMs. Developers shouldnt have to do this, but its easier to find ROMs that people would want. I know ROM manager does this, but an option by Motorola is better than nothing.

  • http://Website Jay

    The simplistic fact is that both Google and Motorola are very cluttered just like Microsoft. Google is very generous in the sense that it doesn’t charge anything and it is not revolutionary.

  • http://Website Christina

    Apple rules period

    • http://Website Ant

      The fact that your on an Adroid website says a lot about apple ;-)

      • http://Website pax

        I wonder if Apple erases negative comments on this website too!!

        • http://www.eraser.ee Erap

          Then, that’s good that nobody is deleting anything from this site. ;)

        • http://Website Jack

          They erase conversations about Consumer Reports review of the iPhone.

    • mikedminor

      Apple Rules what? The Underworld perhaps, but that’s about it! (Freddy Kruger and Steve Jobs….any one else see the resemblance?)

    • http://Website ari-free

      Apple is great because it has
      true multitasking
      a very large screen
      Adobe Flash
      no restrictions in what app you can download

      oh wait…I was talking about the Apple iMac….

  • http://Website Marcus

    Pre-ordered at Best Buy, immediately jumped ship from my N1. THIS. PHONE. IS. PERFECT. &. EPIC. No problems whatsoever!

  • http://Website Alan K

    I traded my iPhone for the Droid X. It is far better with voice quality. I have to agree with the poster above that the buttons at the bottom are annoying. I would much rather have them on the touch screen. They make it so you can’t use the phone with one hand.

    Overall, I like the droid x a lot.

    • Dom2020

      Actually, if one were to try it, you can not only use it one handed; but blindfolded also. Now you can feel where the buttons are and not select other operations when trying to do so. Personally, it is bettor for me.

  • http://www.nitrogenlabs.com Nitrog7

    Luckily I ordered my online at like 2am on Thursday morning. I happened to be up looking at some last minute reviews on the Droid X and saw it was ready to be ordered. At first I was hesitant. I heard Verizon said there were plenty and all these people on the forums saying no one at Best Buy was pre-ordering them. So I didn’t want to order one online and get it Friday if I could get it Thursday. Good thing I did because all the Best Buy’s in the downtown Chicago area were out and the Verizon store on North Ave sold out like 81 in the first 2 hours. By time I got back from lunch I looked online and the Online Verizon Store was sold out. So was I happy, most definitely.

    Ok now, I’m coming from a Nexus One (on AT&T). In my opinion, after playing with the Droid X for a day I kind of miss my N1. So this review will be based from that aspect.

    The form factor. When I saw the X on youtube clips, it looked HUGE. But when I held it in my hand, it was a lot smaller than I imagined and a lot sleeker. I like the feel of it better than the N1. It has a nice weight to it and the hump everyone is complaining about is actually a nice touch. It makes the phone fit snug in your hand instead of feeling like it is going to slip away. I bought a silicon case for it but after 5 seconds of it on, I had to take it off. It killed the beauty of the phone. The red camera button, the glowing hard buttons at the bottom, etc.

    I miss the trackball. The Droid X has an annoying red dot it places (which is kind of pointless if you have a cursor) where you tap on the text. It also has a magnifying glass that seems to be a bit slow. At least there is an LED light on top of the X to blink when a notification appears.

    Moving on, the screen. Oh how I wish the screen were AMOLED. The blacks were so much richer and the graphics felt like they popped out at you. With the LCD screen, it looks like you are staring at a TV screen (actually you are :).

    I do like soft buttons. The hard buttons could definitely be taken out. I hate having to click down on them while holding this big phone in one hand. It would be nice to have the soft buttons to gently caress the button. ;)

    The volume button would feel better on the left side.

    The dedicated camera button is nice since it is red. This way when you hand it to someone to take a picture they know where to push. The bad part about this button is that it is in the way when holding it. I am constantly pressing it while stretching my thumb over to type. On the positive side, unless you are in camera mode, the button does nothing. So I guess it isn’t too bad.

    I’m not sure if it is happening to others, I have seen it often on the youtube reviews out there. The Wifi is constantly cutting out. I am sitting in the same room as my wireless router and have full strength but the damn wifi on the X keeps dropping, then becoming available again. Hopefully a fix will come out soon.

    Last would be software, I miss Froyo. All the little perks you got with 2.2 are now gone since the X is running 2.1. Speed, the Gmail inbox, Flash Player, and more speed. I also miss the default widgets, like my default weather widget where I can click the info button and get a detailed graph of the weather. You can download the Weather Channel app, but it is not the same.

    I miss the stock contacts and messaging where you can just click on the user icon and get a horizontal list of methods to contact them. On the X you can click at the top to get their contact details but it is a whole new screen instead of a little menu. I can go on about how the Moto UI sucks but those are just a few off the top of my head.

    So all in all, the phone is very sleek and love it. Although would be perfect with an AMOLED screen. The software on it is horrible, I just want stock Froyo. Hoping when they provide an update to 2.2 at the end of summer, it will be stock, or at least an option to run stock. Until then, I am hoping for a hacked ROM.

    • http://Website Maliscious

      I greatly appreciate your seemingly thorough review. I’ve personally got the first mytouch3g and have been debating switching to verizon for the DX or just waiting/wishing for a phone just as good on tmobile (played with the captivate in store a bit, not wowed enough)
      you’re review helps me see what else to look at when i can play with the phone in store

      • http://Website Maliscious

        *vibrant (sry)
        just played with the Droid X a bit… i like the screen, speed, camera and such (yay camera flash!) but the phone itself felt a little plastic-y/cheap to me? and the bottom physical buttons, not a big deal for me, but felt really cheap as well.
        i tried to see how the speaker was. it seemed like it got to a level where increasing the volume didn’t do anything anymore, but wasn’t too bad volume wise considering it’s one little speaker.
        besides what i’ve stated the Droid X is still looking like a great possibility to me in the long run. no phone’s “%100 perfect”.. how would they make more money off the next one =]

  • http://Website Velhym

    Loving the new Droid X. Returned my iPhone 4 after Apple’s incredibly stupid press conference today, promising only cases instead of a real fix to the phone’s issues. Having fun going through and finding all the new and better (and largely free by comparison) apps offered on the Android App Market.

    • mikedminor

      How does it feel being unplugged from the Apple Matrix?

      • http://Website Velhym

        I’ve played with Android phones before, and I’ve been keeping an eye on places like Android and me for the months leading up to my contract’s end date with AT&T. The only reason I was giving the iPhone 4 a chance is because I’ve got some decent cash invested in apps and games. The signal issues and screen lock problems were just too much to get past, especially after Apple’s condescending press conference.

        Its very nice though at the same time. It feels so great to be able to plug my phone in to ANY of the three computers I normally use on a regular basis and have full sync functionality. It is so nice to finally have SMS tones other than the iPhone default that sound good, and to be able to change them so easily myself.

        The entire experience is very refreshing.

        • mikedminor


          • http://Website Droideka

            Jolly Good!

  • http://Website DJ

    I love it. I upgraded from the original motorola droid, and the x is better in every way.. except for the locked bootloader, but I’ll live. Can’t wait for froyo.

  • http://Website Spencer

    Holy $hit its the best phone ever!!!!!! Camera and screen are f-ing AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best phone ever!!!!!! (Upgraded from nexus, and i’ve played around with my friends evo extensively). Writing this on my awesome droid x

  • http://Website kontrol

    The screen of the X showed few dead pixels. Verizon rep told me they are just “sleeping” and after few days of use it should “awake”. Nothing. I have a chance to go and see few other alternatives.

    • http://Website ari-free

      maybe those pixels were just pining for the fjords? :)

  • http://Website Red

    Swyping from my droid right now. Loving it! I don’t thinkI could ask for a better android phone

  • http://Website Dillon

    Coming from a samsung omnia, and of course it blows it away. Familiar with the iphone though and I love this more, emulation owns kthnx. Have not got to test the video capture yet seeing as I just fixed up some apps but so far its really fast and swype is sweet. Posting this from my X.

  • http://Website lorne

    Things I don’t like that cannot be fixed:
    1) Small volume buttons

    Things that software can fix
    1) Weak ringer volume
    2) folders smear or turn into lines as I scroll the contents (game folder with a lot of files).
    3) Usually fast, but does lag on several instances.

    What I like over my droid Inc
    1) Screen is visible in direct light
    2) larger screen
    3) video plays divx
    4) hard buttons. Kept pressing soft buttons on dinc
    5) Signal is much better
    6) Car dock and window dock
    7) Home screens work in landscape mode vs. dinc

  • http://www.sfdshop.com sfdshop


  • http://www.sfdshop.com sfdshop

    Phone is awesome. Just switched from my Droid which i got on opening day as well. The screen size is amazing no need to zoom in while reading web pages, did I say how awesome the display is. It is fast and smooth. It is much bigger than the Droid but weighs less and I notice it less in my pocket than the Droid. Motorola keep up the good work! I lok forward to the next jump up.

  • http://Website -Pagan-

    Ok so I’ve had the Droid X since noon 7/15 and played with it quite a bit. I LOVE IT. Coming from an iPhone 3GS, it took me about an hour to forget I did not have Apple’s UI (which is defintiely superior). Now that I’m used to Android, pretty painless. Data and browser are incredibly fast, and MUCH faster than anything I experienced with various iPhones over the last 3 years. All this crap about the phone being BIG and unwieldly is.. well crap. While the Droid X is longer than my iPhone, it doesn’t feel big. Overall the phone is very thin and the lip at the top is a perfect cradle for my index finger. Focus on the camera works better than my 3GS. Pictures I took were very good, but camera is at best above average. Battery life is surprisingly good, definitely better than 3GS as I surfed and played video while showing coworkers and family most of day Thursday. Battery lasted all day with heavy heavy use so I expect 2-3 days on a charge under normal use. Audio during video playback is good but could be better. The speaker placement is the fault here. I can’t say enough about how freakin great the display is. Best I’ve seen. Much better than the Incredible and noticeably better than my 3GS. Display is bright and crisp. Touch screen is just as accurate and sensitive as my 3GS. I expected a big difference in tactile feel but hell, I can’t tell the difference. Build quality of phone seems great, though I’d rather have all touchscreen buttons. I’m not sure what Motoblur is, but if the Droid X has it, it doesn’t bother me a bit. I’ve customized this phone over the last two days to perfection. I am extremely impressed with the Droid X and a very happy new Verizon customer. Glad I was not swayed by Giz’s bizarrely negative review. LOVE THIS PHONE!

    • http://Website -Pagan-


      7/18/10 Going on day 3 after battery charge and still at 40%. I keep expecting the battery to just plummet to red but phone is holding charge way beyond my expectations. To caveat this, I don’t use my smart phones as phones much. I mostly browse web and use as media device. Still I’m impressed.

      Now the secret to this might be to go into Settings and schedule your Droid-X to ‘sleep’ in hurs where you really are not using the phone. I did this day one and it’s a great feature. I don’t pull Mail or have the phone do any activities from like 7pm to 8am. Of course the phone is free to use during these hours. It just does not actively go out and grab updates.

      Anyone else getting exceptionally good battery life out of their Droid X?

      • http://Website Paul

        So you can still use it when it’s sleeping? Like make phone calls, surf the web, and send text messages? That’s amazing! I thought it shut down the screen and the radio, not just the background pulling of data, when it went to sleep!

  • http://Website chendo498

    I upgraded from the DROID and so far I’m liking it. Havent had the time to play with it very much but I like what I’ve seen. Super fast and responsive and I love the keyboard in landscape mode with stock keys. But I’m hating the speaker on it, it’s so low! and i can barely hear it when I have it in my pocket. I wish they had left the 3D gallery

  • http://Website shel

    I love this phone! Much faster than my original droid.

  • http://Website Droidhead

    So far, loving the Droid X, from free GPS navigation, to free voice to text typing, and the ability to install so many apps! It’s fast, with little to no lag at all.

    The only problem I had, was that it took me a few minutes to figure out how to move apps from one screen to each of the other 7. the holding, and dragging is a bit of a hassle, but not something that you don’t get used to with enough practice.

    The speaker is somewhat of an issue, as at least with some movies, I have to increase audio to the max to hear what is going on. With others, or games like NFS Shift (demo comes with the phone), audio was just fine. Speaking of which, NSF Shift works beautifully on my phone, no lag, or image degradation. About the only thing wrong with the game is that I need to learn how to steer the phone to win a race. :) It definitely shows, the gaming potential of this beast!

  • http://Website JR Peters

    When I go to Google Images I can’t get it to show just one at a time. Can anyone help me with this?

  • http://[email protected] arthur

    i would like to trade my nintendo wii and droid incredible for a droid x if anyone is interested in the chicagoland area please email me immediately

  • http://Website mlags

    I’m torn between getting this or the Droid Incredible. I hear the INC’s battery life is horrible, and the menus are kind of sluggish, but the Droid X is a big phone with an LCD screen.

    How do they compare in direct sunlight?
    Is the size a hassle in any way, either in pocket or in general, such as when you make calls?
    How do the two phones stand up to scratches?

    I really want to get a droid phone, but I want to make sure I’m not going to have any hassle before I do.

    • http://Website -Pagan-


      This phone has no issues in sunlight. I was really tempted to buy the Increible but very happy I held out as this phone is superior for the most part. Much better chipset. The differences you might consider are that the Incredible has touchscreen buttons and a slightly smaller form factor. However I think the Droid X feels better in the hands imo.

      Size has not been an issue at all. The phone fits in my pocket the same as my iPhone. It is tall, not wide and very skinny (skinnier than my iPhone). I carry my phone in my front pocket and it still slides around (meaning not a snug fit).

      Droid X has Gorilla glass, the industry best. I still put a screen protector on (I do on all my phones). But the phone build quality seems to be top notch.

      Battery is far superior to my iPhone 3GS. I getting 2+ days with moderately heavy use. That is good for a smart phone.

      • http://Website mlags

        You are absolutely awesome, thank you so much for that. I will hopefully be picking this phone up in the next few weeks. What would you say is the best screen protector, preferably that cuts down on glare?

        • http://Website -Pagan-

          I installed a Skinomi (Amazon has in stock) screen film which is the only protector I could find prior to launch. I have unfortunately lost some tactile smoothness (meaning how fluidly I can scroll between screens) which I am hoping goes away as the screen film adheres to the glass (takes 24 hours, still wet between the film and the glass). The installation was painless and it looks great but if the smooth gliding of finger across the screen does not come back like it was prior to installation I may seek another film.

          I have heard great things about http://www.bestskinsever.com and they told me they are working on a Droid X film but not out yet. Zagg’s Invisibleshield is commonly available and are supposed to be good as well.

          • http://Website -Pagan-


            The tactile smoothness problems I had first day after installing skin are gone. I think the issue I was having just had to do with moisture still being present between the skin and the glass. Working great now!

  • Angie Strickland

    HAHA!! This has to be one of the most entertaining comments if nothing else.

  • http://bit.ly/THilliard Tyler Hilliard

    If you want people to notice how sweet of a phone you have get a Droid X. I am in love with this phone; whatever the UI is, it is similar to launcher pro app. The camera interface that has been criticized I personally like. Really thin phone, matte finish is smooth, great pics and vids. I will never be able to get a smaller screen or a phone that swype doesn’t work on. Adjustable widgets are awesome. Speed is good and froyo should rid of the lag I get here and there.

  • http://Website Peter Liu

    Replace it with my iPhone 3G. Very happy with it.

    Fast and interface is customizable with widgets. Overall can do much more than my old iPhone.

    Verizon delay is less than 100ms, where as ATT is 300+. It’s a huge difference for me when loading webpages and everything else. Overall bandwidth about the same but max ATT is over 1000kbps, where as with Verizon max I get is 9xx.

    I live in LA.

    • mikedminor

      Peter did you replace the Droid x with an iPhone 3G or was this the other way around?

  • http://Website Jack

    I’ve been using a Motorola Droid since 11/6 when it was released. I have switched this morning to a Droid X and so far I really like it.

    I wish that Motorola had left the original Google Experience intact, but some of the Motorola customizations are good and some are not so good.

    I’m not getting mixed up in any of their social networking garbage, but the weather widget and the quick contact actions are decent enough as well as the service toggle ones.

    I really don’t like the bottom part of the launcher, but I am learning to live with it. I don’t see the point of taking up the entire bottom of the screen with two buttons that link to the same thing (different tabs).

    The phone is really fast. Unfortunately, they have created this red/black theme thing and certain apps have buttons that are black on a very dark grey and makes them difficult to read.

    I haven’t tried an alternative launcher on it yet. I loved LauncherPro on my original Droid.

    The speaker/speakerphone speaker is a LOT quieter than the original Droid, even cranked all the way up. Navigation prompts are hard to hear in the car, but the new car dock is much better, albeit bulkier, than the first. I really like being able to plug the charger into the dock rather than the phone.

    Some (read: Steve Jobs) say that nobody wants a big phone, but my wife, even with her little hands, loves the size and weight of it.

    So far I’m pleased.

  • http://Website Steve

    I have the original Droid, and so naturally I stopped in to try a Droid X @ a Verizon store for about 15 minutes. First, I LOVED the screen size. Crisp, clear, and easy to type on even in portrait mode. Internet sites were pretty fast, but I think my Droid felt faster since its running FROYO/Overclocked to 1GHz. The Motorola UI felt a little sluggish, and STILL no 3D app drawer like the Nexus one. If someone was able to get around the encrypted bootloader & root the thing, I would buy one in a second. Biggest disappointment is that its stuck with 2.1 and not 2.2, otherwise it would have blown up even more. Once its updated to 2.2 and possibly hacked, this could be the best phone on Verizon. Definitely a strong competitor even as-is.

    Someone @ Motorola PLEASE crack this bootloader and post a way to root it! Motorola is shooting themselves in the foot with this one, as most people will not trade up a Droid for a Droid X without root access.

    • mikedminor

      “Most people” do not even know what rooting is! And the fact that Verizon is selling out of the devices, indicates that either people do not care about the locked bootloader or like I stated, they don’t know enough to care.

      Also, Motorola has stated that 2.2 will be coming to the Droid x, when is only Motorola’s guess!

  • http://Website Picodroid

    perfect in almost every single way!

  • http://Website Mo

    I played with the Droid X in store. And coming from an original Droid owner, it is impressive, but I feel like it’s not worth the upgrade for me. I’ll wait til Verizon and Motorola release 2.2 for the X. Then, maybe I’ll reconsider.

    However, I am looking forward to the rumored 2ghz android phone from moto at the end of the year though. I may skip the droid x all together if this new 2ghz phone is as good as the rumors make it seem.

  • http://Website jeff

    so i stopped into a verizon store with my htc evo and compared it with the new droid.. my evo smoked that sluggish thing they call a superphone!! even running my evo on 3g it still smoked but verizon zombies will always think that service is still the best but in reality its not all that!!

  • http://Website Kevom

    Absolutely amazing! I thought the Droid was awesome and then I got the Droid X and it’s 100X more incredible!

  • Offroad911

    I LOVE the Droid X, however I took it back in 48 hours! A basic with most smart phones is the ability to sync phone and PC and that is not possible with the Droid X unless the user is an enterprise user. Peer to peer PC to phone 2 way sync is not a part of the Android package. Sure, one can use the gmail contact or use the google calendar sync, but the ability to sync on one’s own PC is not available. 3rd party conduits like CompanionLink, Touchdown or MyLink are either not suitable for peer to peer or they are very problematic in that they just don’t work. I spent 36 hours trying and I could not make anything work for syncing my Outlook and DroidX. I simply cannot believe or for that matter understand how a smart phone provider like Motorola would leave a sync conduit out of their offering. HTC tried to make such an attempt in the Incredible with their HTC Sync but it does not work well. My BB Storm has the ability to sync with Desktop Manager. My Kyocera had it, Palm has it, hell ever the I-Phone has it in I-Tunes. Come On Google, give Android the ability to sync Outlook without going to a 3rd party. There are many thousands of users who will be very disappointed (like me) once they find out that Android won’t sync with their laptop or their PC.

    • mikedminor

      Try Doubletwist for media syncing and did you try the Google Calendar Sync app for the PC?

      Additionally, Motorola has software called Media Link for managing your media between the PC and Droid.

      CompanionLink works well for me and my friends with Evo 4Gs, so i’m not sure where your issues reside.

    • http://Website LostMyNutsToMeWife

      You gave up too fast. There’s plenty of software to sync your phone to the pc. If you only found paying software sadly you weren’t looking @ the right place. Shame that you returned it. Going back to the ilemon4 and uselessberry is not smart.

      • http://Website John Preston

        Please enlighten me.

        • http://Website LostMyNutsToMeWife

          No problem :p follow the link you shall a see free sync client


          BOOYAH!!!! Thats only one of many!!!.

          People need to keep looking, and learn that the 1st 3 options in your search engine give yah are not your only options!!!!

    • barkleyfan

      lol Android is designed to get away from cable-tethering. You can set your Droid X to receive email straight from the server. No need to sync to the PC. Took me a little while to get used to it coming from WinMo, but I hardly fire up my PC anymore.

  • http://Website Lionet

    No, I don’t like it. It is too big for me…

    • http://Website Mast3rShake

      That’s what she said.

  • http://Website Duane

    I’m pretty happy with it so far. It seems pretty standard fare for top end phones.

    A few things I’ve noticed, not mentioned in reviews I have read;

    – I’ve had a few lockups that required a restart. Especially with widgets that engage the camera functions. (YouTube and Google Buzz)
    – The camera button is poorly placed, and is easily engaged with my pinky finger, especially when I am applying the “grip of death” to my phone…or as I like to call it…holding it.
    – The peak volume is weak sauce. Whether it is the phone ringer, speaker, or when I am wearing ear phones, the volume is way way to low.
    – The pop-up homepage side-scroller is annoying

    – The Car Dock App is nice touch.
    – Motorola Contact Quick Tasks are extremely useful (IMO the only useful “Not Moto Blur” Widget)
    – If you buy the dock, the side aligned alarm clock and menu are pretty useful.
    – The ability to take panoramic photos is pretty cool.
    – Its nice to have the physical buttons, which can wake the screen up.

    I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these top-end android phones right now.
    Thank you….Please drive thru…

  • http://Website Wildcat

    If you like the Droid X you’re going to love the Samsung Fascinate. Verizon has delayed the launching of the Fascinate because people would buy it instead of the X.

    I’m so glad Verizon didn’t ship out an X to me because of no stock. It gave me time to research the Samsung Fascinate. Can’t wait until Sept. I never liked Motorola products that much anyway.

    The last two Verizon phones were Samsung and never had any problems.

    By the way anyone who has the iLemon4 should drop ATT and go Verizon.

    • http://Website mr-shankly

      One word: PenTile. I’m very picky about display quality and AMOLED just ain’t there yet, especially when it comes to text rendering (which is at least 80% of what I’ll be looking at on my phone). The Droid X has a superb display, very similar to the Droid’s, just a little bigger.

      Also, I can’t speak for Samsung’s build quality, but the Droid and Droid X seem very nicely built. The phone I had before the X was a Razr, and that thing’s still running fine after four years of abuse. The phone I had before that was some generic Moto flip phone and it still works despite being dropped about a dozen times and submerged at least twice.

      • http://Website ari-free

        the question is whether you value color quality over text quality. Games and movies will come alive on samsung but you’ll probably want droid for editing word docs.

  • http://thetrendaholic.com The Trendaholic

    I find it really interesting when people say they don’t care or have any interest in rooting or unlocking their phones although they are totally entitled to that feeling I find it interesting because usually these same people are the ones complaining about the latest OS upgrade and how the carrier or handset company are dragging their feet.

    If you don’t care for rooting that’s cool but please don’t be the hypercrit on here a month from now complaining about not having Froyo yet.

    • http://Website -Pagan-

      Froyo is due on Droid X late August. Not too long of a wait.

  • http://Website Mike

    LOVE it. :D

    It’s fast right now, so what 2.2 will do it it kinda scares me. :P

  • http://Website tommy

    I love my X…well u know what i mean. ;-) i miss froyo via bugless beast on my old droid, but this phone is blazing fast, has a damn good keyboard, widgets rock, screen is amazing, voice dialing via bt is mug more fluid than the way it worked on my droid with froyo and google voice dial…i love the iphone like red bubble that allows u to drag to which character you want to be at…

    Camera is worlds better than droid for video and still…though i did expect more from the video. The phone is very nice to hold and doesn’t feel to big surfing in landscape mode. It is a bit of a stretch in portrait however.

    I wish there was a software camera button and not simply the physical one…but then again i don’t need hf voice diaper any longer either…

    The media player seems better…love the physical buttons…love the launcher…

    Did i mention i love this phone?! No fcs yet…very consistent and very stable. I can’t wait to see.what froyo is like and i can’t wait till peter alfonso gets bb to work.

    • barkleyfan

      Wouldn’t hold my breath on Pete. Milestone launched with Droid, and they still haven’t cracked the bootloader.If Pete cracks it, Motorola will put a hit out on him.

  • http://Website HoosierDiva

    Crisp clear calls (with or without a BUMPER/CASE)…amazing pictures….and it’s android! Mobile hot spot! ….and it just DOES!

  • http://Website HoosierDiva

    Ok, to be fair, one CON to my Droid X is the email client not allowing multiple email account shortcuts, unless i utilize gmail labels (which is lame) HTC email widget was awesome on my Eris!

  • http://Website Michael

    I have ordered Droid X and should be here Tuesday. This will be my first smartphone ever. Is this a phone for a novice like me? Will I like it?

    • barkleyfan

      Read the forums, you’ll learn everythng you need to know. Not hard to learn. The basics are pretty intuitive. Much easier than WinMo, and much more capable than iDont.

  • http://Website WillieG

    I’ve been using a blackberry storm before I anxiously awaited my Droid X. This phone is AMAZING!!!! It’s so fast, it has so many useful apps you can download, many for free. Did i say it was fast! I’ve been playing with it and cusomizing to all weekend. I was one of the lucky ones to preorder my phone and had it at 9:30am the day of release. I look forward to waking up to it’s alarm and planning my day with all the info I have at my fingertips. One of the key thing that impresses me is how many apps I installed and uninstalled without rebooting or crashing. Android rocks. My blackberry had an app I installed to forcibly schedule the reboot every night LOL. People make too much of the motorola interface. There is NO motoblur!!!!! If you don’t like some of the widgets, DELETE them!!! I did, but I kept the ones that were useful. Most people could care less about rooting a phone because they have no idea its even an option on some phones. For those that see this as a deal killer, I understand and hope that that issue can be remedied in the future. Until then, you hackers, developers can get something else. People say that samsung has a better phone, wait for that. PEOPLE, Hear this. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A BETTER PHONE COMING!!!!!. you just have to draw the line in the sand that says, this is good enough for me right now and when you’re due for an upgrade, do your research and get what’s the best at that time. It’s just a smartphone, enjoy them, use them and if you so desire get a droid X, you won’t regret it :-)

    • http://Website Randy

      I was using the BB Bold. Loved it when I first got it…then after a few months, it felt so old. You can’t put BlackBerry’s in the same class as the Droid phones. BB had limited apps, and let’s not talk about the internet experience…(lack thereof)

      • barkleyfan

        That’s the issue with the X; when it gets old in 3 months and you’re sick of the same bland interface, too bad. You can’t grab a new rom or a new theme for your current rom. You’re stuck with that ugly gray notification bar for life.

  • http://Website Randy

    Great screen, great pictures, fast, easy to use, great service (was on AT&T)
    Lags in the UI (very little), battery life (what can I say) is good but when using apps/internet it saps the batter quicker, screen has some wash out in the sun.

    Overall: I’m glad I switched to Verizon and the Droid X. The stock browser is sufficient so I don’t need Opera. The apps I’ve chosen are great and does what they say they do. The screen is huge and displays pictures vibrantly. It is NOT awkward holding the phone when I make a call. Will be using bluetooth mostly anyway. I live in an area where there is no Verizon service, but I was able to make clear calls and access data/emails, texts.

    Looking for accessories (case, car charger, screen protector and extra battery)

  • http://Website dave I

    Got one on openning day. Love it except the camera is terrible. Especially indoors.

    • http://Website MonsterMash

      Can you elaborate? The Droid Incredible takes awesome pics indoors. Is the X any different? or worse?

      • http://Website Spencer

        Don’t know what dave is talking about, the camera is one of my favorite things about it! Its a fantasitic phone with a fantastic camera. It takes MUCH better pictures than the Incredible

        • http://Website Randy

          I find the camera to be on par with my digital camera. I’ve used it a few times and the quality is good.

  • http://Website Andy

    Can someone tell me how the typing is on this phone? i currently own the droid incredible and i hate typing on this peice of crap. typos everywhere. i had the droid before the incredible and in my opinion i loved the qwerty keyboard.

  • http://Website RR

    Finally gave in and bought the Droid X. I was upgrading from a non-camera cell phone and and old palm zire 71 – to consolidate everything into one. I love the Droid X in many ways but am having a little trouble getting all of the functionality of the palm pilot. I’m hoping to find some app that searches everything on the device (not including the internet) so I can search through old appointments and documents I’ve created. Any advice?

    Other than that, I feel that operating the x is a silky smooth dream. I am amazed at the ease of inputting text with Swype – I thought I was waiting for better physical keyboard, but this is great. The screen is clear. The camera works surprisingly well for a cell phone. I love being able to change the focus area.

    • barkleyfan

      search the market for gesture search by google.

  • http://Website Nathan

    Still poking around the Droid X. I’m a newcomer to Android (coming from a basic music phone, LG Chocolate 3), so I’m still figuring things out. As far as the phone, I would say that when comparing image quality, even at the higher resolution, flash, and image stabilization, I prefer the image quality on the iPhone. The color saturation and brightness correction seems more appropriate on the iPhone, although the flash is super bright! Also, tethering is available (tried it!), but watch that Verizon doesn’t knock you on your bill for not paying the tethering fee ($20 additional, with a 5GB cap). The phone is very quick, but when you start multitasking a lot, while listening to music, I’ve noticed a bit of music stutter. Nothing terrible, but was surprised because even my previous phone didn’t do that (not that it could really multi-task). It’s a bummer about the Root being locked. From what I’ve gathered online, it doesn’t brick it, but just won’t run until “Motorola-approved software” is loaded. I’ve yet to figure out something to do with my phone that I haven’t been able to find an app for, so, this isn’t really important to me…YET.

    Moving to software, the Motorola stuff is okay at best. Obnoxious at worst. I took out a lot of the default stuff, and I’m glad they didn’t force you to use the Motorola widgets. The news feed and weather windows when full-screen are not quite responsive enough for me to want to use them. The news feed choices are also fairly limited.

    I absolutely love Swype. Still learning it, but I definitely prefer it over qwerty button-pressing, after just 5 minutes of using it I was hooked.

    The music player interface needs a little refining.

  • http://Website Marilyn York

    OH MY GOSH!!!
    I LOVE this phone. It is 10,000 times better than my Samsung Omnia 2 which kept freezing up on me.
    The only thing goole needs to do ASAP is get the Outlook 2010 synching with it’s google calendar.
    Definately the most amazing phone I have ever owned and I will now not be interested in the iphone at all. This beats it all to heck.

  • http://Website Amaury

    Original Droid owner and due to failing eyesight, now owner of the Droid X. Love it in almost every aspect. Bigger screen allows me to be able to read it without my specs if need be. Just not sure about the elimination of the softkeys in favor of the buttons. Maybe should have left the softkeys with the ability to disable them. Just a thought.

  • http://Website lovo

    i am totally in love with this phone i was worried as i switched from a t_mobile G1 to the droid x but i was more than worth the switch altho i was worried me being used 2 a keyboard but i must admit that the large screen size is a help and easy to get used to personally i cant picture myself on a smaller phone anymore its quick i do have moto blur on it admittedly but it is really toned down and easy to forget its even there battery life is great although its hard to get full use of it since your always going to be playing with it i recommend it

  • http://Website jr


  • http://Website emo

    awesome phone, have had it for 3 days and i cant keep my hands off of it, anything from playing and editing audio and video, good emulators ( nesoid lite, snesoid lite, gensoid ), great apps that help you do anything you want to do, very customizable and the only thing better than that is that i picked it up from walmart online for $79.99 with free shipping