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Early adopters report: How do you like your new T-Mobile Vibrant?

The Samsung Vibrant was the first Galaxy S phone to hit the U.S. when T-Mobile put it on sale yesterday for $199. It sounds like most T-Mobile locations didn’t even have the phone on display, but many of you waited outside for your local store to open.

We know a lot of our readers picked up the Vibrant yesterday and we want your impressions of the device after 24 hours. Was the Super AMOLED display all you had hoped for? Does the overall speed live up to your expectations? Have you put that super fast GPU to use with some 3D games?

Please share your feedback so that other T-Mobile customers on the fence about upgrading can make up their mind. Let us know if this was your first smartphone or what previous Android phone you were coming from.

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  • http://Website JWhipple

    FREAKING LOVE IT!!!!! Stomps the Nexus One!

    • http://Website Zach F


      • http://Website zen

        I can’t explain how fast it really is, you need to see it to believe it. Samsung Vibrant Impressions.

        If they can lower the price a bit more, then certainly many will get this.

    • http://Website Tyler

      Whoa there!! I have an N1 and I just got my wife the Vibrant, the hardware is amazing and I like the Samsung skin better than any other UI I have seen/used.

      The Vibrant is def a sweet device!

      But I wouldn’t trade my N1 for it I like stock android!

      • ayocuz

        I have to agree tyler I stopped in my local t mobile store today and had a chance to play with the vibrant it is a very nice phone but its just not enough to make me want to trade my sexii nexii in. far as stomping the nexus one I just don’t see it bro. It still felt like all the other samsung touch screen phones

        • http://Website Randy

          I have the nexus and the vibrate and i must say the vibrant is a notch above the nexus. When it gets 2.2 it will blow it away.

          I too prefer stock but with adw.launcher…i cant realy find much of a difference.

          • http://Website Usman

            When it gets 2.2..you mean around the time the Nexus gets Gingerbread? ;-)

          • http://Website plainbrad

            It is a Samsung phone. I don’t think Samsung updates their phones. I think you will always have 2.1 unless you root it.

      • http://Website Travis L Harris

        Yea I stop in to the t-mobile store to.. the Samsung galxy is nice… but better than the N1 —No way- .. The N1 is the best android phone on the market and it’s the first 1ghz phone.. why?
        1.) stock android (after purchasing your galxy you will see.. you will be waiting for a software update to 2.2 and we’ll be running gingerbread)
        2.) Samsung isn’t very reliable after the Behold 2 (they might begin working on a new project and dump galxy users)
        3.) The galxy s fells very cheap.. to light..
        All in all I just feel that it’s a phone for newbie android users (Android Vets G1 users know what I mean). The only thing that means anything to us android vets when looking at the galxy is the CPU/GPU.. I wouldn’t trade my nexus for it… And wont trade my nexus till they drop a device with a 2ghz processor, front facing cam, Stock android (stock android is the most important feature).. The N1 may not have the best hardware but when you acknowledge every thing else hardware and software the Nexus defeats all !!

        • TravLadin

          Excuses my spelling I was in a rush.. All in all it’s a good starter android phone..

        • http://Website KingGheedora

          1.) stock android (after purchasing your galxy you will see.. you will be waiting for a software update to 2.2 and we’ll be running gingerbread)
          2.) Samsung isn’t very reliable after the Behold 2 (they might begin working on a new project and dump galxy users)
          3.) The galxy s fells very cheap.. to light..
          All in all I just feel that it’s a phone for newbie android users (Android Vets G1 users know what I mean). The only thing that means anything to us android vets when looking at the galxy is the CPU/GPU.. I wouldn’t trade my nexus for it… And wont trade my nexus till they drop a device with a 2ghz processor, front facing cam, Stock android (stock android is the most important feature).. The N1 may not have the best hardware but when you acknowledge every thing else hardware and software the Nexus defeats all !!

          I totally see your point, but if you take into account that the Galaxy can and will be modded, most of your argument goes away — and I would say the Galaxy is better than N1 for users who are okay with custom ROM’s.

          I got the Captivate (AT&T version of the Galaxy S) and i think it’s one of the best looking phones. The N1 might still look a little better, and i like both better than the ipHones. Doesn’t feel cheap to me but that part is subjective. Hardware is better and you can make it stock android by installing custom ROM’s, so in that sense it’s better than N1.

        • http://Website JSG

          N1 fanboy!
          Seriously? The N1 running 2.2 posts some benchmarks just above the GS family….And with the GS’s getting Froyo (likley by the end of August), your claim to gingerbread will fall short.

          Come back when they are both running 2.2 and let me know how your precious 1 year old Model T android is doing.
          Face it, these things have a lifespan of a fly!

    • http://Website TomBombadil

      Yeah great phone except: GPS is totally worthless. Unusable even for navigating on countryside, I find myself jumping all over a range of 600feet.

      • http://Website Marcos Pataki

        I agree.

        Completely useless. I got two Galaxy S to replace our aging G1s and the GPS is VERY, VERY bad.

        • http://Website Scott

          Worse than the G1??! I can’t imagine that… Half the time I need to reboot the phone before I can get a GPS lock and, once it claims to be locked, it occasionally leaps a mile or two off target (still claiming 12 meter accuracy).

          Wow, that’s a black eye for the Sammy.

          • Brian

            I will say that I am waiting on my Vibrant to come in the mail, but today I went to a T-mo store to give it one last feel. I read about the GPS so that was something I needed to check and it worked fine. I even started the Map wallpaper and it had no problem. Maybe its just a select few that have the issue? I know I didn’t walk around with it running navigation or anything but it was very quick to zoom in on the location.

      • http://Website Axess Denyd

        My wife and I got MyTouch 1.2s on the same day, right after they came out. Oddly, her GPS is TERRIBLE, reporting her over a mile away sometimes, and mine is very, very accurate.

      • http://Website Matt

        You may want to take yours back, I was the first person to buy one in the district I live in (i only know this because the DM of the district was at the store, and he was holding a contest in his district to see who sold one first). I have had it now for 3 days and have used the GPS a few times. Its RIGHT on. Got one for the second line on my account yesterday, and we used GPS on it once.. it was again perfect. TMO is awesome about replacing phones and assuring customer service, im sure if you take it to the store they will swap it asap for you!

        • HipHopIsLyfe37

          What GPS service are you guys using? Is it the T-Mobile navigation service or is it Google Navigator? I am on Sprint and I really want to get the Epic 4G when it’s released, but if it’s having GPS problems I may not want to get it. I use my GPS all the time so this is very important for me

      • http://gardenwife.com Gardenwife

        I just received my Vibrant today and one of the first things I did was try out the GPS. I am inside my house, ten feet from a window, and it zeroed in right on my location. I don’t have the option for using wireless networks checked, just the GPS. After reading comments here and a few other places, I was surprised it worked without trying that fix posted earlier. I wonder, therefore, if it’s a bug in some of the phones.

    • http://Website Anthony

      @jwhipple do you own a N1? I can understanding getting excited but until the galaxy gets froyo it can’t compete with sexy nexy on froyo. I hope that doesn’t upset u because once you get froyo that statement will be true until gingerbread

      • http://Website jwhipple

        HAD a N1… Sold it after picking up the Vibrant.

    • http://Website DFL

      Between my wife and myself we have a wide range of Android phones and even an iPhone 3Gs. Im sorry to say but the Nexus is hands down the most impressive piece of hardware. It was a good phone when it was realesed but its like a fine wine, the older its getting the better it is. If it wasnt for Android dev teams and N1 hacks then it would only be a good phone. As of now im pretty sure its safe to say the Nexus One is 2009/2010 MVP as of now.

      In any case you have an Android phone and in the end thats all that matters. They really are special.

      F**K iPhones!


      • K-K

        the debate is not about how good ur nexus one is .. its about how good/bad the samsung galaxy s infront of other phones .. so plz unless u specify that u own a galaxy s , stop just adding to the comments .. we all know the specs of the n1 and how it cant match up with galaxy s internals .. thank your god that n1 is google’s phone .. otherwise it wont get froyo so early .. pff
        and from wat i see , samsung is getting serious about fixing a name for it self , so i guess they changed their game ..

    • http://Website Dub

      Yeah right!

  • http://AndroidFeens.com Keith

    I love it tho I might exchange it for another one because its seems slugesh in the market and other places. But like i said last night it is a nice addition with my Nexus One..

  • http://Website Dh

    100% satisfied! Coming from a G1-not sure how i made it as long as I did.

  • http://Website HoOn

    Coming from several other Android phones in the past including my other phone, the Google Next One, I am very excited and pleased the new Samsung Vibrant. The screen is just gorgeous! The size of the Internal Memory is just big enough for my media. Only complaint I have is that Samsung used a lot of plastic unlike my Nexus One which has a unibody metal material which makes it feel sturdy and heavier. The first thing I did when I received my Vibrant was to root it. I love the Android community for the enthusiasm and to help make this device even better than it is now. The Vibrant is a winner!

    Oh, for those users who complain that there’s no Flash for the camera, just do yourselves a favor and BUY a real camera.

  • http://Website RaistlinMajere

    Very happy with it. The screen is awesome and well worth giving up a physical keyboard for. Blazing fast. One thing I thought was interesting is the home screens were devoid of Samsung widgets right out of the box. I wonder if they removed them by default because of the slowness that they cause which some have reported?

  • http://Website eClipse

    Fondled one yesterday – was not on display in the store, nor even mentioned in any signage.

    Salesguy made a point of showing me the free movie.

    Seriously – would anyone buy this for a copy of a movie you could rent at Redbox for $1?

    Otherwise I was unimpressed – big, bright, pretty, but I had just that morning setup an Aria
    which actually seemed snappier. The lack of data connection on the demo phone may have hurt performance.

    • http://Website pax

      Your comment is worthless. You compare Aria to this?. I tried one and this thing is fast. Not a fan of Samsung, but got to give credit when its due.
      Fantastic phone.

  • http://Website Alejandro

    Lovin’ it! I thought I would mind the touchwiz3.0 UI, but I think it’s better than stock. It’s very quick and snappy compared to the MyTouch3g I had which was slow and laggy.

  • http://Website Mike Box

    I love my Vibrant. The Super AMOLED screen is absolutely beautiful and the videos I saw on line prior to release Avatar looks awesome and the sound is actually quite good. The processing power of the humming bird is killer too. The phone it self is taking some getting used to coming from a mt3g but I’m getting the hang of it. Now I can’t wait to get it rooted and see where the community takes it.

  • http://Website Brandon Henley

    I LOVE my Vibrant! The Super AMOLED is AMAZING! The phone is super quick and I can’t say enough about the GPU! A total joy to use! However a bit jittery when using the stock home. Using ADW or Launcher Pro it’s golden!

    • http://Website Brandon Henley

      Btw, coming from G1 running CM6.

  • http://Website Will

    I’m blown away, frankly. I’ve been running speedtests in suburban DC and have hit 5.7 MB/s DL and 1.4 MB/s UL. The voice quality is much better than I anticipated.

    I couldn’t be happier.

  • http://Website Chris

    I picked it up yesterday morning from a local T-Mobile store in DC. They didn’t have any on display, but I had called the day before to ask if they had them in the store.

    The Vibrant replaces my MyTouch 3G (the original, not the updated version that added a real headphone jack), and so far I’ve been really impressed.

    When I bought the MyTouch, I had about a 2-day honeymoon period where I thought it was neat. After that I quickly grew frustrated with it. It’s actually spent the past five months in a drawer.

    I wasn’t sure how much of my frustration was Android-related, vs. how much was just related to the hardware in the MyTouch; so I figured I’d give the Vibrant a try.

    So far, my initial thoughts:

    * The screen is really fantastic. Bright, colorful, and a good trade-off between too big and too small. I think this is a good sweet spot for display sizes.
    * Technically related to the screen, but the touchscreen is so much more responsive than my MyTouch it’s ridiculous. I’m sure a portion of that is just the faster processor, but the actual screen itself does seem quicker.
    * I was stuck on 1.6 with the MyTouch (it seemed like kind of a hassle to replace the firmware with CM), and while I wish they had waited for 2.2 before releasing it, I’m pretty impressed with how much better 2.1 is (something I’m sure most of you Android users found out ages ago).
    * I don’t notice anything negative about the TouchFlo stuff. I don’t use any of the Widgets (either the Samsung ones or the regular ones), so the interface seems pretty minimal and overall is fairly pleasing.

    So yeah, while I’m still very much in the honeymoon period, it’s been a nice one so far.

  • http://Website S15274n

    Display, ui, speed, swype… There is nothing but mad love for this phone. Like it a lot more than my nexus. I do love how the nexus feels in your hand though.

  • http://Website Stephen

    I love it for the most part, but I do miss my keyboard on my G1 and my track ball, and the led on the front. the speed is awesome, the screen is beautiful, I love the proximity sensor, battery life so far is great.

  • http://Website Derek

    EXTREMELY disappointed in the screen. Its big, and bright. The colors arent bad. But its fuzzy. Screw pentile matrix screens. I had no idea this phone had one.

    • http://Website ObsceneJesster

      Oh, you never heard this phone had used a Pen-Tile Matrix display? It was only all over the internet. I don’t see any fuzziness on my screen until I hold it 2 inches away from my face. Must be your eyes or your bullshit.

  • http://Website Derek

    Oh and the GPS performance sucks donkey balls. Slow and inaccurate as can be.

    • http://Website GW

      I so love an eloquent response like yours.

      To others who’ve gone from a G1 or MyTouch Slide to the Vibrant, how has it been getting used to no QWERTY and trackball? I have a G1 and use both of those extensively. Just wondering how the transition’s been for you. Is Swype all that?

      • http://Website DaveC

        I went from a G1 to a N1 so I still have a track ball, but I was very apprehensive about giving up the G1′s great keyboard. But I’m pretty happy, for the most part, with Swype. I get a little frustrated once in a while trying to get a word right, but many times I’ll just fly through a text or a Tweet with no problem. It’s a great program and I’m sure I’ll get even better the more I practice. So I’ll stay with the Nexus One for now (but all bets may be off if Emerald turns out anything like what it’s rumored to be).

  • http://Website Brian

    Just ordered two for my wife and I from wirefly for $149.99 each. I was going to go to a store to get it but then I would have to pay $249.99 each then wait for a $50 mail-in rebate. I am excited to get it I just wish I could test on out.

    • http://Website GW

      I don’t get T-Mo’s pricing on things, phone vs. online vs. store. My husband called and was told his upgrade would be $149, but when he looked online it showed $439. Gaaah. It makes no sense whatsoever, makes T-Mo look like they don’t know what they’re doing. We love the customer service, but the wide disparity in pricing leaves so much to be desired when you have to double your work to check prices both on phone and online. Store prices are probably something different yet.

      • Brian

        If you go back up to the article you will see a link to Cellstores.com, its $149.99 with free shipping. Or you can go to wirefly.com, its the same price.

        • Brian

          Make sure you use the “BUY PHONES” link in the top header.


  • http://Website Joey

    I really like the phone, coming from a Nexus One.

    But WTF!!!! My speedtest app shows the following speeds.

    Download 0.25 mbps
    Upload 0.68 mbps

    Can anybody please help me with this. I am in SLC Utah and the server is in Seattle.


    • http://Website Joey

      On Wi-Fi

      Download 1.25 mbps
      Upload 1.19 mbps

      This just doesnt seem right.

    • http://Website RaistlinMajere

      Not experiencing any slowness at all – in fact, 3G seems to be much faster than the G1, especially when using the HSDPA network.

    • http://Website Kyle

      Im in slc too. You need to refresh the available list of servers, then select the xmission server. It makes a big difference.

      • http://Website Joey

        I did the switch and now it is a whopping…..

        Download 0.25mbps
        Upload 0.73mbps

        Does this seem right?

        What are you getting?

        • http://Website B

          (I’m not trying to sound like a smart alek, please no flames)
          How are you holding the phone during your speed test? I have a bit of the “other phone” curse w/my new Vibrant, it seems. If I hold the phone vertically in my left hand, and cover the bottom of the phone (since I’m using my left thumb to navigate around), my signal drops to “0″, and I can’t get any speedtest to work for DL, although my UL is around 300. Try it while leaving the bottom of the phone completely untouched and see what you get.
          I’m curious if I’m the only one experiencing this (I’m in north Phoenix, btw)

          • http://Website B

            More tests, voice and Speedtest, and it appears it may just be “the algorithm issue” like “the other phone”. During another test call, I covered the bottom, signal showed no bars, but the call didn’t drop or break up in any way. On Speedtest app, same thing, with the exception of 1 test where I had a download speed of 42 kbps, but my UL speed was in line w/the other tests. I’m thinking it’s just a simple issue of tower signal strength at my house, and not anything with the phone itself (other than the possibility of an algorithm issue w/how the phone shows signal strength).
            Thinking this thing is a keeper! Yay!

    • http://Website Maciek


      Ditch the speedtest.net app. It’s messed up. I was with my friend on one spot in Chicago where I got 7.2 (No BS… I have the badge from speedtest.net to prove it) and my friend was getting 0.8 Mbps through the app. Then when he tried the website version, he got MUCH closer results to mine.

  • http://Website hindle

    I’ve had rooted g1 and mytouch both of which are overclocked. The vibrant is truly an awesome phone. overall system response is very snappy. Soft keys are taking me a bit to get used to and the unit gets pretty warm while using navigation when charging. All and all this is the best phone I’ve had and I think I’m gonna hold off on rooting this for awhile.

  • http://Website Brad

    Hats off to Samsung!! The Vibrant is a terrific addition to the Android community. The display is

    bright, colorful and responsive. Processor performance is excellent. In contrast to the Droid X

    and HTC EVO, something that sets the Vibrant apart is the UI. In my opinion, the TouchWiz UI is

    the best. HTC did a good job but Samsung has put some real work into it. The icons no longer

    look unimpressive and rival the iPhone. It’s a good combination of iPhone like look and feel

    combined with the flexibility of Android. Although I’m a techie, as a business model you need

    something that the average user would enjoy using and Samsung has provided a good start.

    The UI is my only beef with Andriod in general. In order to continue to capture market share, the

    UI framework out of the box experience requires continued improvement.

    My personal drawbacks on the Vibrant; I like the larger screens of the Droid X and EVO. I also

    like the ability to resize the icon as provided with the Droid X. As already mentioned, the feel of

    the Vibrant could be improved. It looks great but feels a little cheap. Droid X is great in that


    Although there is much more to test, I rate the Vibrant an A.

    • http://Website dls

      did you send this from your vibrant……….wow.

    • http://Website Paul

      Although I don’t have a Galaxy X (Verizon’s delaying it until the Fall to prevent cannibalizing the new Moto Droids), I love the TouchWiz implementation. I think the iPhone-esque horizontal apps browsing is GENIUS, since it makes lag much less apparent. When you scroll up and down, it just looks jerkier than when you scroll left and right, independent of whether it’s actually lagging. The TouchWiz interface is even better than Sense, in my opinion.

  • http://Website Joey

    Does anybody know how to change the 4 preloaded icons at the bottom?


    • http://Website Nate

      You just drag and drop an app to the drawer and it will change it. The application icon is the only one you can’t change. Or if you’re trying to get rid of it altogether you can use Home Switcher.

    • http://Website Ryan

      What Nate said is partially correct, however there is a step prior to what he mentioned. While looking at your app list, press Menu. Then choose “View Type” and then choose “Customizable Grid.” From there, you can now press Menu while in your app list, and drag/drop whatever you want to the bottom.

      • http://Website Joey

        That worked…

        Thanks guys

      • http://Website Nate

        Ah yeah, sorry, left that part out.

  • http://Website Ted

    I absolutely love mine so far. Coming from CM6.0 I thought that I wouldn’t like touchwiz but so far I have been presently surprised. I do miss froyo though on my mt3g. I will probably be rooting soon but I will want to make sure that if I go with a custom rom that its a quality 2.2 build.

  • http://Website Nate

    I love this phone, the screen is amazing.

    Upgraded from a MT3G V1, thought the network was slow, was just the phone.

    I actually like the TouchWiz interface, it’s not intrusive like Sense is, it’s pleasant and improves small details, doesn’t try to replace things or change everything. The only thing I would leave off of it is maybe the bottom bar and change the app drawer back to the stock one. Still overall I’m very happy with it.

    But it’s extremely fast, no lag whatsoever and Avatar looks amazing on it. Battery life is pretty good too, so far better than my old MT3G.

  • http://Website Nate

    Also I love the fact that Samsung with this phone encourages rooting and the dev community. Instead of Moto who puts in a “self-destruct” chip in there (it puts the phone into recovery mode).

  • http://Website Name (required)

    I like the vibrant but i LOVE my evo.

  • http://Website frank

    I am so glad I got rid of the motorola cliq for this phone … everything runs perfect and so far no problems

  • http://Website RobH

    It’s really great. I can deal with the samsung interface, but would rather have vanilla android 2.1
    It’s super quick, 0 lag. Speaker phone is good, not great. Reception so far seems really good.

    Display is amazing, all vids look great. Typing is so much nicer now with 0 lag!

  • http://Website clocinnorcal

    I live in Chico CA, and the local Walmart is selling the Vibrant for $149.99 with 2 year contract. So check your local Walmart. Just thought I would throw this info out there to you guys.

    • chicojd

      Hows it goin’ Chico? I left T-Mo back in November (I paid the ETFs dammit)… Have they got 3G up here yet?

  • http://Website Mark

    I am loving it. I have been researching Android on this website and others for at least 6 months and coming from the Tmobile Dash (htc excalibur/winmobile-crap) this is a whole new world. I am loving everything. i know its silly, but swype is my favorite, most used feature. I didn’t buy a car kit so I haven’ty really used gps yet. I love the screen, it is trully beautiful, i watched avatar (some of it) on my lunch today and found the speaker loud enough if I didn’t have the engine/ac running. The best features other than the screen seem to be andriod. Everything is intuitive. It just makes sense that you should be able to swipe one way to call and swipe another to text in the contact list. Slick, smooth as butter, crazy fast.
    Does anyone have a good understanding on how to tether with this? PDAnet allows usb tethering and I’ll have to be satisfied with that for now I guess, just wondering if there is anything else?

  • http://Website chirock232

    I love the vibrant it is crazy fast has a great screen and the UI is responsive. Kudos to samsung. I am a beliver

  • http://Website Steven

    I sold my HTC HD2 last week and picked up a Vibrant yesterday and I have to tell you that I am so impressed with this phone. Amazingly light and snappy. Great UI. Has anyone noticed how long it takes to fully charge the phone. It seems to take forever. Maybe this is a different type battery than the HD2 or past phones. Even using the wall charger takes forever. Thoughs??

    • http://Website Mark

      Yeah it took more than two hours from empty to full without the phone on. That did seem incredibly long to me. No idea whats up though.

  • http://Website Michael

    Derek, I’d you don’t like it trade me. I Have a my touch slide and it cost mite than I could afford right now to upgrade. I just for my phone june 11.

  • http://Website mp

    LOVE IT!! Best phone I have ever owned. Bought the G1 – took it back (twice).
    Bought a CLiq – which is an ok phone. In fact, I own 2.
    But the Vibrant is da BEST!! Samsung did there thing with touchwiz 3. Speed is awesome, display is awesome.

    GREAT GREAT phone!!!

  • http://Website Dan

    I made the rounds at the mall yesterday and had my first hands-ons with the Evo, the iPhone 4, and the Vibrant. The Vibrant was not out on display, but they had one behind the counter that was ready to be put out. The screen on the iPhone is amazing, but the rest is bland & lame. The Evo screen screen looks washed out in comparison to the others.

    The Vibrant is amazing overall. It is incredibly fast and responsive. It is featherlight. The shape is similar to my iPhone 3G, but it felt much better and more secure in my hand. The screen is amazingly bright and clear, but I can see why some say that it is fuzzy. It would only bother me if I was switching between a screen like the iPhone 4 and the Vibrant all the time. I watched 30 seconds of Avatar and was completely sold. It was stunning! However, I’m waiting for the Epic. It’s going to be a painful wait.

    My only complaint was that the screen didn’t seem to let my finger slide as easily as on the other phones. Did anyone else notice anything like that?

    • http://Website jackie

      I’m galexy s user in korea.
      Try firmware upgrading from 2.1 to 2.2 and seeting advaced task killer and lookout for protect your phone.
      So more easy control your phone.

  • http://Website Seeeye

    Yeah I owned a behold 2 I was that guy f ing samsung even though I wasn’t going to buy it at all I along out yesterday lol tmobile alowed me get a full upgrade minus the rebate so I paid co worker had the evo we did a bench mark vibrant 856 evo 5 and change finally samsung you guys killed fastest phone on the market id urge everyone buy this phone its worth it dont get mts get a real power house I love it!!!

    • http://Website Kenny

      Damn, it took me a really long time to read this…

    • http://Website reets

      Learn how to type properly dumbass!

    • http://Website Bo

      Have you ever heard of punctuation? Haha.

    • http://Website brainhurtindude

      hiba ability miggie woo I and they were strooling thru the mall Ther it was… the vibrant ooooh thank me youp are in your way to success vibbbrnt

  • http://Website Shane

    I am beyond impressed with this phone. I have been holding out for a Nexus One for sometime now and after getting this phone I am very glad I chose it instead. I am also very impressed with Samsung’s ui for Android

  • http://twitter.com/reignzone Reignzone

    From what I’ve read over at XDA, this device can be rooted using the same method for the original Galaxy S.

    Anyway, apparently… SetCPU also seems to be able to “OC” the processor to either 800MHz or the fully estimated 1024MHz (1GHz). Various testimonies suggest that for some users, 800MHz was the maximum output they were capable of achieving, and for others… 1GHz.

    Technically, it wasn’t being (not yet anyway) overclocked. But still, that’s better than the most likely 300+/200+ settings by default. Has anyone tried flashing the update.zip file for the rooting process?

  • http://Website TomBombadil

    really, the GPS is unusable. going to return it

  • http://Website N-Dog

    Is there anyway to get rid of TouchWiz without rooting? I know I could just use LauncherPro but I really love the look of the original messaging app and hate the one on TW3.

    I don’t have a vibrant but am considering it. I don’t like custom UIs and I love stock android. I was going to get a Nexus but when I saw performance between this and a Froyo Nexus, Vibrant wins hands down and it is only on 2.1.

    Are any android phones going to have stock android anymore? Google says they aren’t making another phone and all the others are putting on custom UIs.

    • http://Website Jack

      Using ADW is the best way to get back to stock Android. It’s a free app that you can get from the market, but you might be out of luck on the messaging app.

    • http://Website dls

      with gingerbread google is retooling the ui, so hopefully the phone makers won’t feel the need for custom ui’s. this would also allow all phones to be updated much faster.

      • http://Website N-Dog

        Right but if and when Vibrant is updated to 3.0 will they ditch TW3 or just port it?

        I have a launch MyTouch 3G and it is terrible. It was good at launch because there was nothing to compare it to. The phone is complete crap and can take 30 seconds just to load the home screen after exiting an app. T-Mobile is taking their sweet time releasing the Froyo update but I don’t know how much good that will actually do.

        I want a new phone but I don’t know if i should get this or wait but what is the point in waiting if people still release custom UI phones ignoring stock android?

  • http://Website Seeeye

    Yeah I so I was trying to say was I bench marked it up against an evo and th evo was at 5 and change and galaxy s was 856 this is the phone to get besides super amoled touch screen is sick buy it buy it buy it lol

  • http://Website JaylanPHNX

    I played with one in the mall and WOW! I wanted to put it in my pants. Not as a method of theft, but because I’m in love with it, like physically!

    Okay, that might have been creepy. Sorry ;)

  • http://Website jerry


  • http://www.mobilebrazzer.com Mobile Brazzer

    For those of you saying the GPS is bad, do you have the settings set to SATELLITE ONLY?

    IE: is the Cell Tower location turned OFF?

    Where i live, on my G1 if i use cell tower GPS it shows my location as being in the middle of the ocean.

    If I use just the satellite, its perfect

    just wondering if this helps..

    • http://Website Karen

      I have cell tower location turned ON and the GPS is still very poor. I’m using maps in the same areas where I used to use my G1 (home, work) and it takes the Vibrant a few more minutes to ‘lock’ onto my location. And even then, it’s several hundred feet off. The G1′s GPS was way more precise.

    • http://Website Karen

      just reread your comment — it’s still off with cell tower location off :)

      • http://gardenwife.com Gardenwife

        Do you have “Use wireless networks” unchecked? If you have that checked while you use GPS, that will mess things up, too.

  • http://Website Former MyTouch 3G

    Having bought the first gen MyTouch 3G last summer, I was very hesitate in upgrading given what is coming down the pipe-line. However for a good upscale version in a std 1Gz processor norm environment, this phone’s displays lives up to its reputation.

    These newer phones are becoming more like PCs with pre-installed bundle of software/apps where many will not be needed but are stocked because of trying to get people to spend more money…(Do people remember all those teaser softwares in your PCs?)

    There are way too many background apps running in the background so I would recommend a good App Killer, it will save on battery life as you can stop just about any background running app, even those pre-installed.

    With the advent upgrade to Android 2.2+ this phone should keep up with even more adjusted speeds future phones.

    The ability to watch movies onto your HDTV internet connected TV directly from your phone is quite impressive feature. Finally watched Avatar!!!

    One drawback is the syncing from Gmail account (contacts, calenders, etc) is troublesome as the MyTouch allowed you to sync specific “group” only lists. Now I have all my groups imported which can be a pain especially when you only want a certain group list. (Any suggestions on to fix this would be welcomed).

    I hope this comment helps.

  • impalass96

    So far so good. This is my Android based device…. I’m experiencing no LAG on transitions all around the UI. The quality is on the AMOLED is incredible.

  • http://Website Eddie

    this phone is a Godsend… i love this phone… its smooth, sleek, and doesn’t way anything… ahahahah… I LOVE IT

  • http://Website Tony Guinta

    I upgraded from a g1 yesterday and was worried that I’d miss having a keyboard, but I’m getting used to Swype, and it’s very impressive! I’m actually using it now for this post.

    The speed is great, and is a major upgrade from the g1. I didn’t realize how much the phone was slowing down my browsing experience until using the Vibrant on my wi-fi connection. Pages load much faster on the Vibrant.

    The one complaint I have is that I cannot find a way to change the calendar alert ringtone. I could on the g1, but not on the Vibrant. It doesn’t even use the default ringtone, it uses its own, but can’t be changed. If anyone figures this out, I’ll be thrilled to know how, since the default is very wimpy and easy to miss in a place with background noise.

    Swype tip – don’t try to be too accurate. If you swype somewhat close to the letters, it figures it out very well, and you’ll swype much faster.

  • http://Website Tpaine

    The vibrant is nothing short of perfect. I have loaded the screens up with widgets, played all the the 3d games and the thing has not even broken a sweat. The screen is incredible. No Front facing camera, who cares, when a phone looks like this and can take anything you throw at it it does not mater. I have played with the I phone 4 and I think the vibrant can hold its own and in some things it is even better.
    Thank you t mobile the vibrant is a win. Thanks android and me for the great reviews and sneak peaks leading up to the release.

  • http://Website Max

    I love the phone! Its exactly what I expected and then some. I cannot wait to root it. TouchWiz isn’t all that bad, and I think it complements the rest of android just fine. Within 2 hours of having the phone, I disabled the TouchWiz home screen app and installed ADW Launcher. Everything so far is extremely response.

    Using Appbrain.com (with their fast web installer) made reinstalling the apps on my G1 to my Vibrant extremely. I installed something like 35+ apps in I believe 10-15 minutes. It allows you to install apps by clicking “Install” on their site, you verify permissions on the web page, and the app is pushed to your phone within seconds. One word: AWESOME!

    Now for the bad part: About 3 hours ago, my touch sensitive buttons at the bottom of the screen just stop working. I cannot use the menu, home, back or search keys. While watching avatar (for the 2nd time in 24 hours, yea the screen is that good), I saw the bottom buttons flash, and I just disregarded it. After watching, I tried to return home, and it didn’t work. I couldn’t get out of DoubleTwist’s video player, so I rebooted. After the reboot, the menu button was acting like the search button, the home & back buttons did not respond at all. The search button would only long press, and ask me if I wanted to voice search.

    I did some searching on the ‘net, and saw that I wasn’t the only one: http://bit.ly/a3ClBW. It seems some others are having similar issues. Like the others in the thread, I went to T-Mobile and showed them. “How long have you had the phone?” he asked. “Just over 24 hours”, I replied. “That sucks man. Its cool, I’ve got another one waiting for ya. We can exchange them out right now.”

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have the box or receipt, so I gotta do it tomorrow. I was happy that T-Mobile didn’t think twice about replacing it for me. The manager said he’d hold one till I got there tomorrow.

    Regardless, I’m happy with the phone. The phone is just too awesome to let this get to me. Personally, I’m going to disregard it, and just start over. No harm done. I can see this pissing off others though. I really hope my post doesn’t detract from the phone. Its too good, and the majority seem to have an extremely positive response about it.

    Buy it.

  • http://Website Ryan

    Upgraded from a G1. Was a bit reluctant do to the lack of hard keyboard. After about 24 hours I will say that I am very happy with my decision. This phone is quick. No lags, no waits. It just works. The UI is nice. It’s close enough to stock android that it doesn’t bug me.

  • jamboy5590

    Coming from a G1 i was really debating whether or not I should get this phone why?

    I wasn’t sure about an all touch screen device
    I didn’t like the fact that there was no flash
    I didn’t want touchwiz 3.0

    but i when to t mobile and decided to pull the trigger. I’ve had this phone for a day and i have to say I LOVE this phone

    I was shocked at how fast and easy it was to pick up swype, the screen is everything people have been talking about and more I keep it on the lowest brightness to save battery and its almost as bright as the highest setting on my G1. The touch screen is amazing better than the iphone if you ask me.

    Touchwiz 3.0 when i heard this i was really mad, we all know how samys other touchwize phones are. But besides from the iphone app draw clone I really like it and i think they’ve done a great job its looks very polished and clean the apps are great.

    The only thing i’m still disappointed about is the no flash (really tmobile?) but in day light this phone takes AMAZING pictures and videos im sure over time i’ll get over the no flash.

    so if you still have your old g1 and are wondering if you should trade up for this phone DO IT NOW.

  • http://Website watbetch

    I have one and I am ecstatic with it. Samsung knocked it out of the ball park here. TouchWiz 3.0 is a major improvement over stock. I’m so GLAD I didn’t buy into the debbie downers’ nonsense. This phone is nothing short of amazing. From it’s thin, light but solid construction, to it’s amazing AMOLED display.. near perfect in my eyes.

    Only problem is that the reception bars are broken. Reception is way better than it seems.

    • http://Website Andrea

      My reception as well….it will show i have no bars but i never lose a call or loading pages or web browsing….I switched from 3g to 2g and problem seems to have gone away…..i always have all me bars now, even in elevators!

  • http://Website MyDixieWrecked

    Are you F’ing kidding me!?!?! The lag on this phone is just HORRID! Ok, who am I kidding? This phone has no lag, and it’s simply one of the best on the market to date along side to my Nexus One. Screen is simply beautiful, web is quick, camera is fantastic, video is even better, lightweight, and I’ve even made iPhone 4 owners scratch theirs heads at it.

    Thank you Samsung for putting out such a great device! If you guys just keep your word on keeping up with updates for this bad boy you’re gonna make many of us Galaxy S owers very happy for a long time.

  • http://Website the lizard king

    It’s an awesome phone. The screen for lack of a better word is vibrant and gorgeous. I will say the battery life isn’t so great, but its a very cool phone. Matter of fact I’m commenting from it.

  • jakmayhopher

    i have an origianal MT3G, but i started my contract in December and i dont want to pay the stock price for this AMAZING phone, is there anyway that i could get it cheaper? cause im tired of Tmo not supporting us MT3g users..

    • http://Website N-Dog

      T-Mobile is updating all MT3G phones to 2.2 but they are taking their sweet time. Also we are probably going to get it with that horrible espresso UI.

      • jakmayhopher

        sadly i know…i just wish there was a way from getting rid of this, once great phone to an AMAZING one. Im hoping the 2.2 will be enough to keep me from switching, cause dont get me wrong im a MT3g for life kinda guy being my first Android device but i want something made to go smooth, and idk if this update to 2.2 will make the phone smooth again.

    • http://Website Brian

      Go into a T-mobile store and tell them you wan to upgrade your phone to the Vibrant. Let the person know your not happy with the MT3G and you want to know what your upgrade options are for this phone.

      I did this and the sales lady pulled up my account andtold me I had a FULL upgrade and I got my MT3G back in October with a 2 year extension. Now Im just waiting on the Vibrants to come in the mail on Monday. Its gonna be awesome. It never hurts to try and if that doesnt work call T-mobile customer care.

      My friend Ron (L.O.R.P.M, you know who you are) had a iPhone 4 on order (3 week wait until they can even order him one) but he went into a store today to pay his bill and got the phone. He said its just as like the iPhone 4 but something just makes it better.

  • http://Website Terrell

    Just picked mine up a few hours ago and I love it. really impressed with it. Very smooth, very fast

  • ayocuz

    I’m happy for all of you vibrant lovers but I’ll stick with my nexii I hope they at lease give you guys frozen yogurt by the time ill have gingerbread, my thing is this why didn’t those galaxy s devices (all of them) ship with froyo. To me that’s kinda suspect but that’s just me

    • http://Website Kleany

      why wasnt droid x shipped with 2.2? why isnt any new phone that was just released recently shipped with 2.2? because the companies arent ready yet….

      samsung already stated 2.2 is coming to korea in august.

  • http://Website Brian

    I was totally blown away by this phone. I came from an original mytouch and was getting really frustrated with how sluggish it was. This phone does everything I want it to exactly when I want it to do it lol. The touchwiz interface is nice but I prefer adwlauncher. Having wifi and gps toggles in the notification screen is VERY convenient. I haven’t had a chance to try the GPS yet but I’m hoping it’s not as bad as some people are saying. I’ll be testing it on a 6 hour drive. As far as the performance goes, it’s very fast and once it has froyo, it’ll be unbeatable for at least 3 months lol.

  • http://Website Alejandro

    No!!!! My vibrant is caught in the grip of death!!!! I’ve noticed that holding the bottom half of the phone will lower the signal. I’ve heard the same issue was going on with the captivate. Maybe it would have been a good idea to wait to buy this phone… Oh well…

    • http://Website Brian

      I do not believe you. Anyone with the name Alejandro should not be trusted.

  • http://Website B

    I’m liking the phone pretty well. Like everyone’s said, the screen is really awesome, the phone is snappy, and TW3 is surprisingly decent. I’m coming from a Droid 1 (never rooted). I haven’t yet ported my number and cancelled my VZW contract, because I’m still a little on the fence. Most likely, I will pay my ETF to VZW and port my number, but since everyone has already said what’s awesome about the Vibrant (and I agree with all of it), here are the things that are making me a little hesitant (again, my current phone is a stock Droid 1):

    1. I am having possible (POSSIBLE) signal reception problems when I hold the phone vertically, covering the lower part of the phone (the “hump” and the bottom front of the phone simultaneously). I tested this out during a call and the call didn’t drop or degrade in quality on THAT ONE TEST CALL (haven’t done another yet), BUT I DID lose a data signal while on the market doing that same thing (I’m calling it the “cover test”). I literally just did another couple Speedtest runs: w/covering the bottom the signal dropped to between 0 and 1 bar, but I achieved speeds of 493 kbps Down / 401 kbps Up. Without covering the bottom, I showed between 3 and 4 bars (4 is max shown on the Vibrant), and achieved speeds of 591 kbps Down / 406 kbps Up.
    The cool thing, is while going westbound on Loop 101, around the 7th Street exit, I hit 3380 kbps Down (still only 313 kbps up)!!

    2. I actually sort of like the “heft” of my Droid 1, personally. The Vibrant is VERY thin and light, which is great for most people, and obviously one of Samsung’s goals w/this device. Samsung did a GREAT job making this phone very thin and extremely light.

    3. Signal quality, in general, where I live is a bit less than VZW where I live. I knew this going into it though, having been a G1 user before I got the Droid 1.

    Overall, this phone (Vibrant) really is awesome. The screen is really great, the camera is much better than the Droid 1 (I don’t care about flash…or ffc for that matter), 16GB of internal storage is a HUGE plus to me, it IS fast, compared to a stock Droid 1, the Vibrant is the PERFECT “size” to me (4.3″ screen phones are a bit too big, IMHO, but the 3.7″ on the Droid 1 is a little small for multimedia…again, IMHO). I’m having to get used to the fact that the 4 bottom buttons are in a different configuration from the Droid 1, but that’s a small learning thing that isn’t affecting my decision.

    • http://Website watbetch

      Reception is better than the bars say it is. Check out XDA

  • http://Website Minty2g

    i jux rooted mine vibrant……maa easy…jux follow these steps..http://androidcommunity.com/forums/f28/root-your-vibrant-37389/#post331593….if busybox is not install after those steps jux go to the android market….enjoy.

  • keplenk

    hey guys, how is the GPS? I heard a lot of problems from the original galaxy s owners which looks legit. Some new vibrant owners are having GPS problems already, maybe because only a few bought for now. The gist was it was not accurate. Some were saying that it could be a bad batch (hardware defect) and some claimed it can be fixed by firmware which Samsung did not release yet (it was supposed to be this week).

    Anyway, you’re input would be greatly appreciated. I’m still deciding this over Captivate. But if the GPS is faulty, it would be a no go for me. The main purpose I will buy this phone, aside from calling, is GPS.


    • http://Website Vibrant user

      Ok, I was comparing the GPS from the Mytouch3g to the Vibrant. It looks to me that the vibrant is not keeping a steady longitude and latitude direction. Also, when changing directions from let’s say N to E, the Mytouch3g would respond very quickly while the vibrant was either confused or it would take about 10-20 seconds to change its direction. I used the compass app as well as google map to compare the two.

    • http://Website renster

      I don’t think all phones suffer from bad gps, maybe it is just a small batch like previously mentioned. Granted I’ve only used my gps once, but I didn’t lose anything nor was I getting an inaccurate location during navigation.

      It took bout a minute maybe less for gps to initially find me.

  • Dhindsa_Lord

    Hey, I have a question for G1 users, I’m currently still using my G1. But those of you who have gotten the vibrant, did you get it full price? Or on an upgrade?

    • http://Website renster

      Upgrade price

    • http://gardenwife.com Gardenwife

      Check online AND call, everyone. And tell them you’re not happy with how their systems don’t jive with one another.

      If you’re not quoted a decent upgrade price online, call them. They’re not working out of the same system online and on the phone. On my husband’s line, he was told $439 to upgrade to the Vibrant. He called, and for the same line, they told him $149. For me, it was the opposite. I was told a high amount on the phone (can’t remember what exactly), but it showed $164 online. So, we had to order our phones differently. The phone rep credited both our upgrade & shipping fees, though. :)

      • Dhindsa_Lord

        Got it. Thank youuuu.

  • http://Website drbaltazar

    dont sweat it !samsung did they they will release froyo 2.2 in august for the galaxy s .and samsung did mention they were working on a solution to be more uptodate(maybe we ll be able to get android software directly from google as soon as they come out since google wont sell smartphone anymore.we ll have to wait and see what samsung will come up wtih but they did mention they were
    gona have better software support then they ever had before.

  • http://Website Dronnok

    Coming from the original MyTouch 3G, the Sammy Vibrant is just a thing of beauty. With root and no matter what rom was installed, the MT3G was just sluggish and this one is quite the speed demon. Definitely not gonna miss waiting for the home screen to reload constantly. The only thing I really miss is the Google News and Weather App as I liked it’s news format. Still getting used to the TouchWiz UI but the screen on this thing is simply amazing.

    • http://Website renster

      You can find the apk for those widgets on xda. Just search “genie widget apk”. I missed it too until I found it on there and installed it.

  • http://Website jeremy

    great phone i just bought it but unfortunately my screen wont turn afer 24 hours of use and no physical damage i went to bed put it on the charger woke up this morning and the screen wont turn on the phone seems to be on as it makes noise when i press the volume button and the screen is still responsive cuz i can hear the system noise when i swype the screen so i have to take it back to radio shack and get a new one

    • http://Website Mark

      Um, did you try pressing the unlock button on the side?

      • http://Website jeremy

        lol dude your not talking to an idiot…i had the g1 rooted nexus rooted evo and now samsung vibrant of course i tried that

  • http://Website thabigchorizo

    This phone is bad ass! Love the screen, have to see it to really appreciate it! Buy this phone!

  • http://sean-the-electrofreak.blogspot.com/ Sean the Electrofreak

    Since I wrote an article on the Galaxy S vs the EVO 4G (Google Hummingbird vs Snapdragon if you’re interested) I felt it was necessary to finally get my grubby mitts on the device itself.

    All-in-all, very impressed. The phone was playing Avatar when I came in, no stutter whatsoever, and the display truly was amazing. The colors just popped from the phone, and alongside other phones displayed nearby, it definitely stood out.

    I talked the ear off of a poor sales rep, but he seemed interested to hear what I had to say once he realized I didn’t have any questions to ask him about the device. I told him I’d written about the phone, and he started asking me some questions of his own since they’d only been given a couple days to play with the phone before launch, instead of a couple weeks like normal. The guy was pretty cool and seemed very prepared to listen to me gab endlessly about the phone and compare it to other devices. He bemoaned the single-mindedness of iPhone fans and shared his own perspective on the phone, saying that he liked it a lot and could see it becoming T-Mobile’s best Android seller, but that it almost felt too light for a smartphone, feeling strangely empty when held alongside a Nexus One.

    I couldn’t really get the phone to stutter or jerk no matter how I whipped through menus or piled on the applications. I ran some 3D apps and the power of the graphics processor was immediately apparent; rendering was smooth and quick. The TouchWiz UI wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but the phone definitely looked like an iPhone 3GS from a distance, particularly when browsing applications. I can imagine it easily being mistaken for one, which is a little disappointing.

    One real issue I have with the Vibrant is how T-mobile disabled the front-facing VGA camera. I put the phone under bright light and it looks like you can see the camera aperture, but if it’s there, it doesn’t work. I’m guessing T-Mo did this to preserve their limited bandwidth by preventing video calling, but it’s really a shame, as is the lack of camera flash.

    The lack of physical keyboard was less of an issue than I thought it would be; the touchscreen is extremely accurate (as Samsung had bragged was a feature of the integrated touchscreen in their Super AMOLEDs) and the phone provided 3 options for input: the standard Android soft keyboard, a very iPhone-like Samsung keyboard, and Swype, which I haven’t used before. Swype was very forgiving, getting all of my very amateur attempts correct, which was impressive given the way my finger meandered across random letters as I tried to accustom myself to this new form of input.

    Anyhow, those are just my impressions. Probably will be picking up a Verizon Fascinate or maybe the Sprint Epic 4G as T-Mobile isn’t really my carrier of choice. Not that Sprint is any better, but they’ve literally just dropped 4G in my city and I’m considering taking them up on their 30-day trial run offer.

  • http://Website Lyriccist

    The Nexus One is great but becoming quickly outdated. Internal memory is a factor and sure they are placing apps to sd but really how many developers are actually changing that? I get updates for apps but no apps to sd and im sure its just a click for the developers to allow us to use that function so yes memory on board is minimal compared to recent phones. 16gb on board 8gb memory card its like a nexus one on steroids and so what about the updates theres roots something half of nexus one owners are doing because of the lack of Google finding the goodies on their ow phone. Super Amoled screen is fantastic and the 3d games are flawless with no lag, and touch wiz is hardly noticable. The Vibrant has everything everything except one thing and thats updates but hey dont forget Google after this year will have everyone in line because they will have on update a year. So in a sense every phone out there now is slowly passing the nexus one because they are giving the monster phones that upping the game (like vibrant) to pass the nexus one. Super AMOLED 16gbs on board sd up to ??? faster processor……. Worth the wait! (Former Nexus One Owner)

  • http://Website Chancy

    For those of you that switched from a G1 to this phone. How is the touchscreen keyboard? I wanna switch but touchscreen keyboards and I don’t get along so well. However, my G1 is reaching the end of its life cycle and I can only hang on for so long so this phone looks like a reluctant upgrade to me. I just wanna know if the keyboard is good and I’ll switch. Thanks!

    • http://Website renster

      I haven’t missed my physical keyboard yet. Swype is really great … I think I’m faster with it already than on my g1′s keyboard.

      • http://Website Chancy

        Thanks! I just needed that kind of reassurance.

        • http://gardenwife.com Gardenwife

          I’m glad to read that, too. I am a fast typist on my G1′s QWERTY! Anyone else have the space bar start giving out on you? Mine seems to be doing so. I’ve got a Vibrant arriving Tuesday, though, and I’m keeping the G1 as a remnant of a new era in our household’s cellular odyssey. LOL

    • http://Website Joe

      Same here – faster with Swype than the G1 keyboard. It’s very accurate, especially if you practice a bit every now and then.

    • http://Website BeverageNinja

      I’m a former G1 owner and was in desperate need of an upgrade, but I was worried about not having a physical keyboard. After using Swype for just a few minutes I was sold. I swear that the damn thing knows what I’m thinking, because I know the word I wanted to type, but being new to swype my finger wasn’t near the letter I needed but it came up anyway! Swype will be on all of my future devices from now on, it’s that good.

  • http://Website Greg

    I’m totally in love. Came from the g1, and while its hard getting used to no keyboard or led notification, the sheer power/screen size/display are helping me get over it quick. I was skeptical about the touch wiz, but its actually very sleek. I love this phone.

  • http://Website Miguel Lopez

    I just got this phone yesterday 7/16/10 and I freakin love this phone its the best Android Device as of right now for me. I upgraded so no more G1 even though it was a great phone, but it was even better rooted. I love the Vibrant I cant wait till we get Android 2.2 then it will be even more awesome.

  • http://Website Joe

    I just got the phone yesterday. It’s a real beauty. Awesome screen. And I love Swype compared to the keyboard from my G1. I’m much faster with Swype after a day than I ever was with that keyboard.

    One thing to note — the store I went into had a sign that all Android devices were buy one get one free. On checkout, the Vibrant wasn’t (I could have gotten another Android device but I really didn’t want one), but the salesgirl honored what she had told me. I never even had to ask.

    Score one for T-Mobile’s customer service!

  • http://Website Ross

    I have to say that after having the phone for almost a day now that the phone is fantastic the display is even better than I had hoped and the speed is blazing, I just hope that ANDROID 2.2 will be coming to this device soon.

    • http://Website joe

      bro just hold on, the 2.2 is coming soon.

  • http://Website sean

    Man, I just tried it out over my lunch break. I think I’m gonna sell my nexus one and buy it. The ui actually is really nice. The screen is incredible. I really like the idea of having more internal memory (im an app hog). Plus my ipod broke and I listen to music mainly on my phone now. Man right now my n1 is lagging soo much right now as im typing this. And I pretty much have the same number of apps I had on it Cliq. Yep, I think im about to make the switch. It’ll hold me over till project emerald :-)

  • http://Website Kenzo

    Love it. Swype is awesome. Very fast. Screen is perfect size. I think its better than the EVO.

  • http://Website pax

    I had a chance to test a Droid X (stay with me) at my local Verizon Store.
    It is big (comparing to my Nexus 1), and fast. I tested the
    browser and some sites had their mobile version loaded and
    a few loaded the regular way. (all were loaded in their
    mobile versions on my Nexus 1). androidandme.com was quite
    choppy on Droid X. The only lag I found was using Gallery
    , other than that, it was a pretty experience. After trying
    Droid X for a quite a few minutes, I walked to a t-mobile
    and tried the Galaxy Vibrant and as soon as I started playing
    with it, I had already forgotton about Droid X. Galaxy S is
    fantastic, screen is just the right size and beautiful. I bought the full price Nexus 1 on T-mobile does not have a great coverage in my area so, I am planning to get the Captivate version.

  • Queen Laqueefa

    Just went and played with one and it was impressive. Still, I think I’m going to hold onto my MT3G till November and hope and pray that Project Emerald doesn’t end up being lame.

  • http://Website Sinan

    Love the swype feature, the quickness of the phone overall and thescreen. Bought it today and after few hours of use I cracked the screenat the bottom right corner. Well I dropped it first, then it cracked. The phone is still operational. Insurance will take care of it. Maybe the first who cracked Vibrant?

  • http://Website sean

    the one thing that I think might actually hold me back from switching right now is the lack of a trackball or dpad.

    to those with the phone already: have you had to go back and edit text after you’re well into a paragraph? I like being able to just scroll back and retype stuff. I doubt my thumbs are accurate enough to touch on the misspelled word to re-edit. also I envision navigating webpages filled with text links being difficult without a trackball or dpad. you guys have trouble with that?

    I’m wondering, cause it might not be that big of a problem. heck the screen might be more responsive than my n1 (not the most responsive touch.) speaking of…how’s the multitouch on the Vibrant?

    I’m still probably gonna get one in like two days anyway lol!

  • http://Website itsme

    I love this phone, much better than my g1. I do have a couple of issues with this phone though. I noticed that when using the head phone jack, the cable has to be positioned just right for them to work. I also have not been able to get the tv out to work. I have the mini a/v cable that I hooked up to the head phone jack and I get nothing on my tv…i did switch it to tv out.

    Can anyone help me out with that?

    I also am experiencing the problem of losing signal bars when covering the bottom of the phone.

    Overall I love the phone and the swype feature has been great. That was a concern of mine since I was used to the keyboard on my g1

    • http://Website renster

      1. The first time you put the headset in you have to push really hard. If any part is sticking out then the controls won’t work.

      2. For tv out, try switching the red and yellow cables. As in plug yellow chord into red input.for some reason some 3.5mm to rca cables won’t work unless those are switched.

  • http://Website thebearingedge

    I finally had time to try this phone out today. Gotta say, yes the screen lives up to the hype. The blacks are so black it’s incredible. Pulled up Avatar; made me smile at how sharp and colorful it is. And that contrast ratio. I think that’s the big factor. I’ve read some people complain about the very saturated color and I’m sure my graphics snob friends will agree but, man… it’s just pretty to me.

    Makes my MyTouch 3G look bland and feel super sluggish D’OH. I did notice a tiny bit of lag here and their but just a little. The avatar playback was a bit squirrelly but it was BARELY noticeable. I mean so minor that I may have been imagining it. But who knows how much crap the phone was multi-tasking, being a floor model. Plus this is without any root user optimizations.

    Tried the camera. The focus controls are a joy and the video recording is equally fun. The touchwiz UI is very light. I prefer stock android or ADW launcher but whatever.

    I’ll get one within the next couple of months for certain.

  • Brian

    Found the Accessories page from Samsung. It has the Desktop Dock as well as a stand with extra battery.


  • http://Website Craig

    I love the phone, my only complaint is that I can’t use any of the charging cables I bought for my G1.

  • http://Website Voghan

    I love the phone but not tmobile. It is an amazing piece of hardware. Love touch wiz, love the diale and swype. I just get horrible coverage at home.

  • http://Website IDtheTarget

    It’s a beautiful phone, and my first Android phone. I like many things about it, but have two caveats:

    1) It’s a bit laggy. I think it may be because of all of the apps I’ve put on it, and XDA-developers (or was it mondaco?) has a fix that involves rooting the phone and re-partitioning the SD card. I’ve ordered a new high-speed SD card, so when it gets here I’ll probably try the process and see if it fixes it.

    2) I have worse reception than I did with the iPhone 3G. But then, I think that may be more of an issue with the difference in coverage between AT&T and T-Mobile in my area. I have to admit that I wasn’t prepared for the decrease in my ability to make phone calls at my house, and it bugs the heck out of me. If it wasn’t for T-Mobile’s unlimited data plan, and AT&T moving to a tiered system, I might give the Vibrant back and get a Captivate from AT&T.

    Overall it’s a very nice phone. Still getting used to a new way of doing things, since I’ve been using an iPhone for the last two years. I think that as soon as I get more comfortable with the new paradigm I’ll be happier, though the T-Mobile coverage will probably continue to bug me until it improves.

    • http://Website watbetch

      The reason why you don’t have as many bars is because the bar readout is not working properly.

  • http://Website joe

    just got email from a buddy and said this phone was made to be rooted. he also said that after a firmware update and rooting it, the phone is lot faster and sky is the limit, and he goes on and on…..i will have mine in few days and will root ASAP : )

  • http://Website poko

    for those who are having issues with the GPS:
    this http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=728611 fixed the problem for me!


    • http://Website Stella

      I haven’t use my GPS much but thanks for this link.

  • http://Website Wade

    The GPS is truly horrible. I can run GPSTest on my G1 and the Vibrant side by side. The G1 will see 10 birds and lock on to at least 8 of them, while the Vibrant sees only 5 birds and never gets a lock. With the Cell Towers enabled for location, it gets around 120 feet accuracy, which is barely tolerable. Also, the compass constantly flips around when I’m holding the phone still, so the “arrow” indicator in Google Maps is constantly spinning around. I really hope this can be fixed with a firmware update, or it’s a deal breaker for me.

    The soft keys and lack of a trackball are kind of driving me nuts, but that’s mostly a personal thing coming from the G1. I wish the softkeys would stay lit a little longer since they are basically impossible to see if they aren’t lit, and the reversed layout compared to the G1 has me constantly hitting the wrong buttons.

    Another issue I’ve noticed is the 802.11n implementation is completely half-assed. There is only one antenna so no MIMO support, and it doesn’t support 5ghz, so it’s missing the 2 features that actually make 802.11n worthwhile. Seems like a little bit of a marketing gimmick at this point, allowing them to claim 802.11n support.

    Battery life doesn’t seem significantly improved over my G1, but I’m constantly playing with the phone all the time so the usage is definitely higher than it would be after the “honeymoon” has ended. I’ve had it for 2 days so far, and had to recharge around dinner time both days.

    The speed and display really make up for most of the negative issues I’ve found so far (except the GPS). I plan to be switching over to VZW as soon as my contract is up because TMO doesn’t have 3G in my town, so it’s nice to be able to play around with a phone that will also be available from the other carrier before I make the jump at the end of the year (I bought the Vibrant outright with no contract). One of my coworkers just got the Droid X so we will definitely be doing some comparisons.

    • http://Website Stella

      I totally agree with your issues about the trackball and soft keys. I didn’t know how depended I was on that damn trackball until it’s gone. Swype is amazing but editing has been a hassle. I don’t really use my GPS all that much but now I’ll test it to see if I’m having the same problems.

      • http://Website Wade

        Well i just discovered that Swype has an “Editing” mode that has arrow keys and other useful navigation shortcuts. Just swype from the “Swype Key” to the “SYM” key and it will switch to the Editing keyboard. That should make life a little easier :D

        • http://Website Stella

          Thanks! This function has really helped.

    • http://Website joe lee

      GPS is great. All you need to do is update to latest firmware JG5 and all gps problems solved. One of the Best phone ever made.

      • http://Website peter smith

        @joe lee where can I find the JG5 firmware? Is that officially from Samsung?

        Also, can you pls elaborate on the naming schema? my baseband version is “T959UVJFD”

    • http://gardenwife.com Gardenwife

      The thread was mentioned above, but I’ll post it again. There’s a thread at XDA regarding the GPS and a fix for it. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=728611 Hope that helps!

      • http://Website Wade

        That fix improved it somewhat, but there are still issues. Apparently a firmware update to fix the GPS/Compass issues is right around the corner though.

  • http://Website Brian

    Got it on release day, from G1 to Vibrant. Thoughts so far:

    GREAT screen
    NO lag- very fast interface
    GREAT battery life, better than my G1 was, even with me poking it every 5 mins
    MISS the LED notification
    MISS a trackball, or any way to get to a precise space without trying to touch it.
    POWER or SCREEN ON/OFF button is too small

    Very good phone. VERY good.

    • http://Website Jason

      Brian, I was missing the trackball too until I heard this about swype:

      On the keyboard swipe from the swype button (bottom left corner) to the SYM button right next to it. That will bring up an edit keyboard that allows you to key through what you were typing to an exact space in your text. You can also copy, cut, paste etc in that menu too.

      I haven’t tried it yet, but the functionality is there.

      I still miss the trackball here and there, but I don’t regret the upgrade AT ALL! This phone is amazing.

      • http://Website renster

        just found out that functionality too!

        it works really well.

  • http://Website itrustme

    I currently own a nexus one . Yesterday I went to my local T-Mobile store to check out the vibrant , I had been thinking of getting one for my wife so i decided to see what it was all about. All I can say is wow. Samsung blew me away with this phone its definitely the best android out. Its the closest device to replicate the smoothness of the iphone4 and since its android to me it takes the crown. Its significantly better than the n1 all around from screen quality to the camera its quite simply the best phone out. The real iphone killer has arrived.

  • http://Website 138

    just got my vibrant out of the box changed over from mt3g. Loving it so far.

  • http://Website George

    Coming from the first gen MT3G, this is a huge step up for me. if you are sitting on the fence about whether or not to get it, maybe my non-technical opinion may help you. (note these are my opinions and experiences, so i don’t know – or care – what experiences others have had with it :))

    The positives for me:
    - brilliant screen – the colors are amazing
    - high quality screen resolutions – images are crystal clear
    - really really really light. that’s actually one of the first things you notice about it.
    - really really really thin. produces almost no bulge in my pockets.
    - amazingly fast. Applications open without delay and even the bulkiest applications install in seconds. Over WiFi some download and install so fast it doesn’t even show you the download status bar.

    The negatives for me:
    - waaaaay too iPhone like. i have no idea what Samsung was going through but not only is the shape an obvious iPhone 3G rip-off… but so is the UI. I really liked the stock android UI and I really hate everything iPhone so this is almost a deal-breaker for me. I’m hoping Samsung will shape up and modify their UI or allow us to disable it and return to stock Android.
    - it is a lot larger than the type of phones I like. The MT3G was close to the perfect size for me. Now this isn’t Samsung’s fault – they said they were making a 4 inch screen so it’s my own fault for not figuring out what 4 inches would actually look like. so if you like petite/discreet phones like I do – this may not be the one for you.
    - Again.. I really really hate the UI :) Not only do I feel like I’ve been unwittingly sucked into the Jobsian iPhone universe… but worse still… a knock-off Jobsian iPhone universe. Android is strong on it’s own – manufacturers, please stop trying to change the look and feel of it.
    - it comes with a bunch of fairly useless apps (useless to me) that I cannot uninstall. I never liked Layar so please stop saddling me with it. Same goes for Kindle, Slacker and Urbanspoon
    - Does not ship with screen protectors like the MT3G did. instead they cost you $29.99 on the Samsung website (and that’s before S&H)
    - Samsung seems to have gotten rid of the Instant Messaging app that was part of stock android (or maybe Google did I don’t know)… but whoever did this was retarded and needs to bring it back.

  • http://Website LoveV

    Is there anyone that has issue with GPS?
    Saw some fix posted and seems issue solved ?

  • Brian

    OK, after 24 hours with my Vibrant. I will have to say, I like it. Its very quick and has plenty of memory available for apps and plenty of RAM to run the OS. I did find a few of the apps I have had on my old MyTouch 3G (First Edition) do not work well on this phone. But like I have read on other articles its the app not the phone. Overall I am very happy with this phone. I think everyone should buy this phone.

    T-Mobile turned on the HSPA+ here today; last night I was getting 850 Kbs but today I was getting 2.4 Mbs in some areas but 500-850 Kbs. I think I will like this.

  • reshad

    TO the NeXUS one users. Keep your Nexus One. Dont ditch the phone for Galaxy.
    Huge screen Super Amoled not worth it compare to software support.
    Samsung is horrible for software support. You wont see Froyo is distant or near future.

  • http://Website ZappedC64

    LOVE IT!
    I just picked up the Vibrant yesterday, and I really like it. I have always had smart phones with keyboards, and I was hesitant about getting a phone with out a keyboard. The larger screen, and the Swype program really make text entry *very* easy. Honestly, I did root my Vibrant as soon as I got it home (Sooo easy. Thank you!), removed the stupid Telnav program, Avatar, etc… Bloatware be gone!

    The Vibrant web browser is fast, scrolling is smooth, rotation is snappy. Do yourself a favor and install “TasKiller”. Great little app that will help you manage your phone’s memory.

    I have NOT had any problems with the GPS on the Vibrant. I used it on a service call today and the precision was right on. I wonder if there was just a bad batch of GPS receivers?

    In summary… Great phone!


    P.S. This replaces my Motorola Cliq (Android 1.5) phone. Bad build quality Motorola. I went through three Cliqs under warranty and my wife is on her second Cliq now.

  • semolina

    samsung galaxy s – ext4 partition sd patch

  • http://Website Pax

    I finally got one at full price. This thing is Amazing .

  • http://Website Kg

    The magneto meter in the maps is totally screwed up.. Combined with the faulty gps makes the phone totally useless as a gps!
    Cannot use the phone as gps.. It takes you on the wrong roads.. and wromg directions!
    Seriously lame

    Use google maps navigation and pandora/slacker.. The phone crashes!

  • http://na Jesse

    I can’t get the battery on my vibrant to last even a whole day with very little use. ( couple txts and 2-3 10min phone calls) Screen on lowest setting etc. It is a really nice phone but I need something that will last me the whole day. I have to say the screen is amazing though.

    Things that made me go back to my N1:
    Terrible battery
    No Flash
    No notification light of any kind.
    No trackball

  • http://Website Vibrant1

    GPS is bad…either a hardware or a software issue. No OTA (over the air) updates yet. Signal strength notification bars don’t register well. Sometimes no bars are lit up and I still can talk/text. If you have in place of the signal bars a O with a slash thru it, well then you definitely have no signal.

    Another thing I have been experiencing….if your using the headphone jack and you get a incoming text, call, email…anything with a notification tone to it…as soon as the tone is over…whatever you were hearing thru the headphone jack now comes out the back phone speaker as well. The only way to make it stop coming out of the back speaker is by turning the phone off/on…annoying bug !

    The phone is also very sleek and slippery. Always afraid im going to drop it. Haven’t decided on a case since it will increase the size of the phone.

    Wish an extended battery was offered.

  • http://Website chill nina

    I hate the galaxy s! I miss my G1 the touch screen interferes during phone conversations while talking if you move during your phone convo next thing you know all kinds of bottons are being pushed and other windows are being opened and started, it sucks. This is the second hand set i’ve had and still the same problems! The sad part about it is I was having a signaling issue and having a problem connecting to the internet which led to me calling customer service the csr is who suggested a new hand set because she was having trouble hearing me on my New highly over rated samsung galaxy s. As an android web user and lover for two years i felt I couldn’t go wrong with this new technology boy do I wish i would have kept my money and my upgrade back so I could stick to HTC who clearly is ahead of the game in buliding the bomb phones that are reliable and work every time.(so wishing I had waited for the G2)……..

  • http://www.issmobility.com Iss

    The Vibrant is a sleek Android-powered smartphone and it’s an introduction to Samsung’s Galaxy Series of Android smartphones——–
    Buy the Vibrant phone from issmobility dot com for $149.99 as o today’s prices

  • http://Website m e

    Still waiting for FROYO, but other than that I switched from the G1 and never regretted it for a minute