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Google releases parking spot sharing app Open Spot

The Google Open Spot lab team has announced the availability of an Android app that will allow users to share their parking spaces with other Androiders. Open Spot, currently in beta, hopes to save Android users time, gas money, and reduces pollution by reducing the amount of time driving around trying to hunt down parking spaces.

Simply open the Open Spot application, and Open Spot will show you all parking spots within ~0.9 miles of your current location, color coded to tell you how long ago the open spot was posted (Red for freshly-marked spots, orange for spots marked over 5 minutes ago, and yellow for spots marked over 10 minutes ago). Spots will disappear after 20 minutes, so be sure to get there fast!

Open Spot is one of those applications that will only work if a significant number of Android users adopt the service. I for one feel this is a very handy use of the Android platform, as I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to drive around Minneapolis or Los Angeles or New York City trying to find an elusive parking spot. I encourage you all to download the Open Spot application today and help make it one more benefit Android has over the iPhone lot.

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  • http://Website Munchausen0

    Hmm looks interesting.. will try it out here in Las Vegas and see what comes of it.

  • http://Website Alex

    Looks very interesting, lets see if people will use it. Will be so much easier to find parking in major cities like Philadelphia with this app.

  • http://Website Rio Basuni

    Not available on mytouch

  • http://Website Anthony

    ^ ^ ^ Sure it is! Just root :P

  • http://www.twitter.com/tdh004 tdh

    Going to try it out in about 45 minutes. Downtown Ann Arbor recently changed how they violate people with parking on the weekends. Used to be a “metered” parking structure and now it’s $5 up front. Nevermind I’m only in there for 15 minutes, it’s $5!

    So I hunt down a spot on the street. Hopefully people have started using it. Google’s pretty big in this town.

  • http://Website Ryan

    I love how Google makes random apps like this but you still can’t update a text document on Google Docs. Where is the killer Google Docs app? I run my entire business on there. I wish that would finally come…

  • http://Website Trent

    Except that GPS hardly works in great portions of these downtown areas because it’s hard to triangulate the exact position with all the buildings in the way. Navigating through DT Minneapolis with GPS Navigation is a joke in certain parts of the city because it thinks I’m 50 feet too far south or something.

    • http://www.twitter.com/tdh004 tdh

      I found that true when I used it last night. When I marked the spot, it showed up about a block and a half away on a one way street that has zero parking. I would suggest an option to move the marker after GPS gets you close.

      Either way it could be useful. Wonder if they will do anything with the karma score.

  • http://Website jayy336

    pretty cool app concept, but i can’t imagine many people will be updating to let others know of an open parking spot.

    • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

      Yes, I’ve been thinking that.

  • http://Website B

    Definitely a cool concept that would definitely come in handy any day of the week in NYC. Just not sure how many people care to look out for others any day of the week in NYC.

  • http://Website BadScorp

    Great, but at least they’ve should included parking areas for out-of-towners, parking spots locations for 20 minutes only?!

  • http://Website John Paul

    Great idea for the largest 4-5 cities in the US. Doubt it could get as widely adopted anywhere else.

    • http://Website marc

      I like the concept, but it does seem to face some significant challenges like the GPS in skyscraping USA cities or, like you seem to imply, that there is no real reason to indicate that you left a spot where there is decent amount of parking.

      Might be useful on campuses, where ever fewer spaces are hunted by ever more parking passes. But there the opposite problem exists, someone is already stalking you to your spot before you would even have a chance to post it.

      Would also like a toggle to show public parking lots. There is potential to show lot status or even number of open spaces, which would increase competition and awareness and thus lower prices.

  • http://Website Ben Force

    This app seems kind of … dumb. Unless parking spots are plentiful, a good spot is gone in 20 seconds.

  • http://Website moti

    Does it work in other countries?
    coz i dont see it in my market…

  • http://Website gad

    Am guessing this is another US only app like the google voice. Sad……

  • http://Website roy

    I think this is actually pretty genius. Android has been getting the momentum to make these kind of things work and the people getting android phones are city-dwelling 30-something year olds with cars and a high interest in technology. Also, these guys already like things like foursquare so these karma points might be interesting to them…

  • http://Website androidguy

    Also, this explains why navigation in 2.2 has a few empty boxes in the menu. My guess is that this app and maybe a few others will start filling those places. IMO google is going after navigation (probably because apple doesnt)

  • http://Website xGeoph

    I wish Foursquare would add this as another function of their multiple-platform app.
    Since this idea relies on masses of people using it, I would partner with Foursquare to use their already 2 million + users.

  • http://www.earlysignsofautism.com/ Michelle

    Interesting idea, I just wonder how many people are going to go through the trouble of marking open spaces. I also wonder how marking works. ;)

  • http://Website Zlander

    Where I work (UES, NYC) parking spaces last an average of 30 seconds …so I’ll see how well this works

  • http://www.carectomy.com/ dude

    Or you could just ride a bike, walk, or take public transport.

  • http://Website benny banana

    US only???????

  • http://whereamiparked.com/ Marti Martinez

    Slightly different concept, but http://whereamiparked.com/ will help you remember where your *own* car is parked, and how long you’ve been there ~ an especially useful feature for metered parking spots.

  • ernesto uson

    forgot the pasword