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HTC defends the DROID Eris from Apple’s reception attacks

By now, I’m sure most of you have probably heard or read about Apple’s press conference on Friday, where they discussed the iPhone 4’s reception issues and offered the “bumper” solution to fix it.  Since none of us are huge iPhone fans around these parts, I’d like keep this a little more focused on Android, particularly the DROID Eris.

During his presentation, Steve Jobs pointed out that all smartphones have issues with reception when held in certain ways.  To make sure we got the point, Apple put together a few videos of some competing smartphones, among which was the HTC made DROID Eris.  The video of the Eris clearly showed that the phone lost reception when held in the left hand with the palm covering the bottom corner of the phone.

While the video does show the reception bars fading in and out based on the users grip of the phone, HTC has spoken up in the hope to clear a the air a little and maybe even restore a little confidence to their customers.  Since Apple shared hard numbers about their customers who complained about reception issues on the new iPhone 4, HTC decided to do the same.  According to Apple, nearly 0.55% of iPhone 4 customers have been in contact with them regarding reception or antenna issues on the new phone.  That number may not be super high, but it is over 34 times higher than the 0.016% of DROID Eris customers who complained about the same issue.

We don’t like playing the blame game, but we would like companies to take responsibility for their mistakes and not try dragging others into their mess.

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  • http://Website coggy9

    Steve is stupid. That Eris still has signal. 0 bars on most Android devices DOES NOT equal no signal. No bars and a X above the bars equals no signal.

  • dzitran

    Does anyone know how the general public is responding to Job’s press conference? I know among us Android fans that we are outraged at the cheap shots he threw at other phones. Just wondering if those apple fans have a similar response.

  • http://Website Chancy

    Apple already has cult status and it is only a matter of time before Apple becomes a religion. The requirements to join?

    1. Believing that Steve Jobs is god and his word is the truth even if he says the iPad will make your bed for you.

    2. Believing in the shiny Apple trinity of the Mac Book Pro, iPhone, and iPad.

    3. Observing at least one pilgrimage in a lifetime by attending an Apple convention.

    4. Building a small altar or statue in a small room at home to worship Steve and also to pray to him daily so that one is kept safe from the hands of Microsoft/Android users aka the devil or demons.

    5. Last but not the least, always pay your yearly tithes by buying the “newest” upgrade to your current device even if the upgrade is a “camera”, “usb port” or Steve just says its “faster”.

    Observe these and you will be proudly granted the title of……………..FANBOY!


    What a f*cking idiot.

    • http://Website Brian Douglas Hayes

      Wow. Speaking of “fanboy”…

  • http://Website Todd

    Yes, let’s speak of fanboys and ask the real question this Monday morning:

    When will Android and Me acknowledge the market failure and cancellation of the Nexus One? This is the most significant story about Android today and it’s being suppressed by the pro-Android blogs.

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Aaron

      Could it be because it’s not new news on the pro-Android blogs? The phone itself is a success amongst US, the pro-Android followers, because of its capabilities. It was a market failure only in that it wasn’t, well, marketed. The discontinuation of the Nexus One was announced what, at least a month ago? Maybe two?

    • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

      I’ve actually been reading a lot about it on Android blogs. Not sure which ones you’re reading….

      Just sayin’.

    • http://Website alfredbooth

      Dear retard,

      The Nexus One was an experiment. It was meant to make phone manufacturers create more powerful phones. Before the Nexus One, the most powerful phone had a 600 MHz processor. The Nexus One was the first to have a 1 GHz processor. Then everyone, even Apple, followed. The Nexus One wasn’t meant to sell well. It did what it was intended to really well. Go back to worshipping your fruits, fanboy.

  • http://Website Chancy

    On a more serious note though, it seems like Apple is choosing to pick on the little guys like HTC everytime just to suppress them. Probably because they make better smartphones!

    • http://Website Chancy

      Sorry about the double post.

  • http://Website Chancy

    On a more serious note though, it seems like Apple is choosing to pick on the little guys like HTC everytime just to suppress them. Probably because they make better smartphones! Apple, can you hear the footsteps behind you? That’s the sound of HTC catching up to you (if they haven’t already passed you).

  • Sinanovski

    The downfall of Apple.

  • http://Website Mario

    Jobs sure has ran out of ideas to assure his costumers that their problem is not apple’s fault. Well, at least I’m grateful for not begging my mom to buy that buggy iPhone like my other friends, and I’m grateful that I ended up with android.

  • Beryl 96

    Well at least he picked an Android phone to pick on that might actually not be as good as the Iphone. You gotta pick your battles man!

    • http://Website Me

      So I guess that means the Hero isnt as good as the Iphone either, since the Eris and Hero is the same thing, just saying.

  • http://Website Antwan Reynolds

    Good Article! I just wish you guys would start citing your sources. Especially when you begin putting numbers/percentages out there.

    Steve Jobs = Fail

  • http://Website ari-free

    Fact is, Apple is the only one that chose not to insulate the antenna. If you put your hand on the exposed antenna, you actually short it.

    Apple must be pretty lame to use HTC Eris as a deflection of its own problems…kinda like blaming Bush for everything. Just own up, admit there is a problem and Fix The F’ing Fone!

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

    My favorite part is how he said it only drops 1 more call per 100 than the older iPhone. That, coming after an earlier presentation on how much better reception is now.
    Lol, if they make it even better, it’ll drop 100 out of 100! Keep going guys!

  • http://Website Eris

    I hae a Droid Eris and I have 3 bars when doing that with my palm. Apple failed.

  • http://Website DTU

    You should put back up that article about how Android fans shouldn’t be worried about the iPhone 4′s launch. That was a hilarious article in a really sad way.

  • http://Website Joe

    Eris here, I just gained a bar when I held the phone in the manner described.

  • EVO-AL


    Apple phone or just Apple is going to have a run for the Money. Finally. (and I have 2 MAC’s. so this is not a fanboy Drink!!!)

    All Android operating Phones have NOW and more what Iphone users have.

    Thats why Jobs is pissing on HTC and the rest.

  • http://Website Kemc

    steve is such a douche

  • http://Website nexus one owner

    I am just glad that nobody mentioned the reception issues on the Nexus One.
    Only svcks to be the owner of one since that @#$% phone can’t even make a call.

    So Apple shows that the HTC Eris has reception problems and the response (which everyone “likes”) is “that nobody is complaining about it”?

    • http://Website Daniel h

      Dude, i have a Nexus One and the reception is excellent. I have been using my phone miles away from the nearest tower in the woods and in places Nokia and SE phones couldnt make calls.

      Compared to other phones i have owned Nexus One is pretty good.

      • http://Website nexus one owner

        Compared to the iphone 3gs, the HTC Kaiser, the n97 and a range of blackberries … reception on the nexus one svcks balls.
        All of the other phones will have 2-3 bars while the N1 will switch back and forth between no network and 0-1 bars (dropping calls or degrading audio quality so much that you only get broken up digital noise).
        Reception on the N1 SVCKS and it’s time Google acknowledge and address the issue.

  • http://Website StuRoid

    ‘If they compare their Brand New Flagship phone to a competitors older low-midrange phone………..they blew it!’


  • http://Website Geo

    So last year when the I phone 4 was being rumored i bet one of my “Fan boy Steve jobs cult” friends that the i phone 4 will look and do exactly what the i phone 3gs does. I was correct of-course except for one minor detail, Multitasking was brought into the i phone which he nearly got teary eyed expressing his utmost desire towards the fact he can listen to music and surf the web. I busted out my EVO and this week he sold his phone and got a Samsung Galaxy. Sorry apple, Multitasking is so..1996.

  • http://Website victoria

    Cant believe apple would stoop low enough to bash HTC. I’m a avid user and never had a signal problem. Maybe jobs just needs to admit fault and fix it the proper way. Cause i sure ass hell wouldn’t want a rubberband around my phone. Iphone4 = epic fail.

  • http://Website Ruben

    What else can he do, but point fingers? He is desperate to save the brand at all cost, regardless of how misguided. He sounds more and more like someone just trying to hold onto his spot as opposed to trying to get further ahead. He is not playing to win, but playing not to lose. Apple will always be a giant in this market as much as we may dislike it, just not the biggest giant, and this is the beginning of that.

  • http://Website IphoneKiller

    save this, Android will be the king two to three years from now… :)

  • Detox

    Dude steve could sell a brick and call it an iphone 4 and people would buy it. The iphone fans dont care about what their phones can do, just a that it is the latest iphone out. The iphone 4 sucks Steve face it your a fail.

  • http://Website Hnr01

    Haha us androidians are such fanboys… anyways, open source FTW!