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HTC Desire HD coming in October with a 4.3″ screen, 8 MP camera and unibody construction

Sadly no photos of the elusive beast as of yet (that’s the original Desire pictured above), but the guys over at SuperETrader have some rumored specs to go along with a rumored October launch date in the UK for the HTC Desire HD (previously known as the HTC Ace).

As the title suggests the three big bullet points here are a .6″ jump in screen size for those that were feeling a little constrained on their original Desire, a 3 MP bump for the camera which will also boast 720p video recording, and despite the Desire name this device will also reportedly carry some Legend DNA as it borrows the unibody aluminum construction from the Legend that so many users fell in love with.

The partially metallic Motorola Droid and now Droid X are touted as having a more solid feel than some of their plastic competition, but unibody aluminum is taking it to a whole new level.

Check below for the full rundown of rumored specs, notably missing is any mention of a front facing camera or HDMI out on this otherwise very Evo-ish handset.

Anyone excited at the prospect of a super sized HTC Desire/Legend hybrid?

  • 4.3 inch WVGA Touch Screen
  • 8 Megapixel Camera
  • 1 GHZ Qualcomm Processor
  • Android 2.2 OS
  • HD 720p Video Capture
  • Xvid Video Playback
  • SRS Surround Sound
  • Automatic Face Tracking
  • Adobe Flash 10.1 Support
  • 4GB Internal Memory (up to 32GB)
  • E-book Reader Feature
  • Unibody Aluminium Design

Via: Engadget

Source: SuperETrader

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  • http://Website johannes

    Not if you already own a desire. This is some crazy apple marketing. Could they at least call something different.

    • elijahblake

      let’s see bigger screen, same processor and GPU=PASS!!

      Samsung Galaxy S FTW!!!

  • http://Website Simon

    well at least it won’t have the fps limitation that the EVO has due to HDMI out.
    I’m guessing this phone is meant to be the EVO replacement in europe and rest of the world,
    the 3G/2G 4.3″ unit.
    i still prefer the Samsung Galaxy S for it’s GPU and Video OUT, but i’m expecting this Desire HD is going to be real sexy with it’s Unibody Aluminium Block

  • http://Website chris b

    its ok htc bringing out a HD desire but what about just giving us desire early adopters froyo 2.2 OS.

  • http://Website Frank

    Please tell we’re not at the point where you make a tiny change and slap a new name on a phone.

    • http://Website Daniel

      I’d say we already were at that point long ago. Motorola has a number of clone phones with just slight variations in form factor (like Dext and Backflip). N1, Desire and Incredible are all pretty much the same phone, and the Evo is not much more than a 4.3″ version, so this is just the blend of the Desire and the Evo.

      I have no intention of owning an iPhone 4, but I kind of like the fact that it beats Android devices (hardware-wise) in many areas, as it will force the OHA players to step up their game. The Droid was a massive evolution in Android land, but since then every new device was just a minor step, most weren’t even fully superior to the Droid. Hopefully by the year’s end they will offer the phone that will smash the iPhone 4 (in specs) like the Droid did to the 3GS.

      • http://Website ari-free

        SGS already does. It even has 6 axis control. The only spec the iphone has over it is a much higher resolution but it is for a 3.5″ screen while SGS has better color on a 4″ screen. I was disappointed that after all this time of DroidDroidDoes, the new iphone still doesn’t have SD, replaceable battery, a screen larger than 3.5″ (even 3.7″ like the original Droid) and a keyboard option.

        • http://Website Daniel

          Yeah, Samsung is the only one who doesn’t seem stuck in rehashing hardware on new shells (I’m forgiving the multiple Galaxy S devices because they aren’t advertised as new devices, they’re just sidestepping the weird urge of the US carriers of having exclusive devices). And that’s great, I’m ready to forgive them for all their bad moves with past Android phones. Also worth mentioning is that the SGS is actually older than the iPhone 4.

          Also, a larger screen is not objectively better, if anything because it means a larger device (also lower dot pitch if you don’t increase resolution). This is particularly serious on the SGS: the device is the same size as the Evo 4G, yet it has a smaller screen! I’m not kidding: if they managed to make this phone smaller (preferably the size of the N1), I’d buy it the first day it became available on my country. Until then, I’m waiting for my perfect 3.7″ device (or a 4″ one if they manage to make it small enough).

          • http://Website ari-free

            It’s very important to offer the same phone for every carrier in the US. Samsung isn’t perfect; I’d much rather get the Epic than the other variants. But the basic core is the same. It means they can have something like 6 axis control and expect devs everywhere to take advantage of it. If the feature was just for one carrier, devs won’t take advantage of it and it would be useless to the user.

          • http://Website Daniel

            Yes, I agree it’s important/good to have the phone available to everyone, I just find it silly that they have to repackage it for each carrier. Most countries will live just fine with the single Galaxy S model/brand. Even if the issue is the difference in cell network technology, HTC had no problem in releasing multiple phones branded as “Hero”. Anyway, as I said, the SGS case doesn’t really bother me.

          • http://Website Drew

            As a behold II owner.. I’m a VERY long ways away from forgiving Scamsung’s “past” android missteps!

          • http://Website Hetal Patel

            Danial is gone out of Mind

            iPhone 3.5 inch, NO SD, no Battey Replace and that Antena Sucks. Just buy iPhone 4 and dont teach us mathematics of Screen Super AMOLED is way better they that so kina Ratina Gimicks

    • http://Website niteass

      Tiny change?

      - Better camera
      - Larger screen
      - More internal memory
      oh…and let’s not forget. A whole new fucking case! Dude, it’s not the same phone.

      • http://Website Daniel

        Marginally better camera, if at all better. “More megapixels” is meaningless if the pictures look just like noise when zoomed in. Larger screen is the biggest difference, as I said, and still it’s just bigger without improving dot pitch, resulting in lower definition (though getting rid of that PenTile AMOLED was a nice improvement). And bumping internal storage from 512 MB to 1 GB IS a minor improvement, yes. It still pales when compared to the 8-32 GB phones.

  • http://jasmu.com jasmu

    looks certainly sweet, if it’s running vanilla android.
    of not, my nexus one will stay until there’s a new flagship device w/ custom ui crap.

    • http://Website niteass

      Can’t see HTC NOT adding sense to one of their own phones.

  • http://Website Roman

    No front camera?


    • http://Website dave

      Yeah, turns out no-one cares. Would you use it?

  • http://Website G.

    Tmobile UK? Next…

  • http://Website Blurrynipper

    sounds filthy. I love metal phones but its just a rumor, can’t get too excited

    • http://Website Drew

      I know.. really hope this is on TMo.. we are so behind when it comes to higher end phones.. as a behold II owner, I’ve been holding out FOREVER for TMo to step it up and get me something worth purchasing!

  • http://Website Alan McGarrity

    Comes with Android 2.2 and 720p video recording?
    How about you add it to what appears to be the SD version of the Desire before you go about making new fancy shit.

    • http://Website niteass

      Calm the fuck down.
      We’ll have 2.2 on the Desire before this phone hits the stores.
      Asking them to stop making über phones because YOU don’t want other people to have something that’s better than yours? Come on!

  • http://Website niteass

    HOLY COCK!! :O

    I NEED that phone!

  • http://Website Sergio

    1 GHZ Qualcomm Processor = fail*.
    HD recording on HTC = fail x2**.

    * Honestly, who needs ANYMORE a qualcomm processor after we got the power of a Hummingbird/TI CPU+GPU?
    ** just watch 720p videos from EVO, Nexus One.. and then watch some from DroidX, iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S. The videos from HTC devices are just plain jokes (also extremely poor audio recording). The camera performance from HTC devices is just pathetic (mostly on not so low light condition).

    Conclusion: this device has nothing spectacular to offer, just frustration maybe.

    • http://Website Ascendancy

      Looking at the points you just made, I think now I’m being steered even further towards the Samsung Galaxy S. I have a friend who owns one, and to be honest it is the best phone I’ve ever used bar none!

      The only downside I feel on the SGS’s part is no LED flash, case could be sturdier, but if you have a case or phone sock, who cares right?

      As for this Desire HD, I am kindof tempted, only because of the bigger screen and Froyo 2.2 already installed.

      But if everyone thinks the SGS is better, then lemme know :)

  • http://SDesirevs.HDesire mijanous

    I really hope they will also release 2.2 with HD record and improved camera performance to SDesire and won’t get us screwed because of HDesire. Fingers crossed. But i hope the update will come in August latest.

  • http://Website CARL75014

    Nobody wants a 3G+ smatphone in Europe without a Front Facing Camera enabled for both lower resolution 3GPP “standard” visiophony and for higher definition Skype and Frigg video chats. We need an 3.5G HSPA+ 7.2 to at least 21 Mbps version of best of breed HTC EVO 4G, multi-bands enabled for World travellers, with a much better battery, and kickstand, and nothing lower.
    Don’t loose time HTC with mid range devices that we won’t buy in Europe before you bring a real flagship here. We’ve been on 3G for 10 years here, we’re not American beginners discovering 3G just recently and accepting to call 4G a WiMax techno that does not scale to 100Mbps starting point for real 4G. We want the value for the money, …. or you won’t get our money guys.

  • http://Website peter

    Just Vgot myself the Desire and whoeps, there’s already a new version, if it would have gingerbread on board , then i would consider it, but it seems the only thing thats going to change is a bigger screen and more pixels for the camera., i wonder what battery they are gonna use for it ??.

  • http://Website Lionet

    Why!!! Why the venfors are developing phones with 4.3″ screen again and again? I suppose I’d buy the smatrphone sized like the HTC Desire but with Android 3.0 inside…

  • http://Website kwyjibo

    Jesus, yet another 4.3″ screen? No thanks, I’d like something I can actually fit in my pocket.

    I guess it’ll have to be the Galaxy S.

    • http://Website Daniel

      Mind you, the SGS is pretty much the same size as the Evo 4G.

      That’s pretty big for a 4″ phone.

  • http://tehnoparad.net maxfisher

    well, not something beyond the natural, they are not added. That’s when there will be two core processors, then you can just buy

  • http://Website Matt

    But what about the audio? I can’t seem to find find a review anywhere that discusses the audio playback quality.

    I returned a Desire due to the terrible background hiss that sat behind every single mp3 that I played through it (using some pretty decent headphones), and I’d really hate to wait till October only to be disappointed by the HD.

  • http://Website james sutton

    i fit 9 inches in my pocket :)

    • http://Website Umm…

      Sure, your back pocket :P

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