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IMDB (finally) releases Android app

IMDB, the Internet Movie DataBase, has released an Android application, providing Android users to find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, get TV listings, track DVD/Blu-Ray releases, explore popular charts and top 100/250 lists, and search their database of over 1.5 million movies and TV shows.

Personally, I’m very excited for this release (and have been waiting for this since Day 1 of my Android ownership) as IMDB is a service I use almost religiously. I like knowing lots of information about what I just watched, am currently watching, or am going to watch, and sharing that information with friends. Nerdy, yes, but knowing the Android community, I think it’s safe to say that several of you will be as excited as I am for this release.

For a 1.0 release, the IMDB app is very clean and really has almost all of the information that can be found on the website, plus it  still has you covered when the information isn’t in the application. At the bottom of each screen, IMDB gives you the option to view the IMDB web for more information, and even the ability purchase the movie/TV show through Amazon.com. Additionally, everything in the IMDB app seemed to flow pretty well, and stuff just works. Trailers launched immediately, the text formats perfectly on the screen, and the main menu and sub-menus are laid out very well. In short, IMDB looks and feels very solid for a 1.0 release.

At the very least, the free IMDB app is certainly worth trying for yourself. Head over to the Android market or scan the barcode above to download and try it out for yourself. In the mean time, enjoy the images below.


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  • http://Website Galen20k

    i am soooo happy they’ve finally released this, I’m constantly on IMDB now its just convenient! thanks!

  • jdschrock

    I reached for the old G1 as soon as I saw the headline. Installed and on my home screen.

  • Tes

    So, I go into settings.

    I choose current location, I choose uk.imdb.com, I choose amazon.co.uk.

    I go back to the front page of the app.

    US Showtimes, US Coming Soon, US Box Office Results.

    The New releases are not available yet in the UK…The TV section is obviously US only.

    Why bother even pretending to have localisation settings when it means nothing?

  • http://www.stefaneh.com/blog Stefan

    the really annoying thing is that it translates all movie titles to your local language, and there is no way to turn that of. What the heck I want the original titles please..

    apart from that a really great app

    • galdo

      Yeah, I really wish they could figure out a way to prevent this automatic translation of movie titles, it’s very annoying. They have done this on the website, so it shouldnt be too difficult to add it to the app.

  • http://Website nick

    little late there android and me

    • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

      I’m sorry that our editors were off bringing you the latest and greatest news from the Samsung event. I will forward that feedback on for you.

  • http://Website kris

    awesome. having imdb is always helpful.

  • http://Website Paul

    Great app, but why does it need GPS coordinates?

    • http://Website Elliott

      For your location in relation to theatres around you

      • http://Website Paul

        Okay, thanks! Let’s hope they don’t spy on us :-)

  • sigamore

    Cool app :-)

  • stalker

    It’s a nice app. A IMDB login facility should be given to rate movie and post comment from the application.

  • http://Website Nichlas

    Can’t find it in my market :-(

    • http://Website Dallas

      I’m having the same problem. A rip-off of IMDb shows up, but it’s not free ($1.50), and it’s really just a short-cut to the full website, according to the comments. It’s not even affiliated really with IMDb, at least not officially. I tried the barcode, which is read by my scanner, but I keep getting an “Item requested not found” error message. I’m using the Motorola Cliq XT.

  • http://www.houseofbugs.com Mokkori

    The app is not currently in the Android Market, and the barcodes don’t work? What the hell, IMDB?

  • http://whosthisguy.com Brendan

    My only complaint about the app is how similar it looks to Movies by Flixster. Other than that I’m excited to have an IMDb app. I always hated looking at the full site on my phone to find info.

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