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Logitech sees Google TV as an emerging gaming opportunity

Google TV is being pitched as a new experience that “combines the TV you know and love with the freedom and power of the Internet”, but the gaming opportunities have been downplayed so far.

When I look at Google TV, I see a viable game system that can actually compete with the likes of Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony.

Logitech has an exclusive deal to provide the first Google TV companion box and they are also excited about the gaming possibilities, or more importantly the peripherals they can sell.

In their Q2 earnings call, Logitech CEO Jerry Quindlen explained his excitement for the platform going forward. “I think the real opportunity for gaming for us going forward is going to be continuing to be around PC for sure and frankly I think the emerging gaming opportunity with Google TV. We think there will be a lot of interest to Flash-based games. There will be a lot of opportunity for us with peripherals around that.”

Quindlen made it clear that peripherals were the main reason Logitech was investing in Google TV and admitted the company might not even make companion boxes in the future. The company plans to invest the gross profit they generate from the sales of their Google TV box this year in marketing activities so they can create awareness which should lead to future sales.

One marketing campaign called Logitech Lofts is already underway. Logitech will hire three social media bloggers to live in swanky lofts and host parties that will introduce people to Google TV.

So who will supply the games for Google TV? Android developers are out of the picture at this point since the Android Market will not be available on Google TV this year, but the support of Adobe’s Flash player opens the door to a wave of social browser-based games.

Some sites like TechCrunch are reporting that Google is secretly creating a new platform called Google Games and that Zynga will be the cornerstone of the service. Zynga, makers of FarmVille and other social games, has seen their profits climb to new heights thanks to Facebook, but their relationship with the site has seen better days and Zynga is looking to distance themselves. Google has already made an investment of $150 million in Zynga and a larger strategic partnership is still in process.

Google recently hired a Developer Advocate for games and has job listings for Product Management Leader of games.

It might sound like a stretch at this point, but it appears that Google Games is real and Google TV will be the platform used to launch the service later this year. Logitech certainly seems to think so based on their comments, so look for their full lineup of keyboards, gamepads, HD cameras, wheels, and more to make their way to Google TV.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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  • http://Website Derek

    How bout a gamepad that works with android phones? It would be cool to plan Nesoid or Snesoid with a gamepad. Wiimote Controller doesnt work with HTC sense or Samsung Galaxy S.

  • tabowling


    We already have it. WiiRemoteController app works super awesome with the NES/SNES/GBA emulators via bluetooth to your Android phone. And you can plug a Wii classic remote into the Wii Remote so that you get more button action. All free and no rooting required.

    My original Moto Droid is now a ConsoleDroid…

  • http://Website Phil

    I was just talking about how no one is looking at the gaming potential of Google TV. This could be huge for gaming if it takes off. The lack of the market is only to prepare for diverse resolutions and screen sizes if you ask me. If the Google TV’s sell then devs will be breaking their necks to get their games on the big screen through the Android market. You loose all the problems of distribution…just develop and deploy similar to whats done on Xbox Live Arcade. But your console is much cheaper. I just hope folk think about the big picture and quit worrying about these stupid games like Farmville.

    @Derek… why worry about the gamepad. How about your phone turning into the gamepad for GoogleTV? I know what you mean though….

  • ayocuz

    Not for me I would probably never play games on it unless I’d be hooking my 360 up to it. I consider myself a true gamer and if shytie flash games is all they could offer they might as well not even mention gaming. On the other hand if they can make games like call of duty modern warfare or gears of war that would change my opinion.

  • http://Website ari-free

    I see this as the commodore 64 of the 21st century. But the real magic will come when everyone competes with their own google tv’s just like for smartphones. And complete dev freedom will bring all kinds of apps you won’t get on a closed console.

  • lukas8

    I could see it as a platform for independent games, similar to the PC. Even if it has the hardware to produce modern graphics (which is doubtful), modern gaming systems need to have an edge. Whether it is 3D, or motion sensors, or a wiimote, or a stellar online platform.

    These aren’t really what makes games fun, but they do make them visible. I could see google TV being the platform for a few excellent indy games, but even then it will just be fringe adopters.

  • http://Website Zer0-9

    If you want to see the real potential of “cloud gaming” look at OnLive. They’re essentially already ahead of this market. Streaming video to the user and controls back to the server. As long as you have a computer (or their small device) capable of streaming video you can play all the high end games. No need to drop hundreds on the latest video card and fight with drivers.

  • http://Website reddragon72

    The problem with Logitech’s console is the crappy Atom processor. I test PC’s all day long and the Atom has a really hard time with simple web surfing. Even the dual core Atom’s take forever to boot and forever to complete simple tasks. So gaming for google.tv will have to wait for a better device, but for now this will do for some flash stuff, and I say some because I have seen flash bring several models of Atom PC’s to there knees. Only time will tell, but that Atom will be holding it all back.

    BTW some worker bee at Bestbuy says that the unit will cost $399…. seems a little early for pricing and that is super high for a unit with no screen. Atom PC’s run 300-500 and that is with an LCD….

  • http://Website MacFadden

    I think I would only buy it here, in brazil, if the games are really good, like modern warfare 2, or others, but with amazing graphics, and a huge processor, than thay can compete with PS3 or XBOX 360… I´ve seen the result of consoles like this one, w/ bad graphics. since we dont have money here, we can only buy brazillian crap. It’s not worth it, the price isnt good, and people dont even talk about it, there’s no interest. You developed countrys should take the poor’s advice, its not gonna happen… :P