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Motorola Charm makes a sneak appearance, some specs revealed

T-Mobile could release the Motorola Charm later this month and it should be offered for free with a 2-year contract. So what kind of specs does this entry-level Android phone pack inside? Our friends over at TmoNews received a tip that the phone is in testing and they have some of the first info on its hardware details.

The Motorola Charm runs Android 2.1 with Motoblur and features a 600 MHz processor, 2.8 inch display (QVGA 320 × 240), 512 MB ROM, 512 MB RAM, and a compact QWERTY keyboard.

No details were provided on the 600 MHz processor, but the specs of the Charm match up nicely with the Flipout, which is another new Motorola phone with a QVGA display. According to Motorola’s developer page for the Flipout, it features a 600 MHz TI OMAP3410 that includes an ARM Cortex A8 core. In theory, this OMAP processor should be powerful enough to run Flash 10.1 when Motorola updates the devices to Android 2.2.

So even though the Charm might not look like the most impressive device, it could be one of the faster phones when compared to T-Mobile’s current Android lineup. The carrier currently has offers no high-end Android devices, but that is set to change with the release of the Samsung Vibrant on July 21st.

Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website adc

    Wow u make tmobile feel horrible about themselves

  • http://Website AdamZ

    If the Charm does in fact have a TI OMAP 3430 running inside, you can bet that it can handle Flash content.

    The Droid also has a TI OMAP 3430 and Flash runs very well. Not to mention that it can be overclocked very easily and runs quite stable at 1.3GHz+.

    Motorola should be praised for their choice to use TI OMAP processors in their devices as opposed to Qualcomm Snapdragons. The Texas Instruments processors are of much better quality and construction – not to mention they run better. I have always gotten higher mflop/s and Quadrant scores running my Droid at 1GHz than a friend of mine on his Nexus One at 1GHz – as well as the posted scores in Quadrant. My Droid is always at the top of the list running 1GHz. (It should be noted, however, that I usually clock at 800MHz… which puts me just about even to the Nexus One in Quadrant.)

    With the upped 512 RAM/512 ROM situation… the Charm should turn out to be a quick little phone. Now why would they ruin it with a 320×240 resolution? That will severely limit the number of compatible apps on the Market. Same with the HTC Aria if I remember correctly. Stupid move if you ask me… but I guess no one did. :-P

    - AdamZ

    • http://Website Daniel

      Resolution wouldn’t solve the compatibility problem. The real problem is hardly ever a device being low-dpi, but being small-screen (i.e., even if it was an HVGA, or even if they decided to fit a 240 dpi screen there, at 2.8″ things wouldn’t improve).

      So, to make it work, the screen would need to be phisically bigger. But I’m not sure that would work with a phone of this form factor…

    • mkrmec

      your friend has a lame N1 rom that’s all :D 2.1 still?

      This phone should have atleast 1ghz processor if it’s got 512MB of RAM.. would be nice to be compatible with next gen Android 3.0.

  • http://twitter.com/reignzone Reignzone

    I cannot even lie, this handset is pretty much gorgeous.

    Something so unique to the already flourishing Android family is likely to be unusually successful.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if Motorola really ends up striking gold with this wonderful form-factor and combination of the Android OS as well.

    I’m definitely considering picking up this love-child of a BlackBerry & the Motorola Flipout.
    It seems fun, different, and definitely a device that will turn some heads. :-)

  • http://Website JAG

    Will this get 2.2 in the near future?

  • http://Website PeL

    I have been testing this phone for about 2 months now and it is a fast, nice sized phone let down by the screen.

    • http://Website addheat

      hi pel, is there any app compatibility issue? regarding its 320×240 screen size..