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Motorola unveils its newest Android, the T-Mobile Charm

The Xperia X10 Mini has competition as the cutest Android phone. Motorola today announced the T-Mobile Charm, the first device in the U.S. to feature an enhanced version of Motoblur built on Android 2.1.

T-Mobile is expected to release the Motorola Charm this summer, but no launch date or price was revealed. However, leaked information suggest the phone could arrive later this month (July 21st) and be offered for free with a 2-year contract. When it becomes available, customers will be able to pick up the phone in two colors – Golden Bronze and Cabernet.

The Charm is one of the smallest Android phones measuring only 67.2 x 98.4 x 11.4 mm and weighing in at 110 grams. It features a 2.8 inch screen which is one of the first QVGA displays (320 x 240 resolution) on an Android phone in the U.S.

Motorola left off most of the specs we care about (CPU, RAM, ROM) so it looks like this device is targeted towards the entry-level Android customer. Units that were sent out for testing suggest it features a 600 MHz TI OMAP3410 processor (unconfirmed) with 512MB ROM and 512MB RAM.

Other announced specs of the Charm include the 2.8 inch display (Gorilla Glass), 3 megapixel camera (no flash), dual microphones with with noise cancellation, QWERTY keyboard, and a 1170 mAh battery.

Just like the Motorola Backflip, the Charm also features a “BACKTRACK” navigation pad which allows users to navigate the phone by sliding their fingers across the back of the phone.

Even though the specs suggest this phone is an entry-level device, I’m still pretty excited about the BlackBerry-inspired form factor. The Charm could be the perfect messaging phone to introduce a whole new wave of users to Android for the first time. We have yet to confirm the exact processor model, but if it does feature the 600 MHz OMAP3410, then it could pack quite a punch.

Any takers?

motorola-charm-3 motorola-charm-2 motorola-charm-1

Additional features on Motorola CHARM include:

  • Adobe Flash enabled Web browsing experience to view most of today’s content-rich sites
  • Full suite of Google services including: Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail and access to thousands of apps on Android Market
  • Pinch to zoom functionality and two-finger swipe to easily surf the Web and sort through photos
  • Capture sharp photos with a 3MP camera and KODAK PERFECT TOUCH technology for better, brighter pictures
  • One-touch social media uploads to Facebook, MySpace, Picasa and PhotoBucket
  • CrystalTalk PLUS for enhanced audio and call quality with a second microphone for increased voice quality while filtering out background noise
  • Corporate email pushed immediately to the device for instant inbox updates

Via: Motorola PR

Source: Motorola

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  • http://Website Chris

    Woohoo, another cheap, bottom of the line failed attempt at a smartphone is headed to the only carrier that wants that sort of crap.

    Way to go guys… way… to… go…

  • http://Website rnmnx

    This could be a Blackberry eater.

  • http://Website jbcliq

    Hopefully this is what the hold up is for the update to the Cliq, they are waiting to release this :( Never again will I get a Moto phone

  • http://Website jayy336

    T-Mobile needs to stop playing and get a real smartphone, a high-end one. The Samsung vibrant (Galaxy S) doesn’t count since every carrier is getting a different version of it. It seems Verizon is getting all the good high-end phones. Picking up the N1 was the best decision I’ve made phone-wise.

  • http://Website JAG

    Ohh the BlackBerry cousin is alredy on way!! :P

    I bet BB will try to sue MOTO for the form factor

  • http://Website CTown

    Wait, except for the screen being small and not WVGA, spec wise this is better than the Droid? Or is the processor just less overclocked but still a weaker one? How does that work out?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      If it is the OMAP3410, then it has the same ARM Cortex-A8 core, but it lacks the PowerVR SGX graphics processor of the Droid’s OMAP3430. So it’s possible to offer the same system performance, but the Charm will not be very good for games.

      • http://Website CTown

        Thanks for the clairifiaction. That is such a shame to hear. If that was the orginal Doid in BB form, imagine how that would do for Android in general (nearly evey app and game could have run on it). And is not Verizon doing a buy one Droid and get one free? I guess that is my I am not a bussinessman, huh!

      • http://Website mark

        Actually, the MOTO version of the OMAP has the PowerVR SGX graphics processor. Infact it rocks because it has a lower resolution screen. Only the video and imaging DSP is toned down to CIF and 3MP respectively.

        • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

          Looks like you are correct. I did some more research and it does have a PowerVR SGX GPU. I’m not sure which model or the clock speed though.

          • http://Website mark

            As I said, only the IVA has been toned down (I won’t tell you how :)). It is essentially 3430 otherwise. Since there has been enough discussion about the memory bandwidth constraints, I don’t see a good reason to worry about the clock. Run your usual gamut of tests. You will be pleasantly surprised.

          • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

            I’m expecting the gaming benchmarks to be pretty good since it only has the QVGA display. But I don’t know how many Android games actually support QVGA.

          • http://Website mark

            It depends on the game. If the game is OpenGL based, there is no concept of pixels or display resolution.

  • Nick Gray

    I find it really surprising that there is no much resentment towards Samsung, HTC, and Motorola with all these new Android phones coming out. It feels like Android fans have a huge sense of entitlement and that they feel like every single new phone that comes out needs to outperform the last.

    Motorola is betting the future of their company of the Android OS, so I’m pretty sure they have done their homework before they put out every new device. Yes, the backflip is probably the worst Android phone to date, but don’t judge them by their worst product.

    As much as we like large displays and super fact processors, Rim has a tight grip on the smartphone market and the majority of their phones are less powerful and feature rich than the Motorola Charm. Yes, Rim has huge corporate customers, but last I checked, Blackberries are smartphone of choice for people simply looking to send personal email and text messages. The Charm is aiming for that demographic, not people like us who want the beefiest phone we can get out hands on to.

    • http://Website bacon

      Your right that moto knows what they are doing that not every phone has to top the last one. I will have to disagree that they are targeting blackberry users though. Even though this phone looks similar to a blackberry with the physical keyboard, I think moto and tmo are targeting the tween to college age demographic with this device because of motoblur and the social networking integration. Blackberrys have that certain businessy (yeah I made that word up) look and feel while this phones design screams tween. I for one would be embarrassed to pull this phone out in a business meeting but I know some 6th graders would be all over it.

    • http://Website DRew

      It’s not that I feel entitled. Its just that I want OPTIONS! I’m on TMO and all we have are phones like this… I own a behold 2, I would at least like a choice to get a “big beefy powerful” phone! I’m sure others feel the same way. We what other carriers have already given their customers.

  • http://Website Frank

    @Nick Gray
    Well said and on point! It’s not about who has the smartest smart phone but who can use it for what they “need” it for. Be it social networking or rooting..there’s an Android phone for everyone. :)

  • http://Website Bob

    At the rate at which all companies are releasing Android phones, by year end, I think there will be 120 android devices on market lol. Even if each phone sells only 1 percent of Apple IPhone, they will still collectively outsell IPhone he he he

  • http://twitter.com Reignzone

    I’m entirely too excited for this handset’s launch, which is hopefully before the beginning of August!

    I simply cannot stop staring at the rendered photos from Motorola, they are really showcasing the size of this Android phone… which has one “helluva” trendy form-factor.

  • http://Website sillyrabbit

    I’m not a fan of the square shape. This phone is hideous. But I understand its not for adults, its def made to target middle schoolers with facebook and texting addictions. They will sell a sh*t load…

  • http://Website T-Mobile Charm

    This phone would be real awesome if it was made with the stock android experience. All phones should be offered with the stock experience and the *option* to change the UI to that other crap… This would make it easier for people to get their phones updated asap – if someone wants the custom UI over the update then make it their choice, and not mandatory, especially for a phone like this that has a lot of potential to bring in a lot of bb users