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Nexus One sold out! Will become the next official Android dev phone

The Nexus One is sold out!  Last week we learned that Google had received their last shipment of Nexus One handsets, but we certainly didn’t expect them to sell through so fast.  We have known for a while that Google planned on shutting down their phone store, moving sales of the Nexus One to a more traditional distribution model with carriers like Vodafone.

While many may call this the demise of the Nexus One, we want to remind you that just because Google is no longer selling the phone, this does not mean that the Nexus One is no longer available.  Google is planning on selling the phone directly to registered Android developers, but the general public will still be able to purchase the phone through Vodafone and KT.  Between the two carriers, the Nexus One is available at subsidized prices in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and South Korea.  Those of us who do not live in any of those markets will still be able to purchase the Nexus One through our favorite cell phone importers.

The Nexus One was hailed by Google as the world’s first superphone.  Since its launch, the Nexus One has inspired manufacturers to release Android powered phone with similar or better internal specifications.  The legacy of the Nexus one will most likely live on for years and those lucky enough to own the only official “Google phone” will most likely cherish it for an eternity (or as long as Google keeps rolling out new Android builds for it).

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Source: Google Phone Store

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  • http://Website dethduck

    Will become the next official developer phone? I thought it already was.

  • http://Website starlightmica

    In the US, Cincinnati Bell and i wireless still sell the Nexus One.

  • http://Website R0b

    Time does fly by so quickly. It only feels like yesterday that i came home and had a lil package waitin for me from G0ogle. I will always luv my Nexus. I know Google will continue to support and advance the Nexus so im not to worried about. I usually sell my old Android phones once I find a replacement but not this time! Keep the OTA’s comiing G0ogle!!! The N1 is here to staay babii!!

  • http://Website dlimiter

    Does i wireless sell the official accessories like the car dock and the desktop dock? I bought a car dock, and have been on the fence about the desktop dock. Is there anywhere that sells the desktop dock for the US market, without a huge markup or shipping costs?

  • http://Website kris

    they couldnt keep some for just a little bit longer? like midnight? lol i was gonna order mine when my direct deposit came through :(

  • http://Website pete

    What I wonder is what will take its place in the US? With Motorola saying their phones aren’t for the modding/dev community and if other makers follow suit, where will consumers be able to get unlocked phones they can mod?

    • Nick Gray

      HTC has a long history of making their phones pretty easy to mod. Every single Android phone from HTC has been rooted. Keep in mind that Samsung’s new Galaxy S lineup is also a great candidate for take the Nexus One’s spot as a modder’s dream phone. Gaining root access is fairly simple and the Hummingbird processor should be fast enough to keep modders happy for quite some time.

  • http://Website irving

    Which one has the same 3g bands for t-mobile?

    • Nick Gray

      Right now, none of the phones sold by KT or Vodafone offer At&t’s or T-Mobile’s 3G bands. It would be up to HTC keep those bands in production, which tyeh probably wont

    • http://Website starlightmica

      i wireless is a T-Mobile affiliate.

      Cincinnati Bell Wireless appears to have been a joint venture with Cingular which became AT&T Wireless so I’m guessing that it’s the AT&T N1. CBW doesn’t sell the phone at a discount.

      • http://Website Derek

        Cincinnatti Bell phones use 1700/2100 for 3G, thats T-mo frequencies.

  • http://Website Darkseider

    OK this begs the question. Knowing that more powerful handsets are on the horizon and the Nexus One won’t truly be an indicator of OS and application performance what will become the next “Deveoper Phone”? What made the Nexus special was it was a one command root and voila! insta dev phone. Now nothing like that exists and something on par with the upcoming super phones is going to have to take its’ place to provide an analogue for testing,

  • http://Website Brian Douglas Hayes

    So, how many other phones run Android 2.2 right out of the box?

    I don’t think there’s a :facepalm: big enough to describe Google sometimes.

  • http://Website Embry

    “Cherish it for an eternity”? This is a cellphone, right?

  • http://www.roofingconstruction.org Susan

    I love my Nexus one. Wish it had been more widely adopted. Bad marketing having to buy it directly from Google. Only geeks would ever buy a phone this way.

  • http://Website Derek

    Just go buy the phone from google’s developer website. Isnt it the ADP2? It costs only $25 to become a registered developer.

  • http://Website Guy Bailey

    I love my Nexus so much, I’d marry it if I was allowed (and the input socket was bigger…)

  • http://uhaanrodric.t83.net uhanrodric

    Wasn’t there talk about the N1 making it’s way to T-Mobile retail locations?

  • http://Website william

    Where can I but the Nexus One Desktop Dock and Car Dock, since Google close his mobile Store?

    • http://Website Jan

      Have you already purchased your Nexus One? I would like to sell my Google/HTC Nexus One along accessories. Please contact me if you are interested.

      The phone is in excellent condition, except for a minor scratch the outer ring encircling camera window on the back cover. I will included the following for $500:

      * desktop top
      * car dock
      * Seidio Innocase II
      * Shipping to any destination.

      I have the original boxes for the phone and its accessories.