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Pink Samsung Intercept coming to Sprint on July 11th for $99

Are you ready for the first pink Android phone? Sprint just announced they will release the Samsung Intercept (aka Moment 2) this Sunday, July 11th for $99 with a new 2-year contract.

As is the trend now, the full hardware specs are unavailable, but this appears to be a slight refresh of the Samsung Moment which launched last year. The only specs we have are the 3.2-inch display, a 3.2 megapixel camera, and full slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

This might be the perfect Android phone for your little sister because it will be available in both Satin Pink and Gray Steel.

Android 2.1 will be loaded on the Samsung Intercept, but I would not expect any upgrade to Android 2.2 at this point. Sprint recently announced that the Samsung Moment would be left behind on Android 2.1 and I expect the same for the Intercept since they are almost clones.

The major benefit of this phone is the lack of 4G support, so customers will not be forced to pay the mandatory $10 Premium Data Add-on. Not everyone needs a high-end phone like the Samsung Epic 4G, so the Intercept can save you $340 over the life of your 2-year contract ($100 cheaper phone and 24 x $10 premium data).

One lucky customer was able to purchase the phone early at Best Buy and uploaded a quick hands on demo to give an idea of what to expect from this phone.

Source: Sprint

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  • http://Website Lox

    First pink Android phone ?!? http://is.gd/djuG9

  • http://Website Walle236

    Actually when sprint posted their status about the upgrade for the HTC EVO 4G for 2.2 they said that all phones that launch with 2.1 will be upgraded to 2.2 the hero and the moment will not because they launched with 1.5 :) Hope this makes some people happy

  • anthony

    i have a moment now but would glady take the intercept for one feature…. the led light in the scroll pad… i miss having a blinking light alert when i have messages.

    • http://Website Antwan

      I believe thats not an LED sir. Its part of the optical sensory. It only appears to be an LED because cameras tend to pick up IR Wavelengths of light better than the human eye.

  • rbinmdel

    This phone is NOT for the power user. This phone will be more for the teenage kids that want a cheaper plan but still have Android, the new “cool” OS to have. I say, good move Sprint.

  • http://Website JNaija

    This Is The New Phone, Im Gettinqq. Im Hopinqq It Beats My Mom&&Brothers Phone(Moment&&Palm Pixi).

  • http://Website lizz

    Ima get that one